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Should boys leave home when they are 18?

Carol looked around at the small, cramped setting. Bg ugly yellowish-white tiles covered the floor and walls. a dirty, wet commode sat in the center, its bluish water filled with toilet paper. On right side of the commode, hung big rolls of thick, coarse toilet paper.
She hated going in public bathroom but she was 100 miles from home and had stopped for gas when she realized she'd need to go. Now, looking at this dirty bathroom she wasn't that sure. Maybe she could hold it in for another few hours.
She considered this but for a moment and then with a sigh, started to wipe the toilet seat. She spread the paper all along the seat and then squatted making an effort to not let her hips touch the seat, as far as possible. But Carol's legs, though strong, couldn't support the weight of her plump, 170 lbs body for long. In a few seconds her knees started to buckle and even before piss from her bald cunt hit the water in the bowl, she had sunk into that dirty plastic toilet seat.

She took a deep breath in and then her hips exploded!
"Pawwwwww", her rear belched loudly before solid, long log of brown turd emerged from her anus and made its way all the way down to the bottom of bowl.
Carol looked down and miraculously, the turd was still half way inside her body while its other end extended almost a foot down and into the water! Its hard, solid form told her she needed to drink more water.
"Pwetterrrr...." more methane emanated from her bottom and then few small, hard bombs landed. With that it was all over.
Now came the unsavory task of cleaning herself with that coarse toilet paper.
Carol shuddered. How long had it been since she had cleaned herself? 8 months? May be 9? She couldn't recall but suddenly she bursted out crying. Sitting there in a dirty restroom of a gas station with toilet paper in her hand and ugly smell permeating the surrounding, she missed Larry, her obedient, dutiful son even more now.

For almost an year Larry had dedicated every single waking hour of his life servicing his 49 year old mother. He bathed her, he cooked for her, he cleaned the house, did laundry and above all, he cleaned his mother's dirty bottom every day.
While she sat on the toilet, Larry brushed her hair, gave her a manicure or pedicure and rubbed her feet to relieve any tension. His mother's piss, shit and fart made no difference to him. If Carol felt uncomfortable, Larry sprayed expensive perfumes and lit scented candles to ease her but it never bothered him to see his mother's turds hitting the bowl.
More than once, Larry had cupped his hands under his mother's anus and let the firm yet silky balls of fun fall into them.

"What's so facinating about my ass Larry?" she asked him.
" Oh mom! You have the most beautiful ass in the world. You think is is dirty but to me, these are the sweetest most joyful mounds, even more than your breasts. I love your milk but I love your chocolate because I know you never do." Larry said not taking his eyes off his hands now half way full of his mother's gooey chocolate.

Carol smiled and even though she didn't let her son taste her shit, she tightened her abs and pushed excess brownies out filling Larry's cupped hands all the way to the top.
After she was done, she'd relaxed back into the toilet seat and lifted her legs up. Larry took copious amount of paper and parted her hips gently. Then with careful strokes, he started wiping making sure his mother's beautiful anus was clean and fresh within minutes.
Of late, Larry had even started bleaching his mom's anus to make it lighter. After merely 2 weeks, Carol's previously black asshole had taken a creamy look making it look more beautiful between her big, white hips. Even her black lovers had complemented her on her anus and after they filled it up with their thick, raw cum, Larry sucked the creamy, puckered hole till Carol emptied all the sperms in his mouth.

But none of that will happen today. Carol wiped her eyes and her ass in that order.
She then stood up, pulled her panties around her wide hips and walked out with a heavy heart.
In a few minutes she was on road again, driving home but her mind was wandering. How Larry had pleaded with her.

"Please mom! Please. Pretty Please! Don't send me away mom." he wailed
Carol was determined. Young boy of his age needed to refocus on his studies. He was a beautiful boy but had no girlfriend. He was really good at school but had no plan to go to college. He had a nice cock and balls but hardly masturbated, not even when he sucked cum out of his mother's cunt after she had been fucked by one of her black lovers.
All that Larry liked was to serve his mistress or as he called her, his Goddess. He made sure he was available to his mother all the time. He even tried to convince her that he be home tutored but Carol put her foot down. It was one thing to let the boy help around the house and serve her, but ignoring his school was just not acceptable.
Both mother and son were happy. Carol worked part time, made enough money to support her lifestyle of gangbangs with dark men, fetish parties and sexy lingerie while her son's only passion was to clean his mother's asshole and pussy with his tongue specially after a few muscular, black men had left their seed inside her fat rear.
Then Carol met Sheila, her next door neighbor and mother of Justin, Larry's classmate at school. Carol hated Justin. The boy had little etiquettes and no respect for anybody. More than once he slapped his mother's face right in front of Carol and Larry. They were aghast. Larry worshipped his mother but Justin was just cruel. He called Sheila a bitch and never talked to her without the f-word.
While Larry cleaned his mother's dirty asshole, Justin often left piss on the floor because he couldn't aim properly, leaving Larry to clean up after they had left.
Carol stopped inviting Sheila over but the woman just didn't get it. She'd stop by if she saw Carol in the driveway and even started to bring food to their house.
Then one day Carol found the real reason Sheila hovered around her.

"Carol, I have to admit. I am bit jealous and intrigued by you and Larry." Sheila said leaning forward into her chair.
Carol was in the bathroom putting her lipstick on. It was Tuesday night and she had invited Jake and Sam, her two young black lovers. She knew Larry liked them as they came a lot and left her pussy and ass full of thick sperms. She and Larry played a game after the guys left. Larry tried to guess whose sperms he was sucking and to Carol's surprise, he often got it right.

"what do you mean Sheila?" carol asked trying to end the conversation quickly.
"Well. You know." Sheila shrugged.
"I don't" Carol quipped. She was getting annoyed. She didn't like talking to Sheila about her little angel.
"He is so respectful. Always helping around the house and waiting for your permission before he does anything." Sheila said looking at Carol.
"Justin on the other hand", she continued, "is incorrigible. The boy has no discipline. He walks around the house naked, masturbates when he pleases and where he pleases leaving me to clean up after him and slaps me around. These days he won't talk to me without calling me a 'dumb slut' or a 'fucking whore'. If I punish him, he just starts masturbating in my bras and panties."

Carol stepped out of the bathroom. She had heavy makeup on, with deep, red lipstick, pink slutty mascara and dark eyeliner. She had put enough foundation to hide the wrinkles around her big blue eyes and full mouth and touched up her hair too. Her 5'5" body was a bit heavy but large pendulous tits, small waist and big, wide hips made her look very voluptuous.
She had put on a long red skirt and white blouse - the one Larry had given her a few weeks back.

"I need your help Carol" Sheila said. "If you are busy, I will come back but I do want to understand how you controlled Larry to become the sweet boy he is."
Carol relaxed and then smiled.
"This bitch has tits almost as big as mine but she sure is dumb" she thought.

"Well Sheila, it all comes down to trust. I trust Larry and he trusts me. He does what I tell him to do and I do what he wants me to." Carol said simply.
"What does that mean?" Sheila was perplexed.
"Listen Sheila," Carol explained "boys of Larry and Justin's age are not k**s anymore. They are fully grown up young men. You have to treat them with respect but you have to be firm as well. Larry knows I trust him but he also understands that this is my house and if he has to live here, he needs to live by my rules."
"I see." Sheila said trying to make sense of this.
"So if Larry wants to bring a girl home and have sex with them, what do you do?" she asked
"What?" Carol was caught by surprise.
"Larry's too young to have sex Sheila!" she cried out.
"Really?" Now it was Sheila's turn to be surprised.
"I thought my Justin and your Larry are same age and Justin's been fucking girls and their mothers for a few years now!"
"Are you sure?" Carol couldn't believe her neighbor. They boys were still teenagers.
"I have cleaned up after them Carol. I know he's been fucking that Moore girl and that slut Ashley for at least a few months. There are others but these 2 girls show up at my house everyday."

Carol was speechless. It suddenly hit her that her baby boy was really a young man now and men his age were supposed to be fucking girls, not eating cum of strange men from their mother's asshole. She scuttled the rest of the conversation and Sheila and returned to the bathroom.

While Larry knocked on the door, Carol calmly took her clothes off, washed her make up and sat in the wam water in her bathtub.
It was a good 30 minutes before she decided to open the door. Larry was hysterical.
"what happened mom! Are you okay? I have been here for hours." he said grabbing her and burying his head in her bosom.
"Get a grip Larry. You are a grown up man now" Carol said rather rudely pushing her son away.
"Mom?" Larry couldn't understand why his otherwise kind and gentle mother being so cruel to him.
"Mom! I am sorry I am late. But you told me to get the groceries."
"Larry. baby. Shhhh..." Carol calmed him down.
That night they talked and Carol made it clear that she wanted Larry to leave and find his own place.
"Why mom? What did I do? Why are you throwing me out mom?" Larry cried out.
"Because you are old enough to be on your own. You have to grow up Larry. You have to find your way in this world. You can't stay here, hiding in your room or between my hips. That's not healthy." Carol said running her fingers through her son's chestnut brown hair.
"But mom who will take care of you when I am gone?" Larry tried to use fear of loneliness to change his mother's mind but Carol was not dumb.
"Larry, I am almost 50. I don't need my son to wipe my bum. Maybe when I am 70 I would but I want you to be a great success and then you could take all the time in the world to wipe your mother's dirty ass. With no men lining up to fuck me, I will enjoy your attention more."
"Please mom!"
Carol's mind was made up. She was a mother damnit and she was determined to be a better mom.

Next day Carol talked to her cousin in Las Vegas. 45 year old Linda was an exotic dancer and now worked as full time prostitute but it was still better than having her son stay home with his nose buried up her freshly fucked anus.
Carol agreed to pay Linda five hundred dollars every month. In return Larry got his own room and dinner.

Carol was sad but not disappointed. Despite her apprehension Linda turned out to be a good person with clean 2 bedroom apartment in a decent neighborhood. Linda assured Carol Larry would get his own room and privacy. She also assured Carol she didn't work that often leaving her enough time to pursue her own GED at community college.
Carol didn't stay long. She promised Larry he could visit her once a month but only after he finds a job and enrolls in a college.

Now, just 20 minutes from home Carol realized what a mistake she had made. Her son wasn't a burden, he was her biggest champion. He made sure the house kept running while his mother indulged in carnal pleasures. He worked hard and studied harder always earning top grades. Almost every night when Carol got on all fours, letting some big, black cock impale her soft anal flesh mercilessly, she could hear Larry cooking dinner or cleaning up the kitchen. After them men left, Carol could just walk out naked. Larry made sure her dinner and whine were on the table and while she ate and relaxed, he cleaned her rectum of the sperms. If she was too sore, he applied little cream to her netherworld and helped her to the bathroom.
They were so comfortable with each other that Carol could fart loudly while pissing and shitting and Larry just kept wiping her body of sweat and dirt. By the time she was done, he would have cleaned her up and got her ready for bed.

Then the mother got up, turned around and let her son do his last job of the day - wipe his Goddess's dirty rectum. He did so gently and with great reverence and never contorted his face or pulled away if his mother's shit got on his fingers. He made sure she was clean, perfumed and powdered before letting her go. Then he washed his hands.
Larry's unflinching dedication made her feel like a Goddess. She had much more self respect now than ever before, she was very confident and because of Larry's hard work, she was sexually and emotionally satisfied which gave her courage to take more risks and be more successful everyday.
Carol was her son' Goddess and she loved it.
If she wanted, she'd cuddle her son and feel his hardness through his tight, white briefs but she never touched his cock. Larry had convinced her that i****t was unnatural and besides he'd never be a man enough to fuck a Goddess like her and that she should stick to very large, dark meat on black and mexican men.

She was home now and it felt so cold and lonely. She could still feel discomfort in her belly and between her hips. Perhaps she hadn't cleaned herself properly but the itch was now unbearable.
She stripped and jumped into the shower and rubbed her anus violently, trying to clean it.
"If Larry were around, I wouldn't even have to do this dirty thing" she thought and her eyes brimmed with tears.
She stared at the wall of the shower and realized without Larry it'd never be the same again. Was it really that bad to let her son worship her? Fuck Sheila and her son. Larry deserved to be with his mother. She deserved to be with Larry. the boy was dedicated, disciplined and nice.
If it wasn't for him, she'd never be able to find so many men to have sex with. Larry screened her lovers, making sure they didn't have any diseases. He even measured their cocks, selecting only the thickest and largest cocks for his mother.
Carol knew what she had to do. Without wasting any more time, she started wiping her body of warm water of the shower. Then she turned around and saw her hips. She could see why Larry worshipped her ass - it was really big , almost 55" in girth and her anus was quite loose and dark. Carol had seen her son puckering his lips around her asshole as she pushed fresh cum out into his mouth. She had seen how much he enjoyed smelling her freshly fucked rectum as he savored the flavored manly fluid in his mouth.
She put her skirt on and skipped the panties. It would be a long drive but she was determined to bring Larry back.
She could stay in Vegas for a night and perhaps they could even do a gangbang with local guys. Linda could help her organize something. Then Carol would let Larry feast on her ass - as long as he wanted. She'd let him spread her cheeks aside and bury his tongue deep inside her anus, collecting the sperms of black men and swallow it all down.
She felt relaxed. She knew she had made the right decision.

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