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Having returned to the bar, the game was in full swing. During the second half England were on top and we were enjoying stuffing the Jocks.

Some ten minutes later Ali returned having cleaned herself up. She joined some of her friends and began to watch the game; throughout i could feel her eyes on me all the time. Although the game was tough England won the day by some 30 points, laughing and joking with the lads i was with made a good day of it.

My phone text sounded and upon looking it read “surely to the victor goes the spoils?" i glanced over at Ali who winked at me and smiled. My reply was “borrow your friends scarf and go back to the alley, in five minutes i will come down but be facing the wall with the scarf tied around your eyes. you say one word throughout the next half hour in the alley then you will never become my 2nd woman."

Looking over at Ali, she looked puzzled but nodded her head.

As i was with the lads Daz the young jock was moaning about losing but more over the £20 he lost to me on the bet for the game.
"tell you what Daz double or quits?"

Daz was up for it "double or quits on what?"

"well i bet i can get you laid within ten minute"

"Daz screamed "fuck off no way, your on"

Whilst this was going on Ali had slipped out the side door back to the alleyway to await my coming.

i told the lads to be quiet and follow me, we left the bar and the lads followed me to the top of the alley.

as we walked down the alley i told daz to hand over £40, this he did and as we entered the lower part of the alley they saw a lady (Ali) bent over with her eyes covered.

"fucking hell Daz laughed"

"SSSSSHHH" was my prompt reply.

i walked over to Ali and whispered "not a fucking word"
Ali nodded trying hard to win the right to be my woman.

"right you first" pointing at Daz, as he approached i said "money first mate" Daz slipped me the £40, i pulled Ali's skirt up to reveal her knickerless arse.

"if i was you i would put on a condom mate, you don't know where this whores been?" i said noticing Ali wince at me calling he a Whore.

"who is she daz asked"

Due to the darkness of the alley they couldn’t make out who the girl was, "Some slut that hangs around here now and again" was my answer.

with that Daz rolled a condom over his average sized cock, what he lacked in size, he made up for in effort.

Daz slid easily into Ali's freshly fucked cunt, the same cunt that carried my seed some hour earlier. Daz was thrusting hard into Ali, with her biting hard on her lip as not to make a sound as per my orders.

Daz asked " can i spank her Mick"?

You paid for the slag do what you want mate, with that Daz slapped a big hand print on Ali's arse. a small "MMMUUFF" escaped Ali's lips.

i leaned in "you say something Whore"? Ali quickly shook her head no.
Daz carried on pounding Ali, fuck her as the slut he thought she was and as the slag i knew her to be.

after ten minutes for hard rutting Daz Screamed "here you are you fucking whore take this" with that Daz emptied his seed into the condom pulled out his cock from Ali's wet cunt, he pulled of the condom and wiped his cock on Ali's skirt.

before he finished her slapped her hard again on the Arse. "cheer you slag i might be back in future"

as he walked back up the alley he high fived Jim, "see you back in the bar lads"
then returned to the bar.

Jim looked at me and said "any chance Mick"

"sure same price as Daz Though" with that two fresh £20 notes were pushed into my hand. " same mate use a condom i dont want you catching anything of this whore mate"

Jim was a married man with two k**s but that made no difference. he rolled his condom on and went straight to it. for the second time in less than 15 minute Alison was bent over eyes blacked out being fucked by a complete stranger.

Alison thoughts were what if they recognise me, they will know and tell everyone, but this was a small price to pay if she wanted to get Mick as her man she thought.

Jim was rougher physically and verbally. Obviously not getting enough at home.

Mick could hardly hide his snigger as Jim Snarled" you fucking dirty whore, cunt bitch", as he thrust hard into Ali he sneered "who's your daddy bitch, who's your daddy"

he obviously watched to much porn, Ali even if she wanted to knew not a word could pass her lips, she stood bent over getting fucked doggy style in a pub alleyway by someone whoever he was paying for the privilege.

Jim slapped Ali’s arse, he reached round and tried to feel her tits but because of his beer belly it was to hard, his last resort was to pull Ali up by the hair and lick the side of her face. In mid lick he grunted then fell back wards his now limp dick hanging the condom filled with come.

“Fuck Mick, that is some slag there mate” Jim laugh he zipped himself up and walked of in the direction of the bar.

In the darkness of the alleyway, i stood alone, the lads having gone back to the bar. Alison was unsure of what was her next instalment.

Stand up bitch and take off that blind fold, Ali stood and removed her face cover. She looked around but the only person in front of her was her lover Mick.

“Here” i passed Alison two £5 notes, you see you are now a fully fledged whore allowing strangers to fuck you for a measly £5, how does that make you feel bitch a £5 whore, they charge more than that in Thailand i laughed.

A very sad look came over her face to realise that i had made her into a common whore, just to prove a point.

“open your top” Ali did so and he tits covered with my love bites came into view. I closed the gap between us pushing her back against the wall i slipped my hard cock straight into her well fucked cunt.

“god your a lot bigger than both of them darling, fuck me mick, fuck me as your woman, i never spoke a word, not a word” i stopped her talking by thrusting my tongue into her mouth.

As i we kissed and fucked Alison was getting close to coming. With a few hard thrusts, Ali dug her nails into my shoulder and came “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, ffffuucckkkk, aah yes, yes,yes”

I could feel her cunt leaking her woman juices all over my cock.
“ do it hun “ Ali whispered in my ear. “plant your seed into your own personal whore” “do it babe seed me. Seed your slag whore”

I pumped harder and harder, sinking my teeth into het right tit, i exploded hot come into her cunt. As i let her legs fall to the ground i told her “use the money to get a taxi home, change clothes and wear stockings when you come back, because i haven’t finished with you for tonight.”

Alison staggered up the alleyway with my come leaking from her pussy, having been a full on whore for an hour.

I returned to the bar

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