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My story with my friends mom

can i please fuck you? ive seen your tits when you were d***k and you pulled them out and sucked a nipple into your mouth.and all i think about is your amazing big ass and i can only imagine how sweet your pussy taste's. you flirted with me alot and i rubbed all over your ass and boobs. my dick is calling your name.ill fuck you like you have never been fucked in your life. i stare at your ass all the time and you have caught me doing it and i just smile =) ive stole your worn panties and your pussy juice on them is like a d**g to me. i cum thinking about you. your beautiful. ive seen josh touch your ass and when u guys were under a blanket in the living room i knew he was finger fucking you in front of all of us. ive heard you guys fucking and it drove me crazy. you may be my friends mom and in your thirty's but that doesnt matter i need to cum inside of you and make our own babies. i know your a screamer cause i heard you going nuts on josh. i know you want to fuck me because when it was just me and you at your house i layed in your bed and tryed fingering you. you told me not now cause josh would be home soon. this is my story of my friends mom. i sent this to her in a text message. more to come...

josh is her bf and my name is also josh.
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im new so please leave comments and tell me how i did.

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