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One day as I was driving around on the other side of town, I decided to pay a lady friend of mine a surprise visit. Sandy was a 40 year old single Mom and lived with her 18 year old daughter named Hannah. I had known them for many years, but had not seen them in several months. As I knocked on the door, it unexpectedly swang open. This had me concerned, so I stepped inside to see if they were okay and shut the door behind me. Hello? Is anyone home?, I loudly asked. As I walked down the hallway, I heard a muffled scream come from one of the bedrooms. Sensing trouble, I shoved the door open and rushed inside to help. The sight that met my eyes was absolutely mind blowing. Sandy's daughter Hannah was laying on her bed with her long luscious legs wide open, furiously fucking her sweet young blonde pink pussy with a humming dildo and squeezing her perky puffy nipples tits moaning loudly. She looked up at me with a startled expression on her face, pulled out her toy and quickly covered her naked body with her blanket. OOPS! Sweety, I am soo sorry. I just dropped by for a visit and noticed your door was open. I heard you scream and though you might be in trouble. Tell your Mom I said hello. I'll go now., I said in an appologetic tone and turned to walk out. "Umm, Wait, please don't leave.", Hannah said pleadingly. "Sit down and talk to me.", she said. Darlin', this is an awkward situation. I've known you since you were a little girl and I realy should be going., I responded. "But, I'm not a little girl any more. I'm all grown now.", she said in a sexty tone removing her cover and revealing her beautiful young naked body to me. I can see that that., I said looking at her up and down. "Do you like what you see?", she asked excitedly. Sweety, you're beautiful., I responded. Hannah stood up, walked over to the side of her bed where I was sitting with a sexy wiggle in her hips and straddled my lap putting her arms around my neck giving me a cute smile. "You know, I've always had a crush on you. I've layed here in my bed many times masturbating and fantasising about you.", she sweetly admited. "Now you're here and we're all alone. Mom won't be home from work for hours and we could have a lot of fun.", she said hotly. "Would you like to make my fantasy a reality?", Hannah asked me in a sexy seductive tone with a cute naughty smile.

Hannah, we realy shouldn't do this. It will seriously piss off your Mother and hurt our friendship., I said while looking at her tits and pussy and fighting my urges. "Oh, come on. I can see the way you look at my body and I know you would love to fuck me. I'll do anything you want!", she said in a heated horny tone. This girl was so damn hot and had grown into a beautiful young woman. Hannah stood at 5'5" tall, weighed about 115 pounds and had a petite curvy body. She had round perky B-cup tits with big pink puffy nipples, a sweet nicely trimmed blonde pussy and had a tight little firm ass. Hannah had shoulder length curly blonde hair, big dreamy blue eyes, a small nose and cute little pouty lipped mouth on her pretty young freckled face. I could no longer resist and decided to give this hot young girl a fucking that she would never forget. I rolled her off my lap onto the bed, kissed her and started hungrily sucking her beautiful perky tits flicking my tongue across her nipples. I then began slowly kissing my way down her flat belly toward her pretty young pink wet cunt and ran my tongue along her inner thigh teasing her and causing her to shudder and sweetly moan with excited anticipation. I gave her pussy mound a kiss and slowly dragged my tongue deep through her sweet young teen snatch up across her excited pink clit. "OH FUCK YES!! YOUR TONGUE FEELS SOO DAMN GOOD IN MY PUSSY!! OMG!! I'M CUMMING SO DAMN HARD!!", Hannah squeeled with short labored breaths as I agressivly ate her delicious sweet cunt. She wildly gyrated her hips, clawed the sheets on her bed and let out a loud high pitched lustful whimpering scream as she exploded hard sweet gushes of girl cum into my mouth. I lifted my face from her sopping wet cunt, wipped my chin and looked at her laying there staring at me with a shocked satisfied wide eyed expresion on her face and smiling sweetly. "OMG!! That's the hardest I've ever came in my life!!", Hannah said with a sweet grin while laying there with her thighs quivering and trying to catch her breath.

She sood up, removed my shirt and dropped down on her knees before me. Hannah began rubbing and squeezing my raging hard cock through my jeans and looked up at me with a naughty smile licking her sweet pouty lips. "Oh, Mr., You are SOOO going to get your cock sucked!', she said excitedly. She opened my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down causing my huge fat raging hard cock to jump out at her. Hannah just sat there on her knees looking at it with a surprised expresion on her face. "OMG!! Your cock is even bigger that I had always dreamed it would be! It's soo damned huge! I'm going to realy enjoy sucking this!!", she remarked with a lustful sweet excited smile. Hannah gave my raging hardon a kiss on the tip, licked her lips, opened her mouth wide taking a few inches of my fattened manhood inside and started hungrily sucking me. Seeing her sweet pouty lips stretched arounde my rod, her pretty blue eyes looking up at me, watching her pouty lips slide back and forth over the veins in my engorged cock and listening to her sweet labored sucking sounds had me in pure extasy! I gently grabbed a handful of blonde curls on the back of her head and began pumping her sweet small mouth stuffing it full of hard meat almost choking her. Hanna eagerly responded by sucking me even faster and harder and trying to get as much of my cock into her sweet mouth as she could handle. Watching Hannah strain to blow my rod and seeing the mixture of saliva and pre cum dripping from her chin onto her chest was an absolutely cock hardening sight to behold!

I pulled my cock from her sweet mouth, layed her on the bed with her head hanging off the edge and throat fucked her while I leaned forward eating her luscious pink cunt. After about two minutes of that, I was rock hard and ready to give this hot young lady the fantasy fuck she had always dreamed of. I turned her around and moved her hips to the edge of the bed. Are you ready to feel my cock inside your sweet young pussy?, I asked her teasingly. "MMMMMMMM!! Oh yes! I've been waiting for this for a long time! Fuck me! Fuck me deep and hard!", Hannah sweetly begged with a shallow lustful breath. I rubbed the head of my raging hard erection through her sweet pink cunt lips and watched the wide eyed expression of pure pleasure on her cute young face as I slowly pushed it into her all the way. I began fucking her with long slow deep penetrations and then sped up banging her hard and fast. "OH YES!! YOUR BIG HARD COCK FEELS SOOO DAMN GOOD INSIDE ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARD!!", Hannah squeeled with lustful excitement and a huge sweet smile on her face. I put her long legs over my shoulders and mercilesly drilled her tight young juicy teen cunt hitting bottom inside her and bringing her to hard gushing orgasms. I rolled over onto my back and she mounted my cock and furiously rode me bouncing her sweet body up and down screaming with delight. After cumming a few more times, she lifted herself off of me and got into a doggy style pose. The sight of her sweet young pink teen ass and pussy waiting for me and the look on her face as she layed her head on her pillow was absolutely luscious!

I slid my cock into her wet pink lipped cunt and started fucking her with hard thumping thrusts causing her tight ass cheeks to jump. After a few minutes of banging her from behind, I looked down and noticed her dildo humming on the floor beside the bed. Oh girl! It's time for some real fun!, I said to her with a big naughty grin on my face. "MMMMMMMMMMM!! What do you have in mind?", she asked excitedly. Just wait right there, darlin', I told her. I pulled my rod from her pussy, retrieved her toy and layed it on the bed. I lubed it up with some lotion from her bedside table, shoved my cock back into her cunt and resumed fucking her. I slowly pushed the fat humming dildo into her tight pink butthole, turned the vibration setting up on high and began fucking her ass with it as I banged her snatch with hard full strokes. "O-M-G!!! FUCK YES!! THIS FEELS SOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!!", Hannah loudly screamed with short labored whimpering breaths as she clawed the bedsheets and began wildly grinding her hips. The dildo humming in her asshole also caused her pussy to vibrate on my cock and felt awesome. Hannah's sweet young cunt clamped tight around my rod and she began cumming explosivly shuddering all over with excitement. Okay sweety, No more foreplay. It's time to get down to buisiness! You're going to get your sweet tight little ass fucked!, I told her in an agressive tone as I pulled the toy from her ass and my cock from her wet cunt.

I layed her at the edge of her bed, pushed her legs back, lubed up my cock and watched the expression of total extasy on her face as my big fattened raging hardon mercilesly dug into her tight pink asshole. "OH BABY!! YES!! FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT BIG HARD COCK!! I LOVE IT!!", Hannah lustfuly squeeled with a loud whimpering voice and a big cute smile as I fucked her sweet ass with long deep rithymic strokes. We then got in a reverse cowgirl position and she excitedly bounced her asshole up and down on my rod lustfuly impailing herself and screaming with sheer delight. After a few minutes of listening to her cock hardening whimpering moans and feeling her tight young teen butthole stretched around my cock sliding up and down, I was ready to blow a huge wad up this girl's ass so hard that it would squirt out of her ears! Down on your knees girly! I'm going to shoot my hot sticky cum right down your sweet young throat and all over your cute face!, I agressivly told her. Hannah quickly lifted her ass from my rod and eagerly did as she was told. She got down on her knees, opened her mouth wide hanging out her tongue with an excited smile and waited anxiously for my salty load. I grabbed a handful of blonde curls, gently pulled her head back and began giving my cock the finnal strokes. With a loud moan, I began explosivly spurting long thick white sticky streams of fresh jizz all across her sweet smiling young teen freckled face into her curly blonde hair and down her hungry throat. Hannah let out a sweet satisfied giggle and shook all over with excitement as my cum splattered all over her face and dripped from her chin onto her chest. She took my cock in her hand a milked out the last remaining drops of cum and licked it from the tip. Hannah looked up at me with a cute cum covered excited smile, wiped my jizz from her face and hungrily sucked it from her fingers swallowing every last drop. "MMMMMMMMMM!! That was awesome! I've dreamed of this for sooo long! We're going to have to do this again!", Hannah said with a naughty excited smile. Anytime you want it, darlin', anytime! I responded with a satisfied grin. We got dressed, chatted for a little while and I left. Hannah comes by my house two or three times a week and we fuck like mad. She tells her Mom that I'm helping her with her college homework. Oh, I'm helping her alright!

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