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I was still sitting on the toilet and Mrs Mac was standing to the side. She had come up close so that her hairy bush was level with my face and the folded rag between her legs was pulled hard into her snatch. I could see the bl**d at the edges of the rag and smell that wonderful smell of woman,and her period.
She put her hand in my hair and pulled my face into her groin, pushing it against my face.'C'mon baby,'she whispered. 'You want to smell it. Here you are. Smell it, baby. You like that smell? ' I tried to answer but she was pressing my face right in between her thighs and i couldn't speak.
She took my face in her two hands and bent my head back. 'Don't worry, baby. I'm not going to tell anyone. Just do what I tell you, you'll like it, I promise. You do like it don't you!.'
I could feel myself blushing and I nodded. My young cock was thick and hard and I was worried that it would spurt my stuff everywhere.I had never seen between a woman's legs and now that I had got over my fright and embarrassment at being caught in the ladies lavatory, and smelling her used period ragsI was burning to do everything -- without really knowing what "everything" was...
'Undo the safety pins and and you can have a look,' she commanded. I was shaking but I got the first one undone. She had closed her legs while I took the pin away from the corset, so the rag stayed in place.
'Now the back one,' she said. When I had done as I as told she stepped back from me and stood in front of me. 'Lie back,' she said. 'Right back.'
She was standing there with her full flesh-coloured corset on, her tits as big as basketballs, her big beautiful thighs with the tan nylon stockings coming half way up them and the soft-white flesh above her stocking tops bisected by the suspenders ... and the rag, still in place hiding her cunt[b.
'Put you legs together.' She ordered me. 'And lie back like I told you! Stick that big cock up!
I wondered what she was going to do. She was holding the rag in place and walking up my outstretched legs. Her legs were open and her eyes were sort of clouded as she looked down at me ... and pulled the bl**d-stained rag away 'Here,' she said. 'HERE IT IS.' and showed herself to me.'Here you are. This is what you want.' She was breathing heavily and her face was pink. 'S o now that you've seen what you want, I'll show you what to do with it'
I was quite naked, stretched full-length with my rod pointing up in the air -- it was bigger and stiffer than I had ever known and so hard it was hurting. She lifted herself up over me showing me her hairy, swollen cunt her thighs spread wide apart and the smell of it hit me in the face flooding my brain filling my mouth and throat deep down into my virgin balls .... and reached for my stick and positioned herself above it ...
I felt the eager throbbing head of my young cock being placed at the very entrance to her hot oily cunt as she put it in then slowly took it with little fuck movements, swallowing my cock an inch at a time as she slowly squatted and rose up and down until she was sitting on my legs with her cunt-lips flattened against the very root of my cock and her cunt juice pouring over my balls AND I COULDN'T WAIT AND MY SPUNK BURST WAY WAY UP INSIDE HER and she took no notice, didn't notice as she didn't pause as she fucked my cock for me the air filled with the sound and stink of her cunt fucking me and now I'm hard again thrusting up into her and ... bursting, bursting and still she doesn't stop but holds me down with weight of her body unyielding her cunt hard against my groin ramming at me my cock way up her and this time with my hot young spunk squirting up her she starts to grunt rocking back and forth faster and harder and she throws her head backand screams and I feel the walls of her cunt opening and closing around my cock and her head drops to my shoulder and she's biting and scratching at me . And I feel her beautiful cum squirt and endlessly squirt ...

'I've cum,' she whispers.

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