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Lust on a Train - Part II

The train entered the tunnel, the familiar pressure change making my head sing. I leant against her hand, enjoying the touch of her fingers stroking my face. My cheeks were burning; was anyone watching? It seemed not. I had hold of Angela’s ankle still rubbing myself against her toes that wriggled and teased against my pussy. The dull ache I had felt was becoming a stronger need. ‘Wait’ I breathed and releasing her foot, reached down and under my skirt, lifting my bottom off the seat as I pulled off my panties, just a thin scrap of silk. I remembered how Claudia had admired me in them this morning and had made a grab for me as I hurriedly dressed. I had them in my hand and my pussy lips felt the colder air, drying my wetness.

‘Give them to me’ she said, and I passed them across the table into her hands. She held them to her nose and inhaled deeply as she watched me carefully. ‘You have a beautiful perfume’ she said; ‘I expect you taste as good’. And she then proceeded to let them untangle and hang from her fingers. I looked around nervously again to see if anyone was watching and when I looked back her tongue, long and sinuous was lapped against the silk where it had been pressed against, and slightly into, my pussy. ‘Mmmmmmm,’ she murmured, ‘you do taste exquisite’. My face burned and my heart thumped. She leaned across the table towards me and I copied her. Our lips were close. I stared at her mouth, feeling her breath on my face; her lips slightly open, the red lipstick shiny and sticky; a thread of saliva drawn between her lips as they parted. My lips were parted too; so close now. Her fingers caressed me under the chin, and the faintest of touches pulled me to the inevitable. I felt her lips on mine; so gentle at first, and then the feel of her tongue slipping into my mouth inquisitively, welcoming, cajoling, teasing. Our lips pressed closer, lipstick melding as the passion increased. My eyes were shut, I knew not where we were.

And then the sound of voices rapidly brought us to our senses. We broke apart as a group of k**s came down the carriage en route to the buffet car. I sat back, embarrassed and looked across at Angela, smiling at me. One of the k**s looked at me kinda cheekily and I realised that my lipstick was smeared. I took out my lipstick and hand mirror from my handbag and rubbed and reapplied the gloss. ‘You know I’m only going to kiss it off you again, don’t you?’ Angela purred from a relining position in her seat. My heart leapt again as she continued ‘…although I’m gonna be kissing it off your pussy lips before long too’.

Her foot started stroking against my leg again. My pussy felt so ready but I couldn’t risk her taking me under the table. I reached down and caught hold of her ankle again, this time leaving her shoe on. I could feel its pointed toe and spike heel and guessed they were an expensive pair of Jimmy Chous, but that only made what I was about to do even more exciting. I edged forward on my seat letting my skirt ride up. My pussy gaped under the table as I opened my legs and guided her foot between my thighs. Another shuffle forward by me, and a slide down by her, and her shoe was against my pussy. I bent her toe down and pulled it into me. It pushed against my pussy lips, which parted easily, and then slid inside. It felt so good. Suddenly the carriage door slid open and the k**s came noisily back. They took an age to pass by, the cheeky one staring at me rudely and blowing me a kiss. I sat transfixed with Angela foot-fucking me as she pumped me gently beneath the table. I could hear a soft squelch as my wetness sucked and released the black leather and hoped that the k**s hadn’t suspected what was going on. I was breathing hard now, my heart pounding and I felt strangely even more turned on. Angela could see the sparkle in my eyes. ‘You like being watched then?’ she grinned at me. I leant across, ‘I like what you’re doing to me’ I said. Her toe pushed on and then tapped rhythmically against my clit. I held her ankle, letting her bring me off. I came in a rush, just as the train came out of the tunnel, feeling the electricity jolt through to my toes. I had 10 minutes to calm down until I got off and found my car in the Ashfleet station car park. But what about this wonderful woman…. Would she come with me?

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