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Happy Anniversary

Ami stood in front of the bathroom vanity, brushing her long, auburn hair, each strand receiving the exact number of strokes as the others. Her bright green eyes watching her hair shine in the light. Slowly, carefully she began to apply the makeup he always told her that she didn’t need. She was 37yrs old but she didn’t look a day over 20. Although she had added a few curves her body was as beautiful as the day she married her true love.
Her husband, Dave, had just turned 40 but was already starting to get the silver in his hair. He kept himself fit by running 5 miles a day and regular workouts at the gym. He had eyes the color of the ocean and every time Ami looked at him she felt like she was bathing in those pools.
She heard him grumble a little bit as he waited impatiently in the living room. Tonight was a very special night and hopefully a night that would be remembered for the rest of their lives. Ami had no idea exactly what to expect as Dave remained very secretive about it, only revealing the bare necessities. They were to be ready by 7:00 pm and a rented limo would be waiting for the both of them.
Dave paced nervously through the room. It was getting close to 7:00 now as he watched the clock tick. Just as the minute hand hit the 11, Ami made her appearance. God she looked magnificent! She practically radiated confidence and looked dazzling in her emerald green dress. He quickly forgave her the time she made him wait. Dave had insisted that she wear the new bra and panties that he had bought for her. The dress was fairly sheer and one could see through it if the light was right. Dave smiled as he caught a glimpse of the panties and bra through the silkiness of the dress.
Dave opened the door and they stepped out into the brilliant light of the full moon and started towards the white stretch limo waiting at the end of the driveway. Once they were seated in the back seat, Dave produced a blind fold and gently placed it over Ami's eyes. She didn't protest, but was very curious about what to expect. She heard the sound of Dave opening a bottle of champagne and the sound of the liquid hitting the sides of the glass. She felt Dave gently grab her wrist and then the glass being placed in her hand. The bubbles ticked her nose as she gingerly sipped the beverage. She was a lightweight when it came to alcohol, so she never drank much. Tonight would not be an exception. Dave wanted her sober and clear headed so she could enjoy the entire experience.
Ami had attempted to keep her bearings, but quickly lost herself in the myriad of twists and turns. The limo had continued for about 30 minutes when she felt it pull to a stop. She heard a door open and she heard voices, but that was all. She couldn't see anything other than the blindfold covering her eyes, and she wasn't sure she really wanted to see either. The lost of certain senses heightened the deliciousness of the situation. The limo continued moving after it picked up the new passengers. Nervously, Ami sipped her champagne and wondered why Dave wasn’t saying anything. Ami flinched slightly when she felt a rough, calloused hand on her exposed knee. This didn't feel like Dave's hand. It felt larger than Dave's. The hand rubbed the inside of her knee and continued up towards her thigh. She didn't know what to do. Certainly Dave wouldn't allow someone else to caress her? Would he? Ami felt herself becoming wet and responding to the touch. Her knees involuntarily opened for the person who was m*****ing her. There was no other sound in the vehicle, other than the sound of breathing and the soft music playing on the car's stereo. Ami was finding herself responding to the repeated caressing and she felt herself lying back on the seat cushion. Her dress was now up around her waist and the hand continued upwards to her panties. She felt a finger running the length of her lips and the feel of the fabric on the insides of her pussy was incredible. The friction was delicious.
She felt the hands on each side of her hips slight lift her and her panties being pulled down. It was then she felt the tongue on her stomach and with each breath, it would slowly proceed downwards till it was right at the top of her pussy lips. She felt the hot breath permeate her vagina and the fingers slowly and delicately open her up. Whoever it was, he was skilled at oral sex! Regardless of what Ami had thought before, she now didn't care if Dave had let someone else eat her out. She only knew that she wanted more, much more!
She was having one orgasm after another and then she felt the car begin to slow down until it stopped. She heard the sound of the door opening and closing. She also heard what appeared to be the sound of someone else getting into the car. Here she was, laying on her back, her legs wide open, panties completely off and her dress pushed up to her waist! She was just coming down off her high, when she felt what appeared to be a new set of hands touching her. This set of hands pulled the top of her dress down until her breasts were exposed. She felt someone's mouth gently nibbling on her neck and then started to proceed downwards towards her breasts. He circled her nipples with his tongue, gently biting the tips his free hand, massaging the other breast, alternating between gentleness and roughness. This man's hands, if it was a different man, were calloused as well. The friction of his hands worked the nipples into a state of erection. Ami moaned as the other hand penetrated her pussy...first one finger, then two, then three! She was definitely on her way to yet another orgasm!
Again, she felt the car slowing down until it halted and the sound of the door opening and closing. This time, whoever it was unzipped his pants. She could hear the zipper as it was opening. She was ready for anything. Her body felt as if it was on fire! She felt the seat cushion move as someone's weight shifted. She felt the closeness of his body even though she didn't directly feel him at all. Suddenly, she felt someone rubbing her pussy, while the head of a penis was held directly against her lips.
She felt herself open up, her pussy lips separating. Whoever it was felt huge, but other than that, she couldn't decide if it was actually someone other than David. She had never had anyone else before so this was an entirely new experience. She felt the strokes as he entered and withdrew from her. His breathing was heavy. His thrusts increased in speed, but remained at a steady pace. Ami loved this, she never felt so full before!
Finally, she felt him increase yet again and suddenly lunge once more, shooting his sperm deep inside of her. They stayed that way for about 10 minutes...the man gently kissing Ami full on the lips, tongues playing with each other. Suddenly, he withdrew and she heard the sound of someone getting dressed. The car came to a halt and the door opened and closed and then the car slowly started to drive once more.
When the car came to its final stop, the door opened. Ami felt the blindfold being lifted off of her head. She blinked as her eyes were adjusting and she saw Dave smiling and sitting next to her. He looked as if he had just gotten in the car, his suit was spotless and without a wrinkle. She started to question him, but he just put his finger to her lips to silence her and walked her arm in arm back to the house.

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