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Her New Fucktoy

So my girlfriend Kim and I had always spoken of having threesomes and playing with a hot guy or girl, not that our sex lives needed any more spice but it was something I had always wanted and fantasized about. We had planned to do this many times but it had been quite a task to achieve as getting the right scenario and person was harder than you’d think. We’d tried and failed once before but soon agreed to try again although it was left up to me to organize. I had been looking at all usual suspects and places but nothing had positively jumped out at me. Now at the time, I had just moved in with my good friend for years AJ and I assumed that we’d play with him a bit at some stage but it hadn’t happened just yet.
Kim was a little older than me, just turning thirty when we met and had was in a long term relationship with a guy but that’s another story. She was Vietnamese, slim, sexy, absolutely amazing ass for an Asian, a few tattoos and a great set of natural tits, check out linked pictures which I assure are real. Well Kim and I had been chatting one Sunday night about this n that, she had been out partying with her Viet click the night before and was telling me of how wasted she had been, now Kim was a lady and somewhat of a bitch when sober but I liked that about her! But after a few drinks…. She got loose…. She turned into a wild cat, you know the type that doesn’t give a fuck!!! I like this about her also as I knew that we’d be able to have lots of fun if she‘d been drinking. So as the conversation went on, she had mentioned a young guy that had the hot’s for her the night before and joked that he was really cute trying to see my reaction or make me jealous, I of course told her I didn’t mind even that she could fuck him if she wanted as a joke but I think she took it serious because she said that he would only fall in love and turn into a stalker, I laughed and told her as if! Now I admit, I did get a little jealous of all this and so changed the subject and continued talking but with this at the back of my mind…. My only problem was that it was this mixture of jealousy and lust and love turned me on so dam much that my heart was pounding and I could feel my cock harden and start to pump along with my heart….. This was the feeling that I loved so much and the reason the whole threesome was so appealing to me…. I savored it and enjoyed every minute of it.
Anyway, a few days had passed and the next time we were together I steered the conversation back towards this subject again, mentioning this young guy and if she knew anything about him, she acted all innocent at first and said it was just a friend of a friend but she didn’t know him well… I played with her asking if he turned her on at all which of course she denied and said he was just a cute k**, nothing else and told me to drop it. I did but after a few glasses of wine, I brought him up again and this time she seemed more open to talking about him, telling me his name was Nick and he had hit on her the whole time she was at the bar that night. This got me instantly hard and a little jealous but in a good way… I asked her if she thought he hung out there often but she really didn’t know. Fast forward three more weeks and we were getting ready to go out for the night with some of her friends and she mentioned we’d be stopping by the same Viet bar for a while to say Hi…. I instantly wondered if Nick would be there and I was so intrigued to see him. We arrived and had been chatting and drinking together, at one stage I left for the bathroom and when I returned saw her chatting to a younger guy, I stayed my distance for a while observing them from across the busy bar, they were chatting and she obviously liked him, I could tell because she had been giggling more than usual and looked a little apprehensive about my returning, I assumed that she didn’t want me to be jealous so was acting reserved. I casually walked over and she introduced me to Nick, I played it cool pretending not to know a thing and offering shots to them, they both refused but I insisted and got a round of frozen Patron. We drank and chatted for a while about the night ahead and what we were doing, I soon slipped away to the bar and got another round but left myself out this time and claimed I had taken it at the bar when I returned. After chatting some more, I invited Nick to join us at another Bar we planned on going not far away, he and Kim were starting to feel the shots and were showing signs of the alcohol….. Kim was now moving to the music and flicking her hips a little, I caught Nick eyeing her up and even looked at him once as he looked her up and down like a piece of meat, he looked a little confused but I just smiled and looked at her also. Soon after, we all left and went to a nearby club, we all danced and the rounds kept coming but I resisted most as I was the driver for the night. As the music in the club beat down on us, I danced close to Kim, rubbing my hands all over her body, up and down, I knew this made her horny and she was even grabbing my hands and making me rub her boobs right there on the dance floor although I doubt anyone noticed in there. I then told her I was going upstairs and to stay with Nice and dance, Just before I left, I looked her in the eye and said “ Tease Me baby, I’ll be watching”…. She just smiled and continued dancing! I went to the Upper level of the club and watched from the Balcony as Kim and Nick danced and flirted on the floor, as the songs played, the got a little bolder, Kim now grinding on him and Nick holding her by the hips and ass as they danced… I cannot describe how horny I was watching my girl grind on this young guy and see his hands wander all over her body, I could only imagine how wet Kim’s wet cunt was at this stage, I knew she was aching for it as she was ALWAYS a horny d***k and knowing I was watching and was loving her show must have driven her insane as soon she turned to Nick and started making out with him right there on the floor… I was totally shocked and didn’t know whether to be upset or horny so I made my way back down…. When I got there, they were still grinding and dancing but no longer tongue tied so I just joined in and sandwiched Kim between us as we danced with her, after a little while I suggested we get some drinks as it was getting late and we had to leave soon, I grabbed some beers and we all cooled off close to the bar, Nick excused himself and went to the toilet, I knew his cock was as hard as mine and also knew he must have been confused at what the hell just happened but was to lust d***k to care. Kim asked me if I liked what I saw and said she made out with him, I said I saw and loved and would Love to watch some more….. I asked if she was game and she said “Oh ya” and that she was soaking wet already! I told her to do as she pleased and pretend she was a horny single slut for the rest of the night… Soon Nick returned I said let’s roll. Before we left Kim wanted to freshen up leaving Nick and I alone, I soon asked him if he’d like to come back to our place to party, I promised him he would have fun and told him I’d take him home later. We got the Car from Valet and I told them to jump in the back as I had been drinkin and this was safer, nobody argued with me and we were on our way, it was a ten minute drive home and I had the music up a little to keep the atmosphere on the way and suggested we go to our place for some more drinks and maby a movie or food. On the way, I adjusted the mirror down a little so I could get a good glimpse of what was goin on in the back, I was a little disappointed at first as Kim was playing with her phone and ignoring Nick but soon she stopped and started rubbing his cock which was uncomfortable with knowing I was so close but I just said to them “ relax guys, have fun back there”, Kim took this right on and immediately reached over with both hand and began undoing his belt and jeans, I felt my heard pound harder than the beat of the music we were listening to, soon I heard Nick gasp as Kim sunk her head to his lap and take his hard cock in her mouth, I lowered the mirror more to get a good view and watched and she sucked his hard cock right in the back of her car! It was the most beautiful sight I had seen before and It turned me on more than words can say, I could feel myself breath hard and even encouraged her by saying “ Good Girl Kim, suck that hard cock you slut!!!!”, Soon we were almost home and I pulled up on the drive and turned off the car and watched them as their hands explored each other bodies and saw that Nick had his hand up her dress and was ploughing his fingers into her hot wetness without even taking her wet panties off…. I paused for a min or two and reveled in this amazing sight before summoning them to come inside with me. She stopped, looked at me with a look so horny and lust filled that I knew this was going to be an unforgettable night as she fixed herself up while he did the same and we proceeded right upstairs to my bedroom, I told them to continue and turned on the TV and stereo while they ripped into each other, tossing each other’s clothes off all over the bedroom, all I could hear was gasps and moans and locking lips as I tried to get a good station on Pandora for the naughtiness ahead. Soon Kim was down to her panties which I told her to leave on and she obliged while summoning me over towards them…… I got onto the bed and soon was being sucked on by my amazing girlfriend as Nick was buried between her legs, licking her throbbing cunt up and down, I heard her moan and gasp and she had always done while I was enjoying her sweet wet juices, sometimes completely loosing concentration on sucking my hard cock as she squirmed around with pleasure, the whole sight of this made my cock pulse hard and I almost exploded before the whole thing really began so I backed off and told her to put on a great show for Daddy! I sat back and watched as he eat her pussy really good and her legs spread wider and wider…. I leant over and held her right leg and squeezed her tit as she looked me deep into my eyes almost saying “enjoy your little whores show!” He came up from her heavenly pussy and began sucking her swollen nipples as she reached down and grabbed his hardness and began adjusting his long thick cock against her wet lips, I was gob smacked but managed to say “Wait” pretty loud as I went to get a condom for them from my top drawer of goodies, while I turned and grabbed a handful of rubbers and a bottle of lube she somehow maneuvered on top of Nick and now was sucking on his thick hard cock….. I was simply speechless as I watched my ultimate fantasy unfold infront of my eyes, I always thought about it but never could have imagined the intensity of the situation as she licked up and down his shaft, getting his cock wet and messy…… I then heard myself order her to lick his balls and suck them good, it was like I was on autopilot and the horny Alex inside me had taken over and was telling her what to do. She sucked on him so good and rubbed his balls all over her spit soaked face and mouth, I told her to moan… then moan louder as I watched the tip of his cock drip with pre-cum…. I gave him a condom and ordered her to put it on, she tried but wasn’t used to the whole thing so Nick soon took over and expertly slid it over his hard shaft. She looked at me and asked me how I wanted her to fuck him and I told her to get ontop of him and fuck him cowgirl, she immediately climbed up on him and again grabbed his throbbing member and expertly guided the swollen tip of his cock against her soaking wet lips and watched as she slid down his hard shaft, her wet lips swallowing all his hardness in one movement, I heard all three of us moan, gasp and sigh all at the same moment, Nick was now deep within my Baby and she was working her pussy up and down his cock while he was squeezing and rubbing her amazing tits, needless to say I was in complete ecstasy watching the love of my life fuck a hot young guy she had met just a few weeks earlier. It was so intense I remember feeling like my head was about to explode and my heart pumped so hard that all I could hear was it and Kim’s loud moans and cries as Nick slapped her ass as she rode him like a bull. Soon he sat up and threw Kim on her back, I moved off the bed and around towards her head as she spread her legs wide and started to vigoursly pump away at her cunt, he was now slapping his balls against her asshole and riding her hard just like any 18 year old would have, she was in ecstasy also and sometimes looked up at me like a helpless doll being held down and fucked hard, I then leant in and began kissing her deeply as Nick fucked her pussy hard, I could taste her sex on her spit and her tongue just squirmed around my mouth completely out of control like a wild snake struggling for life, I knew that she was in a state of complete pleasure and was enjoying being completely dominated by Nick and I. I then ordered her to turn and around and let Nick “Fuck you like a dog”, he pulled out and allowed her to turn and face me while he guided his shaft into her swollen pussy and began fucking her again, I sat infront of her on the bed and she begain to lick and suck my hard cock as Nick held her hips and fucked her harder and harder, I ordered her to “Lick my ballsack you slut” as he pounded her like the slut she was being. She was being spit roasted by me and him and then as he pumped her hard, I heard her Call his name, “Nick….. fuck me like that, fuck me hard, fuck me Nick, Fuck me baby….. Ya, YA… YAAA, I’M CUMMMMMING, I’M FUCKING CUMMING BABY……. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! Nick then stopped and pulled out and I could see in his face he was about to explode, as he ripped the condom off I told him to come all over her face and I grabbed her and yanked her around as he stroked his throbbing hard cock in her face, she was resisting me but I had a tight hold of her hair and held her in place as I also tugged on my hard cock, I was now telling Nick to come all over the cunt and within seconds, he exploded right onto her face and mouth, pump after pump of his hot jizz covered her face and mouth, some going right back her throat and causing her to gag but I continued to hold her by her hair and also exploded all up onto her face and all over her long dark hair, she was now truly swimming in both our hot Jizz and it was running down her face and onto her tits, I suddenly realized that I was holding her way to tight as we exploded all over her and she was gaging and in a little pain so I let go and she pulled back, face covered and tried to open her eye to look up at us, it was the most amazing sight I had ever laid my eyes on!!! She grabbed a pillow and began wiping her cum soaked face off and I just collapsed onto the bed and smiled sadistically at Nick and raised my hand to give him a high five, we smacked hands hard and Kim just looked up at us and said “You guys done with your lil whore now???”…… I was out of breath, thirsty, hot and speechless! Was this the same girl I had been dating the last year and why had I only seen this side of her now??? We all chilled for a bit catching our breath and I grabbed some baby wipes from the drawer and gave her some to clean herself up with, she went to the bathroom and took a shower while Nick and I just sat speechless. I told him to grab a shower and I’d take him home, while he was gone, I held Kim so tight and close to me and told her how amazing she was and that was the best experience of my life, she smiled, said “Your welcome Baby” and “It’s the first of Many”. I brought him home and when I returned we fucked like a****ls all night until the sun rose and we fell asl**p…… That was the start of the most amazing relationship I’ve ever had and the beginning of many other wild nights and stories that I’ll be writing over the next few months…….

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