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Pissed off by two hot women 5

When Sarah had now finished pissing, now both sat alternately in the 69 position in front of me, so I could lick her greedy Pissvotzen clean. It was awesome. It tasted like urine so hot that now I could not help it. I tore down the penis ring that held my tail, so he stood up, and pissed in a high arc. Inject it so out of the small opening, and my two pissgierigen women kept their mouths over the beam. They drank a lot, but could also inject much on their big breasts. They were very pleased that I am a ausgiebieger Pisshengst. Thus, each of them came at their expense. Urine was everywhere now. The whole bed was wet, our bodies are stuck and it smelled really cool. Since my two but were not yet satisfied, it went on now with the bubbles. Two tongues, four hands and lips that plump bubble Tanya and Sarah, now played on my cock and balls. They sucked at my eggs in his mouth, took the cock all the way into my mouth and I could not, she insisted that I stand up.I did this, both women were kneeling before me wanking him with nimble fingers played with the tongues of the glans and loud groaning I am poured out on them, in Ihne. They drank my cum with delight, could be the face and squirt on her large udders. Even now they were very excited that it is for me much more than the amount handeslübliche. I sprinkled her hair, she sucked and sucked my cock, wanking him, massaged and kneaded me nuts, also inducted them into their mouths, sucking me as the last drops from my cock and played with the hot cum out of my sperm injection. They kissed each other so that my seeds in their mouths pulled threads. They rubbed their bodies together so that my hot cream Which she pasted them. Well I heard Sarah: Tanya, you were quite real. Your friend is an insane amount of spatter, in both cases. I stand on it, if there is a lot of seeds. And above all I find it cool when it's not just rauströpfelt, but downright shoots.Tanya gave her a kiss, looked at me and nodded. Yes, dear Sarah. I also think it's awesome when he told me his hot jizz shooting directly into the throat or me peeing. Both looked at my cock. She sucked him again, pushed me onto the bed and snuggled close to me. DC's next, darling, we need many more of your sperm and allowed to piss on us again, and Sarah said it tenderly stroked my Tanya. And so the night went into the second round.

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