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Seduction at the airport Marriot

I was waiting for her at the Southwest gate. We'd met online, become friends, exchanged messages, phoned, texted, even cammed a few times. But she had a business trip to my city, and this was the first time we'd met in person..
"There you are!" I exclaimed as she came out of the arrival gate. She smiled when she saw me - we hugged, kissed like a husband and wife would returning from a business trip. Only this was a monkey business trip, not the kind she normally did.
We went down and got her baggage from the claim, and walked hand in hand across to airport parking. She slid into my car, and we headed for the airport hotel where the company she was interviewing with had arranged a stay.
Once she got checked in, we took the elevator to her floor, found her room, and walked in. The click of the lock behind us was cause for a big sigh of relief from both of us - we had chatted on the way, but now there was nothing to stop us.
I opened my briefcase and extracted a bottle of champagne. As I worked the wire off the cap and twisted the bottle, a pop and a spurt and then we were drinking and toasting each other. Her husband at home was at work, my spouse was at work, and we were together for the evening.
The room had a Jacuzzi large enough for two (thank you, Marriott!) So after some kissing, fondling each others' backs and buttocks, we began undressing each other. She was in a skirt, and much to my surprise she was going commando underneath! Her small breasts were likewise unrestrained, and came tumbling loose as soon as I unbuttoned her blouse.
She fumbled with my belt frantically, then slowly unzipped me. I was already proud, my penis jutting out as soon as she released it from its wool prison. As the tub filled, I cupped her small, high breasts and gently kneaded her already-erect nipples. They stiffened to my touch, as she began to sigh. My shirt soon joined my pants on the floor, and we sank into the tub of warm water.
I turned her around with her back to me, and began massaging her tits with soap. Gradually I worked my hands down her belly, teasing at the triangle of her pubic mound. She could feel my erection pressing into her back, and slid invitingly up and down it, only further encouraging me. A stiff prick hath no conscience, and mine was definitely throbbing!
I washed her a while, then we splashed our way into reversing positions. She pinched my nipples, giggling, and then began to wash my nether regions. She lovingly cupped my aching scrotum and gently massaged my swollen testicles, while my shaft bobbed, begging for attention. There's nothing as nice as knowing that soon it would find release with a woman who wanted to please!
We kissed, then I turned over and slid down in the warm soapy water, kissing my way down her throat to her chest. I circled each nipple with my tongue, tasting her hard nubs while she moaned sofly. Some women seem to have a direct connection from nipple to vagina - she was one!
Then I pinched her nipples as I slid further down and parted her thighs. Her warmth was much hotter than the water in the tub - she was burning with desire. I moved a hand down from tit to twat, spreading her labia and seeking her woman's button. As I touched her swollen clitoris, her hips began to writhe and her breathing grew shallow and fast. A red flush spread up her chest to her face, and she began moaning and her pelvis rocked to the increasing rythmn of sex.
With a groan she surrendered to orgasm, splashing water clear out of the tub onto the floor. She came violently, with a shudder and her knees clamped together while her hips ground against me. My erection was painful and begging release!
When her quivering stopped, she giggled. "Did I lose it there for a while?" she smiled at me. Well, it was hard to tell but her eyes had definitely rolled back in her head!
We climbed out of the tub and flopped onto the king sized bed. She ignored my attempts to continue playing with her clit and grasped my swollen hardon and began to lick around its head, then ran her tongue down the underside all the way to my balls. She kissed my gonads, then took each one gently into her mouth and massaged them with her tongue. I closed my eyes and let her make all my nerve endings tingle!
Then she began to work her way up my body, kissing my penis, my abdomen, my nipples - and then hoisted herself onto my now-aching shaft. Slowly she teased her way onto me, as I held still and let her set the pace. Her cunt was tight, but dripping wet and I felt the head of my cock spread her vagina as we merged.
Deeper and deeper I felt myself penetrate her throbbing pussy. The walls of her cunt were spasming and contracting, so I couldn't just thrust in until her juices had lubricated our coupling. After what seemed an eternity, I was fully seated and she sat astride me, clenching my dick with her powerful vagina.
Then we began to move, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I reached up and fondled her tits which were flopping in circles, squeezing her boobs as she came to her second climax. Her pussy dripped wet, squelching sounds as her fluids oozed and lubricated our sex.
Then I felt my cock stiffen and swell, as the unmistakeable feeling of impending explosion began to spread all over my groin. With a groan I gasped "I'm cumming!" as my semen shot up my member and began to spurt into her womb. Sticky sperm began to trickle out of her as she milked my cock and I surrendered myself to wave after wave of bliss.
With a wet "plop" my now-shrunken limp cock slid out of her. Then she turned and presented her ass to me, so I could see my white cum ooze out of her pulsating pussy. She took my flaccid cock into her mouth to suck the last juice out, while I licked our mixed sex fluids all over her clit. We laughed, feeling the warm afterglow of a good fuck.
Then I sprang my idea upon her and she smiled and agreed. We dressed, and she headed downstairs to the bar and took up a spot a couple of stools over from a guy who was wearing a Sears suit. He was an obvious road warrior, with an empty glass in front of him. My plot was to let him think he was seducing her, then step in and freak him out....
(To be continued)

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