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The Christmas Party

"But it's your turn June"said Shannon, "Yeah all the other girls have been but you" added Rose. "Ok, Ok I'll do it"June replied in defeat. Dang I hate that she thought, they always hire some Santa that looks like a homeless man and stinks. Oh well what can you do I guess she thought, all the other girls have been Mrs. Santa or Santa's helper, whatever you want to call it but she always got out of it. Being friends with the boss had its perks but she was transferred and now Travis was the boss. "Hey Travis" June said catching up the the black man heading for the elevator,"I'll help at the Christmas party". "Oh good" he replied, "My dad is going to play Santa this year. I'll get you a costume and have it sent to you." "Ok great" she said, that's just what I need she thought as she headed back to her office. A few days later there was a box on her desk and she opened it and saw red and white cloth and knew it was her costume and placed it aside and got to work. The next few weeks flew by and it was time for the party so she grabbed the box and took it home with her. When she took it out of the box she was shocked, it was more of a naughty Mrs. Santa type costume, a red low cut very short dress with white fur trim, red gloves, red high heel boots with white fur around the top and a Santa hat and red fishnet thigh high stockings with green bows on them. She didn't really have a choice she thought, it was a company party and the boss got this costume for her and they are all expecting her so she put it on. She looked good in it and she wore a red lace bra and thong panty with a candy cane on it just for fun. June's husband walked in about that time and said "Damn you look good but shouldn't you get ready for the party?" the words barely got out of his mouth when she shot him a look and he knew that she was dressed for the party and not happy about it. They discussed it a little and decided they would just go and get it over with and leave as soon as they could. June grabbed a long heavy coat to cover up as they headed out the door. All the way there her husband told her how good she looked and what he wanted to do to her as soon as they got home and they were both about half worked up when they got there.
June and her husband walked in the door at the office and were greated by Travis, June introduced her husband and they shook hands and Travis took their coats and June caught him catching a look at her large amount of cleavage showing, she figured it would have made her mad but it kinda increased her being worked up. She was told to go down to the cafeteria and help set up the presents with some of the other women and make sure the food was all set out and the rest would be down in a few minutes. She went down to the next floor and saw Rose and Shannon and some other women from the office just finishing setting up, they all made comments about how good she looked but she told them she wasn't comfortable especially with spouses and k**s around, they told her not to worry that they were going to go back up stairs and do the presents for the k**s there then come down to eat and she wouldn't have to play Mrs. Santa to long.
After a bit Travis came down and told the women they were ready up stairs so they headed up, when they got up there he opened a large curtain that went across the hall that hid Santa and the presents and June walked over and took her place by him. She noticed he was a large muscled up man that didn't look like he could have been old enough to be Travis's dad. In the next few minutes she got busy and had forgotten about what she was wearing and was helping the k**s on and off of Santa's lap and handing presents and candy canes to them. One by one all the k**s took there turn and the workers and their families was heading downstairs to the dinner. June's husband hit it off with another ladys husband and were talking football and other sports and he didn't notice she stayed upstairs to clean up the mess of wrapping paper. Santa and June had been making small talk and joking around as the k**s went through the line and now she was busy working picking up trash she bumped into him setting there. "Oh my gosh I'm sorry" she said, "It's ok" he said "Hey wait a minute" he said grabbing her around the waist and pulling her to set on his lap. She didn't expect it and was caught off balance and landed on his lap with a plop and braced her self with her hand on his leg."You haven't told Santa what you want for Christmas"he said laughing. She laughed a little back not really knowing what to say or do, she was uncomfortable with this situation but it was her boss's dad. "Oh I don't really need anything Santa" she said as she tried to scoot off his lap but his strong arms held her and her moving just pulled her short skirt out from under her leaving her thong the only thing between her and his red pants. Oh she she thought when she realized this and at the same time he said "Didn't ask what you needed little miss, asked what you wanted." She felt weird, she was in a position that made her uncomfortable with a strange black man and at the same time she was feeling herself get excited, she thought damn her husband for turning her on on the way here. As all this was going through her mind she realized her hand was still on his thigh, only she was beginning to realize it wasn't just his thigh, there was something else there too, OMG she thought that is his cock, and its so large, she felt it twitch slightly, she couldn't bring herself to move her hand, she was just thinking how crazy it was she was setting on a strange black mans lap, with nothing but a thong between him and her and her hand on his very large cock. With out realizing it she squeezed it slightly. "Oh Santa sees what you want. You want his big candy cane." Santa said laughing, "Uh no I uh oh um uh" June stammered, but she couldn't take her hand off of it and it was still growing, she was becoming oblivious to everything but the pulsating, growing cock she was feeling through the red velvet pants. Santa's other hand slipped up under her skirt and began rubbing her slit through her thin thong, a slight moan escaped her lips before she realized what was going on and that was all that he needed and he slid his fingers under the fabric. "Damn your pussy is wet little miss, guess you do want this candy cane of mine." June didn't know what was happening to her, she was so turned on it was crazy, she couldn't say no, she couldn't even move her hand off his cock. MMMMMMM escaped her lips as he slipped his large fingers into her wet pussy, she leaned back against him and was massaging his cock, she couldn't believe how large it was. He moved her hand off of it and then she felt it flop against her hand and she looked and seen it, it was massive and she began to stroke it. She almost came to her senses for a minute, she thought I got to stop this, I'm being fingered by a large black stranger while I'm stroking his cock. "I can't ohhhh mmmy husband mmmmmm nno I can't oooooooohhhhh yeessss" she said as he slid another finger into her sopping wet pussy and an orgasm hit her. Her head was spinning as she felt him pick her up off his lap then pull her thong to the side, then she felt herself being lowered back down as Santa said something about she was going to get a taste of his candy cane she felt the head of his massive cock pressing against her soaking wet but tight pussy. It sent shockwaves of excitement and fear through her body, she was so hot she couldn't stand it and was gyrating her hips rubbing her pussy all over the head of his cock. Sensing how bad she wanted that black cock inside her he eased her down a little more and she gasped and tensed up as another orgasm coursed through her body, aahhhh mmmmpppffffff oooohhhhh she cried. She was tight but so wet she was sliding down his cock easy and he got the whole shaft in her and let her set and get used to its size. "OMG Its so big" she moaned and she was thinking it's going to rip me in half. "Just take it easy and enjoy the ride on Santa's candy cane little miss" Santa said has he began to lift her up and down his huge cock. When he brought her to the top he could see his shaft covered with her juices and began to move her up and down faster and dropping her on it harder and meeting her pussy with a deep thrust. June was in heaven moaning and riding his massive cock with lustful abandon. She felt several more orgasms rock her body in the next few minutes then he stopped, she wondered what was wrong as he stood her up and then stood up himself he guided her over to his sleigh and bent her over. She went weak in the knees as the head of the giant cock slid back into her drenched pussy. Ohhhhh yessssss she moaned and he really went to ramming his cock deep into her pussy, just as hard and deep as he could. June went wild and started bucking and screaming fuck me, fuck me with you candy cane Santa, oh god yes, fuck me harder. Santa poured the meat to her and she had the biggest orgasm she ever had squirting her pussy juice all over his crotch, she felt as though she was going to pass out when she felt him grab her hips and bury his cock as deep as it would go into her pussy, she felt as though the tip was in her cervix as she felt the hot, thick, sticky cum shoot deep inside her, omg she cried. Santa said something about giving her a large load of his Christmas cheer as she felt squirt after squirt of his cum shooting deep into her pussy, she collapsed onto the sleigh and Santa stood there for several minutes until his cock began to go down, he pulled it out with a pop, pulled her thong back over her ravaged pussy to keep his cum from running out and told her Merry Christmas and whisked off. She laid there thinking about what just happened, what she would tell her husband, and thought she might just have to volunteer again next year with a weary smile on her face.

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