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Teaching T and her girls a lesson.

"I hate those stupid sluts!" Melissa heard one of the boys say. A slam of a locker and then footsteps toward the exit from the gym, then she followed.

"I don't care anymore...she has become such a little cunt you know J," the other boy says. I glance around the row of lockers. I see Jake Burns and Johnny Morgan, both were in my poli sci class, head out to the basketball courts. Before they open the door, Jake stops Johnny. "You know that she needs to continue being taught her lesson, she is such a slut."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore, J!" Johnny says with a stern face. Upset, he opens the door and heads out, Jake close behind him.

From teaching at the school since I graduated college five years ago, there is one thing I've learned. The geeks and nerds of the school have much harder time than any school I've ever grown up in.

Hearing the gossip from students and teachers, it's my understanding that "J" and Johnny had been best friends with a girl named Tammy. She used to play their games of make believe, play computer games and video games, even sl**p over at their houses. That was back in the day however, and now, Tammy had blossomed. Most likely had been blossoming for a while, but was now the head cheerleader for the high school. I grabbed my whistle and clip board and went to the basketball courts.

I did my usual "coach" things and had the class of 30 k**s run laps around the courts.

Ms. Semen's class was using one side of the triple courted gym and my class, the other side. When the bleachers where help up, locked away, it gave plenty of space for two classes. Since the Seattle rain had f***ed us inside today, we had to make do.

I saw that Tammy was in Ms. Semen's class and she turned her back on the "Jouble J's" when they jogged past her class. She talked with her group of friends and a few of them giggled, looking at the boys that had just passed. Something was up, and I could tell it was affecting the boys work out because they were going at a much slower pace than the rest of the class.

I blew my whistle and told the class to go into groups of six or eight and practice passing the balls. I called out Johnny and Jim's names and told them to come talk to me.

I sat on a folding chair and wrote off some notes as the boys jogged up to me. I told them to sit on the floor next to me and I leaned down to them. Luckily, with all the k**s and the sounds of the balls being passed, I knew we wouldn't be heard.

"What's going on with you boys? What's got you so messed up?" I asked. The two looked at each other, then sat there for a few seconds. "Well?" I asked.

"Mr. Tripps, it's nothing really..." Johnny started, but was cut off by "J".

"He's been getting treated like crap by Tammy Lavine, sir." He got a glance from Johnny that told him to shut up, but he ignored his friend. "We've known her for years and it's really upsetting, that's all sir."

"I figured as much, I heard you boys in the locker room before class." The two exchanged looks.

"What did you hear, Mr. Tripps?" Johnny was the first to speak.

"Well," I started, "I heard you call her a slut...and that she needs to be taught a lesson. What's she done?"

"We don't want to get her in trouble," Johnny started but was cut off again by "J".

"Mr. Wallice is letting Tammy and some of the other girls on the cheer squad get away with ditching class..."

"Now Jake that's a big accusation," I began to say, but once again, the little prick interrupted me.

"Mr. Tripps! He also is doctoring their grades!" his protest was loud but not loud enough for the other students to take notice. I looked around to make sure no one was paying attention.

"Come with me boys," I said standing up and walking to the doors to the hallway outside of the gym. When all three of us entered the hallway, I looked around. All the doors in the hallway lead to the locker rooms, storage rooms, and the coach's office. "Now tell me more about this."

"J" unloaded on a conspiracy of how Mr. Walters, a teacher of almost 10 years, was letting some of the girls in his classes get away with ditching or coming late. And loads of information about how "J" and Johnny were told not to grade certain girl's homework and tests when they were helping out in his class for extra credit.

I thought about all the information that was given. "And this is why you two are upset?" I asked, there had to be more to it.

"Sir," Johnny now spoke, "we and the rest of the club have been working our asses off for years! What have any of those girls done?!"

The club he was referring to was The Greek Club. They had read in a book a few years before about two k**s that formed a greek club with their teacher and revolutionized how "greek geeks" were looked at from then on. All Johnny and "J's" club did for them though was further push them away from the norm of the school.

"Mr. Tripps," Johnny said, "we just want for Tammy to be taught that it isn't right what she's doing. The other girls look up to her, if she got caught or learned her lesson, then maybe she'd get the other girls to stop too."

I paced a few feet back and forth by the doors. I had tons of thoughts racing through my head, I didn't know what to do with the situation. I could go to the Principal's office and tell her of the news, or I could call Tammy's parents. No, she'd just get grounded for a week probably, her parents were always away to some country for vacation's that lasted for weeks. I needed to teach her a lesson, was my only conclusion.

"Alright, this is what we'll do...." and together, we formed a plan.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Mr. Tripps," the young girls voice spoke as she entered the classroom. "You told Ms. Semens you needed to speak to me." Tammy entered the room, she was dressed in her cheerleader's uniform. It was Friday, and it was tradition for the "pep squad's" to wear their uniforms. Her long hair was pulled back into a pony tail and a purple ribbon was tied in a bow at the top of the tail.

"Yes, Tammy, have a seat here, I need to ask you some questions." A chair was next to my desk, facing my chair and the girl sat on it. "How old are you?" I first asked.

Not sure why I was asking, she gave me a weird look at she placed her backpack on the floor next to my desk. "I'm just trying to break the ice, we've never spoken before."

"Oh," she was relieved. "I just turned 18 last week, Mr. Tripps."

"Well, happy late birthday to you, then," I said, trying to act natural.

The "Jouble J's" were getting into position in my office off to the side of the room. A window was in my office looking into the giant classroom. To earn extra money, I also teach a writing class for extra privileged students and was awarded this special room.

The seats were college room style, having stairs on either side of the room with the seats in the middle, going up towards the back of the room, all facing down towards my desk and the white boards on the wall behind where I was seated.

The boys were in my office with a camera catching the moment on tape for us. With the position of the desk, I was going to have some fun teaching Tammy a lesson. "Do you have a boyfriend, Tammy?" I then asked, leaning back in my chair.

"No, Mr. Tripps," she said casually. She was unaware of the two boys presence in the other room, as I had told them to keep the lights off in the room and they wouldn't be seen. "I don't have time for them." She had a cute smile.

"But you do have time to slack off in your studies don't you, especially in Mr. Walter's class, don't you?" I zinged her! Her smile quickly faded and she sat there, not knowing what to say at first.

"Mr. Tripps...I uh--" she stammered, "I don't know what you mean."

"Well, it has been brought to my attention that you get special treatment in his class." I sat there, not moving. "Actually, that you and few others do. That you sometimes show up late, or just ditch his class and don't get any punishment of any kind."

"Mr. Tripps, surely you don't believe some high school k**s--" she started but I cut her off.

"And that you do special favors for changing of grades."

"How did you know that?!" she was stunned. "Jid he tell you....ohh god..." she threw her face into her hands and wept. I stood and crossed over to the door to the classroom and locked it, then walked back.

"Stand next to my desk, Tammy." I said, sitting back down in my chair.

"Are you going to tell my parents?" she asked.

"Stop the crying, Tammy. I don't care for your tears. You know that many students work very hard to get where they are now and you just waltz around, thinking you are better than them and work for your grades by whoring yourself. You know that's what you are right? Just a lil' cheer whore."

She looked at me. Her eyes were dry. She had been faking it. Our plan was working perfectly. "Sit on my desk, Tammy."

She sat on the edge of my desk.

"I want you to give me the same pleasure that you give Mr. Walters...understand Tammy?"

She nodded her head. Her hands became steady. She lifted up her hands and pulled her sweater off, her perky breasts held back in a white sports bra.

The weeks with out sex had taken its toll on me, and my cock grew in my slacks. I was sure that the boys in my office were having a harder time, they were probably virgins. Tammy pulled her bra off and sat on my desk, facing me. I reached up and grabbed at her tits. I took each in turn to my mouth, licking circles around her nipples and sucking them into my mouth. She didn't moan, she didn't move. She sat there, perfectly.

"I see you know how to be good little whore, huh, Tammy?" I asked.

"Yes, I do Mr. Tripps," she said.

"Who taught you to be good whore?" I asked, licking the sides of her small tits, and then licking under them, tasting her sweat as my tongue moved across her skin.

"No one, sir," she replied, taking in a short breathe, her nipples hardened. "I just act naturally."

I looked up at her. "Naturally huh?" I stood up. "Show me then how you can suck my cock if you are so natural about it." I unzipped my pants and my hard on popped out between the opening of my boxers.

She slid off the desk and got on her knees. She took my raging hard on into her small wet mouth and sucked it with earnest. She took small laps with her tongue across my meat and let it slide into her throat slightly. I moaned and tilted my head back, grabbing the back of her head and pressing her harder onto my cock. She gagged and it made my cock jump slightly. I looked down at her and watched as my cock slid in and out of her tight mouth.

I felt her soft tongue slide around my shaft and her hands grip onto my ball sack and base of my shaft. I moaned as she sucked and sucked on my cock, and I moaned even deeper as I heard my office door open. She didn't hear the door open and kept up her duty of cock sucking.

"Hmmmmm," I moaned to her, "yeah, that's right, my little cock sucking whore. Yeah...."

The two boys walked out of my office, "J" with the camera in his hands, watching the tiny screen, making sure he was getting a good shot of "Miss Cheerleading Queen" sucking my cock. "Mmmmmmm...." I moaned again, smiling at the boys.

"J" moved in closer, and Johnny said, "Yeah, you do look like a natural, Tammy."

His voice shocked her and she opened her eyes wide in horror. I held her face to me and kept my cock in her mouth. I spoke to her sternly and with authority, "Tammy, you keep sucking"

She kept sucking on my cock. I felt it grow harder, she did too. And my precum oozed out, she tasted it and knew that I was ready to cum. I turned my head to the boys. "Want me to cum in the whore's mouth?" I asked them.

She looked up at me shocked. She pulled my cock free, "I've never taken it in the mouth though..." she started.

But the boys interupted her. "You can do it!" they cheered her on. "Come on, first time for everything!"

I looked back down at Tammy. "It's okay, be natural, take my cum in your mouth, you little whore." I held onto her head with one hand to not block the camera's view and she slide her mouth on my pole. She felt my cock tense up in her mouth and she knew I was ready to explode.

She sucked harder and faster, bringing me to orgasim quicker. I pumped her mouth hard, pushing into her throat as I neared. Her eyes grew wide and gagged on my cock, looking up at me.

"Yeah!" Jake yelled, "Teach that slut a lesson!" he said. The camera kept rolling as I shot my first sticky load into her throat. She gagged and pulled away. This caused my cock to keep spurting, my loads hit her in the face and tits. My cum oozed down her face, coating her eyes and lips.

"Haha," Jake laughed, "you should have kept it in your mouth!"

Johnny didn't laugh however, he just watched the scene unfold in front of him. My next load hit her neck, and I took her pony tail in my hand and pulled her face close to my hard cum spurting cock.

"Open your mouth!" I said. "Stick out your tongue!" She did so, sticking out her tonuge long and wide. My next load dribbled out onto her tongue. "Jon't spit or swallow yet, Tammy..." I said whacking off on her tongue. Another spurt shot out and hit her upper lip. "I want you to show the camera what you have on your tongue."

She turned towards the camera and "J" took a close up on her tongue. "Slide it around in your mouth, you slut," he said. He was enjoying this a lot, and even though she knew that they were trying to humiliate her, she was enjoying it a little. She liked being used, getting the attention. She slid my cum around on her tongue, letting it slide out onto her lower lip then sucked it back in.

"Hmmmmm," I moaned, sitting back on my chair. "You could be a great porn star....especially if we send this to your college recruiters, that's the only job you'll be able to get." I said.

She stood there. "You guys aren't going to tell my parents about all of this, are you?" she asked.

"We won't..." Johnny said, stepping in, smiling. "I promise you we won't...but you'll have to do some favors for us...a lot of favors."

"Really?" she asked, drying her tears.

" and your cheerleading bitch friends," Jake said. "They are in this too."

"You want my friends to fuck you guys too?" she asked.

"No..." Jake was smiling. "We want all of you bitches to come here, every Tuesday after school and get tutored by The Geek Club. And from now on, no more sl**ping with more sucking dick for grades."

"You girls are going to have to work your way for your grades," Johnny said. "No more ditching classes to go shopping or out with boyfriends....from now on, you are going to come to class on time....and even early."

"What, are you guys like our parents now?" she snorted.

"No..." I said, standing up. I took the camera from "J" and took the tape out. "We just want to make sure you girls learn your lesson is can't do this shit in college."

"And if you don't do what we tell you to do," Jake started, "we'll turn this into your parents, and the police. I'm sure then you'll learn your lesson."

"I don't know why you are doing this to me, Johnny," she said to him. "I've been nothing but nice to you--"

She was cut off by Johnny. "No you haven't..." he snorted. "You've been a bitch to me for years, and I've always put up with your shit, sticking up for you to the rest of the guys. Even in our club meetings, they would unload about you, I'd always stick up for you. But now, I know that you are a whore like they say."

"Johnny come on," she started.

I sat in amazement as I watched Johnny stick up for himself and let him self go on Tammy. The boys were right, she deserved everything said to her.

"Don't Johnny me," he said. "I was your first kiss in fourth grade...we used to be best friends, you, "J" and I."

I was shocked as he continued.

"And I know that I was your first when I made love to you when you crawled into my bedroom window last year. Or do you not remember that?"

She put her head down.

"After prom...." he waited, then continued. "When Peter Murtaugh left you at school and ran off with Tiffany...your s****r, you came crying to me, and I took care of you. Only to be belittled by you and your friends the next week. You haven't talked to me since then."

"Let me make it up to you, Johnny," she cried. "Please?"

"Why?" Johnny asked. "Why should I let you? You've been such a bitch lately. I've worked my ass off to get good grades and you just sl**p around to get A's! You don't even deserve to be on the cheerleading squad!"

"Johnny, I'm so sorry..." she cried to him. "Please just let me make it up to you."

"You know how you can make it up to him, Tammy?" I asked. She looked at me. "You can start coming here with your friends and start to do things the right way."

Johnny took in breath. "So, you going to be able to get your friends to comply with our going to be able to get them to show up?"

She thought for a second, then said, "Yeah, I will get them to show up. I don't want to get into trouble."

"Good," I said with a smile. "See you and your friends here after school on Tuesday."

The bell rang, school was over. k**'s rushed out to get to their buses, their parents SUV's, or to their friends waiting for them by the fences enclosing the school. The bell was loud, long, and when finally over, I was relieved. Principal Cleary hadn't come by my office, so I knew we were in the clear. No one had ratted us out over the weekend.

"J" and Johnny had come up to me during their classes study session towards the end of the period, making sure I was ready. I told the janitor to keep my hall and lining classes for last on his rounds. I said I was going to be filming projects with students for their college entrance projects and needed the hall empty and quiet so the camera wouldn't pick up any extra noise. He nodded and said "Alright, Mr.Tripps. I'll get to your classes around 8 p.m. for ya."

I finished clearing off my desk in my office and closed the door behind me, I sat at my desk, waiting for the boys and girls to show up. Within five minutes, Johnny, "J", and some of their friends from their club started to come in.

One of their friends, Bill, is bit of a big Star Wars freak. On his 18th birthday, Johnny, "J", and the other friends all went out for a Star Wars duel at a paint ball park. Strapped in their Jedi and Storm Trooper apparel, they fought it out until way after midnight. I know this, because I was invited but couldn't make it, so they brought in a video and we watched it the next week during lunch. Bill is tall, has dark hair that he lets fall into his eyes, and he says he spends most of his time at home reading or on the net chatting with his many net-buds.

Two more guys came in, twin b*****rs, Carl and Lance. They are both Italian, and dressed in dark clothing. They are the "goth" ones of the geek club. Ever since Columbine, it became the un-hip thing among students at the school to be gothic and it seemed as Carl and Lance were the only ones who not only didn't give a fuck, but wanted to make a point. "Clothes do not make the person!" as one of them would say at some of our debates over the dress code.

Carl is on the chess club, math club, drama club, science and theories club, and is the founder of the movie club. If he was white, had blonde hair, and wore high waters, he'd be just like Brian from the breakfast club.

Lance on the other hand makes it a point to only be in the geek club. He has a girlfriend and does his best to try to be "as normal as you can be all dressed in black" as he says. He is like an Italian Johnny Cash, which is funny, because if you say something like that to k**s at my school, they would say, "That guy that movie was about with Reese Witherspoon?" Lance is tall like his b*****r, with black hair as well, but keeps it held back from his eyes with a backwards cap with ICP on it.

Knowing that Tammy and her friends would be coming in soon, I started to prep the boys. I filled them in with what I had in mind on what to do for their "study sessions" with the girls. "You are to tutor the girls for fifteen minutes every forty five minutes. Find out from the girls what classes they are having trouble with, or what their homework is. Do what you feel with help them with learning, not just punish them. Okay? We want them to learn a lesson, not hate men.

"With that, 'Rule number 1' -- " I started but was interrupted by "J."

"What is this, Fight Club?" he asked, and the guys all laughed.

"Rules are important for a situation like this, we all are trespassing on some dangerous ground. I don't want these girls to be scared and run off and tell the authorities."

"They won't do that," Johnny said.

"Yeah," Carl chimed in, "they know we have them caught, they won't chance it by telling the police, because they'd have to tell their parents too, and the whole school would find out."

"Better safe than in jail," I said. "Now, 'Rule number 1: No telling anyone else about what goes on here.' I'm serious."

"Yup, it's like the Fight Club," Jake laughed and then shut up when I shot him a look. "Sorry Mr. Tripps."

" 'Rule number 2: Wear protection, no matter what.' If you don't got it, find something else to do.' I don't trust these girls, if they are doing stuff with a teacher for grades who knows what they are doing for popularity."

The boys murmured their agreement. " 'Rule number 3: Make a safety word with your girl so nothing gets out of hand. Rule number 4: Different partner each session so there is no favoritism or fighting.' Okay so far, boys?" I looked up at them.

They all nodded and said it was okay. "Alright with me, as long as those sluts learn to not pull this shit anymore!" Carl said. The other boys nodded.

The door opened, and Tammy came in, followed by five girls from her squad. Tiffany, Amber, Stephanie, and "Telly".

Tiffany is co-captain of the cheerleading squad, big bouncy tits like Tammy, but is shorter and a little chubbier than her. I have seen her topless, her boyfriend is one of the front guards on the basketball team and I caught them having sex on the school bus after an away game. It was funny because she lost her top when it fell out of one of the open windows of the bus and had to borrow my jacket when being led out of the bus. Since then, she hasn't been able to lock eyes with me.

Amber is tall, a little gangly in a way, but has a gorgeous face. She could be a model if she wanted, and could afford it. I think she is the unpopular one of the group because of her parents social status, but am not sure. Her parents are both cashiers at a local supermarket and she is going for a scholarship to the local community college through a non-profit group in town.

Stephanie is the obvious slut of the team. She has dated at least every guy on both the football team and the baseball team, and by "dated" I mean gone on one date, was the talk of the week following her date, and then went out with another guy the next weekend, starting it all over again. As she sat down, she took the pony tail holder from her hair and let down her long, luscious black locks, I almost creamed my pants watching her.

Tabitha "Telly" is as gorgeous and sexy as her older s****r, Madison, that I remember quite well from the year before. Both s****rs have long blonde hair, Telly's being longer and always held up in a pony tail. Tabitha's nick name is "Telly" because she TiVo's every single day time soap opera and keeps everyone to date of what's going on.

All the girls sat down in the front row of the seats along with the boys. "Glad you decided to come girls," I said. "I was telling the boys the rules," I briefly told the girls the rules I had told the boys, and then went on to the next rule. " And now Rule number 5: When each girl has retaken their last two tests that they got special treatment for, and pass, they don't have to come to the "study sessions" anymore." I looked around the room. "All right?" I asked. Both groups nodded.

"Alright, first lesson," I said. I paired up the k**s, Johnny and Tiffany together on the left side of the first row, "J" and Amber on the right side, Carl and "Telly" in the back of the room, and Lance and Bill in the front of the class with Stephanie.

Not sure of what to expect, I could tell all the girls were a little nervous. "Okay, boys, teach the sluts a lesson....just be nice about it."

The boys began to ask the girls different questions, such as what classes are they getting special help with by Mr. Wallace and what was their homework for the week. They were all bit surprised. They probably thought that is was going to be a big gang bang, considering what had happened to Tammy.

"What about me, Mr. Tripps?" Tammy asked.

"You had your first lesson last week, Tammy, you are going to observe with me," I said. I pulled out my camcorder from my bag and handed it to her. "Walk around the class and tape the session when it starts."

"Yes sir, Mr. Tripps," she said and sat down in my desk chair.

We sat and began to wait for the boys to finish with the first tutor session, and start with the lessons. I glanced at my watch, almost fifteen minutes to wait.

"This just might work!" I thought to myself.

I waited intently as the minutes ticked by. Johnny glanced up from Tiffany's work and we made eye contact. He smiled. I knew he was going to have fun with her. Anyone would with her massive tits.

I stood up and walked around the room. I moved my eyes to each group of "students" across the room, I was surprised to see Carl and "Telly" chatting away about TV shows. They both seemed to like the show CSI and were laughing about how the show has flaws when it comes to forensics.

I stood up and made my rounds through the classroom. Tammy started to film as Lance and Bill were starting to undress Stephanie. She filmed up close as the boys handled Stephanie's tits roughly, Lance in front of her, kissing her neck and Bill behind her, unzipping her pants and pulling them down. She started to unzip Lance's pants and licked her lips.

I checked on Johnny and "J" and they both were fine. Johnny and Tiffany were kissing as she had her hands in his pants, jerking him off. "J" was taking his time with Amber as she was a little shy with him, his hands under her shirt and nibbling on her neck.

Carl and "Telly" kept chatting, not even aware almost of what everyone else was doing.

I headed down to the threesome in front of the class. Bill was sitting on the edge of my desk and putting on a condom. He smiled at me. "I always keep one on me, teach." He chuckled, and Stephanie stuck her butt out towards him, he held onto her hips and slid his cock between her legs. Tammy got on her knees and filmed as his dick entered into Stephanie's pussy.

"You like that, don't you, you little slut?" Bill asked as he grunted while thrusting his cock into her. Stephanie's tits bounced as he thrusted his hips towards her. Lance had her bent over and her face at his crotch. I was behind him and couldn't see what she was doing, but as he tilted his head back, I realized she must be sucking his cock.

I moved to my desk and sat on my chair, watching the three teens fucking. Tammy was getting turned on and looked at me. When our eyes met, she winked at me. She looked back at the screen and watched her friend take it from behind and suck another guys cock while being filmed. Tammy sat on a chair close to the teens, and opened her legs. She was wearing a white skirt and she pulled it up with one hand while the other filmed the fuck fest on my desk.

I watched from my chair as Tammy moved her thong aside and began to roll her clit in her finger, I watched her chest heave up and down and her hands move quicker.

Bill thrusted harder into Stephanie and moaned out loud as he came. Stephanie gasped and moaned and her legs almost buckled as he finished off inside her, carefully protected by the condom.

I looked at Johnny, he had Tiffany standing up and her pants down. She leaned towards Johnny, her hands on his chair, gripping it hard as he ate her out. She moaned and I knew she came on his face. "J" finally had Amber worked up enough to have his hands down her pants, fingering her I guessed. She bucked her hips and moaned as he bit down on her bare breast. Her top was no where in sight.

I wanted to applaud the geeks, but stayed quiet as I unzipped my pants. Tammy watched me as I took my cock out and began to stroke it.

Stephanie now was sitting on the edge of the desk and Lance was putting on a condom that he had pulled from his back pack. "Good job, Lance," I said.

"My girlfriend and I are always careful," he said, and took hold of Stephanie's legs, he stood between them and with a powerful thrust, he pushed his cock into her.

"Oh my god!" she yelled out. "Not my ass!"

"Say the safety word then bitch!" he growled and began to thrust in back and forth into her. I was surprised that he chose her ass, and I could tell she was too!

"Ohhh god.....I think I'm gonna cum!" she moaned out instead.

Bill tied off the condom and threw it in the garbage, wadded up in tissues. He walked to Tammy and grabbed hold of the camera. "Take care of Mr. Tripps, I know you want to." He smiled at me and sat on the chair watching Stephanie take it up the ass and getting every savory second on tape.

Tammy walked to me, undressing as she came to me, she got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I moaned and stroked her face as she sucked my rod and pulled me into ecstasy. "Oh, yes, Tammy," I moaned to her, "yeah, come make some extra points with me, baby..."

She giggled as she sucked my cock more.

I looked at Johnny and "J". Johnny now had Tiffany bent over his chair and was thrusting in and out of her as he slapped her ass. He told her to take it, to keep his cock in mind when she thought about cheating on a test again or skipping class. Tiffany moaned loudly and he slapped her ass harder. She didn't reject the spanking, each slap sent her jiggly body forward. She moaned again and Johnny gripped her hips, thrusting harder into her then slowing down. He must have came.

"J" had Amber sitting on her chair while he was on his knees, eating out her tight, pretty cunt. She had a book on her lap and was doing her best to read aloud as he licked her pussy. "Extra points to you, Amber!" I called out to her. She smiled at me. "Doing your homework while learning your lesson!"

Tammy bit down gently on my cock and pulled my attention to her. She stood up and smiled at me. "Want to fuck me now, Mr. Tripps?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. I stood up pulled out a condom from my pants and then let them drop to the floor. "Put it on for me...bitch." I threw in the verbal insult to remind her why she was here.

She tore open the package and took the condom out, unrolled it on my dick and sat leaned back towards the desk where Lance now had Stephanie on her knees sucking off his dick, his condom in his hand. He put it in some tissues from my desk and threw it into the garbage can. He put both hands on her face and thrusted his cock in and out of her mouth. He moaned and told her to take it all, and came hard in her mouth. I heard her gag, he must have came more than she was used to taking.

I stepped up to Tammy, and held her legs against my inner arms, holding onto the desk and her legs outward, I had perfect view of her pussy as I started to slide it into her. She wasn't as tight as I had hoped, but she felt amazing. I thrusted in and out of her, my speed growing faster, her face growing red. I leaned forward and sucked on her neck as I rammed my cock into her.

"Oh god, Mr. Tripps," she groaned as I pounded into her. "You are so big..."

I wanted to say, "And you are so loose," but I knew that would be mean.

I heard "J" moan and I looked up, Amber was now on her knees, letting him jerk off his cock against her bare chest. Johnny looked on from his chair, seated next to Tiffany who was getting dressed, her face red from either embarrassment or flushed from having an orgasm.

I felt Tammy's pussy clench my cock and she moaned out. "I'm going to cum, Mr. Tripps!" she thrusted her head back and laid on the desk, her head next to Stephanie's lap.

"Stephanie," I said, "get on the desk and straddle Tammy's face."

"But Mr. Tripps, that's sick!" Stephanie started but I cut her off.

"It's an order," I said thrusting in and out of Tammy as she looked up with glossy eyes at Stephanie. "You want to have a few more weeks of this, screw every guy in this room, or do you want to get it over with now?" I asked Stephanie.

Stephanie climbed onto the desk, putting her knees on either side of Tammy's face. "Fuck her cunt, Tammy!" I said.

She didn't hesitate. She started to slide her tongue up and down Stephanie's shaking cunt. She started to moan as her friend licked her pussy. "Come watch this, boys!" I said to Johnny and "J" and they both came down eagerly to watch Tammy, the slut, eat out her friend's pussy.

I pushed my cock harder into Tammy, pulling her legs up and laying them against my chest, I reached my hand down and started to rub my thumb against her clit, pressing into hard and rubbing it back and forth over her pink button.

She moaned out to me as her face became buried in Stephanie's crotch as she began to cum and sit on her friend's tongue, sitting up straight and moaning. Stephanie reached her hands down and began to caress her friend's tits, Tammy moaned louder, knowing that her friend was enjoying her tongue play. Bill kept filming, Lance stood there in awe, and Johnny and "J" walked up to Tammy. They each took a breast in their mouth and licked and tortured Tammy by biting and licking her nipples.

Stephanie moaned out, slamming her pussy against Tammy and bucking her hips as her pussy came all over her friends pretty mouth. Tammy came hard on my dick and I moaned out loud, cumming too. I pulled my dick out and took my condom off, disposing of it in the garbage can like the other boys.

"Amber...Tiffany, come down here please." I said. The two girls stood up and walked down the steps to us slowly. Carl and "Telly" watched from their seats. "Stephanie, get off Tammy and get dressed." The girl slowly climbed off her friends face, she caught site of her friends wet mouth and tears formed in her eyes.

Lance took the camera from Bill and stood next to the desk, the camera still rolling. Bill took Stephanie in his arms and helped Stephanie get dressed. He kissed her on the mouth and told her she was beautiful as she came on her friend. "Don't be embarrassed," he said. "It's just all apart of the lessons."

The boy was a genius! "Tiffany, get on the desk and straddle Tammy's face, it's your turn."

"But Mr. Tripps," Tammy started. "I thought my next lesson was supposed to be---"

"You'll never learn your lesson," Jake said, taking my place between her legs. I moved off to the side and pulled my pants up and watched as he slide another condom on his now growing cock. He took hold of Tammy's thighs and spread them open. He began to slide between her pussy folds and moaned. "You are loose, baby....can I fuck your ass?" he asked with a smile.

Tammy couldn't help but try to slap "J" but Johnny took hold of her hands and held them as Tiffany moaned. She let her friend be f***ed to lick her pussy and showed that loved every minute of it. She moaned as her chubby body moved up and down her friends head.

Amber watched with her eyes wide. I moved over to her. "Ready for your turn?" I asked her. "Or do you want to get fucked too?"

She looked down at the floor and whispered, "I'm a virgin, Mr. Tripps."

"J" moaned out as he came while thrusting hard into Tammy, Tiffany moaned as she took Tammy's licks across her pussy. And with all this lovely sexual action going on, I was stunned by Amber's confession that was unheard to the rest of the group.

"We'll talk about this next week, go ahead and get your things, honey." I said placing my hand on her shoulder. "You don't need to give that away anytime soon."

She smiled lightly and went off to get her backpack and coat.

Tiffany moaned and grunted, almost falling forward as she came on her Tammy's mouth. Johnny bite down onto Tammy's tits and sucked her nipple into his mouth as she came another time on "J's" cock. "Ohhh god!" she screamed out.

"Fuck yeah!" he grunted fucking her faster, ready to cum. "Take it bitch!"

Tiffany climbed off the desk and got dressed again. She stood there with Amber and the boys as "J" kept thrusting in and out of her. He pulled out, ready to cum, and pulled off the condom, letting it drop to the floor. He jerked off his cock and began to cum.

Tammy gasped as she got a blast of "J's" cum across her tits and her neck. He grunted and jerked off faster, his stream of cum spraying onto her chest and her stomach, and then a final spurt came out, landing on her belly button. "J" stood there, breathing quickly, and Tammy lay on my desk, not wanting to move with all the cum on her.

"Alright then class," I said. "Next week, until then, I want you girls to study and be ready to retake your tests this Friday, I expect for you girls to explain to Mr. Wallace that you no longer want free rides from him, you are to do your work, not be late to class...or this will happen to you. Just like Tammy, you will be covered in cum, on camera. If you behave, we will take it easy on your girls. We promise."

The girls all nodded, and agreed to come back next Monday for the next lessons. Johnny took a few tissues from the box and handed them to Tammy, "Clean up and I'll drive you home," he said. She accepted the tissues with tears rolling down her face and she cleaned herself up. He went back to his backpack and said his good byes to the girls and his friends. Tammy's friends left the classroom, Amber by herself, Tiffany with Stephanie and Bill. When Tammy sat up to start getting dressed, Johnny, "J", and I talked with her.

"Good job," I told her. "You don't have anything to worry about at this time. We won't tell your parents or the principal what you and Mr. Wallace were doing."

"Good," she said. "How many more weeks of this do we have to go through?" she asked, tying her shoes.

"Until you all pass the tests you got help with," Johnny said.

"Sounds good to me," I said. "What do you think "J"? That alright with you?"

"I could go forever with this, but it sounds fair to me." He had a smirk on his face as he locked eyes with Tammy. "Just be nicer to my good friend Johnny here," he put his arm around Johnny's shoulders, "and all will be good with me."

"Alright," she put her backpack on. "See you guys here next week then."

He scribbles away a few drawings of comic book icons and superheros on the outside of his binder.

"The days had been passing slowly," he thinks. "Now the hours, I can't wait until the next lesson we get to give those bitches....

He glances up at the clock, 11:45. "Damn! I can't wait!" he thinks, finishing off the outline to his drawing. He looks around the room. It's study hour and along with a few other brains, he could tell the club was having trouble with concentrating too. At noon, it would be lunch, then two more classes, then it would time for the lessons again.

"Mr. Tripps is a genius!" he thinks to himself. "What a great idea to teach those girls a lesson on cheating by making them have group sex on camera." He glanced up at the clock again, 11:51pm. "Damn, hurry up! Fuck!" he curses inside his head. He looks around the room again, there she sat, her pretty head looking down at her work. She looked up and glanced at the clock too. "Knowing that lil' cunt, she's probably counting down the minutes to when she gets to get fucked again...."

She catches his glance, and he quickly looks away. His cock twitches with thoughts of burying it in her face and between her legs. He looks up again, and is caught in her gaze. She smiles and winks.

"What a slut!" he thinks.


The bell rings and all the students scramble to pick up their things. She stands up and packs her things into her bag, her long hair tosses around with her movements, she looks like she's frozen in time as she puts her things into her bag.

He stands there, watching her. His friends come up to him, "Wanna go to lunch at Taco Time?" one of them asks.

"Uh-uhh...I have got things to do, see you after school," he says, walking away, never making eye contact with them. He walks towards her, and takes in a deep breath. "Hey, Tammy...can I talk to you?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"What's up?" she asked as they walked down the hallway of the school.

"You re-take any of your tests yet?" he asks, accidentally bumping into a teacher, he murmurs a "Sorry Ms. Clausdale," and catches up with Tammy.

"No, not yet, why?" She readjusts her bag on her shoulder.

"Just wondering....look, we need to talk," he looks around the hallway.

"You know that isn't a good idea to talk outside of the lessons--"

"Come here," he grabbed her arm and pulled her into a room off from the hallway. She didn't have a chance to read the sign outside of the door, but noticed once inside, that it was the AV room. TV's and stereos and VCR's were on shelves and stands. A table in the middle of the room with a dim light above it, a few chairs, and a trash can were the only things in the small room.

"What are we doing in here?" She put her backpack on the floor and sat on the table.

"Look...." he paced the floor in front of her. Then stopped walking. "I can't do this anymore...I just can't."

"What are you talking about?"

"I can't keep seeing you in class and not getting to touch you, you are always on my mind. I can't handle it, I can't concentrate, I can't do my homework," he looked up at her. He put his hands on her face and held her close, his lips pressing hard against hers, a passionate kiss exploding between them. She sat there, motionless but kissing back.

He pulled away and she breathed in deeply, looking down at the ground. "You know we aren't supposed to be doing this.....Mr. Tripps would be angry at you and me--"

He pulled her to him again. "I don't care," he said, "I just need you right now." He kissed her deeply again, this time, he began to slid his hands up her legs. He moved his kisses to her neck, and could hear her moan lightly as he nibbled on her neck.

"But we could get caught in here...we could--" her moans trailed off as she felt his hands under skirt, sliding off her panties.

"Don't worry, no one will find us in here." He pulled her panties all the way off. "I just need to touch you, Tammy...I need you so bad."

"Ohh, god..." she moaned as she felt his fingers press against her clit and rub her pussy lips.

He pulled a chair up and sat in it. "Lay back," he said. As she laid back, her hair hung off the side of the table. He pulled up her skirt and looked at her glowing pussy. Her hair neatly trimmed, and her lips pressing out some of her juices. He couldn't believe it, with her pussy only inches from his face he could tell how much she is turned on, her smell was filling the small room and her pussy was getting her slit wet.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, moaning as his finger trailed over the wet crease between her legs.

"Like you care," he said. "I'm going to make love to you....if that is alright?"

She nodded her head up and down, giving him her approval.

He slid his fingers into her waiting hole, and moaned and began to lick at her clit. She bucked her hips and moaned her release as he slid his finger into her pussy. Her walls enveloped his finger and even though her pussy had thoroughly been used, she was still pretty tight.

"Ohh god, you smell so good," he said, licking her lips. She moaned more, and tilted her head back as his tongue snaked it's way deeper into body. He moved it up and down and in little circles inside her pussy, pressing her inner walls and opening her up, letting her juices flow out.

"You are making me so wet....ohhhh god," she whispered. She sat up and rocked her hips into his face. He reached his hands up and grabbed onto her thighs, pressing them open. He leaned his head back and looked at her and she caught sight of his soaked face. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as he began to nibble on her clit again. She grunted. "I'm gonna cum soon...please stop."

"Why? Don't you want to cum, Tammy?" he asked. His efforts grew and he sucked her clit into his mouth and then slide his tongue back into her pussy. "Hmmmmmmm...." he moaned into her pussy, making her gasp.

"I don't want to--," she gasped again.

"Come on Tammy, tell me. Tell me why you don't want to cum." He licked her pussy harder and faster.

She lifted her hand up to her face and pulled her hair away. "I don't want to cum because I want to cum with you..." she whispered. Her body began to shake and he pulled away. He stood quickly.

"You want to cum with me, Tammy?" He asked, unzipping his pants.

"Yes...yes I do, please..." she whispered, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her. He pulled up her shirt and grasped her tits, pushing her back to the table. She laid down, her hair swayed off of the table, and she moaned as his cock head pressed open her pussy. "Ohh yes, put it in me," she moaned.

He began to tweak her nipples and thrust into her, his cock entering her used pussy inch at a time. He couldn't believe how tight she is, and he couldn't believe how much she loved fucking him with out being f***ed. Her nipples were becoming rock hard and he watched her tits bounce up and down with each thrust he pushed into her.

He knew she was enjoying it, and he bent over. He took a nipple into his mouth, still thrusting into her. She moaned and felt his teeth graze against her delicate skin, her nipples growing harder inside his mouth, he sucked them gently.

She moaned deeper, and felt his hands all over her. He pulled her ass up and gripped it in his palms, holding her as he pushed his cock in and out of her pussy. Her body began to shake and quiver, and she grunted as her pussy gripped his cock.

"You wanna cum yet, baby?" he asked.

"Yes, yes I going to cum with me?" she asked between his powerful thrusts.

"No...I want to watch you cum first." He leaned back and pulled her legs up, laying them against his chest, her feet in the air. He nibbled at her bare ankles, her shoes had fallen off while they had been fucking.

"But I want you to cum with me....ohhh god," she moaned, feeling his teeth bite into her ankles. "Oh god, yes!" she cried out.

"You like when I do that?" he asked, and nibbled on her ankle again.

"Yes, ohh god that feels so good!" she moaned. He bite onto her ankles more and moved his other hand down to her pussy. He stuck his thumb out and slide it back and forth over her clit. She moaned and her body jolted in response to his biting and sucking on her delicate ankles. "Hmmm, yes!" she said.

He pressed his thumb harder against her clit, and he felt her inner walls clench around his shaft, gripping it tightly, her legs shook and she lifted her head off of the table, her eyes closed tightly, and tears rolling down the sides of her face.

She moaned again, and he felt her release. Her pussy flooded over his cock, and he almost came right then, but kept up the speed of his thrusts and nibbled down her leg to her inner knee. She grunted and moaned and he felt a quick grip on his cock.

He couldn't take it anymore. He gripped her hips and pulled her onto him a little harder. Slamming his cock farther into her pussy, he felt her body convulse under her.

"Oh god, you feel so fucking good," he moaned to her. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and pulled away, pulling her off the table and onto her feet. "Turn around, I want to fuck you from behind baby..."

She turned around and he bent her over. She gripped the table and felt him press his body against hers, pushing his cock between her legs and finding her opening again. He moaned and felt her juices flood over the tip of his cock, he gripped her hips, and pulled her against him.

She let out an audible sound, almost like a squeak as his cock hit inside her. She couldn't believe how great it felt to have him inside her and she joyfully pushed her body back against his, letting his cock glide in and out of her pussy.

He moved his hands around her front, strumming his fingers against her nipples and working them back down to her pussy, rubbing her clit. "Hmmm yeah," she moaned. " are going to make me cum again...."

Her tits bounced around with each stroke of his cock inside her pussy and she moaned again. "Please cum with me..."

"But I don't have on a condom...I don't want to get you pregnant...." he thrusted harder.

"It's okay, I'm on the pill. Just fuck me....ohhh yes...fuck me!" she grunted as his thrusts became faster.

He rubbed his hand up her front to her breasts and gripped one while his other hand held onto her pussy. "Hmm, you like that?" he asked. She nodded her head and moaned a yes. "You want to cum again?" he asked.

She nodded her head fast and grunted as he thrusted harder into her. "You want to feel my dick cum inside your cock, baby?" he thrusted away harder inside her small, juicy cunt. "You want to feel my cock explode in you?"

"Yes!" she screamed. Her body shook and her legs almost buckled, she leaned forward on the table and laid her head against it. Her body was thrust forward slightly with another hard push from him.

"Say my name then...say my name when you cum baby." He leaned forward to her and bit down on her shoulder. She moaned out loud, and he thrusted harder into her, his thrusts getting deeper and faster.

She moaned. "Ohhh, Johnny...I'm gonna cum....."

"Ohhh yes!" he whispered into her ear. "I am too, Tammy...." he thrusted harder and soon, his cock began to twitch in her streaming pussy, and he unloaded soon after her orgasim decreased, and she felt his cock spray into her pussy, hitting with blast after blast of his cum. Their juices mixed together, and he laid against her, her body pressed against the table.

A few minutes later, he pulled off of her and pulled up his pants, zipping them up. He took her panties and had her turn around, facing him. She stood there, her legs shaking. He wiped her pussy with her panties and handed them back to her. "See you after school baby," he said and kissed her on the cheek.

She stood there, smiling as he left the room.

Since the "lessons" started, the girls began to behave better and better. Soon, Tiffany, Amber, and "Telly" had retaken their tests, turned in some extra homework and brought up their grades. All that there was left was Stephanie and Tammy. I was excited to get the two of them alone finally.

I left special notes for them with the office in sealed envelopes. Inside were instructions to my house. I waited excitedly for them on the night I'd told them in the note to meet me.

Knock, Knock!!

I jumped up and got to the door. It wasn't Stephanie or was Ms. Semen...the female GYM teacher.

She stood there, with a stern look. I moved aside, and let her come in. "So..." she started in a low voice. She turned around and faced me after I closed the door. "When will the girls arrive?" she asked, and then smiled.

I smiled too. She took off her coat and followed me to the living room. "I'm so glad you are teaching those bitches a lesson," she sat on the couch. "They are a total pain in the ass. I can't stand them, no discipline or anything."

I handed her a glass of wine I had just poured. "Yes, they are pains, Betty. But don't worry," I smiled and sat on the couch next to her. She handed me the glass. "You'll get your revenge soon enough." I took a sip and then looked at her. "You liked the video right?"

"Oh yes, I did!" she almost sqeeled. "I'm so glad you let me in on your secret!" She took the glass back and finished it off in one drink. I took the glass and stood up.

"Did you bring what I asked for?" I asked and headed to the kitchen to refill the glass.

"Yes," I heard her call back to me. "I did, it's in the car, let me go get it."

I heard the front door open then close. I filled the glass and went back to the living room. I sat on the couch, thinking over my plans for the evening.

The front door opened then closed and Betty came back in. She came into the living room, bag in hand. She sat next to me, dropping it in my lap. "Take a look, see if it's up to code." She took the glass from my hand and had a few more sips as I opened the bag. I looked down at the goodies inside. I gave a big smile to Betty as my approval and she grinned back.

"This will more than do...." I took the glass back, "I'm glad you are a kinky one."

"You should know...." she leaned back in the couch and put her head back, staring at the ceiling. "Are those boys coming?"

"Nope," I finished the glass off and put it on the coffee table and leaned back with her. "I didn't invite them. I don't want to share the girls tonight."

"That sounds good to me." She put her head on my shoulder and giggled. "Ever since Denny gave it up to me what he was doing, I've been so angry with him."

"I'm glad you dumped him," I sighed, putting my arm around her. She had been dating Denny, Mr. Wallice, for over two years. They had suddenly split up about a week before I found out what Tammy and the other girls were doing. I figured she'd known when I found out from the boys what had been going on. "You are much better off, aren't you?"

She sighed and then looked up at me, "Yes....I guess so."

We heard the doorbell ring. I glanced at the clock on the wall and realized the time had come. I jumped up from the couch and went to the front door, opening it. They stood there on the porch, dressed like how I'd asked. My god, they looked hot!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They followed me back to the living room, Betty had ran off to the bedroom like I'd asked, she was probably getting ready, her bag was no where in site. I had the girls sit down on the couch where Betty and I had been sitting and I went off to the kitchen to get glasses of wine. "You two okay for the night?"

"Yes!" I heard Stephanie through the wall. "My parents are out of town!"

"Mine think I'm at Steph's!" Tammy called to me. "I just have to be back home by 3 pm tomarrow."

I came back into the room with the two glasses and the bottle to keep me from having to make a lot more Tripps. "Good...good...." I smiled at them. They looked so fucking hot! I handed them each a glass and then put the bottle down on the coffee table. "Now we'll have the whole night...just us."

Stephanie and Tammy looked at eachother and smiled. They each took a sip from their glass. "Hmmm," Tammy moaned, driking another sip. "This is very tastey wine, Mr. Tripps."

I sat down on a chair near the couch, looking them up and down. "You girls ready for the night's events?"

Steph was the first to answer. She nodded and smiled at me. I winked back at her. Tammy finished off her glass and put it on the table. She stood and walked to me, her body looked amazing. "I'm really looking forward to what you have in mind, Mr. Tripps." She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I reach a hand up to her legs and moved it up, under her skirt. Hmmmm, her skin was so smooth.

"Hmmm," I moaned to her. "You have no idea what I have in mind, my dear."

Tammy moaned in my mouth, Steph took another sip from her glass, then a bigger sip. She leaned against the back of the couch and watched Tammy and I make out. I pulled Tammy onto my lap, her her legs closed. I ran my hand further up her skirt on the outside of her thigh, up to her butt cheek. Further my hand went up her tiny, pleated skirt. I felt for her panties and grabbed onto them, tugging them to loosen them up. My hand then trailed under them, to her ass.

Tammy kept moaning while we kissed. Her tongue devoured my lips and her mouth sucked on my tongue and lips. She pulled away and smiled at me, her face was flushed....she was getting a buzz from the wine. I looked at her glass, it was empty. "Would you like another, Tammy?" I asked. She nodded and I held her with one hand and with the other, reached out to grab the bottle. I held her against me as I leaned forward, got the bottle then sat back. I poured her another glass and then carefully put the bottle down on the floor next to my chair.

Tammy smiled and then drank the glass with one big gulp. She smiled back at me, licking her lips. "Hmmmm," she moaned. "That tasted so good!" she exlaimed. I took her glass from her and put it next to the bottle on the floor and wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her deeply, my hand trailing between her legs, opening them up.

I pulled away from the kiss and Tammy moved her kisses to my neck. I looked at Steph, she was finishing off her glass. Her eyes were lazy and glazzed looking. God, what two lightweights those cheerleaders were. I smiled at her and she did back. "Having fun, Steph?" I asked.

She nodded and then put her glass back on the coffee table. She took her school sweater off, revieling her cheerleading top. I smiled to her, showing my approval, Tammy began to suck on my neck lightly.

I had a great view of Steph and I watched as she leaned back on the couch and pulled her panties down, resting them above her knees. I looked up her skirt to her shiny pussy, it was barely visable under her cheer skirt. She flicked her tongue across her index finger then put it under her skirt. She moaned as she stroked her clit.

Tammy slid of my lap and started to unbutton my pants. Steph's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she stroked her clit harder. She put her feet up on the coffee table and opened her legs to me. I watched as her fingers then slid into her body, disapearing into her wettness.

Tammy pulled my cock free from my pants and started to lap up and down the shaft. She had her eyes closed, and so did Steph. I looked to the hallway, I had a view of the bedroom door. It was cracked open and Betty slid through the opening. She was dressed in a black laced up corset top and thong panties with stilleto shoes. Her hair was pulled up to a tight bun on the top of her head and she had on dark red lipstick. She was hotter than these two cheerleaders. Betty came through the hallway, watching as Tammy was sucking my cock. She smiled at me and held up her bag, showing me that she had it with her.

I nodded to her and she went to the couch, startling Steph when she opened her eyes. I held onto Tammy's head and kept her sucking my cock. Steph pulled her finger from between her legs, and looked from Betty and then to me. "Don't stop Steph...keep going honey," I said in a soothing but stern voice.

Steph was a little hesitant to start back up. Betty went into her bag and pulled out a small black paddle, about the size of one you would use during ping pong. Steph looked at it and then started to flick her fingers across her clit again. Betty smiled at her.

I looked down at Tammy and figured it was time to start. I pulled her head away from my cock and pulled her up to me. I kissed her soft, wet lips and looked her straight in the eyes. "You ready for your final punishment tonight?"

Tammy nodded. "Yes, Mr. Tripps....I am ready."

"Good," I said letting go of her head. "Now stand up and take off your panties for me....and Ms. Semen."

Tammy gave me a shocked look and turned her head to see Ms. Semen sitting on the couch, next to her friend who was masturbating. "Ms...Ms. Semen!" she said stunned.

"Come on now, Tammy." Betty smiled. "Take off your panties for Mr. Tripps. I want to see this pussy he's been telling me about. The pussy Denny has been wanting so bad." She smiled. Tammy knew now that Ms. Semen was a part of why her and Steph were here tonight. She'd known that Mr. Wallice and her had been dating when she would give him head in his car. And she got the calls from him after he and Ms. Semen had broken up. He'd wanted to fuck her so bad, but she never let him.

Tammy slid her panties down and left them on the floor. I got off my chair and moved the things from the coffee table. "Get on your knees, Tammy," I demanded. She did so.

I got out my camera from by the hallway and set it up to the TV, so we could see on the screen what was being filmed. I put it on a table next to the TV and aimed it at the coffee table. You could see Tammy on her knees, her back to the camera and Steph still strumming away at her clit. She was now beginning to get close to cumming and was thrusting her hips up to her hand.

I began recording on the camera and walked over to Tammy. "Bend over the table. It's time for part one of your punishment."

Tammy leaned over the table, and I pulled up her skirt, showing her tiny ass to the camera. I looked at the TV and marveled at how it looked. I got up and went to the camera, zooming it in slightly so it was just in on Tammy and her ass. "You ready, Betty?" I asked. She got up with the paddle in her hand and got onto her knees next to Tammy. She held the paddle in her hand closest to the camera and her other, held her by the neck so her head was up.

Betty slammed down the paddle on Tammy's ass, hitting between her cheeks. Tammy jolted up, letting out a cry. I was satisfied with the shot and went back over to the couch. I sat next to Steph, Betty slamming down the paddle again on Tammy's ass. She let out another moan.

I turned Steph around so her head was on the arm of the couch and her legs were open, one on the side of the couch, her foot flat on the floor, and her other, propped up on the back of the couch. I got on my knees between her and watched as she continued to stroke her clit. I took her hand away, and leaned over to her pussy. She gasped as I began to blow air on her clit and the opening of her cunt.

Betty smiled at me, seeing the torture I was giving Steph. "This is your punishment, Steph." I said with a devilish smile at her. She moaned as I blew again on her clit. It hardened and began to dry. Her hands tried to pull away, she wanted to finger her clit again fast for she was so close to cumming and the air was tormenting her.

Betty slammed the paddle again on Tammy's ass, this time, just hitting her right cheek. She let go of Tammy's neck and smoothed her palm against the abused flesh. Tammy moaned and rocked her hips, letting her cheek get thoroughly touched.

Steph pulled her ass up from the couch, bucking her hips as her orgasim got held off as I blew air again on her opened up pussy. "Oh god, no Mr. Tripps!" she moaned to me.

Another wack from Betty's paddle on Tammy's ass cheek, this time, the left one.

I looked up to Steph's lovely face. It was wet with sweat and red. "You want to cum, don't you?" I whispered to her.

"Yes...Yes I do!" she moaned to me. "Please let me cum, Mr. Tripps...please!" Her pleads turned me on more.

"Only if you let Ms. Semen paddle your ass too when I'm done. Okay?" I said and wated fo her reply.

Steph agonized over it. I pried open her pussy lips with my thumbs and blew air against her inner walls. She tried to pull away but I licked her clit, pulling her back to me. I pulled my face away and blew air on her clit again. She almost howled as she pulled away. "Yes!" she gasped. "Yes, she can paddle my ass...just make me cum!"

I dove my face to her pussy, hearing her cries and Tammy's as her ass was whacked over and over with the paddle. Soon, Steph had my face held in her hands as she rode it into her explosive orgasim. "Oh god!" she screamed out loud. "Oh god, I'm cumming!" she moaned.

I felt the rush of fluids on my tongue and then her walls clench on my lips. She sure was cumming! Her legs shook and her skirt fell over my head, I was hidden under it, tonguing the hell out of her pussy as she came long and hard.

Tammy screamed out as Betty threw down five hard whacks, one after the other.

Whack!! Whack!! Whack!!! Whack!!!! and then a big WHACK!!!!

I pulled away from Steph's pussy, letting her lay there coming down from the orgasim. I looked over to Tammy, her face to me. Her forhead was beet red and her cheeks were stained with tears. "Ready, Tammy? Ready for me now?" I asked.

"Yes...oh god yes, Mr. Tripps!"

I looked up to Betty as her hands were now running over Tammy's brused flesh. Tammy's body twitched and jolted as her skin was soothed by Betty's soft hands. Betty leaned over and began to lay kisses on Tammy's ass cheeks. Tammy let out light moans, then began to shudder as Betty lightly slapped her cheeks.

Tammy gasped when Betty slapped her ass, it wasn't hard slaps to hurt her but with her skin already irritated from the beating from the paddle, she was sensitve.

Then Betty did the unimaginable, she opened up Tammy's ass cheeks with both her hands and moved her tongue towards Tammy's private flesh. She ran a tongue from Tammy's clit to her ass hole then up her ass crack. When she finished the long lick, she slapped right on the spot.

Tammy jolted up and almost fell over the other side of the table. She let out a long sigh as Betty licked her again. I got on my knees and bent over the table and held open Tammy's ass cheeks and got a great bird's eye view of Tammy's opened ass.

Betty smiled at me, glad I had figured out what she had in mind. Betty ran her tongue up and down Tammy's slit, over her clit and then back over her ass hole then up her crack....

Then...WHACK!! She slapped Tammy hard on the opened flesh. Tammy cried out next to me. She was sobbing as Betty began to lick her skin again, and her sobs turned to sighs soon. Then another WHACK!! and Tammy started to sob again.

When Betty was sure that Tammy had enough, she moved away from her flesh and smiled at me. I pulled Tammy up from the table and brought her to the couch. Steph sat up on the couch and Betty held onto her hand, pulling her up. She took the girl over to the table, and had her bend over the table like Tammy had been before only this time, her head was closer to the couch.

I positioned Tammy with her legs open towards Steph. I knew Tammy was relieved to no longer be receiving the whacks from the paddle. She had her head back and was sighing as she sat there, her body getting the much needed rest.

I went back to the camera and zoomed it out, gettind a nice shot of the couch and Steph's skirt covered ass. Betty moved the table a bit towards the couch then pulled Tammy's legs up onto the table, her feet resting on the edge. Tammy's knees bent and legs opened outward, Steph's head was then pushed down by Betty's hand towards Tammy's pussy. I could tell that Steph got what was needed as Tammy's eyes popped wide open. I quickly moved over to the couch and watched as Steph ate her friends pussy with long strokes up and down over the opened cunt.

Betty got on her knees next to Steph and glanced up to the TV. She noticed that all was good and she grabbed onto the paddle with her left hand. She took her right hand and pulled up Steph's skirt. "Hmmm, Mr. Tripps....I see you got this nice lil' whore wet. Did she cum for you?" She looked up at me and I smiled.

"Yes..." I whispered my reply. "Yes, she came very hard for me...she's a good whore, isn't she, Ms. Semen?"

We loved this game we were playing and we smiled back at each other.

I pulled up Tammy's top and unclasped the front of her bra, expossing her tits for the camera's view. She kept sighing as her friend ate her pussy. Then when I knew Tammy was nice and warmed up, Betty threw the paddle down on Steph's ass, sending a shock wave through Steph. I saw Steph bite down on Tammy's clit and Tammy screamed out in pain and nasty pleasure.

"Hmmm!" Steph moaned into her friends pussy as she cried softly from the abuse her ass was getting. Another whack to her ass and she moaned out again louder. Her moans muffled by Tammy's pussy but still heard by everyone in the room.

Tammy kept her hands up abover her and I handled her tits with ease. I slid my hands across her nicely shapped tits and squeezed her nipples between my fingers. I got a nice suck in from each of her hard nippSteph laid there, panting as Betty walked into the kitchen with me. Betty was still in her getup and was so hot as she got into the fridge. "What are you looking for?" I asked, intrigued.

"Do you have any fruit?" she asked, her head inside the fridge looking around. "Ah," she exclaimed as she pulled out a cantaloupe. "This will do!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I sat on the couch back in the living room, Betty getting the goodies ready back in the kitchen. I had Steph and Tammy use the bathroom and take a quick shower, they were both very tuckered out from the fuck session a few minutes before and I figured a shower would wake them up.

Betty came into the living room a few minutes later, with two small plates, one covered with a small pile of melon balls and other with nothing on it. She sat it down on the coffee table and sat next to me on the couch. "And what are we going to do with those?" I asked.

She giggled. "Get a new tape in the camera, this will be fun to watch. Trust me!" I got up and found another tape and slipped it into the camcorder. A few seconds later, Tammy was the first to come out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body. She smiled and came in and stood there next to the TV.

"Where do you want me?" she asked.

"Over here," Betty said. "I want you sit on the table here in front of me, Tammy."

Tammy slowly walked over to Betty, not sure what her teacher had in mind. She began to sit on the table but Betty stopped her. Betty stood up, her hands on Tammy's hips. She pulled the girl to her and kissed her deeply, pulling the towel from her body. I looked at the two with a hard on growing, watching them embrace and kiss. When Betty broke off the kiss, she had Tammy sit on the table.

I picked up the camera and got onto the couch next to Betty and began recording. Betty started to stroke Tammy's clit with her thumb as her palm was pushed against Tammy's mound. She lightly moaned and gasped as Betty got the teen's pussy wet and dripping. I zoomed in on Tammy's pussy as Betty then slid her thumb down to the girl's opening and lightly stroked it in and out, pulling out the juices and rubbing it against the girl's clit again.

Betty used her other hand to softly stroke Tammy's breasts, her hand smoothly running over her nipples and the sides. I moaned and then started to rub my free hand up and down my erection.

Betty moved her hand around Tammy's pussy then pressed her palm against her mound and opened up Tammy's lips with her thumb and middle finger.

She began to stroke the inner opening of Tammy's pussy with her forefinger, bringing Tammy close to orgasm as she lightly tapped the fleshy opening.

Betty reached over to the plate and picked up a melon ball, and I watched with my jaw opened wide and my hand pumping my cock faster as she started to insert the small ball into Tammy's pussy.

Tammy gasped, her cunt gripped down on the ball and let it slowly get pressed into her body.

Betty pushed it in deeper with her forefinger with her hand as it pressed harder against her mound. Her other hand reached back over to the plate and got another ball and pressed it inside Tammy's cunt, she gasped as the second ball was pushed into her. Once again, another tiny fruit ball was inserted into her pussy.

Tammy moaned as Betty then slid her finger inside with the balls. Betty swirled her finger around with the fruit, Tammy gasped and raised her ass off the table as her head was thrown back, she kept herself from falling by steadying herself against her elbows.

I jerked off faster, totally turned on as more tiny balls of fruit were fed into Tammy's slutty pussy. Then, Steph entered the room, her hair wet and her body trembling slightly as her body got used to the cool air.

I motioned for her to come sit next to me. She did so and watched with me as Betty fed another ball into Tammy's pussy and then pulled her hand away, closing the lips to her open and stuffed cunt. Betty rubbed a finger against Tammy's clit fast, bringing the teen closer and closer to orgasm.

I jerked off like a wild man and was close to cumming when Betty took Tammy's hands and pulled her off the table onto her knees. She held her face in her hands and pushed her towards my cock, Tammy quickly opened her mouth and began to suck on my cock. Betty pushed the table away and got Steph off the couch, making her join her behind Tammy.

I watched on the TV screen as I filmed the teen sucking my cock, her lips pressed around my tremendously hard boner. Betty reached forward and took the camera and I kept my eyes on the screen. Soon, Betty was filming Steph leaning her face forward and licking Tammy's opened slit.

I moaned as the sight brought me closer to orgasm and put my hands on Tammy's head, slowing her movements. The screen on the TV was a wonderful close up shot of Tammy's pussy as Steph placed a finger on either side of her lips and opened them wide. I gasped as Tammy lightly bit down on my cock as she moaned, Steph leaning in and making a sucking sound. I then heard Steph moaning and she pulled away from Tammy's pussy, she held a melon ball between her teeth and showed me her prize.

I smiled and let out a small laugh, watching her then begin to chew it. I let go of Tammy's head and she started to suck on my wildly. Steph leaned back down and I watched as Betty got a better view from the camera and I saw another ball get sucked from Tammy's pussy.

Steph leaned back up and showed me her second prize. I leaned forward and took her face in my hands, pulling her to me. We shared the ball in a lusty kiss, each sucking on it and then biting off a chunk that we then enjoyed.

Betty gave the camera to Steph and placed the extra plate on the floor under Tammy. She then had Steph film her as she moved her face in towards Tammy's pussy, she lapped up and down between the girl's slit and moaned as she tasted the sweetness being f***ed out by the girl's tight pussy walls. Then sliding two fingers from each hand into the teen's pussy, she opened the girl up. Tammy moaned and struggled to keep the balls from falling out.

Betty moaned and gasped as she pressed the girl's pussy open wider and then licked Tammy's ass hole, bringing her closer to an orgasm. Tammy lost it and began to release each ball as her pussy hit wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Betty watched with hungry eyes as the pussy juice covered balls plopped down onto the plate, one after the other.

Steph let out a small moan, also getting hungry for the balls.

Betty slid her fingers out of Tammy's pussy and patted the girl on her ass and then stood up, picking up the plate. She placed it on the table next to Tammy and grabbed the girl by the back of her head.

Tammy let out a moan as she was pulled away from my cock and then turned to the plate with the melon balls that just came from her pussy.

Betty gave a grin. "Eat them, girl. I want you to taste what your slutty pussy is like." Tammy looked at Betty and shook her head no.

"You won't please us by eating those treats?" Betty asked.

"No," Tammy said, "I won't do that, that is gross!" she protested.

Betty grabbed Tammy's hands and held them behind her back. "If you won't do that girl," she whispered behind the teen's ear, "you'll be me."

Tammy let out a sob. "Then I guess I'll be sorry....I won't do it." Her protests only turned on Betty more and she let go of Tammy, walking over to her bag. She pulled out one of the toys I was so eager to see earlier when she let me have a look.

A long, black dildo with bumps and veins all over it. It attached to a harness, that Betty then put on.

Tammy almost began crying, realizing what was going to happen. "Hold her hands," Betty said to me. I slid off the couch and quickly gripped at Tammy. She turned as she tried to pull away and I brought her back down to the table, almost breaking it as I slammed her down, her hands behind her. She began to cry as I pulled her back to me, her body pressed against my chest.

"Now," Betty said. "Sit there like a good girl and film your friend get ****d," she told Steph. Steph held onto the camera and kept filming.

I held onto Tammy tighter and moaned in her ear, my cock pressing against the small of her back, it ached to be released of it's sticky loads. "Hmm," I whispered in her ear, "you should have been a good girl. The punishment would have been fun and nice. Now, we have to show you how to be a good to take behave."

Betty got on her knees between Tammy and held onto her thighs with her hands. Tammy trembled as the fake cock was lined up to her opening. She gasped and screamed as Betty then gripped the teens ass in her palms and pulled her to her, pushing the long dildo deep into the girls twat.

Steph reached a hand down to her pussy and began to stroke between her lips as she kept filming Betty take her friend by f***e with the cock.

Tammy moaned and gasped and I held onto her tighter, my cock sliding between her ass cheeks. I moaned, feeling her skin tighten against my cock. I had a jealous streak hit my insides as I watched the black, shiny cock enter the girl's pussy and I licked my lips, getting more aroused.

Betty let loose on Tammy's pussy, slamming in harder into the defenseless girl. Tammy in turn began to moan and gasp as the **** brought on a massive orgasm that shook her insides. She fell back on me, my cock sliding up her crack back to her spine. I grunted, upset I wouldn't get to try to enter her ass.

Betty pulled out of Tammy's pussy, she looked at me and said, "Let go of the slut." For a second, Tammy thought it was over. I let go of her and she began to slid off the table, but Betty caught her off guard, slapping her across the face and turning her over on the table, onto her stomach.

She got Tammy on her knees and slammed the cock between her legs. Tammy screamed out as the cock entered her. Betty grabbed at the melon balls that had been inside Terry and began to feed them into the girl's open mouth.

Tammy gagged on the balls and tried to spit them out, but Betty closed Tammy's mouth, making her have to chew them then swallow. "They taste good, don't they?" Betty asked. "Hmm?"

Tammy nodded, and Betty slammed harder into her. Tammy almost fell forward from the big thrust. "Yes...they taste good."

"That is because of your pussy, Tammy." Betty rammed into her again. "Your pussy is what made them taste so good. Your slutty pussy tastes pretty good, I have to say." She held onto the girls hips and went wild again, slamming in and out of her quivering cunt, pulling her closer and closer to an ever growing orgasm.

Betty realized that Tammy was close and pulled away from her, pushing her onto the table. "You like to eat pussy?" she asked the trembling girl. She pulled the harness off and placed it on the table.

Tammy said between deep breaths, "No...I don't really..."

Betty looked to Steph. "Give the camera to Mr. Tripps." Steph stood up and gave the camera to me which I then pointed to the girls. "Come lay down here, girl, on the floor next to me." Steph laid down on the carpet, her naked body beautiful and stretched out next to Betty.

Betty looked back at Tammy. "Stay there, slut. I'll use you in a second." She picked up the plate with the few melon balls left on it and sat in on the floor next to Steph. Betty climbed on top of Steph in a 6 9 position and kept her pussy above Steph's face a good few inches. "Hold onto my ankles girl and don't move." Steph held onto Betty's ankles and began to moan as Betty fed one melon ball at a time into Steph's pussy.

I got behind Tammy with the camera still in my hand and reached down between her legs, fingering her pussy with my middle finger. I filmed the lovely scene and pressed my still hard cock against her back as I brought the juices flowing from her sweet hole.

I bit down on her neck as Betty started to push the final ball into Steph's pussy, she was totally full and was moaning from the pressure of the balls inside her. Betty leaned down and licked over her clit bringing the girl to an earth shattering orgasm a second later.

Betty was then satisfied and sat back up, but her pussy still hovered above the girl's mouth. Betty looked up at me and then to Tammy, "Come here and lick your friend's pussy."

I slid my finger out of Tammy's cunt and let her go to her knees. She hesitated to start licking her friends pussy and Betty shot me a look. I reached my hand over and slapped her ass hard, making her jump. She new she had no choice, and began to lick up and down her friends cunt. Steph moaned deeply and gasped as her friend licked her privates.

Betty reached a hand down and moved her thong aside, letting Steph look up to her pussy. "Lick it, slut!" she demanded. Steph leaned in her tongue and started to lick her teacher's pussy, lapping up the juices and enjoying the taste of the older pussy.

I moaned and watched in amazement as Tammy started to enjoy the pussy in her mouth. She let the balls slip out of the tight cunt and she ate them up in delicious sounding moans. She then pressed open her friends thighs wider and darted her tongue in and out of the pussy in front of her, scooping out the left over juices from the melon balls. She gasped and moaned into her friends crotch and then soon felt Betty's finger enter her pussy as she leaned forward. Tammy licked and tossed her tongue around inside the vaginal walls of her friend as her own pussy clenched down on woman's finger as it pulled at the sides, bringing her to a much needed release.

I moved from the couch and got a closer look, catching all the licks and sucks from the three woman as they brought each other to lovely group orgasm. Betty bounced lightly on the girl's tongue and slammed her finger in harder into the other girls pussy. Steph licked harder on Betty's pussy, loving the reaction it was receiving from her own tongue. Steph was amazed at how her friend was bringing her over the edge and that she continued even after she had cum.

Betty moved away from the girls and let them intertwine with their arms holding the other tight as they started kissing, sharing all the juices from the orgasm.

Betty joined me by the table and took the camera from my hands. She turned it off and then leaned in, whispering in my ear. I nodded my approval to her, and then crawled to the girls. They pulled away from each other and laid on either side of me as I got onto the carpet.

"Ahhh, my god," Steph moaned. "I love that punishment!" she said with a smile.

"Hmm," Tammy moaned too. "That was a great punishment."

"Oh my girls," Betty cooed from above. "That wasn't your punishment....." She held up a different harness that she had pulled from her bag. It was another strap on type device. The girls looked at the fake cock on the extra harness with their their tongues licking their lips.

Betty smiled at the two. "Put it on, Steph," she said and dropped it between the girls legs. Steph quickly put it on.

"Now, for you Tammy..." and she turned around and fished out another toy from her bag, she turned around and showed us.

It was a dildo that was extra wide and long. Both girls eyes popped open. Betty put back on her harness and took that dildo off, and put on the new, extra big, cock.

Betty sat on the couch and smiled down at the girls. "Come here, Tammy, come get your punishment" Tammy got up and went over to the couch, with trembling legs, she climbed on top of the woman. Betty moved the cock around until it found Tammy's opened pussy and she held onto the girl's hips, pulling her down onto it. Tammy cried out in pain but Betty didn't care. She pulled her up and down on the cock until Tammy was loose enough to take the massiveness.

Steph and I watch from behind as the girl took the cock in and out of her body. I was still jealous of all the cocks getting to fuck the girls, and Betty knew it. She looked at me with a smile and then looked at Steph. "Okay, your turn Steph."

Steph stood up and walked over to the girls, she stood there, not knowing what was needed of her. "Stand next to your friend," Betty told her and Steph repositioned. Betty took Tammy by her hair and brought her mouth towards Steph's crotch. "Suck your friends cock, get it wet....for your ass."

Tammy's eyes opened wide and began to protest but was shoved onto her friends strap on, taking the cock deep into her mouth. "Hmmm," Betty moaned, watching the girls cheeks puff out as she sucked and gagged on the cock. "That's a good girl....Now, Tammy, don't you think your ass needs to get ready? Don't you too, Mr. Tripps?"

I nodded my head fast and crawled to Tammy's behind. Betty grabbed her Tammy's cheeks and opened them wide. I got on my knees behind her and bent forward, and began to lick up and down the girls crack, licking over her ass hole, pressing my hard tongue into the hole and getting it wet.

Tammy moaned and sucked harder on her friend's "cock" as Steph watched looking down. I pulled away from Tammy's ass and moved Steph behind Tammy. I reached in front with my hands and held open Tammy's ass cheeks and pushed forward against the back of Steph, making her step forward and push her "cock" into her friend's ass.

Tammy cried out as Steph pushed into her, r****g her anal opening while her pussy was pummeled by Betty's "cock."

I stood up and held onto Steph's ass with one hand and pushed her forward with the other so she bent forward slightly. She stood still, her "cock" still embedded in her friend's ass. I pushed my cock between her cheeks and began rubbing my cock from her cunt to her ass hole, getting her dark hole very wet.

Steph moaned out as I made her pussy wetter as I got her juices covering her ass, and then with out warning, pushed my cock into the tight hole. She gasped and her body jolted. I reached down and pulled her leg up to the couch, her foot resting on the side so she could fuck Tammy's ass while I fucked hers. We all let out moans and sighs as we continued fucking, Tammy's and Steph's in mostly pain and not pleasure.

Tammy moaned deeply as Betty and Steph slid their "cocks" in and out of her pussy and ass. I pumped harder into Steph, making her body tremble with the pain growing in her ass as my cock became rock solid as I soon felt the boiling of my seed. I held her ass cheeks and finished off a few more pumps, finally cumming on the last. I held my cock deep in her rectum as my seed shot out and explored its way into the deep tunnels or her ass.

I gasped and sighed as I felt the unleashing of my cum slow down and let the gripping effects of her ass bring my cock back to life. She cried that it hurt but I didn't care and I slid my cock in and out of her now cum filled hole, feeling her muscles try it's best to push my intruder out. I held Steph close to my body and then pulled her away from Tammy, her "cock" exiting Tammy's ass. I pulled from her ass and turned her around, getting her to her knees. "Suck off my cock....get me ready for your friend." I looked down at her and kept a stern look on the girl.

Betty turned around on the couch and pulled out of Tammy. She got onto the floor behind Steph and pulled off the harness from Steph as the girl started to suck my cock clean. Once Steph no longer had the harness on, Betty held onto the girl's hips and drove her own "cock" into the girls pussy. Steph moaned and sighed on my cock as Betty fucked her good and hard from behind.

"That's a girl," Betty sighed to the teen. "You took your punishment well, now you get to cum." She held the girls hips harder and pounded away into the girl's pussy. "Hmmm, yeah....take that cock girl....take that big juicy cock."

Steph rocked her hips backwards and let Betty's "cock" hit her g spot, she rode the phallus hard until she was soon gasping for air on my dick as she came hard. She bucked up and down and sighed, tears rolling down her cheeks as she was embarrassed at cumming on the contraption.

les and then pulled on them when I knew Betty was about to smack Steph again.

Sure enough....WHACK!! Steph bit down on Tammy's pussy lips as I bit down on her nipple. Tammy groaned and screamed.

Betty smacked Steph again, harder...and then again, even harder. Steph's body kept getting pushed forward and back, her nose pressed against Tammy's clit then back then her tongue into her friend's pussy.

Tammy enjoyed the tongue bath from Steph and my biting on her nipples, but wasn't too sure about the abuse she'd bet each time Steph was smacked by the paddle.

Betty ran her hand up and down Steph's flesh then whacked her again, quickly three times. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!!! The third, being hard and held onto the paddle against the abused flesh.

Steph sobbed into the pussy she was licking with earnest and sucked on the tiny button of her friend's clit. I looked down at Steph and noticed her opened eyes. She was crying but wasn't putting up a fight. She rolled her eyes back and licked harder against Tammy's pussy, I looked at her ass and noticed that Betty had put the paddle down and was licking up and down her ass crack.

Steph enjoyed the woman's tongue on her ass hole and moaned louder as the tongue then reached her wet pussy. She had already cum once tonight by my tongue and was now close to cumming again by her GYM teacher's long tongue.

Tammy's body shook and began to convulse as her friend's tongue snaked back and forth into the entrance of her wet twat. I handled her tits harder and faster, licking them quicker. I kissed my way up her flesh to her neck and bit down lighly. She moaned and gasped as Steph brought her to her first orgasim for the evening.

Betty grabbed onto Steph's hair and pulled her away from her friends pussy and brought her face to hers, kissing the girl hard on the mouth, tasting the lovely pussy on the girl's lips.

Betty let out a moan and then pushed the girl away, but didn't let her bend back over the table. She positioned Steph to be facing the camera and got behind her. She ran one hand under the front of Steph's skirt and began to finger the opening of her pussy and with her other hand, squeezing the girl's tits under her top.

Steph moaned and rocked her hips against her dominating teacher's crotch, enjoying the finger slamming in and out of her pussy.

I looked down at Tammy. She was coming down from her orgasim and she was smiling up at me as her body lightly shook, tiny waves shaking her tits up and down. I held her legs up with my right hand and my left, slapped her ass. She groaned, not pleased with getting hit again.

I smiled down at her and then bent her legs slightly, opening up her pussy lips as her legs where bent and held open, her ankles held together by my massive hand.

Tammy knew what I was about to do and started to speak, but I slapped my hand down to her opened pussy, lightly slapping her wet skin. She groaned and gasped as I then slapped her again quickly. She bucked up and down, trying to pull away as I repeatedly slapped her fresh-from-cumming pussy. She moaned and looked me in the eyes as I slapped again and again, growing in the strength and speed of the slaps.

Meanwhile, Betty was still fingering Steph, bringing her to yet another orgasim, bitting down hard on the girls neck as her hand gripped her tit in her hand. Steph put her hands up to the teacher's head and turned her own head towards the camera and kissed the Betty on the mouth. The camera got all the great lesbian action of her pussy getting finger fucked and their tongues lashing out at each other. She moaned and sighed as Betty slid another two fingers into her pussy and started to fuck her harder.

Steph screamed and sighed and the two fell over. Betty pulled the girl on top of her and kept her hand between her legs, still fucking her fast and hard. Steph leaned back, stradling Betty and rode her hand with eagerness, bouncing up down. She tore off her top and her bra, showing everyone her great tits.

I let go of Tammy and let her rest back on the couch. I went over to the TV and grabbed the camera and started to get on film the lovely lesbian fuck fest. Steph kept boucing up and down on the hand that was stretching her open and her tits shook softly in the light. I opened my pants to her and Steph leaned over, taking my cock in her mouth. Betty held her other hand up and I handed her the camera. She got a great view of her hand entering the girl's pussy as I could see in the TV. Steph's pussy was nice and wet from her multiple orgasims and was getting stretched out more and more with each thrust Steph caused Betty's to do.

I moaned as I felt Steph stroke her hand up and my shaft as her tongue sucked on the end of my cock. Betty moaned as she felt Steph's pussy spasim on her hand and she rocked it harder against the girl's tight pussy.

I felt my balls tighten and I threw my head back as I sent my loads into the girl's sucking mouth. She drew every drop of my cum deep into her throat and she swallowed every one of my loads with out gagging or spitting. I looked down at her and stroked her soft cheeks

I pulled my cock from her mouth, satisfied that it was clean. I went over to Tammy and sat on the couch next to her, pulling her onto my cock. Her pussy quickly took my cock in and it was soft and loose around my cock. It felt good but I knew a way to make her tighter.

I looked over the girl's shoulder as I fucked her in a slow, steady rhythm. Betty was finishing Steph off as the teen was hitting another orgasm and was falling forward on the floor. Steph's ass turned up in the air as the teacher rammed in and out, harder and harder, sending small slaps with her hands onto the girls ass. Once Steph was finished, Betty pulled out, the large cock glistening with the girl's juices. Betty began to take the harness off, but I stopped her.

"Come here, Betty," I said as I kept fucking Tammy. Tammy was laying against my chest, her tits pressed hard against me. She was breathing in heavy breaths, trying to calm down from crying so hard from the r****g of her pussy and ass.

I held onto Tammy's ass cheeks and opened them up. Betty and I knew she was still wet and stretched out from Steph's "cock" so we didn't waste time. Betty pushed forward and slide the monster of a cock deep into Tammy's ass. Tammy moaned out and gasped, feeling her ass get filled to the end with the rubber cock.

I instantly felt the tightness again in her pussy as her ass was filled. I rolled my eyes in ecstasy, loving the feeling of her pussy on me like a glove. I moved her up and down on my cock, making the "Dick" in her ass move in and out in opposite thrusts. Tammy wasn't happy she was getting double fucked again and tried to pull away. Betty wrapped her arms under the girls armpits and held the girls arms outward, unable to push away from her r****ts.

"Just need to learn your lesson, sweetie," Betty moaned in the girl's ear.

Tammy cried as we fucked her. Betty moved her hands down the girls front and found her nipples, tweaking them in her fingertips and pulling them gently. Tammy found this pleasing and started to sigh and moan.

I loved that she was getting into it and I held her hips as I kept riding her pussy. I felt her insides grow hot with my thrusts and I hit her cervix harder with my cock. She moaned and her body jumped up and down on my prick as she was soon riding a wave of pleasure as her orgasm began hitting her. She opened her eyes and I looked at her deeply as I rode her through her orgasm. She moaned and her body shook, her ass trembling on the rod that was pushed deep within her.

I felt her pussy clench and release my cock over and over as her pussy came. Her juices trickled out of her pussy and made my pubic hairs wet, my balls now soaked, made a slapping noise against her body when she plopped back down. I let her begin to ride us as she continued her orgasm and let the two cocks collide within her, making her orgasm roll and turn inside her.

She put her head back as her peak hit and she held her body against mine, Betty pushing the "cock" deep in her rectum. I felt the rubber cock against my own prick and loved the feeling of it rubbing against my length. I wasn't turning gay, but was enjoying the movements it sent through her flesh from her ass to her pussy.

I held on tight to Tammy and wrapped my arms around her. Betty slid out of her ass and Tammy trembled. I moved my hands down her ass and covered her, holding her to me, I kissed her over and over, giving her much needed pleasure after the confusing abuse and almost love making. She returned the kisses in full and moaned between my lips. Betty took Steph's hand and had her follow her to the bathroom and left Tammy and I on the couch, still in each others arms.

As I felt my cock grow soft inside her, I let her slid off me. She stayed on my lap, turned to the side and cuddled in my arms. We fell asl**p like this, snoozing lightly as Betty and Steph continued their fuck session in the bathroom.

Over an hour later, we awoke. Tammy smiled at me after she let out a small yawn. We stood up and found Betty and Steph in the guest room, sl**ping. I led Tammy down the hallway to my bedroom and we got under the covers.

I held her against me as we laid there in the dark, in total silence.

A while later, Tammy broke the silence. "Are my lessons over, Mr. Tripps?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied, stroking her hair. "They are. You going to be good from now on?"

She nodded her head. "Yes," she whispered. "Yes, I am going to be good." She stayed silent for a few seconds. "Mr. Tripps?"

"Yes, Tammy?"

"I'm going to miss our lessons." She had a sweet look to her, her eyes glistening in the glow from the moon outside. She looked as though she was still crying.

"Me, too, Tammy..." I whispered to her. I held her against my body. It was so wrong how I felt about her. That I couldn't go a day with out her...I didn't care much about the other girl's who had their lesson's with me. And I knew full well that Betty was verging on the brink of homosexuality with Stephanie.

I lay there next to the cheerleader for some time, thinking of what next to say.

"Mr. Tripps?" her sweet voice broke through my thoughts.


"You should know that Johnny and I had sex a few weeks ago...away from the lessons."

I had heard the rumors from the other boys and hoped it wasn't true. "Are you and Johnny going to become an item now?" I hoped for the right answer.

"Well...." she started then fell quiet.

"What, Tammy?" I asked. "What is it that you want to tell me."

"Johnny is my friend...and will always be my friend. Mr. Tripps......I'd rather have sex with you."

I smiled, flattered and excited. "You really mean that, Tammy?"

"Yes..." her voice trailed off and I took her in a heartfilled embrace. I kissed her over and over.

She giggled when I rolled over on top of her, my kisses smothering her almost.

"You know what this means though?" I asked.

"What?" she smiled up at me.

"You'll need to be punished for breaking the rules...."as they puffed in and out as she sucked and breathed in my cock.

I pulled free and fell onto the floor. Betty handed me the camera and I filmed as she kept fucking the girl. She grabbed onto Steph's left tit with her hand and kept her other on the girls clit. She strocked it long and hard and soon, Steph was screaming out to the world that she was cumming. She rocked her hips back and forth on the hand and let her cum stream out all over Betty's crotch.

I sighed as I watched Steph finish cumming on top of Betty and then fall over, shaking from her wonderful orgasim.

"Oh wow..." Tammy moaned.

Steph sighed. "Yes...oh god...that was...that was....ohhhh god!" she couldn't speak.

Betty stood up and got the camera from me and placed it back on top of the TV. "And to think..." she started, "we're only getting started."

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