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I had this wonderful feeling

I had this wonderful feeling groaned prefer loud, but it was not. Because Andre had squatted over my face so I could suck his balls. I did it full of greed, let his egg roll in my mouth and enjoyed the feeling of his curly, hairless skin bag. Tim simultaneously fucked my pussy through that it was a pleasure. And the blades of grass which tickled me in my butt column pushed me on further. My excitement grew more and more, shook my abdomen throbbed and I felt the climax approaching. I exploded in the same moment when Tim suddenly pulled his cock from my pussy and with a wild cry of all his hot cream on my belly exuded.
Since there was no stopping me. With unbridled lust I shouted my orgasm loudly into the night. It was incredible, I was like a madman. I sucked greedily now on Andres cock, because I've also wanted his juice. And I got him. He splashed his load in violent spurts so abundant that I swallow the barely nachkam. Then we were snuggled up close to each other, enjoyed the sight of the starry sky and the small summer rain, which f***ed us as an aftershock shook again and again. But I had underestimated the power of my sex two strong guys. Then suddenly she jumped up, picked me up by my arms and legs. Before I could protest, she went with me to the pool deck and threw me in a high arc into the water.The cool water heated did my body good, I was one stroke back fresh. And that was good because the boys appeared to me and brought me into a beautiful underwater fuck three times in succession to the climax. And I do not know what I got to swallow more: water or Tim and Andres sperm that had saved two seemingly inexhaustible in their testes. The horny night at the pool was my hottest sexual adventures this year, but it is not guaranteed to be my last. For Tim and Andre outdoor fans are just like me. And next they want it but I actually get on a nudist beach. When I think about it, it tickles me even before tension. And I promise: Also from this gangbang orgy number again I'll tell in detail.

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