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Terror in Tenerife

The long flight from England was over and we had
cleared customs after landing at Tenerife. I had been
struck by how unfriendly the customs people were here.
Not that they are all that friendly anywhere else. We
had been warned that the police and government
officials here did not pander to tourists. If you had
something to say to them, you had best be able to get
by in Spanish, because they did not speak English and
had no patience with tourists.

We were received much more cordially by the staff at
the hotel and check-in went quickly. We were anxious to
do a little sight seeing, but it had been a long day
and since we had two weeks we decided to get a little
rest and a decent meal and start exploring tomorrow.

It was July, and very hot outside. The air conditioning
in our room was very welcome. The average high
temperatures on this volcanic atoll were in the mid
nineties in July, just a bit warmer than we were used
to on our island.

Jenny and I explored our room and then unpacked. We
decided to take a quick shower and a nap before finding
a nice place for dinner. It had been a long day and we
had both been so excited about our trip that we had not
slept well last night.

I never tired of watching my beautiful girl friend
undress. Jenny is twenty-three, blonde, with beautiful
blue eyes and stands five feet, seven inches tall, due
in large part to her long, slender, perfectly shaped
legs. Her perfect breasts are C cups, topped by
sensitive, light pink nipples. She has a perfect ass,
and no, I am not referring to me. She shaves her pussy,
and we both like it that way. I think it improves the

I am twenty-four, six feet tall, and I have a slightly
larger than average seven inch cock.

We are fairly adventurous, sexually, but not
promiscuous. Jenny has only been with four other men
before me. I have only been with six women besides her.
We have, on occasion, made love outside in places where
it was possible that someone might see us, at the
movies, in the park, in our car, and even in the
stairway to our apartment.

We both enjoy oral sex and Jenny has no qualms about
swallowing. We have also played around with her
flashing other men. She was reluctant, but she knows
how much it turns me on and she goes along with it. She
is more apt to go along with it on vacation when she
knows that there is no one around that knows us or will
ever see us again. It still embarrasses her, but I
suppose that is part of the thrill for me. I have
noticed though, that though she goes along reluctantly,
she is always quite wet after flashing someone, either
on the road or perhaps in a restaurant. I think she
enjoys it more than she lets on.

We are both considered to be attractive and we both
exercise regularly and are quite fit. Jenny works with
troubled youth and I work in a bank. We are just your
average young adult couple. Well, a bit above average
maybe. In fact, there is no doubt that Jenny is hot.

We took a nap and when we awoke we were both hungry. We
dressed and went downstairs and got directions to a
nearby restaurant. Since it was so close we were able
to walk and do a little window shopping on the way. It
was a little late for dinner and too early for clubbing
so the streets were not all that crowded. It was a
pleasant walk. We did notice something that we were not
used to. There seemed to be a rather large population
of black people out and about.

We are from a fairly large city, nearly half a million
people. But the vast majority of the population of our
city is white. There are Pakistani and Indian enclaves
in town, and even a small Asian community. We also have
a growing black community, especially immigrants from
Nigeria. It wasn’t as if you could go days without
seeing a person of color in our town. There just seemed
to be more of them here. I noticed that Jenny seemed
uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything. I didn’t
either. We were, after all, not much more than a stones
throw from Africa, we were just going to have to

We got to the restaurant and were seated immediately.
We ordered drinks and a light supper and both the food
and the service were excellent. We had good time and
stayed until almost closing time. I paid and left a
generous tip and we walked back to the hotel. We went
back to our room and ordered a bottle of wine from room
service and when it came we sat out on the balcony
overlooking the hotel pool and sipped our wine and

As we drank I noticed that our balcony was almost, not
entirely, but almost private. There were a few other
rooms that had a view of us, but it didn’t seem like
anyone was in a position to observe us. Since Jenny had
been drinking most of the day I thought that I might be
able to talk her into taking her clothes off and
relaxing naked, the way I like her best.

Don’t misunderstand, she wasn’t d***k. We had enjoyed a
couple of drinks on the plane and a couple more with
dinner, and now the wine. I was right! I easily teased
her into taking off her clothing and she sat beside me
in the dark and I rested my hand on her thigh and we
sipped wine and stared at the pool and listened to the
nearby ocean. It was all very romantic.

We drank half of the wine and went to bed and made love
and then fell asl**p listening to the ocean in the
distance. It was a great first day.

The next few days were spent exploring the island. It
was fascinating, though we saw all of the bananas that
we ever wanted to see. Tourism and bananas are the
mainstays of the Tenerife economy.

We also did some shopping. We didn’t buy much. We
picked up some postcards to send back to our friends
and f****y and a few to keep for souvenirs. We also
bought a few sexy outfits for Jenny to wear when we
started hitting the clubs at night. Of course we had to
get her a couple of sexy new bathing suits. I was happy
to see that she was really getting into the spirit of
things and seemed to actually be looking forward to
wearing the little outfits that we were buying.

We finally started hitting the beach on the fourth day.
Jenny took one look around and saw all of the topless
women on the beach and took her top off immediately. It
was not the first time she had been topless at the
beach, but we didn’t get the opportunity that often.

I had mixed emotions. I loved the way her breasts
looked when they were that almost glow in the dark
white and contrasted with her tanned body. On the other
hand, I loved seeing them exposed and I loved the idea
that the other men on the beach were checking her out
and admiring her beautiful body. I also could tell
that, despite her apparent lack of concern, she was
self conscious about being bare breasted, at least at
first, and I got a kick out of that.

We were both fair skinned people and we slathered on
the suntan oil and avoided the hottest part of the day.
By the end of the second day of going to the beach her
breasts had lost that stark white quality, but they
still contrasted nicely with her tanned torso.

We had begun to fall into a regular schedule. We slept
late in the morning. When we got up we would have a
light breakfast and then go to the beach for a couple
of hours. After a couple of hours in the hot sun we ate
a light lunch somewhere near the beach or we would go
back and clean up and go somewhere nice for lunch,
depending on our mood.

After lunch we would go back to the hotel and relax for
a while. We would often take a book and go down to the
pool and sit in the shade of an umbrella and relax and
read and do a little people watching. This gave Jenny a
chance to try on those sexy bathing suits she had
bought earlier. They looked great on her and we found
that service at the pool was excellent, probably
because of those suits she was wearing.

After relaxing around the pool we would often take a
short nap and then get ready for the evening. Jenny
would put on something light and sexy and we would head
out for dinner and then to a club for dancing. We both
enjoy dancing and I enjoy watching Jenny dance with
others too. Once she has had a couple of drinks she can
get pretty flirty and it is fun to watch her driving
the men nuts.

Just like all of the other men in the place, I love to
watch her move in those tiny little skirts and loose
fitting tops. It never fails to excite me. Or her, she
gets just as turned on being the center of attention as
all of the men get while they are watching her.

We had been to several clubs and had a great time when
halfway through the second week we were standing
outside of the club waiting for a taxi to take us back
to our hotel. We were talking with another couple from
the UK and they mentioned a great little club that the
locals went to with one of the best bands that they had
ever heard. They were actually raving about how great
the club was and how much fun they had had there.

It was too late to go that night, but they told us the
name of the club urged us to give it a try. I thought
it better that we stick to the tourist areas and play
it safe. Jenny, however, was feeling adventurous and
all but demanded that we try it out. She had come to
feel safe as we traveled around the island and she
wanted to have a little adventure. Against my better
judgment we decided to try it out the next night.

That was how we came to be in a taxi the next night on
our way to Banana Man’s. The driver had looked at me
funny when I told him that that was our destination but
I didn’t think anything of it.

It was outside of the city and all by itself at the end
of a long dirt road. We heard it long before we could
see it. We had gotten much more comfortable about being
with the locals by now. Everyone was very friendly and
we felt safe wherever we went. Still, I was a little
uncomfortable when we went inside and saw that more
than half of the crowd was black, far more.

But we were not the only white faces in the crowd and
we looked at each other and decided to give it a shot.
We struggled through the crowd and finally found a
table and managed to order some drinks.

The band was as good as we had been told and the dance
floor was crowded. I looked around and didn’t see
anyone else that looked like tourists, but everyone
that we saw was happy and smiling and having fun and
the music was great and soon we were really getting
into it.

We danced a little and I saw all the attention that
Jenny was attracting and I was feeling pretty proud.
She had several invitations to dance in between our
dances and at first she declined them. But she always
danced more than I did, and I always loved to watch her
out there, so I encouraged her to dance when she felt
like it.

After she had finished her second drink and loosened up
a bit she finally accepted an invitation to dance from
a tall, very good looking black man. She had never
danced with a black man before, but he was a skilled
dancer and soon they were the center of attention on
the dance floor. Her little skirt was flipping up and
showing off a little flash of panty from time to time
and her long, beautiful legs were on display. She
really looked hot out there, though it did seem strange
to see her surrounded by black people like that.

They danced through three songs and then the band took
a break. The man brought Jenny back to the table and
somehow ended up sitting with us and talking, mostly
with Jenny. It was kind of funny. He had not been
invited to join us, and he didn’t ask, he just kind of
was there.

Three drinks appeared at our table and the black man
introduced himself, though it was so loud in the club
that I was not sure I understood his name. It sounded
like he said his name was Harold, but he didn’t look
like a Harold.

We drank our drinks and Jenny and Harold talked. I
couldn’t hear what was being said so I just watched
Jenny. She seemed nervous about having him there. It
appeared as though she wished he would leave but
couldn’t bring herself to tell him that. She looked at
me meaningfully several times, but we were in a club
full of black people and he was a rather large black
man. I was not anxious to offend him.

They finished their drinks and he coaxed Jenny back out
onto the dance floor for several more dances. He was
apparently teaching her some of the local dances and
there seemed to be an inordinate amount of touching
involved. I tried watching them closely, but they
seemed to get swallowed up in the crowd on the dance
floor and, except for a glimpse now and then, they were
out of sight, Jenny’s white face lost in that sea of
black faces.

They returned after several more dances and sat back
down across the table from me. Her dress looked, I
don’t know, rumpled I guess. She was showing a lot of
cleavage and the narrow triangles of material that
covered her breasts looked looser now.

More drinks appeared and two more black men suddenly
sat down, one on either side of me. They talked loudly
with Harold in a language that we didn’t understand.
They were all smiles though and seemed very friendly.

All three of the black men seemed to be in their early
to mid thirties. All were large and muscular. They were
very imposing.

I watched as Jenny and Harold drank and talked into
each others ears, which, of course required that they
sit very close together. I could tell that the drinks
were starting to have an effect on Jenny, but she
wasn’t relaxed. She looked very nervous but she seemed
unable to defend herself from Harold.

Harold had one arm around the back of her chair and his
hand was on Jenny’s shoulder, but casually. He didn’t
appear to be holding her so much as getting close
enough to talk.

One of the men sitting next to me said something to
Harold and he grinned and nodded and suddenly he
reached up and pulled aside the material over one of
Jenny’s breasts and the three of them laughed.

Jenny slapped his hand away and, eventually, he removed
it and they resumed talking. I tried to stand up. It
was obvious that it was time to get out of here, get
away from these three men and all of these black people
and back to a nice safe tourist club. It didn’t quite
work out that way. As I started to get to my feet the
men on either side of me put their hands on my
shoulders and pulled me back into my seat.

They smiled at me. They didn’t seem to be threatening
me. Still, I was unable to get up and I didn’t know
what to do. I looked back over at Jenny and saw the
anxious look on her face. Just as I looked at her I saw
her jump and I noticed that one of Harold’s hands was
under the table now.

I yelled to Harold and Jenny that it was time for us to
go and Harold just looked at me and went back to
talking to Jenny, and moving his hand under the table.

One of the men beside me leaned closer and, in a
thickly accented voice said, “You don’t want to leave
now. It’s early, the fun is just starting.”

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t fight these men
and they wouldn’t let me up. I was f***ed to sit
helplessly and watch as Harold continued to amuse
himself with Jenny. Over the next hour or so we were
coaxed into consuming several more drinks. I don’t know
what they were, but they were strong.

Jenny was taken back out to the dance floor again. She
was soon lost in the sea of black faces, but twice I
was sure that I saw her, and I could swear that the bib
top of her dress was hanging loosely around her waist
and she was dancing those sexy dances that Harold was
teaching her while she was topless in that sea of black

While she was gone I convinced the men that were
sitting beside me that I had to use the men’s room and
they actually e****ted me there and brought me back to
the table. Not long after we sat back down I saw Harold
bringing Jenny back to the table. She had a look on her
face that I couldn’t quite decipher. Not until they sat
down and Harold pulled her panties out of his back
pocket and held them up and spread them out to display
them like a prize to the men beside me.

I looked at Jenny and she looked so helpless, and so
humiliated. Unfortunately, I felt helpless to
interfere. My feeling of helplessness increased
exponentially when Harold leaned down and kissed Jenny.
She struggled to avoid him at first, but he held her in
place and I could see his large tongue explore her
mouth after she gave in and allowed him to have his

I watched in shock as they kissed and his hand came up
and slid in between her breast and her dress and cupped
her warm, naked flesh as if he owned her.

I started to struggle to my feet again. My efforts were
met with the same results as my first attempt to put an
end to this. I was slammed back into my seat with ease
and the two large, smiling men beside me just shook
their heads at me and went back to watching Harold
m*****ing Jenny.

Harold finally broke the kiss and took his hand away
and I saw the desperate look on Jenny’s face. I also
saw that one of her breasts remained exposed after
Harold removed his hand. She reached up to straighten
her top and Harold stopped her. He picked up her drink
and handed it to her and as she took a large gulp of
her drink, Harold rearranged the material so that now
both of her breasts were exposed, not just to us, but
to the large press of black men that were standing
around our table, many of them watching us instead of
the people on the dance floor.

I didn’t know how we were going to get out of this and
I was getting scared. I enjoyed seeing Jenny flash the
guys from time to time. I will even admit that, in my
most secret fantasies I found the idea of her having
sex with another man while I watched to be very
exciting. Not like this though. We were in a situation
now that we had totally lost control of and there was
not a sympathetic face in the place. For some reason it
seemed so much more threatening because they spoke
among themselves in a language that we didn’t
understand. We knew that they were talking about us, or
at least they were talking about Jenny, but we had no
idea what was being said and it was scary.

I watched as Harold reached down and started toying
with Jenny’s nipples, making them hard, pulling on
them. She could only sit there helplessly and permit
him free reign over her beautiful young body.

Harold and his two friends spoke among themselves again
and then they gulped their drinks down and stood up.
For just a second I thought that it might be over. They
were leaving!

But it wasn’t over. Harold pulled Jenny to her feet and
with her breasts still exposed he led her towards the
door. I was pulled to my feet and with a large black
man on either side of me I was f***ed to follow. I
could see Harold guiding Jenny with his large black
hand on her perfect little ass. His hand was under her
skirt which was raised almost to her waist as we walked

I tried to tell them that we had to leave and I tried
to get between Jenny and Harold, but I was just as much
under their control as Jenny was. We walked slowly out
into the parking lot and gathered around a passenger

I was f***ed to watch as Harold pulled Jenny close and
kissed her passionately once more, all the while his
hands explored her body at will. She struggled for a
second, but she knew that it was useless and she let
him have his way.

While he was kissing her his hand went to the back of
her neck and released the bow that held the top of her
dress in place. Her breasts had been uncovered anyway,
but still it made both of us very uncomfortable,
although it obviously pleased Harold’s friends.

It was becoming apparent that Jenny was going to get
****d tonight, and I realized finally that if I was
going to have any chance to stop it I had to do it
here. There was the slightest chance that if someone
saw me struggling they might come to our aid or call
the police. I didn’t believe for a moment that would
happen, but once we got in that van Jenny didn’t have a

I suddenly rushed Harold but I didn’t even get close.
The two men beside me grabbed me and then one of them
held me while the other one hit me in the stomach so
hard that I threw up. I dropped to my knees and my
stomach emptied itself. Then I had the dry heaves for a
few minutes. When it was all over I just wanted to curl
up in a ball. I wasn’t allowed that luxury. I was
pulled back to my feet and one of the men said quietly,
“Have you learned your lesson, or do we need to tie you

I saw Jenny looking at me and crying. Harold was
holding her, apparently she had tried to come to my
assistance and he stopped her. I looked at Jenny in
anguish, but we both knew that there was nothing that I
could do. I told them I would behave and they let me
go. I stood there holding my aching stomach as Harold
took Jenny back into his arms.

We were standing in a large parking lot and people were
coming and going all around us. Sometimes they would
spot Jenny standing there half naked and stop and watch
for a moment, others just yelled encouragement as they
walked past. I couldn’t understand the words, but the
tone, their meaning was obvious.

Harold finally pulled Jenny’s dress the rest of the way
off and then he opened the van and pushed Jenny in
ahead of him. Harold sat down in one of the captain’s
chairs in the center of the van and tossed the keys to
one of the two men who were with him. I was put into
the front passenger seat. The third black man sat
beside Harold and Jenny was put on her knees on the
carpeted floor.

As the van drove slowly out of the parking lot, Harold
pulled his large, black cock out of his pants and Jenny
began to suck him as we rode down the dirt road. I know
because every time I tried to turn away or close my
eyes the man sitting behind me slapped the back of my
head violently.

The driver scared the hell out of me as he drove the
van through the narrow back roads with his eyes glued
to the rearview mirror. We had several close calls, but
each time the men just laughed and joked about it.

I was f***ed to watch as Harold finally emptied his
balls into Jenny’s mouth. She gagged as she struggled
to swallow his large load of hot cum and then she sat
up and he pointed out the few drops that she had missed
that were running down her chin.

She scooped them up and licked them off of her finger
and when Harold was satisfied the man sitting beside
him reached over and grabbed Jenny’s hair and pulled
her over in front of him. I hadn’t seen him pull his
cock out, but it was already standing up straight from
his lap and she didn’t fight as her face was pulled
down and f***ed into his crotch. She opened her mouth
and took him in and began sucking.

This man was not as gentle or as patient as Harold had
been and Jenny was having a hard time of it. As she
struggled to satisfy this man with her mouth, Harold
dropped to his knees behind her and spread her knees
further apart. He felt her pussy for a moment and then
he lined up his fat, black cock and began forcing it
into her while she sucked off his friend.

The friend didn’t last that long and soon he filled
Jenny’s mouth with another load of fresh cum. But he
didn’t let her up. He held her with his softening cock
in her mouth while Harold pounded away at her pussy
from behind. It was so horrible, seeing her there,
helpless, being ****d by those two large black men as
they talked among themselves about her and laughed at
our helplessness.

The van driver finally pulled over and parked in front
of a small house in a not so nice part of town. No one
got out though. We all watched as Harold continued to
fuck Jenny from behind until he finally tensed up and
grabbed her hips and came in her unprotected pussy.

He remained in place for at least another minute before
he finally pulled his cock out of her and then grabbed
her by the hair and pulled her around and made her suck
his cock clean.

She struggled to resist him again, pushing against his
hard stomach with her small white hands. He watched her
futile struggles for a few seconds and then he said
something to his friend and suddenly his friend reached
out and slapped me violently.

Jenny got the message and she stopped struggling and
sucked Harold’s cock clean.

The two men in the back put their cocks away and got
out of the van and the driver stood up and moved
between the seats and sat down in back with Jenny. He
pulled his cock out and Jenny moved between his
widespread legs without waiting to be told.

She wrapped her lips around his cock and with the van
door wide open and people walking by on both sides of
the van she worked to bring him off as quickly as
possible. As she sucked him he reached down and
squeezed her tits roughly and pulled her nipples, all
the while laughing and talking with his two friends
until finally he sat back and closed his eyes and a
couple of minutes later he, too, filled her mouth with

Jenny swallowed and then licked the last the last
couple of drops from the head of his cock. She sat back
up and he got out of the van and put his pants back
together with people still walking past, glancing
curiously at Jenny and then walking on.

We were pulled out of the van then and instead of
walking into the house we were led around the corner to
a house that had been converted into a small,
neighborhood café with outdoor seating. All
conversation stopped as we walked through the gate and
Harold and his two friends took a seat in the small,
fenced yard. There were about two dozen tables, almost
all of them occupied, and everyone stopped and stared
at Jenny and me as we stood on either side of Harold.

I couldn’t meet anyone’s eye, but I glanced around and
saw that there were a half a dozen couples sitting
around drinking and talking. Most of the tables,
however, were occupied by small groups of male

After several moments the initial shock of seeing a
white couple, one of them a naked female, wore off I
guess. A few people greeted Harold and his friends
warmly and then conversations resumed. Everyone seemed
to be speaking the same African dialect as Harold and
we could not understand a word of it.

A waiter came to the table and Harold and his two
friends ordered. All the while they were ordering the
waiter was staring at Jenny. As soon as the waiter left
a man from a nearby table stood up and walked over and
spoke with Harold and his two friends for a moment.
There was a lot of laughter and then the man approached
Jenny and put his hand on her breasts and asked loudly
in English, “Are you enjoying your vacation?”

Everyone within earshot seemed to think that was
hilarious. Jenny and I could only stand there
humiliated as the man pawed her in front of everyone in
the café. The waiter returned with drinks for the three
men and they sipped and talked and looked up at Jenny
from time to time and ran their hands over her body.

We stayed there like that for at least an hour, and
from time to time men got up and came over and explored
Jenny’s body and spoke with Harold and his friends.
There was not the slightest sign of a sympathetic
person in the crowd. Even the women came over and joked
with Harold, though they kept their hands to

When Harold and his friends had finished their drinks
they stood up and went to the house to pay. Harold
handed the waiter, who I guess was also the owner, a
couple of bills and then pushed Jenny to her knees in
front of him. The owner pulled his cock from his pants
and Jennifer sucked him off right there in the doorway.
There were many remarks from the crowd as we left. You
didn’t have to understand the language to know what
kinds of things were being said.

Jenny seemed to be in shock. I had not had a chance to
speak with her since Harold had moved in and somehow
just taken over our lives. I am not even sure how he
had done it. He didn’t threaten us or d**g us or even
physically abuse us until we had gone out into the
parking lot as we were leaving the club. However it had
happened, Jenny and I both realized that he was in
charge of us now and we had no choice but to obey him.

We were led back out into the street. There were no
sidewalks in this part of town. The roads were mostly
dirt and the houses either wooden shanties or small
cinderblock buildings all painted in bright, garish

We went back around the corner to where the van was
parked and into a small cinderblock house. It was very
small. The shabbily furnished living room and eat-in-
kitchen were all one room. There were two doors off of
the main room, both doors were open and I could see
that one was a tiny bathroom and the other a small

Harold went to the old refrigerator and got out three
beers and gave one to each of his two friends. While
everyone was getting comfortable, everyone but us, an
old man came out of the bedroom and looked around. He
looked at Jenny and me and then at Harold and they
spoke in that language of theirs for several minutes.

The old man had at first seemed irritated at having
been disturbed. His expression had changed instantly
when he spotted us, or rather Jenny. He smiled and as
they spoke his smile got wider. He finally took a
couple of steps closer and walked around Jenny,
inspecting her firm young body closely.

Harold got my attention and ordered me to sit in one of
the straight back chairs in the kitchen. He warned me
to be silent and not to move or his friends would have
to give me another lesson in manners.

I moved quickly to the chair and as I sat down Harold
reminded me that I should pay attention to what was
happening, just in case I should be tested later.

So I watched as the old man reached out his wrinkled
hand and began to explore Jenny’s breasts. He played
with them for a long time before he moved his hand down
over her stomach. He stopped at her stomach for a
moment and with his other hand he began to caress her
ass. With one hand still on her ass he nudged her legs
farther apart with his foot, he began to explore her
pussy with his other hand.

As he moved his hands over her he kept up a running
conversation with Harold, though sometimes the other
two joined in. I was able to recognize one word of the
conversation, and from it I deduced that the old man
was Harold’s father.

Harold and his two friends seemed to be teasing him,
egging him on. Finally he slipped off his boxer shorts,
the only thing that he had on, and he pulled Jenny’s
face down to his crotch. I was amazed at how long the
old man’s cock was. It was soft, but it was at least
eight inches long.

The old man guided her face over his genitals for a
moment and then, while bent over at the waist, she was
f***ed to take his cock into her mouth and suck. The
smell must have been pretty bad because she gagged
quite a lot at first. I have to assume that the old man
did not bathe regularly.

It was hard to tell how old these people were. I would
guess that the old man was in his late sixties or early
seventies. No matter his age, it didn’t take him long
to get hard. He still had the full use of his manhood.

Once his cock was erect he spun Jenny around so that
she was facing the rest of us and after rubbing his
cock up and down between her thighs for a moment he
said something to her roughly in that foreign tongue.

Harold smiled at her evilly and said, “My father wants
you to put his cock in your cunt please Jenny.”

Jenny reached down and took hold of his cock, which was
now at least nine inches long, and guided it into her
slit which was still moist from all the abuse that it
had already received this evening.

As soon as he felt the head of his cock lodged in her
slit the old man began pounding into her violently
while holding onto her hip with one hand and slapping
her ass with the other. All the while Harold and his
two buddies were egging him on loudly.

I saw the look of anguish on Jenny’s face and the tears
running down her cheeks and I wanted desperately to
help her. But I knew that there was nothing that I
could do against these thugs.

The old man pounded into her for a long time while we
all watched. After what seemed like quite a while one
of Harold’s friends got up and walked over and licked
the tears off of her cheeks and asked her if she was
having a good time. She just stared at him until he
reached out and started pulling on her nipples.

She groaned in pain and managed to gasp, “Yes! Yes, I’m
having a good time!”

He chuckled and said, “Good. The tourist industry is
very important to us here. We need to make sure that we
keep the tourists happy and do everything that we can
to see that you have a good time on your vacation.”

Harold’s other friend got up from his seat then and
approached them. For the first time I realized that he
was holding a movie camera and was recording
everything. He came in for some close-ups now and while
he filmed the old man and the man who was pulling on
Jenny’s nipples and licking her face turned up the
torment even more.

As I watched I suddenly realized that I had tears in my
eyes as well. I felt so guilty because of the fantasies
that I had enjoyed about watching Jenny with other men.
Now that it was coming true it was so far out of
control and not at all what I had fantasized about. It
was not at all the erotic evening that I had imagined.

I had never wanted Jenny to be made to suffer like
this. Being f***ed to watch her being ****d and
humiliated and degraded this way and being helpless to
protect her was devastating to me. Not as devastating
as what she was going through, but I would never forget
this night. We were in a dangerous and scary situation.
I could only pray that in the morning, when they had
their fill of us, they would let us go.

The old man that was fucking Jenny started yelling. I
have no idea what he was yelling. It was all gibberish
to me. He finally stopped spanking her and grabbed both
hips with his hands and thrust into her violently
several more times. I saw him tense up and we could all
see that he was cumming in her.

After a moment he collapsed over her and rested there
for a minute before pulling out. He walked over to
Harold with his slimy cock swaying from side to side
and he leaned down and hugged him and talked to him
excitedly for a moment. Then he went to the kitchen and
got a beer and sat down on the couch and stared at

Jenny had straightened up after he walked away and was
standing there on trembling legs waiting for the next
indignity. She didn’t have long to wait. Harold stood
up and began to undress as he leered at Jenny. When he
was naked he walked over to her and took her chin in
his hand and lifted her face to his and kissed her
passionately. She stood there passively for a moment,
but he didn’t stand for that for very long.

He grabbed her nipples in both hands and began twisting
and pulling and he whispered something to her. She put
her arms around his neck and pulled him close and began
to kiss him like a long lost lover.

That was what he wanted and they kissed for a long time
before he pushed her to her knees and f***ed his cock
into her mouth again. She didn’t hesitate. She
immediately began to suck on his large black cock as
though she wanted that more than anything in the world.

His cock hardened rapidly and when he was satisfied he
moved around behind her and shoved his cock into the
poor abused pussy that his father had just finished
fucking so brutally.

Jenny gasped in pain. At least I assume that it was
pain. She put her head down on her arms and let Harold
fuck her violently for several minutes as the camera
moved around them and got some good close-ups.

While Harold was r****g her, his friend began to
undress and soon he was kneeling in front of her and
lifting her head by the hair. She took his cock into
her mouth and while Harold pistoned into her from the
rear his friend held her head between his hands and
began to f***e more and more of his cock into her mouth
until with one last violent stroke his cock entered her
throat and sent him right over the edge. He held her
head pressed tightly to his stomach and I could see her
lips stretched uncomfortably around the base of his
cock as it throbbed and shot another load of cum
straight down her throat.

She struggled at first, but finally gave in and let
them do whatever they wanted to her. Harold had been
watching as he fucked her and when he saw his friend’s
cock slide right down her throat it must have really
excited him because in less than a minute he too shot a
fresh load of cum into Jenny.

After Jenny sucked the first man clean Harold grabbed
her hair and pulled her around and she sucked him clean
as well. The cameraman got a lot of close-ups of her
sucking and licking his slimy cock and balls, and then
he got a few good shots of the stream of cum dripping
out of her gaping pussy and running down her thighs.

After both men moved away she collapsed in a ball on
the floor and cried quietly. Unfortunately, she wasn’t
done yet. The man who had been operating the camera
handed it off to his friend and began to slowly undress
while standing over Jenny.

Once he was naked it started all over again. She sucked
and licked his cock and his balls until he was hard and
throbbing. He pushed her head away and he turned her
around and put her down on all fours again and he began
to move his cock in and out of her slippery cunt, but
not for long. After a minute he pulled out and spread
the cheeks of Jenny’s ass and began forcing his cock
into her asshole.

Jenny screamed and struggled to crawl away from her
attacker. He held her tight and f***ed the head of his
large cock into her. She screamed again when it popped
in past the tiny pink grommet that was his target.

Jenny and I had tried anal sex once. It had been much
too painful for her and we had stopped. Anal sex was
never something I had a burning desire for anyway. It
was just something that we hadn’t tried, so we gave it
a shot. This guy didn’t care that he was hurting her.
No, that isn’t right, he liked that he was hurting her
and he wasn’t going to stop.

He continued to f***e his cock into her as she screamed
in pain and he didn’t stop until he was buried to the
hilt. His cock was probably only an inch longer than
mine, but it was a lot thicker and Jenny was in
excruciating pain. She was sobbing hysterically now and
her fists were beating on the floor as she begged him
over and over to stop, to pull his cock out of her.

Jenny’s r****t smiled and joked with his friends and
they continued to cheer him on as he violently ****d
her ass. I suppose that we can be thankful that he had
been so turned on as he filmed her previous ****s
because between that and how tight her ass was he came
very quickly. He left his cock inside of her for a very
long time, but finally it popped out and he continued
to kneel behind her.

When she didn’t move he slapped her ass brutally and
she screamed again. She realized what he was waiting
for and she slowly spun around and began to clean his
cock and balls with her tongue.

After his cock was clean he reclaimed the camera and
after another exchange of gibberish Jenny was ordered
to crawl across the small room and suck off Harold’s
father again, to completion this time.

It took a long time to get the old man off. I was
surprised that he could get seconds at all. Hell, I was
shocked that he was capable of firsts! But finally he
filled Jenny’s mouth with cum and she swallowed and the
old man got up and patted her on the head and after a
brief exchange with his son he went to his room and
went to bed.

Harold’s two friends got dressed and left and I waited
impatiently to see if we were to be released. I felt
almost like someone had hit me in the gut again when
Harold came over to me and asked me if I had to use the

I hadn’t even realized how badly I did need to go to
the bathroom until he asked. I nodded and he let me go
and use the tiny bathroom, with the door open. When I
returned he ordered me back in the chair and then he
handcuffed my wrists to the rear legs and tied my
ankles to the front legs.

When I was secured to his satisfaction he e****ted
Jenny to the bathroom. I don’t know what happened in
there, she protested loudly a couple of times before
there was a long silence and then they came out again.
Whatever Harold had done in there was pretty
embarrassing; Jenny wouldn’t even look in my direction.

Harold pulled out the sl**per portion of the sl**per
sofa and after pushing Jenny down onto the nasty
mattress he crawled up beside her and wrapped his arms
and legs around her and went to sl**p.

I drifted off a few times during the night, but it
seemed like every time I would drift off for a few
minutes I would wake up to the sight of Harold fucking
Jenny. Sometimes it was her mouth, sometimes her pussy,
and once he was forcing his cock into her already
bruised asshole. The man must be some sort of satyr. He
seemed to be completely and totally insatiable.

The last time I woke up in the morning I smelled coffee
and opened my eyes to see Harold’s father fucking Jenny
again while Harold was moving around the kitchen making
coffee and toast. It was several moments before I
realized that I was no longer secured to the chair.

I looked over my shoulder at Harold and asked and
received permission to go to the bathroom. I went to
the bathroom and washed my face and hands and when I
returned Harold’s father was just finishing having an
orgasm in Jenny’s pussy and collapsing on top of her.

I went back to my chair and Harold handed me a cup of
black coffee and a slice of toast and indicated that I
should pull my chair up to the rickety kitchen table.

The old man lay on top of Jenny for a long time, slowly
grinding his pelvis against her. All that could be seen
of Jenny was her face sticking out over his shoulder.
Looking at her broke my heart. She was crying again and
laying there helplessly under that smelly old man.

He finally rolled off of her and Harold reminded her of
her clean up duties. She got to her hands and knees and
moved down and took the old man’s cock into her mouth
and sucked him clean while he groped her breast

Harold finally called him over and poured him a cup of
coffee and gave him some toast. He sat beside me and he
did indeed have a serious odor problem.

Jenny sat on the side of the foldaway bed with her face
in her hands. She appeared to be crying quietly. I
looked at Harold and he got an exasperated look on his
face and then he shrugged. I assumed that was
permission and I got up and went to Jenny and took her
in my arms and held her while she cried.

I wanted to tell her that everything would be alright.
I wanted to say something, anything, to make her feel
better. I would have been lying if I said it was going
to be alright. I had no idea of what was going to
happen to us, and she knew it. I felt just as hopeless
as she did. It tore me up that she was the one doing
all of the suffering. She was the one being ****d and
paraded around in public in the nude and filmed having
sex with these low-life banana pickers.

The only thing that I could do was hold her tight and
tell her that I loved her and tell her how sorry I was.
It wasn’t much. After she calmed down a little she
leaned her head against my shoulder and I whispered to
her to hang in there, we would find a way out of this.
Then I offered her a cup of black coffee. That seemed
to be the only way that it was served here.

She said, “Yes please, anything to get this taste out
of my mouth.”

I went over to the table and without even asking I
refilled my cup and took it to her. I asked her if she
wanted some dry toast, the other house specialty. She
declined, but sipped on the coffee while I held her.

I thought the best time to try to find out our future
from Harold would be before his friends returned, so I
asked him what his plans for us were.

He smiled at me and said, “I know that you are
scheduled to fly home the day after tomorrow. Don’t
worry. You will be on that flight. Until then, I am
having a lot of fun playing with you. You are mine for
the next two days. I am going to make this a vacation
to remember for both of you. You rich tourists come
here and treat everyone like dirt for a week or two and
go home. My friends and I pick out a couple every now
and then and teach them a lesson in humility. We don’t
really care if you learn the lesson. We have a great
time teaching it. That is what is important.”

“We are having an especially good time this time
though. Jenny is an exceptionally sweet little morsel.
She is young and beautiful and shy, and oh so sexy. I
am afraid that the next two days will be very hard for
you two, but especially for her. She is going to be
very popular, and she is a lot of fun to play with.”

Harold walked over to where we were sitting on the side
of his bed and he grabbed her hand and said, “Come on,
you stink.”

He pulled her to her feet and led her to the bathroom.
As he was following her into the bathroom he turned to
me and said, “Make my bed and put it away.” Then he
ducked into the small bathroom and I heard them taking
a shower.

I straightened out the sheets on the bed and folded it
back into a couch and put the cushions back in place.
Then I sat down and tried not to think of what she
would have to put up with in the next forty-eight

It wasn’t long before they came out and Harold took her
into the bedroom. When they came out Harold was dressed
and Jenny had been given a thin t-shirt to wear. It was
a men’s tank top that left the sides of her breasts
largely exposed. A deep V had been cut to expose the
inside of her breasts. When she pulled it down
carefully it just covered her ass, but with every move
she made it rode up, exposing her ass and her shaved

Harold sat Jenny down next to me and then he and his
father sat at the table and talked for a while. She
kept pulling the hem of her t-shirt down, but it didn’t
do any good and finally she gave up. It receded up her
stomach and left her pussy totally exposed.

I could have used a shower myself, this is a pretty hot
little island and it had been a long night. I didn’t
have any clean clothes though, so I figured that it
wouldn’t have made much difference. Besides, compared
to what Jenny was having to deal with, my little
hygiene problems seemed insignificant.

Harold’s two buddies finally showed up and that was
what we had been waiting for. We walked outside and
made our way to the van. There were a lot more people
out and about this morning and Jenny attracted a lot of
attention. Most of the women we passed gave her a nasty
look and kept on walking without a word. Not the men
though. The men stopped and stared and made nasty
remarks that didn’t have to be in your language to be

There was a group of teenage boys near the van and they
made some comments to Harold and he had a quick
conversation with one of the older boys. Then he pushed
Jenny over to the boy and we watched as he pulled her
close and kissed her while sliding her t-shirt up to
her neck. He ran his rough black hands all over her
body in a leisurely manner while his friends went wild
around him.

Harold was laughing loudly as he pulled her out of the
crowd and pushed her along with the t-shirt still
around her neck and finally pushed her into the back
seat of the van. We all got back in, taking the same
seats that we had been in last night. Jenny was pulled
into the lap of Harold’s friend in the back. Her t-
shirt remained pushed up over her breasts.

I was allowed to face forward instead of watching as
Harold’s buddy m*****ed Jenny. The van wound its way
through the narrow streets of the shanty town and I saw
that we were located right on the edge of one of the
huge banana plantations. The driver followed a series
of dirt roads and we ended up parking in front of a
ramshackle hut beside the road in the middle of
nowhere. The only other thing around was row after row
of banana plants.

Everyone got out of the van and I saw a group of black
people standing nearby watching as we walked toward the
hut. Harold said to Jenny, “This is where our
supervisors work. You are going to pay them for letting
us have today off. I know you will be a good girl,
won’t you?”

Jenny nodded and we all came to a sudden stop as the
door to the hut opened. Two men stepped out of the hut,
both were Spanish and the conversation suddenly
switched to that language. We weren’t fluent in
Spanish, but we recognized some of the words. But they
spoke so rapidly and used so many colloquialisms that
we had no idea what was being said.

The two Spaniards stepped over to Jenny and looked her
over gleefully. The men were both in their late forties
or early fifties. They were both large heavyset men and
neither looked all that clean.

While one of Harold’s friends pulled the camera out and
began recording again, they ran their hands over
Jenny’s body for a moment while everyone watched. One
of them pulled the t-shirt off, but it hadn’t covered
much anyway. The Spaniards spoke rapidly to Harold
again and we all went inside.

The Spaniards led Jenny to a desk against one wall and
pushed her down to her knees in front of it. They stood
in front of her and opened their pants and began to
take turns shoving their cocks into her mouth, and
occasionally into her throat.

After several minutes of that they pulled her up and
pushed her down on her back on the desk. One of the men
lifted her legs up to her chest and began to fuck her
violently while his partner went around to the other
side of the desk where her head hung down and began to
fuck her mouth the same way.

Jenny struggled a bit at first, but then she
surrendered and remained still as they used her. They
didn’t last long, but they weren’t done yet. They
switched orifices and soon it began all over again. The
four of us stood in the far corner of the room watching
as Jenny was used to pay for a day off.

The Spaniards, after they came for the second time,
seemed to be in a much better mood and everyone was
getting along well. Well, everyone but Jenny and me.
She was left d****d over the desk for a few minutes
while Harold talked with them. Harold’s two friends
took advantage of the lull to make use of Jenny.

They took up positions on either side of the desk and
used her just like the Spaniards had. The one with the
camera continued to film as they fucked her. They
switched positions several times before they finally
emptied their balls into her mouth and her pussy.

The man in her pussy waited until his friend pulled out
of her mouth and then he pulled out of her pussy and
went around and fed his slimy cock into her mouth so
that she could clean him up.

I looked at her red, swollen pussy with the fresh loads
of cum from three different men running out of her. She
was a mess, and she certainly looked freshly fucked,
but her pussy didn’t show any signs of all of the abuse
that it had received in the last twelve hours. I had
lost count of how many men had ****d her since Harold
had taken charge of us.

Harold’s two friends helped Jenny to her feet and
guided her outside. The rest of us followed to watch.
She was led around to the side of the shed and in front
of the six of us and the small gang of black plantation
workers, some of them women, one of Harold’s friends
turned on a hose and rinsed off Jenny’s stomach and
legs. When he had washed away their three loads of cum
he shoved the end of the hose up inside of her pussy
and she screamed. I am not sure if she was screaming at
the indignity or the pain as he rinsed her out.

I noticed that the gang of black people waiting nearby
didn’t seem shocked or surprised by what was going on.
I wondered how many times this little show had been
repeated by Harold and his two friends. I knew from our
earlier conversation that we weren’t the first tourists
to fall into their clutches.

The water was finally turned off and Jenny was given
the t-shirt to put back on. After she pulled it on we
were led back to the van. We headed back towards the
city and parked near a photography studio that catered
to the poorer people in the shanty towns on the
outskirts of the city.

The streets were crowded with mostly black people,
though there were also Spaniards and even a few white
men moving through the crowded sidewalks. Everyone
stopped to stare at Jenny as she was led, all but
naked, through the parking lot and nearly half a block
to the studio.

I could tell that we were expected as soon as we walked
in. The man behind the counter nodded at Harold and
looked Jenny over quickly as he walked around us and
closed and locked the door and put up a closed sign.

We followed him into a back room that had several small
sets prepared. The one that was already lit up was a
small bedroom, of course.

Harold took Jenny onto the set and spoke to her for
several minutes. I was pulled to a seat against the
wall and Harold’s two friends sat on either side of me.
I watched the conversation between Harold and Jenny.
Well, it wasn’t really a conversation. Harold was
giving her instructions and she was listening and

Apparently she had a problem with one of the things he
said in particular and it looked like she was trying to
reason with him, or plead with him. After only a
moments heated discussion I saw that look of
resignation return to her face and she gave in. She
knew that she would always lose. What was the point of

Harold came over and sat beside us and the photographer
went to work taking pictures of Jenny. The first
pictures were poses in her little t-shirt, but soon he
had her remove it.

He took a lot of pictures and they got progressively
more obscene as time went on. He worked on her
expression for a while and finally got, if not exactly
a cheery smile, at least a much less despondent
expression on her face. Sometimes it didn’t even look
like she was being f***ed to pose.

He finally stopped and changed the film in his camera.
Then he put new disks in the three video cameras that
surrounded the set. He stepped into the set then and
said, “I can’t work like this cunt. Get down here and
suck my cock so that I can concentrate.”

Jenny obeyed instantly. It wasn’t even a big deal now.
She opened his pants and sucked him off and swallowed
his cum. Then they went back to taking pictures. After
he put her back on the bed and positioned her, and
before he started taking pictures again, he went to a
door and opened it and called out to someone inside.

I was shocked to see two young black boys come out.
They did not appear to be any older than twelve or
thirteen at the most. They knew what they were here for
though. They undressed quickly and soon they were with
Jenny on the bed and she was guided through nearly
every sex act known to man by the two young boys. She
sucked them both off and they both fucked her pussy and
her ass, one at a time and in all sorts of
combinations. It lasted for more than an hour and they
both came at least three times.

They finally got up and dressed and the photographer
pointed out a small bathroom to Jenny and ordered her
to clean up while he put knew disks in his movie
cameras and fresh film in his still camera. The two
young black boys came over and sat near us and watched.

When Jenny returned he put her back on the bed and went
back to the room and two more young boys came out. They
spoke in Spanish, though they appeared to be Caucasian.
They were very light skinned. They looked very much
alike and I assumed that they were b*****rs. The oldest
was probably about the same age as the black boys,
around thirteen, the younger boy looked to be only
about eleven.

They were both experienced at this though, and both
capable of both erection and orgasm, as the close-up
shots would be able to attest to later. They went
through much the same routine as the previous set, with
numerous position changes and lots of shots of Jenny
having sex with u******e boys.

The filming went on for another hour and this time,
while the boys were getting dressed and joining us on
the side of the room and the photographer was preparing
for another set, Jenny was called over to take the edge
off for Harold and his two buddies. She sucked all
three of them off and then she provided that service
for the photographer again. She had been having sex,
with only a few small breaks, almost constantly since
we left the club last night. I looked at my watch and
saw that it was nearly three in the afternoon now.
Except for a couple of small naps and a little bit of
travel time she had been getting ****d for almost
s*******n hours now. It was easy to tell. She really
looked tired.

After she sucked off the photographer she was sent to
clean up again and when she returned she was given a
fresh set of sheets and told to change the bed. When
she had finished and was lying in position the
photographer went to the door and a young blonde girl
that looked about twelve came out. She didn’t seem the
least put out by the large audience or the lights and
cameras. She smiled at the photographer and went over
and stretched out on the bed beside Jenny, but fully

Jenny had already been instructed what to do and she
began making love to the young girl, making it look
like she was seducing her as she slowly removed her
clothing and caressed and kissed the young girl’s
developing body for the cameras.

I knew that Jenny had never made love to another girl
before, but that must have been nowhere near as
distressing for her as being f***ed to make love to a
girl so young. She did as she was told. I realized that
she was following the instructions that she had been
given earlier by Harold.

She kissed the young girl all over her body and even
lifted her slender legs and licked and sucked her
asshole while the cameraman came in for some close-ups.
After she ate the young girl out and gave her several
orgasms she was finally allowed to stop.

This time, though, the girl remained on the bed and
Jenny got up and soon found herself back on her knees
between Harold’s legs. I was ordered to stand and
undress and when I realized what they had in mind I
started to refuse. Harold’s buddies stood up on either
side of me and while Jenny sucked his cock, Harold
looked up at me and said, “We need some incriminating
photographs of you for our own protection. You know
that we can make you do it. We can hurt you, we can
hurt your sweet little girl friend here, and we will
always win. If you want to continue to protest, it will
become painful. Make up your mind and quit wasting

I looked over at the girl who was lying on the bed
smiling and laughing and joking with the photographer
and I knew that I had no choice. I undressed and when I
was ready the photographer moved out of the way and
Harold ordered me to eat out the young girl and then
fuck her.

I glanced at him. Jenny had finished sucking his cock
and was now working on the man seated beside him. I
looked back at the girl and as I was looking at her she
changed her expression from one of light hearted gaiety
to one of fear and dread, just like a switch had been
thrown. It was obvious that the pictures were to look
like I was r****g the young girl. I got on the bed and
crawled up between her legs and as I neared her she
started pleading with me to leave her alone, to stop
touching her.

I ignored her acting and began to eat her already tired
and stretched out young pussy for a few minutes. It was
obvious that a lot of cock had been here over a long
period of time and I felt sorry for her, but at the
moment I felt sorrier for me and Jenny.

When I felt that I had spent enough time licking her
pussy to satisfy Harold I moved up and tried to f***e
my soft cock into her pussy. Finally I gave up and got
up on my knees and shooting stopped while the girl sat
up and with a bored expression on her face now she
leaned forward and took my soft cock into her mouth and
sucked it expertly to an erection. When I was hard she
laid back and filming resumed.

Her expression returned to one of fear and she started
pleading with me to stop as I moved over her small body
and slid my cock easily into her well used pussy. I
fucked her for, I don’t know, however long it took.
Then, after my orgasm I got back up on my knees and sat
on the edge of the bed.

I noticed that Jenny had finished sucking off both of
Harold’s friends and was going down the line giving
each of the young boys that had fucked her one last
blowjob. The girl sat beside me and said in perfect,
unaccented English, “Sorry, but I have to do what I am
told just like you do.”

I nodded, I understood.

I got dressed while Jenny made quick work of the four
young boys. When she was finished she was given the t-
shirt back and she put it on, for all the good it did.
She didn’t even bother trying to make it cover her ass
anymore. She realized that as soon as she took a step
it would slide up her butt.

We left the studio at long last. It was after four now
and the streets were even more crowded than when we had
arrived about five hours ago. Jenny was just as much a
crowd pleaser on the way out as she had been on the way

Harold made Jenny walk six feet ahead of us and she was
groped and m*****ed all of the way to the van. She
didn’t even try to defend herself, she didn’t have a
chance. She just walked with her head down and ignored
all of the groping, grasping hands.

We piled back into the van and Jenny lost her shirt
again. She was in Harold’s lap this time. As I watched
I was surprised to find that we seemed to be heading
back to our hotel. The van did indeed park at our hotel
and we all got out. In order to avoid any problems,
Harold reached behind his seat and pulled out a tiny
little wraparound skirt and handed it to Jenny.

We went straight to our room and Harold ordered a ton
of food for all five of us. I don’t know about Jenny,
we weren’t allowed to talk, but I was famished. I
hadn’t eaten since yesterday evening.

Jenny was stripped again as soon as we got into the
room and forty-five minutes later when two waiters
appeared with the food she let them in and soon she was
on the bed with both of them and tipping them with her
body. She had known that it was going to happen and was
mentally prepared for it.

Both of the waiters were black and one of them seemed
to know Harold. They talked for a while and seemed to
be making some sort of plan. I didn’t know what it was,
of course, but I knew that it would be bad news for

We were finally allowed to eat and Jenny and I both ate
voraciously. She was still depressed and sick to death
of being ****d, but it had been a long, hard night and
a long hard day and she was famished. After we ate we
were both allowed to go take a shower and get cleaned
up. I was surprised since they had been careful to keep
us separated and not allow us to even speak to each
other since we had been taken.

We went to the bathroom and got into the large shower
and stood under the hot spray and held each other
tightly for a very long time. I wanted to say something
to make it better, but all I could think of was, “I’m
sorry baby. Please, just hold on, it’s almost over. I
love you.”

She sobbed quietly for a moment and said, “It isn’t
your fault. You tried to talk me out of it. I insisted
on going to that place. If I had listened to you none
of this would have happened.”

We washed each other thoroughly and then held each
other under the hot spray a little longer, until Harold
came in and told us to get the hell back out there.
They needed some entertainment.

Jenny moaned, but we separated and shut the water off
and dried ourselves off. I put on some clean clothes,
Jenny didn’t bother, and we went back out to join our

Jenny had one piece of luck. While we had been in the
shower the men had called room service again and had
some drinks delivered. She had not had to provide the
tip, this time.

We all moved out on the balcony and the men started
looking around at the people sitting around the pool
and discussing them in their language. They pointed out
men to each other, or small groups of men, and made
comments and finally they seemed to make a decision.

Harold handed Jenny one of the sexy bikinis that she
had bought our first day here. He had removed the
lining and when she put it on it was so translucent
that her nipples and her hairless slit were readily
apparent to anyone that looked.

Harold watched her put the bikini on and examined it on
her and seemed satisfied. Then he pointed out the two
men that he and his friends had selected and ordered
her to go down and get them and bring them back to the
room and fuck them in any way that they wanted.

Jenny asked, “With all of you in here?!”

Harold said, “No, we will be in the connecting room
with the door ajar. We will be listening and we will be
watching. Now go!”

We went out to the balcony of the adjoining room and
watched as a minute later Jenny came out by the pool
and looked around and spotted the two middle aged
tourists sitting at a table in the shade of an umbrella
and talking over drinks. They had a lot of empty
glasses beside them, so it looked like they had been
there for a while.

We watched as Jenny moved through the crowd around the
pool, attracting a lot of attention. I saw one mother
cover the eyes of her young son when Jenny moved past
them. I also saw more than one wife elbow her husband
to make him stop staring as Jenny walked by.

She finally came to a stop between the two men and they
instantly gave her their complete attention. She smiled
at them and talked quietly for a few minutes. In only a
couple of minutes the three of them were walking back
towards the hotel and in a very short time we heard
them enter the room and once the outer door was closed
Jenny was instantly relieved of her bikini and the two
men, who sounded like Americans, were all over her.

As soon as they were all naked and in bed, Harold
opened the connecting door a couple of inches and they
watched as she sucked both men until they were hard and
then she sucked one of them off while the other one
moved behind her and fucked her.

There was a small disturbance when Jenny lifted her
mouth from the man she was sucking off and said,
“Please, not there, put it in my pussy. I need it in my

The man she was sucking off grabbed her head and pulled
it back down onto the cock she had been sucking and the
man fucking her said, “Little lady, you said anything
we want. I want to fuck your sweet ass. Now you just
concentrate on what your doing up there, I’ll take care
of this back here.”

He continued to f***e his cock into her asshole and I
could hear her squealing in pain as he fucked her ass
with absolutely no concern for her beyond the pleasure
that she could provide him.

They both came at almost the same time and the two men
collapsed on the bed and joked about the hot little
slut they had just fucked. We had expected them to
leave, but instead they put her back to work, sucking
them hard again.

When he was hard the man that had fucked her ass pulled
her over on top of him and made her mount him. Then he
pulled her down and held her tight and told his friend
to try out a piece of her great ass.

It took a while to get their fucking coordinated, but
in a few minutes she had a cock in her pussy and a cock
in her ass and they were making her do most of the work
as they mauled her body with their hands.

I noticed that the action was being recorded, though
the quality of the recording would leave a lot to be
desired. Still, it would provide a visual record of the
events to amuse those that enjoyed that sort of thing.

They lasted a long time this time around, but finally
they both emptied their balls into Jenny and got up and
made her clean them off. They thanked her for a great
time and offered to help her out again tomorrow if she
was in the mood.

Jenny smiled at them, a tired, sad smile, and said that
she would have to see what was on her schedule.

The men finally left and Harold threw the connecting
door open and sent her to take a quick shower. While
she was cleaning up the four of us went back out to the
balcony and the three of them started selecting someone
else for Jenny to degrade herself with.

She came out from the bathroom and put her suit back on
and joined us on the balcony. It was starting to get
dark outside and the lights were on around the pool
now. After a short discussion they picked out two
teenage boys. From here they looked like they might be
sixteen or s*******n. They pointed them out to Jenny
and she never said a word. She just turned around and
left the room.

A couple of minutes later we saw her approach the boys
and start up a conversation. There was not a lot of
talking involved. In less than two minutes the three of
them were headed back inside.

We moved back to the connecting room and before long we
heard them entering.

The boys spoke French, but they were communicating in
pigeon English, and since they didn’t have much to say
to each other they got right down to it. Jenny sucked
them both off quickly. Then she sucked one of them
until he was hard again and she stretched out on our
bed and he climbed on top of her and fucked her with
short rapid strokes.

I was f***ed to watch this time, and at this distance
the boys looked younger than we had guessed. I thought
that they both looked more like they were f******n or
fifteen and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were
virgins when they entered this room.

The boy that was fucking her came quickly and as soon
as he dismounted, his companion took his place and
fucked Jenny in pretty much the same fashion as his
friend had.

When both boys had cum the second time they lay down
beside her on the bed and explored her body for a
while, paying special attention to her perfect breasts.
As they teased her breasts she held their cocks and in
no time at all they were both hard again.

She smiled at them and said something that I didn’t
understand. Then she got up and started sucking on one
of them while the other moved behind her and fucked her
yet again.

She swallowed the first boy’s cum and then when he had
cum in her pussy she turned around and sucked the
second boy’s cock clean. Then she e****ted them both to
the door. When they were gone she rushed to the
bathroom and took another shower. The four of us moved
out to the balcony again. I wondered how long it would
be before they tired of this little game. I imagine
Jenny was wondering the same thing.

The three of them started looking over the crowd at the
pool again and by the time Jenny joined us they had
selected her next target. He was a huge man, sitting by
himself at a table not far from the door. I don’t mean
a tall muscular man. They chose a very fat man that
must have weighted over 350 pounds. His huge butt hung
over both sides of his chair and he was fully dressed,
probably because they didn’t make bathing suits in his

Harold gleefully pointed him out and Jenny turned
without a word and headed back down to the pool. We
watched as she approached the man and they spoke
quietly for a rather long time. He must have thought
that she was just trying to tease him, torment him like
a lot of the world probably did because of his size.

She must have convinced him at last because he
struggled to his feet and followed her inside and we
moved back through the door to the other room. It took
longer for them to reach the room this time, but
finally the door opened and Jenny came in with her
latest catch.

They talked quietly and it was hard to tell where the
man was from. He had an accent, but he spoke English. I
just couldn’t hear him well enough to tell where he was
from. He spoke very softly.

Jenny took her suit off and moved closer to him and he
explored her body reverently. I wouldn’t be surprised
if this man, who was at least in his late fifties, was
still a virgin. After exploring her breasts and her
pussy for a few minutes the man wrapped his huge arms
around her and bent forward and kissed her tentatively.

She put her arms around his neck and returned his kiss
and soon they were kissing passionately, if awkwardly.
They kissed for a while and then Jenny led him to the
couch and after pulling his huge shorts and his
underwear down she invited him to sit down. She sank to
her knees and after locating his smallish cock with
some difficulty she worked her head in under his
stomach and sucked him off in only about three minutes.

He groaned loudly and told her how sweet she was and
how beautiful she was and I could finally hear him well
enough to tell that he was from England. Jenny
swallowed his spend and kissed his cock and moved up
over him and held him and talked quietly with him for a
while. As they talked she held his soft cock in her
hand and before long it was growing hard again. She was
being very nice to him. I had the impression that she
genuinely liked him, or at least she felt very sorry
for him.

Once his cock was hard again she struggled into
position over him and managed to take it into her pussy
and move enough to stimulate him. As she fucked him his
hands reached up and lovingly cupped her breasts and in
a very short time he turned bright red and came in her

She slid off of him and sucked him clean and then they
talked again for a little while before she helped him
put his clothes back on and e****ted him to the door.
She went back to the bathroom again and had another
quick shower and then joined us in the room.

Harold had ordered another round of drinks, this time
for all five of us, and when they arrived Jenny was
given to the room service attendant for a tip. This
time we were all in the room and we watched as she
serviced his long, fat, black cock with her mouth. The
boy was a little rough and kept trying to f***e his
cock down her throat, but it was much too large. He
kept trying though, and Harold and his friends enjoyed
watching the struggle. He finally came in her mouth
though and she struggled to swallow it all. It was
apparently an unusually large amount of cum and she had
to swallow several times before she was able to get it
all down.

After the boy left we went back out to the balcony and
the men looked around the pool for another likely
target. It was getting late though and there were only
a few couples left at the pool, most of them with small

Harold got up and went through Jenny’s clothing and
selected the slip that she bought to wear under her
little black dress. She put it on and it wasn’t much
longer than the t-shirt she had worn most of the day.
When she had it on we were herded out of the room
again. She had not had shoes on since early this
morning. They seemed to like her barefoot.

We went back to the club that they had taken us from
and we got a table near the dance floor. Just like last
night, Jenny and I were almost the only white faces in
the crowd. We were brought drinks and allowed to sit
and watch the dancers for a while. I got a close up
look at that erotic native dance that Harold had taught
Jenny last night. It looked like it might have been
choreographed in a strip club. It was almost sex on the
dance floor.

After we finished the first round of drinks and ordered
another, Harold stood up and led Jenny out on the
floor. Nearly every move she made exposed her ass or
her pussy, and her breasts were swaying wildly in the
slip she had on. She was attracting a lot of attention
and Harold really got a kick out of it.

They danced two dances and then they walked over and
reached down and took sips of their drinks. Then they
moved back onto the dance floor and just as they
started to dance the band started a slow song. Harold
turned Jenny around so that her back was to him and he
slipped the straps of the slip off of her shoulder and
let it slip to her waist. He held her with his arms
around her waist and danced her around with her breasts
exposed to the crowd.

The band saw what was going on and dragged the song out
for a very long time. As they danced Harold rubbed is
cock against Jenny’s ass and moved his hands up and
down over her stomach, caressing her breasts and
teasing her nipples and then moving his hands down to
tease her stomach, leaving her breasts swollen and
exposed to the crowd.

The band finally switched back to a fast song and
Harold found another way to please the crowd. He pushed
her slip down off of her waist and there she stood,
naked in the middle of the dance floor. He kicked the
slip over in the general direction of the table and I
managed to get to it before any of the dancers claimed
it as a souvenir.

Now it was more than just a white face in the crowd.
Jenny was totally naked on the dance floor and now it
wasn’t just Harold who was exploring her body with his
hands. Men were jockeying to get closer to get a better
look at the young white woman dancing naked in the
club. When they got close enough they saw that she was
allowing everyone to paw her at will, and so they
joined in the fun.

After a while, Harold left her out there and came over
and had some of his drink and watched in amusement. The
men were all over her now, and she had stopped dancing.
She was standing in the middle of a crowd of black men
on the dance floor and they were squeezing and pulling
on her tits and fingering her pussy and her ass and
struggling with each other for the privilege.

The camera had come back out and was recording
everything that happened. I was afraid that things were
going to get seriously out of hand pretty soon. There
were a lot of large horny men in the room. I had lost
track, but she had already been fucked close to twenty
times today by men and boys of all descriptions. There
were more than a hundred men in here. Mostly large,
rough, f***eful men who didn’t look like they would be
easy to dissuade once things got out of control.

Harold had done this before I guess and he knew when to
step in. He moved back to where Jenny was being roughly
mauled and he reached through the crowd and pulled her
to him and walked her back to the table. I was relieved
that the sexual tension that had been obviously
building up on the dance floor began to quickly
dissipate without what looked like the inevitable
gangbang taking place. I was sure that Jenny would have
been unable to handle all of those men.

We finished our drinks and went back outside. Harold
gave me Jenny’s slip to carry and she walked behind him
in the nude as we made our way out of the club and to
the van.

Just as we reached the van there was a yell from the
direction of the club and we turned to see a large
black man rushing to catch us. Harold yelled something
back at him and walked back and engaged him in
conversation for a few minutes. Then they walked over
to where we were standing near the van and Harold said,
“This is Mr. Pearce, the owner of the club. He wanted
to tell us how much he enjoyed your dancing. He has
always been so nice to me that I thought it only fair
to let him fuck you Jenny.”

Jenny didn’t react. It was just one more cock. The
owner of the club took her in his arms and she almost
disappeared as he swarmed her. His hands were all over
her and I heard her grunt as he twisted and pulled at
her young body.

After a few minutes of that he bent her over the hood
of the car beside our van and dropped his pants and
plunged his cock into her roughly. She cried out in
pain but made no move to escape as he ****d her
violently. Naturally Harold’s good buddy was getting it
all on film.

When the club owner had finished fucking her he patted
her ass and she turned around and sucked him clean. He
laughed at her as she performed that odious task, but
let her take her time and he obviously enjoyed it as
much as she hated it.

When she was finished he put his pants back on and
waived at Harold and went back to his club. As he was
walking away, Harold wiped Jenny’s pussy with her slip.
He tossed the slip back to me and we all got in the

We were driven back to the hotel and Jenny put her
nasty slip back on. We went back to our room where
Harold and his two friends took turns fucking Jenny.
Once they were finished using her she was sent to the
shower once more.

When she came back out Harold said, “I am leaving you
two alone tonight. Well, you won’t be totally alone.
Throughout the night and throughout the day tomorrow
men will be coming to your room and you are to do
anything that they want. John is going to be in the
connecting room and if he gets any complaints there
will be repercussions. Do you have any questions?”

I asked, “That’s it? We will be allowed to leave? You
are finished tormenting us?”

Harold smiled and said, “I am done with you.”

Something about the way he said it was disconcerting.

Harold and one of his friends left. The remaining
tormentor ordered me to lie on the floor against the
far wall near the bed and not to speak unless someone
spoke to me. As I moved across the room and stretched
out on the floor with a pillow from the couch I noticed
that the door to our room was open.

Jenny just stood by the bed and waited. It wasn’t a
long wait. In minutes the parade started. They came in
about one every half hour. I recognized a lot of them
as staff at the hotel. Many others I didn’t recognize,
but they were wearing uniforms or nameplates indicating
that they worked here. The only time the door was
closed was when one of them came in to **** Jennifer.
When they left they left the door open several inches
for the next r****t.

The staff rotated through our room for most of the
night, along with a few people that we couldn’t really
say if they worked here or not. They looked pretty
rough, but I suppose that they could have been grounds
workers or something like that. At about six in the
morning the flow of men seemed to die down, but when
the day shift came on at eight, business picked up
again. I nodded off a few times, but the constant flow
of men in the room and their cries of pleasure saw to
it that I didn’t sl**p for long.

At four that afternoon Harold’s assistant came out of
the other room, camera in hand, and got one last
blowjob from a very exhausted Jenny. When he was done
he told us that we could close the door now and get
some rest.

We were too tired to eat or even to take a shower. We
curled up together in the bed and slept until eight the
next morning. Then we had to rush around and pack and
get ready for the trip home. We still hadn’t eaten when
we got to the airport, we wanted to get there early and
be surrounded by security people before we could relax
and think about eating.

After checking in we went to the airport restaurant and
ate a meal. We should have been famished, considering
how little we had eaten in the last three days. Neither
of us had an appetite though. We both just picked at
our food and finally left the food and went out to the
waiting area. We found two seats that were relatively
secluded and sat and I held Jenny while she stared at
the floor, lost in thought, or fighting not to think. I
am not sure which.

When we finally were seated on the plane and in the air
she broke down and cried quietly for a very long time.
I held her, but I let her cry. She had a good cry
coming. The stewardess stopped by several times,
concerned at Jenny’s obvious distress. I tried to
assure her that Jenny would be alright, she just needed
a little time. I ordered a couple of stiff drinks and
the drinks seemed to help.

Once she stopped crying she kept trying to apologize
for what had happened. It made me want to cry that she
felt she had to apologize for being ****d by all of
those men. I, on the other hand, kept apologizing for
not protecting her and we finally just held each other
and got a little more sl**p. In fact, we had to change
planes once, but except for that we slept most of the
way home.

I don’t know that you could say that we were rested,
but we had gotten a lot of sl**p by the time we landed
and we had both calmed down a little. It was so damned
nice to be back safe and sound at home.

We took our time claiming our luggage and clearing
customs and by the time we got outside the crowd had
died down and we got a taxi rather easily.

We felt just a little bit better with every minute
spent back in England. The last three days in Tenerife
were not erased by the time we got to our flat, but we
finally felt safe again.

The next couple of weeks were hard. We hugged and
kissed and said “I love you” a lot. But we didn’t make
love. The tension started to build up between us and we
weren’t talking and finally I suggested a ****
counselor or crisis counselor or any damned kind of

Jenny said, “Can’t we just talk? I am not ready to tell
anyone what I just went through. It’s too humiliating.”

Well, we talked and it turned out that I wasn’t making
love to her because I thought that she was too
traumatized by what she had been through. I assumed
that she would not want to be touched by another man
for the foreseeable future.

She, on the other hand, thought that I wasn’t
interested in her anymore because she was “damaged
goods.” She was afraid that I thought that she was too
dirty now to love anymore.

We talked it out and ended up having a very nice
session of lovemaking, after some initial awkwardness.
There was still a lot left unresolved, but it seemed
like we were headed in the right direction.

The remaining two weeks of our vacation were nearly up
and it was time to get back to our jobs. We were almost
looking forward to it in fact. It would be nice to have
some normalcy, some structure back in our lives.

We got up early the following Monday morning and ate
breakfast and went off to work just like nothing had
ever happened. I bragged to my friends at work about
how great our vacation had been, trying not to think
about those last three days.

That night, when I got home, Jenny was sitting at the
kitchen table holding a large manila envelope and a
small package mailed from Tenerife.

Jenny was sitting and staring at them with a look in
her eyes that was verging on terror. I looked at the
envelope and saw that it was from “The Friends of the
Banana Man’s Club” in Tenerife. So was the package.

I hefted the envelope and finally I opened it and
pulled out the contents. There was a letter on top, and
two dozen large, professional looking photographs. Most
of the pictures were of Jenny in the most disgusting
and illicit poses, including when she had been f***ed
to have sex with the young boys and the young girl.

There were also several pictures of me having sex with
the young girl. I didn’t know if these would be
adequate to have us arrested. I suspected that they
would. They would certainly be all that would be needed
to get both of us fired and ostracized by our friends
and most of our families.

Jenny had started crying again and said, “What does it

I picked up the letter and read it quickly. It
explained that in order to repay the people of Tenerife
for the inconvenience we had caused them we would be
given part time jobs to earn some money. Our part time
careers were to be under the control of a Mr. Jeffrey
Eng, and it listed his address and his phone number.

The letter went on to say that we would only be
required to work three days a week, as long as we
cooperated and didn’t cause any problems. I didn’t
recognize the name of the man who signed the letter,
and he didn’t have a title. At the bottom of the letter
were the names and addresses of most of our close
relatives, and our employers. There was no threat
stated, it wasn’t necessary.

I opened the small package next and found a dozen DVDs.
There was no note, but we knew what they were.

I got up and poured us both a stiff drink. The letter
had instructed us to call Mr. Eng as soon as we
received it. I put the pictures and the DVDs back in
their respective packages and sat and tried to think of
some way out of this.

We were not wealthy. Hell, we’d need more money to be
poor. We like our jobs and they have the potential to
work into very satisfying careers and a good life. We
couldn’t just walk away from them and the rest of our
lives. Even if we did, there was no reason to believe
that our blackmailers would not find us again in short

There really was nothing to think about. We had to at
least find out what these part time jobs would be. I
suspected that the jobs would be falling on Jenny’s
shoulders. Well, much lower than her shoulders
actually. I couldn’t imagine what they would want with

After sitting in silence for a long time, Jenny reached
behind her and picked up the phone and handed it to me.
I put it on the envelope and stared at it, trying
desperately to think of an alternative. It was useless.
Try as might I could think of no alternatives. I picked
up the phone and called the number we had been given
for Mr. Eng.

A woman answered and I was put on hold for several
minutes and finally a deep voice came on and the man
identified himself as Mr. Eng.

It was obvious that the man I was talking to was black,
and the accent was recognizable too. It was the same
accent that we had heard from the English speaking
black people in Tenerife. In fact, he sounded just like

He asked if we had viewed the DVDs and I explained that
we had just gotten home and the package had only come
today. He instructed us to watch all of the disks. He
estimated that it would take us thirty-six hours. Then
we were to call him back. I tried to ask him about
these part time jobs but he hung up.

I was furious and nearly threw the phone against the
wall before I finally controlled myself and set if down
on the table. I told Jenny what we had said, it didn’t
take long. Not much had been said.

We didn’t even talk about it. We just grabbed our
drinks and moved into our small living room and put the
first DVD into the player. It started with a few
distant shots of us at the club that first night. They
had known that they were going to do this to us before
we even saw them, before Harold had even danced with
Jenny for the first time.

There were a few more shots taken at the club. We saw
brief glimpses of Jenny dancing with Harold. The action
didn’t really start until we got to Harold’s house and
Jenny was ****d by Harold’s father for the first time.
From that time on they had filmed a great deal of what
happened. All or a part of most of the ****s that had
occurred from that time forward were recorded.

The worst, the most damning, were the scenes with the
c***dren at the studio. The scenes of both of us with
the c***dren were bad. My scene with that young girl
was the most damning. That scene with me and the young
girl was heart wrenching and it truly looked like I was
r****g a p*****n girl against her will. We were well
and truly damned if anyone saw these movies.

We watched three or four hours a night each night after
work. I wouldn’t want Jenny to know it, but some of the
scenes were very erotic and really turned me on. That
was rare though. For the most part we were just
overwhelmed with oppression and fear. That helpless
feeling that painted every waking moment of the last
three days of our vacation had returned and it was
horrible for both of us. This thing was taking over our
entire lives. We couldn’t think of anything else.

It took us eight days to watch all of the disks. I am
sure it was harder for Jenny than it was for me, but
several times after watching a disk we went to bed and
she initiated sex, something that she hardly ever did
in the past. Afterwards I lay there wondering if she
was excited by a scene from the disk or if she was just
making love to me to cleanse her soul, or some
combination of the two motives. I was afraid to ask her
though. It might lead to me having to confess to
finding some of the scenes exciting and I was afraid of
how she would react to that.

The last disk was various scenes from the last day as
the hotel staff came through one at a time and took
their turn at r****g her. The shots were all from the
connecting door and the angle and the lighting were
poor, but the constant parade of men was daunting. The
very idea that she had been a prisoner in that room and
****d by man after man for all of those hours and then
had made an almost total recovery in only days was
inconceivable. I decided to watch this disk again when
I was alone, fast forwarding it and just count the men.
I shouldn’t want to know that. I shouldn’t want to see
it again. I know that. But I have to admit that the
curiosity was driving me nuts.

It was nine PM when we finished the last disk and
although it was late to be making phone calls, I was
anxious to get this over with. I needed to find out
just how onerous our new situation was. Jenny felt the
same way.

The same woman answered the phone when I dialed Mr.
Eng. She sounded like she was white and from this area.
I didn’t detect an accent. She also sounded very young,
maybe Jenny’s age or a little older.

I was put on hold again and in a few minutes Mr. Eng’s
deep booming voice came over the line. He asked again
if we had watched all of the disks and I told him that
we had.

“So you aren’t going to give me any problems then, are
you Mark?” he asked.

For some reason it upset me that he would address me by
my given name like that, but I realized how silly that
was, given the circumstances.

I answered, “No sir. Can you please tell us what this
is all about?”

“Certainly,” he responded. “Come to the address on the
letter you received at seven PM tomorrow. I look
forward to meeting you.”

He hung up the phone before I could respond, but no
response was required, that had been an order. I told
Jenny what had been said and we went to bed and I held
her while she cried herself to sl**p.

I lay awake for hours, worrying about Jenny and feeling
awful that I was again in a position that I couldn’t
protect her.

The next day at work was unbearable. I was tempted to
go home sick. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I
caught myself making several serious blunders. I
finally settled down and f***ed myself to concentrate
during the last few hours of the work day. Just to be
on the safe side I avoided doing anything that I could
put off.

I went home and found Jenny all showered and dressed
and ready to go. She had even made a light supper. We
ate and then I showered and changed clothes and with a
map we had downloaded from the internet we headed for
the address we had been ordered to report to at seven.

It was not a part of town that we normally visited, but
it was upper middle class and for some reason that
cheered me up. I remembered Harold’s house and the
indignities we had suffered there and I thought that
maybe this was just a big misunderstanding. I knew it
wasn’t, but I had to hope.

We went to the door and I could tell from his voice
that the man that answered the door was Mr. Eng. He was
just like I pictured him. Large, black, middle aged,
somewhat overpowering.

He stepped aside and we entered. He closed the door
behind us and except to say, “Come in,” he said
nothing. We followed him down a short hallway and into
a parlor. We were surprised, and more than a little
dismayed, to find that Mr. Eng was not alone. There
were a dozen men sitting around the room with drinks in
their hands. They were all black, and all middle aged,
but some were very well dressed while others looked a
bit ratty. They did not look like the sort of people
that would normally hang out together.

They all stared at us quietly for a minute and Mr. Eng
ordered Jenny to turn around slowly. She blushed,
feeling very uncomfortable being the center of
attention again. We had all but pushed the memories of
Tenerife from our minds, now it was all coming back,
and it seemed worse because it was in our home town

When Jenny had turned, giving everyone a look at her
from every angle, she came to a stop facing Mr. Eng and
waited for the next command.

His next order was directed to me. “Mark, undress Jenny
for us please.” He said it so politely, as though he
were suggesting that I take her sweater and hang it up.

I heard Jenny as she drew a deep breath. It was
starting. When we got home from Tenerife we had thought
that it was over, but it was starting all over again.

I took two steps and then moved around in front of her.
Our eyes met for a second, she knew I didn’t want to do
this. But we both knew we were trapped. I unbuttoned
her blouse and slipped it off of her shoulders and
dropped it on a nearby chair. Her skirt followed and
she was standing now in just her shoes and her bra and
panties. I moved behind her and released the catch on
her bra and slid it off and dropped it on the pile of
clothing. Then I squatted behind her and slid her
panties down and she stepped out of them.

I stood up and put her underwear with the rest of her
clothing and stood there looking at Mr. Eng, watching
while he and the others stared at Jenny. Perhaps leered
is more accurate.

Mr. Eng got up and walked over to me and handed me a
very high quality video camera and told me to record
everything that happened to Jenny this evening. As soon
as I had the camera running he pushed me aside and
moved closer to Jenny. He walked all of the way around
her, slowly, and then he placed his hand under one of
her perfect breasts and said, “My dear, you are nearly
perfect. You are even more beautiful than your
pictures. I am really going to enjoy fucking you.”

There was a chorus of agreement from the rest of the
men in the room. A few of them got up and came closer
and they examined Jenny closely, just looking at first,
but then running their hands over her. One of them
slapped her lightly on the thigh and she spread her
legs for him, permitting him better access to her

He pushed a finger into her and then smiled and said to
everyone, “She juices up quite well, gentlemen. I think
that we have a natural here.” Then he looked at Jenny
and asked, ‘Are you a natural my dear? Do you love to

Jenny looked down and whispered, “Yes sir.”

Mr. Eng turned to one of the men and said, “Jerome,
would you mind bringing your toy in? Let’s have a
little entertainment.”

The man smiled and got up and left the room and came
back leading a naked woman on a leash attached to a
ring through her nipple. He removed the leash and
pushed her over to stand beside Jenny. She was very
attractive, a tall redhead with a perfect figure. I
guessed that she was about thirty. I could tell by the
look on her face that she was just as unhappy about
being here as we were.

Jerome said, “Cunt, tell Jenny how you came to belong
to me.”

The woman blushed and looked at Jenny and said, “My
husband and I went on a vacation to Tenerife last year.
We met a couple coming out of a club one night and they
recommended a club that the locals like. So we went
there and a man named Harold, he, well, he took control
of us. He made me do things, nasty things. They took a
lot of pictures and movies. Now I belong to Mr. Smith.”

Jerome, Mr. Smith, asked her, “Tell her what you do for
me, Cunt?”

“I do everything he wants me to do. I have sex with him
and his friends, or strangers when it amuses him. One
day a week I dance in a strip club in the Nigerian
section and fuck the customers if they want me. One day
a week I entertain men in another private club. I also
fuck anyone that he sends to my house. And sometimes I
make movies.”

As this poor, despondent woman explained everything to
Jenny I saw the life go out of her. There was no hope
left. She had nothing to look forward to but a life of
sexual abuse and degradation, for who knows how many

While the woman he called Cunt was talking, Mr. Smith
and his friends had all stood up and begun to undress.
Once they were naked they sat back down and Mr. Eng
ordered Cunt and Jenny to put on a show. This was
nothing new for Cunt, I suppose, but Jenny’s only
experience with another female had been when she had
spent a few minutes with that twelve year old girl in
Tenerife. She knew, at least generally, what was
expected of her though.

She let Cunt take the lead and they began to make love
in the middle of the parlor in front of a dozen leering
black men. They started out standing up and hugging and
kissing and then they dropped to their knees and
finally they stretched out on the floor and kissed and

I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible as I filmed
them, getting the close-ups that I knew that they would
want, but otherwise staying as far out of the picture
as possible.

They ended up before long in the classic sixty-nine
position. I could tell from their faces that despite
all of the stimulation, neither of them was getting
turned on. They were just going through the motions to
please a gang of black men who were now in control of
our lives.

The men watched for a while but soon they came over and
separated the girls and put them up on their hands and
knees side by side and then they took them two at a
time. I noticed that they only fucked into one orifice
for several minutes before they started switching
positions. Before they started cumming they had each
been in all four available orifices at least once.

As one of them would reach orgasm they would cum in one
of the girl’s mouths so that by the time they had all
been satisfied each load of cum had been swallowed.
There wasn’t any clean up. Both pussies were well used,
but clean, if somewhat juicy.

I was ordered to stop filming and the men sat around
drinking and talking in that African language that had
been the bane of our vacation while we just stood in
the center of the room. They were talking about us I
suppose. They kept looking our way from time to time.

After a while the men started dressing and leaving a
few at a time until the only ones left were Mr. Eng and
Mr. Smith. They talked for a while longer and then Mr.
Eng turned to us and said, “You two are going to belong
to me. You will belong to me until I get tired of you
and until I replace you. All that you have to remember
to get through life until I tire of you is to do
everything that you are told by me or any of the other
eleven men that were in this room this evening.”

He turned to me and said, “Your main task will be to
keep that camera with you and learn how to use it
expertly, and to provide young Jenny with
transportation as needed. From now on, men will come to
your flat. It could be day or night. Make sure that
your door is not locked when you are home. When a man
comes to your flat, or any number of men for that
matter, you will smile and obey their every command.”

“You will be given a schedule which will tell you when
it is permissible for you to not be home. It will tell
you when you are allowed to shop and to visit friends
and relatives and it will tell you when you are to be
at the two clubs where Jenny will be working at night.
If someone comes to your flat and you are not home when
you are supposed to be you will be punished. Trust me.
You don’t want to be punished.”

He turned to Cunt and asked, “They wouldn’t like being
punished, would they Cunt?”

Cunt is standing near us with her head down and she
quickly says, “No sir.”

“Have you been punished Cunt?” he asked.

“Yes sir, it was horrible sir,” she replied instantly
and sincerely.

“How were you punished?” he asked. It was obvious that
he was enjoying this. He was taking pleasure from her
discomfort, and from bringing up a very unpleasant
event in her life.

“I was ****d by a gang of black thugs in front of my
twelve year old daughter while my husband took
pictures,” Cunt replied. The anguish in her voice was
enough to bring tears to your eyes.

“If you fuck up again how will you be punished?” Mr.
Eng continued.

“The next time my daughter will be ****d by them,” she
said and I could hear the terror in her voice. She knew
that they would do it, without a doubt. She was
determined to see that it didn’t happen. There was
nothing that this poor woman would not do to prevent

Mr. Eng turned his attention back to us and said, “I
understand that you have no c***dren, but both of you
have s****rs that will serve that purpose. And of
course, there is the havoc we could wreak in your lives
with all of those pictures and movies.”

We got the point.

“There are a lot of new rules in your life now. Jenny,
from now on you will wear only dresses, short dresses,
and miniskirts and thin blouses. You will never wear
pantyhose or underwear unless you are directed to do
so. You will never wear pants or shorts. You will
always be naked when you are at home, just in case
someone drops in.”

“In addition,” he continued, “you have been exposed to
enough people with an accent like mine to recognize it.
From now on, if anyone with that accent tells you to do
anything, no matter what, no matter where, you do it
without question.”

He was watching Jenny closely as he spoke and the
distress his instructions were causing her was turning
him on. He said, “I can see that you are upset, and it
is really exciting me. Come over here and suck my cock
while I continue with your instructions.”

Jenny moved over between his legs and began sucking him
instantly. We were both so cowed at this point that we
dare not refuse any order.

He smiled down at her as she began sucking and then he
continued with his instructions.

“My investigator has informed me that you have been
very rude to your landlord. I am sure it is all just a
misunderstanding and that it has nothing to do with his
being from India. I think that you should make it up to
him. The next time you see him, invite him to your flat
and make it clear to him that you want to apologize. I
think you know what I mean.”

He saw the anguish in her eyes and it was just what he
wanted to see.

He looked up at me and said, “Whenever Jenny is
entertaining it will be your job to make sure that you
are filming it. If anyone objects, of course, you will
have to stop, but I will want to see enough on the
recording to know that someone came over and used her,
but objected to the filming. In addition, you will be
required to deliver her to this address on Friday
night,” and he handed me a piece of paper, “and this
address on Tuesday night.”

“Of course,” he went on, “if anyone calls and orders
that she be delivered somewhere during the week you
will drive her there and bring the camera.”

Mr. Eng became quiet, except for his rapid breathing,
and sat back and guided Jenny’s head, causing her to
speed up and bring him to orgasm. After he came in her
mouth and she had swallowed he ordered her to continue
to kneel at his feet and hold his soft cock in her

After he caught his breath he looked at me and said,
“Normally I would have one of your female relatives
picked up and ****d for disobeying me already. But I
suppose I may have been less than clear in my

I looked at him, trying to figure out what I had done
wrong. He saw the confusion and looked at me in disgust
and said, “You aren’t too bright are you? I can see
that your female relatives will be in a great deal of
jeopardy until you get this through your thick skull. I
will repeat myself, something I don’t like to do.
Whenever Jenny is entertaining it will be your job to
make sure that you are filming it. Which of those words
is hard for you?”

“I’m sorry sir,” I managed to stutter. “I didn’t think
you meant here, now.”

He just shook his head as if he was dealing with a
moron and finally he pushed Jenny away. He got up and
handed me a bag with the directions for the camera and
spare batteries and disks for it, as well as the
charger. Then he picked up a small piece of material
from a nearby lamp table and ordered Jenny to put it

Jenny stood up and held it up against her body. It was
a tiny, see-through wraparound thing. I hesitate to
call it a dress. It was more like a tiny toga from a
sex shop. She put it on. Its only fastening was a
button at the waist. Her breasts were very much on
display. The material exposed half of her areola,
covering only the nipple itself. At least the nipple
was covered when she wasn’t moving. The tiny wrap only
just barely covered her pussy, until she took a step.

He said, “This is what you will wear when you go to
those two addresses, and anywhere else you might be
sent, unless told otherwise. Wear it home tonight. It
will give you a chance to get used to it.”

Then he turned to Mr. Smith’s slave and said, “Cunt,
show them out.”

I grabbed the clothes that Jenny had worn when we came
in and we quickly followed Cunt to the door. We didn’t
say a word as we made our way to the car. I noticed as
we walked that that thing Jenny was wearing was more
something to call attention to the fact that she was on
display than to cover her charms. Every step she took
exposed some part of her.

We hurried to the car and got in and sat quietly for a
moment, unable to speak. I felt like I had just gotten
a beating, and I had been only a witness to the abuse
inflicted on Jenny! She must be out of her mind with
despair now.

I started the car and drove home in a daze. I parked as
close to our building as I could and we waited until
nobody was around to get out and rush inside. We
managed to get to our flat without being seen and I
finally put my arms around Jenny while she let loose a
flood of tears.

We stood just inside the door like that for a long
time. When Jenny finally calmed down a little I helped
her out of her little toga and then I led her to the
couch. After she was seated I went and got us both a
drink. Then I sat with her and held her quietly. There
really wasn’t anything to say. Now we knew that we
couldn’t even run away. If we did our s****rs would end
up taking our places, or at least suffering in our

After sitting together quietly for a half hour or so,
Jenny looked at my watch and stood up. I looked at her
questioningly and she just said, “I have to go through
my clothes and see what I can wear now.”

I stood up and said, “Do you want another drink?”

It was late and we had to work tomorrow, but after
thinking about it for a moment she nodded. I made us
both another drink and then joined her in the bedroom.
She was staring at her closet.

She suddenly remembered that she had been fucked by a
dozen men and she really needed a shower. She went into
the bathroom and took a quick shower and then rejoined
me in the bedroom.

She resumed standing at the door to her closet, staring
inside as if dreading the choices that she was about to
have to make. She didn’t have that many dresses, fewer
still that were appropriate to wear to work. But then,
she was no longer allowed to dress appropriately for
work. She had the sexy outfits that we had bought in
Tenerife, and a few more that we had bought and she
would sometimes wear out when she was feeling flirty,
or maybe a little horny, or more often, just to please

She selected three dresses that were short but that she
might be able to wear to work. Eyebrows would be
raised, especially since she worked with troubled k**s,
but she had no choice. She also separated out two
miniskirts and a couple of tops to wear with them. She
had worn them without bras before, to please me. They
were revealing, but not as transparent as some that she

She cleared a small space in her closet for these
outfits and hung up the nearly transparent toga-like
thing that she had been given to wear home this evening
and we finally went to bed.

I held her tight, but she was very tense,
understandably tense. We both lay awake in the dark for
a very long time.

We took showers in the morning and Jenny put on one of
the dresses she had selected. It was short and sexy and
totally inappropriate to wear to work. We didn’t know
what would happen if she were sent home.

It was a long day at work. I just couldn’t concentrate
on the tasks at hand at all. I kept remembering last
night and how terrible it had been for Jenny, being
****d by all of those men. I was also wracked with
guilt because I had to admit to myself that I had
gotten extremely excited as I had watched them r****g
Jenny and that other woman, Cunt. I couldn’t help
myself. I had had that fantasy of watching her with
other men for so long. I hated it that she was
suffering but I couldn’t deny that it excited me too. I
hoped that she never found out about my mixed emotions.

I got home before she did that evening. She came in
looking upset and I saw our Indian landlord following
her into our flat. She put a weak smile on her face and
turned to let the landlord in and closed the door
behind him. I saw the look of disappointment on his
face when he saw me. That look changed instantly when
Jenny stood there by the door and began removing her

She took a deep breath and as she started unbuttoning
the buttons that went down the front of her dress she
said to him, “I think we may have gotten off on the
wrong foot. I hope you will let me make it up to you.”

As Jenny removed her dress I suddenly remembered my
task and I reached into the bag on the floor by my
chair and pulled out the movie camera and began to film
them as discretely as possible. He was nervous about me
being here, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of Jenny.

She had finally unbuttoned her dress and she looked him
in the eye and asked, “Do you think that there is
anything that I can do to make up for being so rude to
you in the past?”

He stood staring at her, obviously speechless.

Jenny slid the dress off of her shoulders and tossed it
aside, not even bothering to look where it fell. Then
she reached out and took our landlord’s hand and pulled
it to her face and kissed his fingertips before placing
his hand on her breast.

He was totally mesmerized and he stood there open
mouthed as she guided his hand over her beautiful
breasts. She dropped her hands to her sides and he
continued to explore her body on his own now. As his
hand moved over her breasts she reached out and lightly
caressed the bulge in the front of his pants. He
flinched at her touch, but he groaned and looked like
he was about to cum in his underwear if Jenny wasn’t

She smiled at him and dropped to her knees and began to
unbuckle his belt. She started to pull his pants down
and she asked, “Would you like me to suck your cock?”

He nodded eagerly and she pulled his shorts down and
his rather small cock sprang free. She kissed it and
licked her lips before taking it into her mouth and
sliding her lips all the way down to the base of it

His legs nearly gave out and he grabbed her head and
groaned and I could tell that he was cumming in her
mouth. It had taken less than ten seconds! His little
cock never went soft though, and she soon resumed
sucking. He didn’t last much longer the second time,
perhaps three or four minutes. This time he was more
vocal, he was speaking in his native language, so I
don’t know what he was saying as he filled her mouth
with another load of cum.

He finally pulled free after she swallowed and he began
to pull up his underwear and then put his pants back

As he did Jenny asked, “Does that make it up to you?”

He smiled and in his heavily accented English he said,
“It’s a start, but next time I would like to do a
little more.” As he spoke his hand moved down and slid
through Jenny’s slit, which, I was surprised to see,
was very moist.

Jenny said, “Whatever it takes to make it up to you.”

Then the landlord left and she rushed into the bathroom
and brushed her teeth for a long time. When she came
back out I was making supper. I had a drink waiting for
her on the table and she sat down and sipped at it

I asked her how it went at work today.

She said, “Christ, it was bl**dy awful! As soon as I
got to work my supervisor called me into his office and
asked me about the change in my appearance. I had to
try to convince him that I was trying to look more
feminine in the hopes of getting my young male charges
to act more like gentlemen. I don’t think he bought it,
but he didn’t actually order me to go back to wearing
slacks and vests.”

“But the real trouble came later when I was in a
counseling session with one of my young hoodlums. I was
trying to work on his anger management skills when he
suddenly stood up and walked around behind me and
reached right into my dress. Two things occurred to me
right away. The first was that the young man was an
orphan whose parents had emigrated from Nigeria, and
the second was that they must have spoken with him. He
knew! He knew that he could do anything he wanted to

“He played with my damned tit with one hand and with
the other he pulled out his fucking black cock and I
ended up sucking him right here at my desk. After he
came he put his dick away and laughed at me. He said
that things were going to be different from now on.
Then he turned my chair around to face him and he
pulled my skirt up and f***ed his hands between my
thighs and said, ‘Tomorrow I am going to get some of
this fine pussy, Jenny.’”

“Then he jammed a couple of his fingers into me and
fiddled around for a few minutes and then he left. That
was how my day went,” she said resignedly.

I went over to her and put my arms around her from
behind and kissed the top of her head and said, “I’m so
sorry Jenny. I just don’t know what do to. I have
wracked my brains and I can’t see a way out of this.”

“I know Mark. I don’t blame you. I still remember
demanding that you take me to that club in Tenerife
despite your protests.”

She turned in her chair and saw that I still had a
slightly enlarged cock from listening to her story and
she put her hand on it and smiled up at me and said,
“Don’t worry, I know you can’t help yourself when you
watch them r****g me, or hear about it, and get a
hardon. I know it is just a physical reaction. We have
both gotten a kick out of your interest in voyeurism
since we started going together. So I understand that
seeing it sometimes turns you on, just like I sometimes
get turned on when things are being done to me. You
understand that don’t you?”

I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my
shoulders. She had actually given me permission to
become aroused while she was being ****d! She was much
more understanding than I had thought she would be. I
leaned down and kissed her and thanked her for being so
understanding. I also assured her that I understood
that she hated what they were doing to us, to her, but
that she could not control how her body reacted to
being stimulated.

We kissed again and then I served supper. I must admit
that there was one change in our lives now that I
really enjoyed. It was wonderful to see Jenny get naked
when she came in the door in the evening and stay that
way. She was incredibly sexy, incredibly beautiful, and
I would never tire of seeing her this way.

We cleaned up the kitchen together and went to bed
early. We read for a while but we knew that tomorrow
was going to be hard on her and we turned out the
lights and tried to get a little extra sl**p. Tomorrow
was Friday, the day I was to deliver her to the
Nigerian strip club. I hadn’t even been aware that
there was such a thing in our city.

In the morning we had coffee and then showered. That
was not our normal routine, but since Jenny had to stay
naked in the house she put off her shower until after
breakfast. Then she put on another of her flirty little
dresses and we went to work.

I was anxious to get home and find out what would
happen to Jenny at her work today. I could just imagine
her in the hands of a troubled teenaged boy with
permission to do just about anything that he wanted to
a beautiful woman like Jenny. I would have loved to
have had a young woman like her in my clutches when I
was a teenaged boy. Hell, I love it how!

I managed to get a little more done at work today. I
had really been getting behind. I f***ed myself to
concentrate and it helped, it helped to make the day
pass more quickly and it helped to take my mind off of
the fear I had of what was going to happen tonight.

Jenny was already home when I got home. She had
showered and had her little toga by the door and she
had supper started. I asked her how work went and she

“That little prick is really going to make my life
difficult,” she said. “He has started playing games in
group sessions. He is getting a kick out of showing off
for his friends. I was in a session with him and two
other boys when he caught me. I was bent over one of
the other boys helping him with an exercise I had them
doing. I felt his hand on my leg and I shot straight
up. He just smiled at me and ran his hand up the back
of my leg and rubbed my pussy right there in front of
his friends. Then he turned to them and told them that
I wasn’t wearing panties.”

“I looked at their shocked faces. They couldn’t believe
that I was letting him do that to me. They believed it
after he pulled his hand out of my crotch and lifted my
skirt to show them. That was the end of our
‘sensitivity training’ for the day.”

“He stood up behind me and unzipped the back of my
dress and the next thing I knew I was naked in that
little room with three teenaged boys. Keep in mind I
was the only female that they had even seen in months.
It was a good thing that the session only lasted an
hour and a half. They might still be at it. This is
already out of hand though. I don’t think that I can
contain this. Those k**s can’t keep their mouths shut.
They are boys for Christ’s sake! I don’t know what I’m
going to do now.”

After supper I went to the computer and got a map to
the address of the club we were going to tonight. Then
I got the camera bag ready with the extra battery and
extra disks. I didn’t know what was going to happen
tonight, but I wanted to be ready. Well no, that isn’t
right. I wanted to stay home. I was afraid to show up
and not be prepared for anything is more correct.

When it was time to go, Jenny put on her little see-
through toga and we headed for the car. It was only six
fifteen in the evening and there were people
everywhere. The sight of Jenny all but naked stopped
them all in their tracks. She tried not to notice them
but every man she passed and most of the women as well,
came to a stop and stared open mouthed as she passed.
You can’t walk down the street and not notice a
reaction like that.

We hurried to the car and I drove away as quickly as I
could. I handed Jenny the map and she told me where to
drive. We arrived with ten minutes to spare. The large
parking lot was full, so I figured the place was

The club was a strange looking place, if it actually
was a club. The building was an old warehouse and the
only sign I could see was a neon “open” sign near a
door. There was nothing to tell what was inside. When
we got out of the car we heard loud music and I offered
Jenny my arm and we walked to the door.

I pulled the door open and two large black men at the
door grinned at us and watched us enter without saying
a word. One of them grabbed Jenny’s butt as she walked
by. I figured that if that was all that happened to her
tonight it would be a good night.

The room we were in was huge and there were several
stages around the outside and one in the center, all
with attractive young white women dancing lewdly on
them. The crowd was, as far as I could tell, all black
and all male. We stepped inside and I looked around and
finally spotted what seemed like the office at the far
end of the building.

We started making our way through the crowd and Jenny
was being grabbed and groped the entire way. She just
ignored them, at least as much as possible. As we made
our way across the room I looked up at the stages where
I assumed Jenny would be entertaining the crowds. They
were very small and only raised a couple of feet, and
it looked like the girls were easily within reach of
the men in the crowd. I could see that the men were
taking advantage of that. Every girl I saw was dancing
with a f***ed smile on her face and allowing all sorts
of indignities. It was easy to see that each and every
one of them was here against their will.

Finally we made our way to the office. I knocked and
the door was opened and we were waived inside by one
more large black man with a leer on his face. I pulled
out the camera as soon as we entered the room and I was
ready to begin filming if anything happened. I was wise
to be prepared.

The deafening noise was cut down to a mildly irritating
roar when the door closed. At least conversation was
now possible. There were three men in the small office.
They studied Jenny for a moment and then one of them
asked, “Do you know what your duties are tonight?”

Jenny looked terrified. She shook her head and said,
“No sir.”

The man that had let us in stepped up behind Jenny and
I started filming as he ran his hands over her body.
She shivered, but didn’t move. She continued to look at
the man that was leaning up against the desk talking to

“Once an hour you will go up on one of the stages and
dance for three songs. This is not a strip joint, you
will start out naked. In fact, give me your outfit. You
won’t be wearing anything until you leave here in the

Jenny unbuttoned the one button holding that thing
closed and handed it to him. He laid it on his desk and
watched his companion playing with Jenny’s tits while I
filmed them. They all ignored me.

“While you are dancing,” he continued, “you will permit
the audience to touch you in any way that amuses them.
You never say no to anyone in here. Is that clear?”

Jenny nodded and the man went on with his description
of her duties. “When you are not on stage you will work
the crowd, serving drinks and turning on the customers.
The customers are free to fuck you at any time. If they
want to fuck you they just grab you and pull you to one
of the rooms in the back. It isn’t free, of course.
Mark will be sitting on a bench by the door to your
cubicle and they will be required to pay him before
entering the room. He will then enter the room and
perform his cameraman duties while you service the
customer. After you have satisfied the customer you
clean up and return to your barmaid duties until it is
time for your next show, or until another man decides
to fuck you. That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?”

Jenny nodded, but I could see a tear running down her
cheek. The man smiled and said, “It is okay if you hate
it. The men like it that you are here against your
will. But you must still f***e a smile when you are
here. It’s your only uniform.”

There was a loud cheer from outside and the man who had
been telling Jenny her duties said, “You are just in
time to see one of the girls being punished for saying
no to a customer.”

He pulled her to the large one way glass that looked
out over the crowded room and moved behind her. He
unzipped his pants and pulled his large cock free and
rubbed it between Jenny’s thighs and then he bent her
down and inserted it f***efully into her.

She grunted in pain as he ****d his cock into her, but
then he held still and they watched as one of the women
was pulled up onto the center stage by a leash around
her neck. The manager began to fuck Jenny slowly as the
woman on stage was pushed to her knees and the leash
was fastened to a ring in the floor. The man leading
her spoke into her ear for a moment and I saw her nod,
but I also saw the look of terror on her face as he
stepped away.

The crowd cheered again when another naked young white
woman approached the stage and when she had climbed the
stairs I saw that she was leading a large mongrel dog.
I heard Jenny gasp in horror as the man fucking her
said, “Keep watching, you need to understand that we
don’t fuck around here, and that there are consequences
if you disobey our rules.”

I thought I was going to be sick as I saw the woman
lead the dog over to the woman being punished and then
remove the leash from him. I suppose that he must have
assisted in the punishment of some of these ladies in
the past, because he didn’t hesitate. He moved right up
behind the woman kneeling on stage and looking around
the room with a f***ed smile on her face and tears
streaming down her cheeks while the dog began sniffing
at her crotch, and then licking it with increasing

I saw the dog begin prancing around excitedly and in a
very few minutes he moved over the woman’s back and
began jerking blindly with his hindquarters, stabbing
with his cock, trying to mount her.

The crowd cheered even louder when she reached back and
grabbed his incredibly large organ and guided it into
her pussy. Her face contorted in pain as he entered
her, but she instantly plastered that fake smile back
on her face as the mutt began to fuck her violently and
the audience cheered it on.

I caught sight of a white man at the edge of the stage
with a look of anguish on his face and a camera pointed
at what was probably his wife up on the stage fucking
the dog.

I couldn’t watch anymore and I focused on Jenny being
****d by the manager. It was obvious that he was
enjoying the show and he started speeding up and came
just as I returned my attention to Jenny.

He pulled out and after she was f***ed to clean him she
was leaned back against the window and another man took
the manager’s place between her legs. All three of the
men in the room fucked her before the dog finally
finished with the woman on stage.

After the dog was led away she continued to kneel in
place on the small stage and men came close and while I
couldn’t hear them I could tell that they were saying
terrible things to her as she knelt there with that
f***ed smile on her face and tears running down her
cheeks. Some of the men groped her tits, but they all
left her hindquarters alone.

After the last of the three men in the room had
finished with Jenny the man that had let us in showed
us where her cubicle was. It was just that, a three
sided cubicle with a cot inside and a washbasin to
clean her pussy up afterwards. There was a short,
three-legged milking stool which was obviously selected
to humiliate me all the more as I waited to take their
money so that they could fuck Jenny. When seated on
that stool my head would be at the level of their
waist. The man pointed out the schedule on the wall by
the door and the small clock on the table by the bed.
Jenny’s stage debut was scheduled at eight o’clock,
twenty minutes from now. The stages were all numbered
and the schedule listed which stage that she was
scheduled to dance on.

I noticed that the schedule went up until two AM, so
she would have to dance seven times for approximately
nine or ten minutes each time. The tragedy was that the
dancing would probably be the easiest part of the
evening for her.

Our e****t pushed me down on my stool and e****ted
Jenny out into the club with his hand on her ass so
that she could assume her duties. I saw her disappear
into an ocean of black men with hands all over her. She
wasn’t gone for long.

I doubt if she had time to reach the bar before a fat
old man came back with Jenny, pulling her along by
means of his finger in her pussy. They stopped at the
cubicle entrance and the old man handed me a coupon, it
seems I was not to be trusted with actual money. The
coupons didn’t have amounts on them or even tell what
they were for. They only said how many minutes they
were good for. The coupon that I had been handed said
that it was good for fifteen minutes. Jenny had just
about that much time before she was required to be on

I stood up and followed them into the cubicle and began
filming as the old man stretched out on the cot and
ordered Jenny to get on top so that he could watch her
fuck him. He was already hard.

Jenny plastered a fake smile on her face and bent down
and sucked his cock for a few seconds before she
climbed up over him and sat down on his cock. She
started bouncing up and down and he stared in
fascination at her tits moving more and more violently
as she picked up speed. He just watched until just
before he came. Just before he reached orgasm he
grabbed her breasts and I saw the flesh squeezing out
between his fingers as he squeezed so hard she cried
out in pain, but she never stopped moving.

She slowed down as the old man relaxed under her and
finally came to a stop. She glanced at the clock and he
still had three minutes coming to him. So she got up
and took him into her mouth again. She licked him clean
and then she sucked him until his time was up. Then she
helped him up and smiled at him and as soon as he was
gone she rushed to clean herself up for her first dance

She rushed out, after drying her pussy off, and got to
the stage just as the music was starting. I stood up
and moved to the other side of the hallway I was seated
in and I could see her on the stage. She began to dance
to the music, her tits swaying and her ass shaking and
the hands of all of those strange men were crawling
over her constantly. They squeezed her ass and rubbed
over her pussy and invaded the crack of her ass as she
attempted to maintain some semblance of rhythm up

While Jenny was dancing and getting groped there was a
steady parade of young white women and their black
r****ts down the hallway to other cubicles, each with a
husband or boyfriend sitting on a short stool by the
entrance. Even over the loud music playing constantly
in the main room I could hear the sounds of women being
fucked violently all up and down the corridor. I
glanced down the corridor several times but I noticed
that the husbands all avoided looking at each other or
talking with each other. They were all deeply shamed,
just as I was.

When her three songs were finally over Jenny walked off
of the stage on shaky legs and I sat back down on the
stool. It was only about five minutes later that she
was led back in to her cubicle by two of her fans. They
each handed me a coupon that was good for thirty
minutes and I began filming again. They ignored the cot
and took her right on the floor in front of me.

These two men were much younger, about our ages. They
talked constantly in that African language and laughed
and it was obvious that they were making fun of us,
enjoying our suffering. They knew that none of the
women here were here voluntarily.

They pushed Jenny to the small rug and began taking her
front and back for the entire half hour that they were
in the cubicle. They both came several times as they
fucked her face and her pussy and once a cock was
f***ed into her ass for a few minutes.

Jenny allowed them to do anything that they wanted to
her without complaint. She cried out when she was hurt,
but she immediately plastered that smile back onto her
face. She was much too afraid of the consequences of
pissing any of these men off.

By the time she had cleaned up after they were finished
with her it was nearly time for her next dance. She
stood in front of me for a moment, leaned down and
kissed my forehead, and then she shrugged and turned
and walked back out.

Unfortunately, Jenny was a popular new face in the
crowd. I doubt if she got to serve a single drink that
evening. Most of the time that she was not dancing she
was in her cubicle fucking and sucking men of all ages
and sizes in all sorts of positions.

It didn’t end when two AM finally arrived either. As
soon as her last set was over she came back to the cube
with two more men and when they finished fucking her
there were two more men lined up in the hallway waiting
their turn. They both went through one at a time. Then
it was finally over. I counted out the tickets before I
took them to the office to turn in. There were nineteen
of them. Nineteen men had used her body this evening.
It had seemed like more.

I handed the tickets in at the office and they gave me
back her toga and we finally went home. It was almost
four o’clock Saturday morning when we finally got to

We slept until just after eleven. We would have slept
later but we were awakened by a noise and I sat up to
find Harold and his two friends in our bedroom.

When he saw us wake up he said, “Jenny, Mark, have you
missed me?! My friends and I are in town for a couple
of days and we just had to come by and say hello.”

It was the asshole that had gotten us into this! I knew
what was expected of me and I jumped out of bed and ran
to the living room and got the camera. When I got back
to the bedroom Harold was undressing and Jenny was
getting up and pleading for a moment to use the
bathroom. He nodded and she rushed to the bathroom and
a few minutes later we heard the toilet flush and Jenny
came back into the room, which seemed so much smaller
now with three large black men standing just inside the

Jenny moved over and stood in front of Harold and he
put his arms around her, his hard cock throbbing
against her stomach and said that he had heard that she
was very popular at the club last night. He said that
he hoped that she hadn’t stretched out her tight little
cunt too much. She had such a nice cunt. It would be a
shame to ruin it. Then he pushed her to her knees and
she began sucking his cock without waiting to be told.

I filmed the encounter, which lasted for several hours
and eventually moved out to the living room. By the
time they left they had each fucked her and she had
sucked them all off. She had still been very sore from
last night, and she could have really used a rest. But
of course they didn’t care about that.

As soon as they were gone I helped her to the bathroom
and we took a hot shower. Then I dried her off and I
made her sit at the table while I made us a late lunch.
I kept thinking that we should run away, but then I
thought about what might happen to our s****rs and
various others of our female relatives and it was no
longer a matter of not being able to run away because
of financial reasons. Now we were afraid of what would
happen to our loved ones if we disappeared.

And neither one of us wanted to go to the police and
have movies turn up of us having sex with young
c***dren. As unbearable as the thought was, we simply
had to keep going. We would have to be strong enough to
get through this somehow.

According to our new schedule we were permitted to go
grocery shopping this afternoon and we spent a couple
of hours doing that. We would have spent longer but
that was all we were permitted.

We went home and put everything away and we sat down
with a strong drink and just relaxed. I noticed that we
didn’t talk much lately. Neither one of us wanted to
talk about the most important change in our life.

We never quite got comfortable. Every time we heard a
noise outside our door we were afraid that it was
someone about to barge in and demand to fuck Jenny. We
never got to relax completely, but no one came barging
into our flat that evening and after a light supper we
watched a little TV and then went to bed early. We were
both still tired from last night.

We woke up a little earlier on Sunday and the reality
of being prisoners in our own home was beginning to
sink in. We could not go out except during the times
prescribed on our schedule. They only allowed us two
free evenings all week, Wednesday and Sunday. We seldom
went out on Sundays. It had always been our day of
rest. We weren’t so much concerned with going out now
as we were with being able to be home alone. We wanted
to be safe from strange men barging in and degrading us
and r****g Jenny.

It must have seemed to Jenny like there were cocks
coming at her from all directions. Teenaged boys at
work were taking advantage of her. She was working one
night a week in what was basically a bordello for
Nigerians. We still didn’t know what the private club
that we had to go to on Tuesday would be like. There
was the ever present threat of strange men barging into
our home anytime that they wanted to. That didn’t even
include our Indian landlord who we expected back at any
time. There seemed to be no end in sight and no way

Sunday was not a totally free day until after two in
the afternoon. So we were unable to totally relax until
then. We watched the clock anxiously but two o’clock
came and went with no strange men barging in and then
we were finally able to relax a little. Jenny didn’t
start getting wound up again until it was time to go to
bed and she had to decide what to wear to work on

When I got home from work on Monday the door was
unlocked but I didn’t see Jenny. I went back towards
our bedroom and I heard the obvious sounds of sex. I
looked in and saw our landlord on top of Jenny, fucking
like mad.

I rushed back to the living room and came back quietly
and filmed the end of it from the doorway as he fucked
her for another minute or two and then tensed up and
came inside of her. He rolled off of her and she got up
and sucked his cock clean as she had been recently
taught to do.

He watched her and he finally spotted me with the
camera. He was startled, but he recovered quickly and
made Jenny keep sucking, it seemed that he was getting
hard again already.

Then he directed his attention back to me and waived me
into the room. When I was closer he asked me why we did
this. Why she was having sex with him and why I was
taking pictures.

I tried to convince him that it was just a sexy game
that we were playing. I could tell that he didn’t
believe me.

“No,” he said. “No I don’t think so. I can tell that
she does not want to do these things with me. Someone
is making her do this. Is it you?”

I tried to act like he had discovered my secret, that I
was just a pervert getting off on Jenny having sex with
other men. Unfortunately he was a better at reading
people than I had given him credit for.

“Please stop lying to me,” he said. “Someone is making
you do these things. Is that not true?”

He sounded so much like that actor in the movie “Short
Circuit” that I had to f***e myself not to smile. It
was obvious that we had not fooled him. I finally said,
“Someone in a position to do so has told Jenny to have
sex with you to make up for being rude to you. I don’t
know how they knew that you and Jenny were not getting
along. But she had to obey, and now she has. In fact,
now she has done it twice, and he didn’t say that she
had to do it twice.”

He thought that over for a moment and then he said, “If
she didn’t have to do it a second time she would have
refused. She is not sucking on my cock right now
because she loves me or because she is suddenly excited
by fifty year old emigrants from India. I think that
she has been told to have sex with me and whoever gave
that order did not say one time. I think that I can
fuck her whenever I want. I must say that even though I
do not like her, she is very pretty, very sexy, and I
like fucking her. I am going to do it a lot. I am going
to keep doing it until I am told that I cannot do it
anymore. And all that she can do is what I say, and all
that you can do is watch and take pictures. What do you
have to say about that?”

We were both silent, trying to come up with an
appropriate answer. He didn’t wait very long before he
said, “I thought so.” Then he settled back down and
enjoyed the blow job that Jenny was giving him.

Once the conversation ended he came rather quickly.
Jenny swallowed the little bit of cum he shot in her
mouth and then just held his cock in her mouth until he
pushed her away.

He got up and dressed with a look of triumph on his
face. He had us, or at least he had Jenny, right where
he wanted her. He didn’t care about me.

I put the camera down when he left and went to Jenny,
who was still lying in bed. I sat down and cuddled up
behind her and held her. She wasn’t crying. She was
just depressed. She felt like she was sinking deeper
and deeper into depravity and there was no way out. I
knew because I felt the same thing.

I kissed the back of her neck and held her gently and
after a few minutes she said, “I had to fuck all three
of those delinquent bastards at work again. It will be
a daily chore from now on until they turn twenty-one
and get out of there. That’s if I am lucky and they
don’t spread the word.”

She reached between us and put her hand my cock and
squeezed. It wasn’t hard, but I had been hard when I
had been filming her with the landlord. I felt guilty
about it but I couldn’t help it. She said, “We haven’t
had sex in days. You must be pretty horny.”

I said, “You have enough cocks coming at you from all
directions. You don’t need another one right now.”

She sighed and said, “Yes, sometimes it seems like I
have to fuck every man I get near lately. But yours is
the only cock that isn’t coming at me like a weapon.
It’s the only one that isn’t being f***ed on me. I know
how horny you get.”

With that she turned over and pushed me over on my back
and freed my cock. She smiled at me, a genuine smile
this time, and said, “I love you, and I love your cock.
Don’t be afraid to make love to me. Even with all the
shit that is going on, I still want to make you happy.”

I probably could have been more adamant. I couldn’t
help it though. She has gotten very good at sucking
cock lately and one of her fantastic blowjobs was very
hard to turn down. I am, after all, only a man.

After I came in her mouth she got up and took a shower
while I made supper. She came out in about fifteen
minutes and gave me a hand. I opened a bottle of wine
and we had a glass with dinner. Then we cleaned up the
kitchen and watched a little television.

When we went to bed I took her in my arms and began
kissing her and touching her lovingly and then I
started to kiss my way down to her pussy. She had been
having a lot of sex lately, but damned few orgasms. I
thought that she could use a little release herself.
She tried to stop me but I insisted and I kissed my way
down between her legs and ate her to several nice
orgasms before I stopped.

Afterwards I held her and we went to sl**p. We both
seemed a little more relaxed and we slept better than
we had all week, even though we were both nervous about
the private club we would be visiting tomorrow evening.

Tuesday was just another day of denigration and sexual
servitude for Jenny. We were both nervous as the hour
to leave for the private club approached. Just before
we were to leave the phone rang and it was Mr. Eng. He
told me that he had forgotten to tell me to leave the
camera at home. They were not allowed in this club.

I drove Jenny to the club and we went in through the
side door that we had been told about in the
directions. One difference was immediately apparent.
Everyone we saw inside was white! For some reason, the
idea that she was going to be f***ed to do whatever it
was she would have to do in front of a club full of our
own countrymen made us more uncomfortable.

We were led to a small office and inside we found Mr.
Eng at a desk going over some paperwork. He looked up
and smiled and said, “Ah yes, Jenny. Just in time, I
was feeling horny. Get out of that thing.”

She unbuttoned her little toga and handed it to me. Mr.
Eng stood up and moved around the desk and pushed her
to her knees. She immediately unfastened his pants and
pulled out his cock and as he told her what would be
expected of her tonight she sucked him off with all of
the skill she had developed since our vacation in
Tenerife started.

Mr. Eng said, “We have a different clientele in this
club. Here you will find mostly older, successful,
white businessmen. It is still a sex club, however,
just more discreet. Well, slightly more discreet. You
will circulate among the booths and flirt with the
customers. If one of them fancies you he will tell you
his room number and you will meet him in that room and
do whatever he asks. While you are here the rules are
pretty much the same, you cannot refuse these men

He turned to me then and said, “You will wait for her
in the lounge with the other husbands and boyfriends. I
don’t want you to worry though. Everything is being
secretly recorded and you will see it on monitors in
the lounge.”

I was led to a room with a large bank of monitors, the
point being, I suppose, to humiliate us. We saw our
women being groped by a room full of horny old
Englishmen and led off occasionally to side rooms where
they were f***ed to perform all of the usual sex acts.

I watched as Jenny circulated through the room in the
nude and sophisticated, upper class men pulled her into
their laps and groped her as though she were a common
prostitute while she smiled and teased them.

I was startled to see that one of the men she went to a
room with looked like, and I was sure that it was, the
very large man that she had been f***ed to pick up and
fuck at our hotel swimming pool in Tenerife. In fact,
they spent a very long time together.

This was a much easier time of it than she had on
Friday night at the Nigerian club, and it was over much
sooner. I suppose the older crowd had to get to bed
earlier, and it was a weeknight.

We were finally let out sometime between midnight and
one in the morning. Jenny didn’t seem nearly as
traumatized. In fact, I had the impression that she was
very excited about something.

As we were driving home she had me pull over and park
on a quiet side street. She turned to face me, making
it hard for me to concentrate because of how hot she
looked in her tiny little toga.

She saw where I was looking and chuckled and then she
reached out and with her finger she raised my head up
so that our eyes met.

She grinned, a genuine grin this time, and said, “Did
you recognize that fat man from Tenerife on the
monitors tonight?”

I nodded.

“Do you know who he is?”

I shook my head. I am sure that if I had seen him
somewhere besides having sex with Jenny I would have
remembered it.

She told me that he was the retired chief of an
intelligence service. He had recognized her and had
been surprised to find her at the club tonight. So he
had questioned her when they went to one of the rooms
to have sex and she had told him everything. Including
the fact that all of those important men were being
recorded having sex with all of those women, all of
whom are being f***ed to work there against their will.

He was apparently shocked. He promised her that he
would use his contacts to see what he could do about
it. He was pretty sure that, when it became known that
many of the cities most prominent citizens were being
filmed in compromising positions, something would be
done right away.

We went home then, but as requested we didn’t mention
any of what had been said once we got to our flat. It
was quite likely that there were listening devices
there. We were both too excited to sl**p. We had a
glass of wine and cuddled up on the couch and just
prayed it would be over soon.

It was. In the middle of the day agents from several of
the intelligence agencies, as well as an army of the
local police, went through the town and picked up
almost fifty Nigerian businessmen and their English
partners. They also hauled away a warehouse full of
videotapes and disks and photographs and records of all

It was over. We were finally able to tell the landlord
to fuck off. We go out with our friends again and Jenny
wears normal clothing again. Well, except that she
still stays naked most of the time at home. She had
some trouble getting the three boys who had been
forcing her to have sex with her at work reassigned.
She finally gave up and she still has sex with them,
but she managed to convince them that they would have
to keep it down to once or twice a week.

Besides, she knows that I enjoy hearing about what
happened when she comes home.

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