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The Italian Job 25

The Italian Job 25
The next morning I went to the factory and completed the reprogramming of the computer control, we were now 2 weeks into the job but Antonis had decided that as he had me there and he wanted me to stay for the duration promising me a bonus if all went well over the next 2 weeks, this was good news because it was just a 2 weeks holiday with the occasional trip to the factory although if they had a problem they could call me or page me as the hotel had leant me a bleeper, that worked on the phone system, Maria was full of herself anyway because she had fucked Carlos even though I had paid him and he returned the money, we got the occasional visit from Jennifer and Ezme which was fun as we went in the pool and fucked in there on a couple of occasions although there was a complaint that a bikini got stuck in one of the drain holes and blocked the filter but apart from that life was good, Maria and I were having some nice sex and she got very loving which bothered me, I needed to do something about it, “I am thinking about sending you back home” I said to her one day” there is not much for you to do here apart from sunbathe and Ellie has suggested you go back to work if you are not needed here” I said “ but I am needed here “she argued, who is going to look after you, fuck for you and find fresh meat for you” she said “well Jenny is here, Ezme is here and her mother is here, why do I need you” I countered, she looked gobsmacked “but they are useless, what if you needed someone fucked by one of them, they would run a mile” she said “no they wouldn’t they would help out if I needed them” I said “ok you take them to the cinema one at a time and I bet that every one of them will duck out when they get touched, you see” she said, “ok you are on I said”.
I took Jenny first, Maria was sitting on the side without Jenny knowing so that she could witness, Jenny sat beside me, she was wearing a pretty cotton dress that had buttons to the waist at the top and a loose fitting skirt, it was warm in Argentina at the time so she was not wearing stockings, the film was an American soft porn film but this was a normal cinema showing it with Argentinian subtitles, “thank you for bringing me” she said “I couldn’t believe it when you asked me out, you must like me a lot” she said smiling at me in the half light of the cinema “actually I brought you here for a reason” I said “I am having problems getting paid and I need a female to be nice to the financial director of the plant so that he will authorise payment” I lied “ how nice?” she asked “as nice as it takes” I said “Maria would do it but she is sick at the hotel so you were my first choice” I said “how far would Maria go?” she said “ Maria would go all the way and beyond if I asked her because she knows I wouldn’t ask if I was not desperate” I said “but she is used to being fucked by strangers, and she loves you” she said “if you are not happy I will ask one of the waitresses in the hotel, they said that if ever I needed anything, I was only to ask, anything” so we can go and I will ask them, I stood up “no! wait a minute, will you be with me at all times?” she asked “I will always be in earshot of you and visual as much as I can, I will not let anything bad happen to you, I promise” I said, “she looked at me and kissed me “ok, I will do it,” without limits?” I said, she hesitated “no limits” she said nervously.
I told her we were in the cinema as a test, I needed to know that she would play ball before I put her in a position to help me because if she suddenly changed her mind then I could be in a very difficult position, she looked at me and nodded, I told her to pull her skirt up and show a lot of leg, she moved the hem of her dress up a couple of inches, “more” I said, she did, we waited, it did not take long, a middle aged couple came onto our row, the guy sat next to Jenny and the woman passed us and sat down next to me, I wasn’t overjoyed with this apparent exchange because he was getting a nice young fresh girl and I was getting a middle aged tart that had a moustache, the woman sat down and smiled at me, she had a low cut blouse on that was almost fully open, her visible half cup bra contained what I can only describe as a couple of jellies that had not set properly and were pouring over the edge, she crossed her legs, Jenny looked at me and took my hand, the guy immediately started to touch her legs, “what’s he going to do?” she whispered “I hope he is going to fuck you then you will have passed the test and I know I can rely on you” I replied “what about her?” she asked “I will most likely have to fuck her as well but I know already who has the better deal” I said as Jenny giggled, the guy was now resting his hand on her leg and squeezing it having not met with any resistance, I saw Maria come into the cinema wearing a black wig and sunglasses, her favourite disguise, she immediately attracted attention as a woman alone, the woman next to me was leaning my way as she dropped her hand onto my lap feeling for my cock, a guy came to sit behind Jenny and one in front of her, “this should be fun” I thought the guy next to Jenny now had his hand under her dress as she opened her legs slightly, glancing at me and gripping my hand, the woman had found my cock and was in the process of seeking my zipper, the guy now had his hand well under Jenny’s dress and I reckoned her was either very near to her pussy or actually touching it, a hand came over her shoulder and started to stroke her tits, she leaned back as the guy behind put his face beside hers as she turned and kissed him, taking this as a signal to proceed he started to grope her, she undid a couple of buttons on her dress top as his hand slipped inside, I knew she was not wearing a bra as her tits were like Maria’s pert and firm, the guy now had his hand on her pussy because she jumped, she glanced at me again, the guy in front was watching all this over the back of his seat, Jenny stood up and pulled down her knickers, the woman had my cock in her hand wanking me and leering at me, Jenny bent to take her knickers off her feet as the guy in front reached over and groped her tits, she leant and kissed him, she sat down again, the guy shoved his hand straight up her skirt eager to get his fingers to the now uncovered objective, the guy behind had resumed his assault on her tits having been robbed while she stood up, the guy in front was stroking her legs but he was unable to reach any further, being hampered by the seat, the woman now had my cock in her mouth and was giving me a blow job, I could feel her moustache on my cock but she was quite good at her job, Jennie reached over and took the cock of the guy next to her and wanked him, he had got his cock out as he got to her pussy with his fingers, the guy behind was kissing her again and he said something to her, she stood up as the seat went up then came back against the raised seat, lifting her dress at the same time she rested her hands on the seat in front as the guy in front reached for her tits again, the guy behind stood on his seat as he shoved his cock into her cunt, and she groaned as he started to fuck her, the woman had lifted her skirt to reveal that she too was devoid of knickers as she masturbated jenny was being fucked and groped, the guy in front had his prick in his hand as she reached for it, pulling it closer to her so that she could get her mouth round it,, she began sucking him, the guy behind was close to coming as he pulled out and a long silver stream of cum shot over the guy sitting next to Jenny, he was not happy as he started to shout at the guy behind who quickly disappeared, Jenny gave better attention to the guy in front as she took his cock all the way into her mouth, the guy beside her was trying to pull her around so that he could get in position to fuck her, the woman was now positioning herself for me to get inside her from behind, I glanced at Maria who had her hand in front of her mouth but I could tell she was laughing at this fiasco but among all this chaos Jenny was doing very well and really getting into it, the guy next to her had managed to get into her and was steadily shafting her as she came, almost biting the end off the cock of the guy in front, as he squealed as she bit into him I shoved my cock into the woman and fucked her as she came quickly and seem surprised that I had not because I kept her held down in the bent over position as I rammed my cock into her, the guy inside Jenny fell back in his seat spent, he had unloaded his package inside her and was knackered, Jenny sucked and wanked the guy in front and made him come, she must have realised he was coming because she pulled his cock out of her mouth as he ejaculated, she pointed his cock away and this too sprayed cum on the guy next to her, again he started to complain, the guy in front sat down in his own seat, the woman was at the point of collapse after at least two more orgasm’s and Jenny sat back in her seat panting with a big, big smile on her face, “did I pass?” she said to me smiling at me “you did fantastic” I said “how did you do it?” I asked “it was easy, I thought of all of them as you, the only disappointment was that none of them licked my nipples” she laughed “this woman is getting addicted to my nipple lick” I thought, I looked at Maria who was no longer laughing, she was wanking the guy sat beside her as he had his hand in her blouse, even though she still had her sun glasses on I knew she was watching me, I could feel it.
I gave Maria time to get back to the hotel as I saw her bring the guy she was wanking to a climax, spraying his seed over the seat in front, she got up off her seat almost immediately and went out, I arrived back at the room with Jenny who was seeking more attention, Maria was reclining on the bed reading a magazine, she greeted Jenny with a kiss and me a big kiss obviously trying to prove something I explained what had happened to Maria although she really already knew, she congratulated Jenny and kissed her again, Jenny said she needed a shower, Maria went in with her as I watched from the doorway as Maria took Jenny apart, kissing and finger fucking her as the water cascaded over them, I got quite turned on watching although I had not ejaculated in the cinema, I was still fully loaded, they came out of the shower and I helped them dry off, I had got down to my boxers, Maria got hold of my prick which was rapidly on the rise at the sight of these two naked females close by, “I am really horny after that guy in the cinema and just now in the shower with jenny, how about a fuck” she whispered out of jenny’s hearing “she can stay and watch if she wants, or maybe even join in” she continued, she went to Jenny and kissed her full on the mouth, taking one of her tits in her hand at the same time and thumbing the nipple, Jenny jumped at the attention to what was for her a very sensitive spot, Maria came to me and pulled down my shorts getting them off me, “are you two going to fuck” Jenny asked “yes we are” said Maria, looking at my standing cock, “do you want to stay and watch, stay and participate or go??? it’s up to you” Maria said to Jenny “if it’s alright with you I’ll stay and watch” she said Maria came to me and she turned her back to me adopting the position that she had the other day with my cock between her legs and sticking out in front of her, he was hard up against her slit and trying to fight his way into it, she moved herself along it a couple of times till the lips parted and allowed it in, she spoke to Jenny who came and stood in front of her thae at Maria’s bidding bent over, exposing her arse and vulva to us, Maria slipped her fingers into Jenny as she opened her up then pulling her back guided her onto the short cock that was in front of Maria jenny took the cock into her cunt and pushed back trying to get more but of course Maria was in between as I thrust forward, Maria was literally riding my cock as I fucked Jenny, I got hold of Maria’s tits and groped them as she groaned at me “sorry Jenny” she said “but I am going to have to take this one, you can have the next” as she pushed Jenny away and bent over slipping the head of my cock into her cunt as she bent to accept it, I fucked into her holding her hips, I pushed her over to the bed where Jenny was sitting and she got hold of Maria’s hair and pulled it up to kiss her on the mouth as Maria sank her fingers into Jenny’s cunt to finger fuck her, I groped Maria’s tits as a she came with a judder, Jenny lifted her legs opening them as she pushed Maria’s face down into her genitals for her to lick whilst I fucked Maria, Maria obliged by shoving her tongue into Jenny, she groped for her tits and squeezed them, Jenny was having her tits groped and her cunt licked by a woman who was having her cunt fucked and her tits groped by me, they both came shouting at each other, Jenny pulling at Maria’s hair “ come on you fucking bitch lick that cunt” jenny shouted “spread your fucking legs you dirty cow” Maria shouted at Jenny, I just kept on banging till they both suddenly changed over, Jenny took my cock into her as Maria sat on the bed pulling Jenny’s head into her between her legs, “that’s it you fucking whore get your tongue in there and lick it out” Maria shouted at Jenny “ram that cock into my cunt you bastard” Jenny shouted at me as they both came again, I creamed Jenny as her vagina convulsed and gripped my cock squeezing it as though milking my spunk out of me, which it was.
I pulled out of jenny as she jumped on the bed beside Maria, they entwined legs and kissed each other then lay on the bed looking at one another and panting.
We all showered and got a couple of hours sl**p, then Jenny went home, the next meeting was with Ezme’s mother Caroline but I had decided not to take her to the cinema as I was getting a bit bored with it and after the hag I got I had lost my appetite for it, I decided on a night club, for her trial, she came to the Hotel and I got her ready, removing the bra, she protested because she knew she was heavy breasted but when the bra was removed and the blouse replaced with a couple of buttons undone to show the inner curves of her breasts indicating that she was not wearing a bra and the protruding buttons of her nipples through the fabric, not sagging but standing proud, I saw her look in the mirror and she was not disappointed by what she saw, lace topped self-supporting stockings, white silk panties and a slit skirt completed the picture I explained that I would choose a man for her, I would not be far away and I would not let any harm come to her, I gave her the same choice as I gave Jenny to stay with it or go and it was a trial to find out if I could rely on her to help if I so needed it, she agreed readily, she told me that her life had turned around since the first night, Ezme had watched her father fuck Maria on the dance floor and had been so disgusted by the performance that she had completely shrugged him, coming to the conclusion that he was just a dirty old man, he had turned back to his wife who had welcomed him back into her bed but she was grateful that I had brought about this reversal of fortunes and that she owed me and so we went off to the club.
Maria would be disguised as usual and I had to give her the go ahead in advance in case she found a likely candidate for a fuck as she had been left high and dry in the cinema because she did not have my permission, I was impressed to say the least.
The night club was fairly busy with a collection of dance music from a DJ, I found us a table and we settled down enjoying the opportunity for some nice conversation and a bit of flirting, she was a very attractive woman especially when she smiled, she was allowed to smoke in the club so she did, I saw Maria come in and settle at the bar, they were on her almost immediately, speaking quietly to her as she lowered her head and brushed their faces with her hair, she was dressed to kill in a slinky dress made of silk slit up the side to just below the waist, no bra and no stockings, I don’t know about the knickers but I had seen her earlier in the day with a thong so I suspected that this item of clothing had been called upon to guard the opening to the gates of heaven but there was no way she was going to go without this time around, I did a quick recce to the toilets etc. noting that the toilet window overlooked the car park, as they were on two different levels, so there was something below the toilets that was a part of the club I went down a flight of stairs and realised that the row of doors along the corridor meant that there was accommodation for fucking in each small room that had a bed with a plastic covered mattress on in one corner and a sink in the other, there was a toilet at the end of the corridor and a door to the car park although there was another door to the car park at the bottom of the staircase I had come down, I went back upstairs, Caroline was dancing very closely with a guy and Maria was attracting a small crowd of possible suitors, I watched Caroline cruise the guy around the dance floor looking at his mouth and his eyes as she talked to him, his eyes were almost glued to her cleavage which was accentuated by the fact that she had one hand behind his head curling his hair through her fingers while the other kept touching his lips, she was almost professional in her handling of the guy, he had his hands on her waist as she swayed to and fro to the sound of the music keeping him at arm’s length but egging him on at the same time, I sat down at the table and the music changed, Caroline came back to the table, Maria got up to dance with a tall Spanish looking guy “have found someone for me yet Caroline asked almost matter of fact, “yes” I said, there is a guy at the end of the bar he is alone and drinking” I said and she was gone, she went to the toilet first I was not sure if she wanted to pee or she wanted condoms,
She came back and sat at the bar a few feet away from the target, the guy she had been dancing with came and sat at my table, “this woman you are with, she is your wife? Your girlfriend?” he asked in a thick Spanish accent “maybe you like to let her off the lead for a couple of hours tonight” he said “I will make it worth you while” he suggested “you want to fuck her” I said to him looking him straight in the eye, he sat back and shrugged his shoulders as though embarrassed by the direct question “I am her agent” I said quietly “you can have her for 1 hour for $200 American, downstairs” I said to him he looked at me “is too much” he said “look at her” I said “you had a taste of her on the dance floor, she will blow your mind and I would be surprised if you last 1 hour, I can just see you releasing her blouse and those tits falling into your hands, he licked his lips, I said to him quietly “but if you want something younger, the woman at the bar with the black hair, she is also one of mine but she is $300 for 1 hour and if you think the first one is hot then you will burn your fingers on the second one, again he licked his lips and looked at Maria, she was flirting with the guy she had been dancing with, staring into his eyes through the sun glasses “I will take the first one he said, the second one has not the same” he held his hands up in front of him like he had rheumatoid arthritis “big tits” I offered “si, si” he said, I told him he would pay the money before, as we got to the room door and I also explained that he must use a condom because of the risk of infection for both of them, he readily agreed to this, I walked over to Caroline, “how is it going?” I said to her very quietly into her ear “very slow” she said turning to me with her back to the guy who was watching us, “why do you have something else?” she said “yes” I said “the guy you were dancing with wants to fuck you and he has offered $200 for one hour” I said to her “will you stay close by?” she said “of course, I promised you I would look after you and I will” I said as she hesitated for a moment “ I get nothing, not even a thank you from my fucking husband for a fuck so if I am going to get paid for what after all is just another cock then yes I will do it, but $200 is a lot of money for me, she said “you are worth double that easily and I should know” I said to her, she looked in my eyes and smiled “thank you” she said “do you have condoms?” I said to her “yes” she said we walked to the stairs and went down, the room was $2 for 1 hour, I paid it and we went to the room allocated, we stopped at the door, I looked at the guy and he took out his wallet and gave me the $200 then they disappeared into the room and closed the door, I walked back and sat on the stairs, I had a clear view of the passage and saw quite a bit of coming and going including Maria taking a guy into the car park for what I would describe as a knee trembler, she came back in a few minutes later shrugged her shoulders at me and held her hands palm upwards, “useless bastards” she said “they could not keep it up if their lives depended on it” she said with disdain as she went up the stairs, the guy she fucked came in shortly after looking very sheepish, “looks like he came 1st ” I thought after 45 minutes Caroline came walking down the passage, we went upstairs and sat down at the table “and thank you for that” she said smiling “I like guys who appreciate my tits, and he certainly did, he filled the first condom as soon as I took off my blouse and released them, I had to wait for him to recover, he did alright the second time, he made me come first, there is something very satisfying when I man is quick off the mark but we want something in exchange, yes?” she kissed me on the nose and smiled “you fuck me later?” she said “if you want” I said “I want” she said “I will try the guy at the bar again, $200 dollars you said?” she said as she winked at me and went back to her stool.
About half an hour later she leaned down to me at the table “come my lovely man” she said “I have need of your services” she walked down stairs with the guy from the bar, I paid the $2 to the attendant and we walked to the room, the guy paid me the $200 and they went in, I walked back to the stairs again as Maria came down on her own, “you seem to be doing alright” she said “she is very good, she would make a fantastic addition to our team” I said “she has the figure for it” she said “what are you going to do with the daughter” she asked “ I am not sure yet” I said “I will call at the other room on my way back tonight so don’t wait up” I said don’t wear yourself out sweetheart, I will most likely be waiting for you, by the way how much are you charging?” she asked “ $200” I said “$200 for her and $300 for you” she looked at me “no takers for me?” she said “Caroline has bigger tits” I said as I ducked the swipe.
Caroline came out after 50 minutes, sauntering along the passage smirking “this is too easy” she said as we walked back upstairs, we sat down at the bar and ordered drinks, I slipped her the $400 dollars, she never counted it, thank you she said, it’s been an interesting night, can we go, that one did not make me come so I am in need of your services yet again, we walked out of the club and went back to the Hotel, we got into the room and she took a shower, she came out wrapped in a towel then relaxed on the bed “can I spend the night with you?” she asked “what about hubby?” I said, he thinks I am staying with my s****r, if you say no then I will go to my s****r’s but I would like to sl**p with you, but I don’t expect to get a lot of sl**p” she smiled, I picked up the phone and rang the room, Maria answered this might take longer than I thought” I said “don’t worry, I have ordered a waiter” she said chuckling.
I went in the shower, when I came out Ezme was sitting in the room with her mother, “I hope you don’t mind but I asked Ezme to join us” she said “for the duration” I asked “if it is alright with you, I am sure that she will play her part” she said as Ezme smiled at me, I climbed into bed and put the ceiling fan on slow rotation which gave a nice cooling breeze to the bed but not a blow, Caroline dropped the towel and my cock twitched, Ezme went in the shower, Caroline decided that she liked being fucked on her side so with her back to me I was into her by the time Ezme came out of the shower, she got into bed and closed up behind me, I could feel her tits in my back as I fucked her mother, she was getting really horny by the time her mother needed a rest, , Ezme climbed on top and took my cock inside her as she rocked on it, she came fairly quickly as she shook at the impact of the climax as it struck her, she folded trailing her hair on my face as I went for her tits, squeezing and milking them as she came again, she slid off me and sat on my legs looking at my cock, I could feel the wet of her vagina on my leg, her mother taught her how to suck my cock and give me a good time then just like her mother before her she took the impact of the blast and swallowed the whole lot guzzling it down like nectar from the gods which of course it was.
I filled every orifice of the both of them, indulging myself on Ezme’s tits, in this department she was something special, I went back to my other room about 7.00 am, there was a waiter in my bed and Maria was looking and I presumed felt better as she was cuddled up to him, I went in the shower and I heard him scuttle out as I started the shower, Maria came in with me and I washed all her bits and pieces then filled them with fresh spunk then washed them again, we spent most of the day relaxing by the pool, Ezme turned up later and we had dinner with her, she wanted to know what I had in store for her trial I told her that we were still working on it and that we would get in touch, I think she was a bit relieved but we certainly weren’t finished with her.
Ezme bothered me a bit because she was the youngest, the most inexperienced and really the most vulnerable of the 3 ladies, she had only known sex with her dad and me and her mother had needed to teach her to give me a blow job when they stayed the night in the hotel, as it turned out her cunt got the biggest pounding of the lot of them.
Antonis invited me to a barbecue at his ranch just outside Buenos Aires I asked if I could bring someone and he told me that I could bring who I wanted, so I took all the ladies, they were all excited without exception, they all got dressed up in shorts and shirts and there was a real assortment of bodies among that lot, I put on my swimmer shorts and we went to the Barbie, the ranch was most impressive, it was an old style ranch with a lot of gaucho’s riding around the place and lots of cattle and horses, the house itself was stone built with great open fireplaces but of course as it was the warm season they were not lit, there were quite a few gun cases s**ttered around and I was told that they were mostly used for killing predators or vermin that could either harm or kill the cattle or indeed the horses, we were taken on a ride around the ranch although it had to be the scenic one because it would have taken days to see it all, we watched some horses being mated and Maria got horny straight away at the size of the stallions cock, she said it brought tears to her eyes just thinking about it, I was invited to shoot which I did and shot a few clays although I only got two out of five but they reassured me it was a good score for a first timer, Antonis s****r did a lot of the interpreting but she was not good having suffered from one type of cancer or another for most of her life, as twilight fell enormous bonfires were lit and the wine and beer flowed, a couple of cattle were cooked on giant roasting spits as my happy little brood danced and sang and ate their fill, all of them together chattering excitedly as the different games of picking up objects from the back of a horse was played out by the gaucho’s , it was about 9.00pm at night when it happened, we were moving towards one of the barbecue grills, the girls were mostly together in pairs, I was with Ezme’s mother and Jenny, I heard a scream and saw Maria running across the yard from the gaucho’s barn, she was half naked as her tits bounced as she ran “you have to come quick, they have her, I tried to stop them but there are too many of them” she screamed at me, I looked around, Ezme!!!! I ran into the barn, she was d****d across a saddle, naked with her large tits dangling as she hung she was drinking beer and shouting something in Spanish as the next gaucho lined up to fuck her, to stick his cock into her, and as he did she shouted Olay!! and as he shot his load into her his friends cheered, I turned around and ran for something I had seen earlier, I ran across the yard and into a small shed, grabbed a box and took out what I wanted then raced back for the barn, the girls were just coming out to find me as I grabbed the cigarette from Caroline and dashed around the barn to the lake behind touching the cigarette to the fuse of the dynamite stick as I went, it was fizzing nicely as I hurled it into the lake, the explosion sent and column of water high in the air, the cattle in the nearby coral stampeded running off into the pasture lands, the gaucho’s streamed out of the barn running for their horses as I ploughed my way through them and grabbed Ezme off the saddle throwing her over my shoulder and ran for the house, I got her into the kitchen and onto the table where we got some clothes on her and hosed out her cunt, sticking my fingers into her to open her while I washed her with the hose, I knew it would probably be too late but I had to try, as it turned out Caroline went to the pharmacy the following morning and got the local equivalent of the morning after pill but her vagina was bruised from the attention of we reckoned about twenty Gaucho’s that fucked her, Antonis let us use the bedroom that we had been allocated if we wanted to stay the night, we got her into a shower and Maria went in with her to wash her down and help her stand up because she was well pissed, Jenny went in as well to assist, I lay back on the double bed exhausted by the sheer magnitude of the day, it had been fantastic even though it ended on a sour note although from the smile on Ezme’s face you would not have thought so.
The girls decided that we would all sl**p together, feeling that there was safety in numbers in case someone tried to get at one of them or even me, there was a couch in the room so I camped down on that allowing the 3 of them the bed and from the noises they were making having a nice time of it, Ezme had started to sober up and the full realisation of what had happened was starting to sink in, I learned from Maria who could not apologise enough that they had been talking and drinking with the gaucho’s and having a laugh with them then got lured into the barn and still having fun as Maria had expected to get fucked but seeing how Ezme was taken realised that things had got out of hand, she said that memories of Ravenna came back to haunt her with what started out as a bit of fun with lots of innuendoes, kissing and groping turned into cock sucking and fucking on a large scale, she remembered how she had been pissed on and wanked over before they let her go, demonstrating their disgust that really she was just a slag, I asked how she got to be half naked, she said that she was being lined up for the saddle if Ezme passed out, they were feeling her up and playing with her tits, she had managed to knee one of them in the balls as she ran for the door, she commented that although the gaucho’s might be fast on a horse fortunately for her on foot they were not and she managed to getaway and find us.
But that is it for me, I'm done with this story and done with writing stories for Xhamster, my last two have had not comments or even votes so fuck it, I've cleared out the so called friends and if any one has been following my stories then I apologise for wasting your time, and for any one who has got into the story, Ellie died, Roseanna died and so did Lily, Sonia's youngest daugter, Maria got married and the rest of us lived happily ever after. THE END!!

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