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Lucie goes shopping & weekend away

So I’ve been with my boy about 6 months. As you would expect we’ve have a wild and wonderful time with our toys and dressing up. As part of our 6 month celebration we’re going away for a weekend. Just to a lovely log cabin out in the country. Nice big hot tub outside!

The week before we’re about to head off I want to get some new outfits and toys. This isn’t going to be a nice loved up weekend – we’re going away to some where secluded so we can fuck and make as much mess and noise as we can without worrying about neighbours heading us etc.

Off my boy and I go on a shopping trip into town. We go into a few underwear shops and browse what’s there, I look to my boy and I can see his cock is twitching already in anticipation. We walk past Ann Summers and he begs to go in. I tell him they just don’t make clothes for bigger girls. I want to get some outfits that make the most of my wonderful curvy body – I know that’s why he’s with me.

I take him to a small shop up one of the side streets. It looks like any of the other standard underwear shops and we go in. I smile at the assistance and she says ‘hello again – is there anything I can help you with?’. I say I’m fine, I know where I am going and what I am looking for. I lead my boy down the stairs and both his eyes and cock pop out with the excitement. Around us is a den of wall to wall bras, stockings, knickers (French, g-strings, crotchless, lacy, latex), corsets, babydolls and at the bottom some costumes (police girl, slut, maid, school girl). He pulls me close and whispers that I know all the good places and pulls my hand to his cock where I feel it bulging.

I went round the shop, picking out a few items which just so happened to have my size right at the front – must be my lucky day! I wander off to the changing room and ask my boy to follow me. He looks around saying he can’t but his trousers continue to bulge and I know he wants to.

We go into the large changing room, there’s a seat in the corner and I ask him to sit down. I strip down to my underwear and tell him that we’re going to play a little game. I unzip his trousers, letting his cock out. I sit on the edge of the seat, gently touching his cock and tell him that as I try on each of the outfits we will see how hard he gets. Whichever outfit gets him hardest is the one we will get for our weekend away.

Hanging along the wall is the red babydoll French frilly knickers, the maid outfit with g-string, the pink & black basket with crotchless knickers and the fishnet body stocking.

So continue this do you want to know:
1 – What gets him hardest and what we do?
2 – What happens when the shop girls appears?
3 – What happens at the weekend away?
4 – Something else of your choosing

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