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Hard Times

I stop off at your house to drop off a book I borrowed from you and knock on the door. You open the door in cut off jeans and a t-shirt that shows off your tight,flat stomach and the telltale signs of erect nipples. “Oh thanks!” You say as I give you the book.”Very entertaining reading!” I say as you welcome me in. I walk into the living room with you and sit on the couch.”So what have you been up to lately?” You ask as you sit cross legged next to me but leave your legs open enough so I can tell you aren't wearing any underwear. I clear my throat and say “Basically just college and homework!” You press a little harder by uncrossing your legs all the way and I can see you are completely shaved. “Well don't you think it's time to take a break?” I couldn't agree more! You jump a little when I grab your legs and pull them apart as my face goes into your crotch. I spread the jeans over and dip my tongue into your sweet pussy as you squeal and put your legs over my shoulders. I remove my tongue and slip your cut off jeans up and over your legs as my tongue retraces your pink pussy. I slide my tongue up one end of your thigh to the next one teasing you as my mouth kisses your pussy mound. “OH YES!”You cry as my tongue delves deep into your succulent pussy and I drink in your juices. My hands holding your legs up as my tongue slides in and out of you again n again. I slide my tongue down to your tight ass and hear you moan as my tongue makes contact with your very tight ass. “OOOOH! Are you gonna do some wild n kinky things to me today?”You jokingly say knowing far well that by the end of tonight,EVERY hole would be licked,sucked,and fucked hard and deep. “I guess you're just gonna have to wait and see!” I tease as my tongue goes back up your tight ass.”AHHHHH!” You cry out as my tongue wiggles deeper inside you. With your hands on my head and your breath getting more shallow I can tell you are getting close to having a mind bending orgasm. I pull out and stand up. Grabbing your hand I bend you over the arm of the couch while spreading your legs. You look over your shoulder as you see me admiring your fine tight ass. I take my right hand and spank your pussy hard as I hear you scream. I spank your inner thighs and like magic watch them go even further apart! I blow on your pussy and hear you moan as my tongue snakes it's way back up your tightest hole.”You know I'm still a virgin back there right?” You ask as I place a finger up against it. “Yes. I know that. But by tonight,It won't be anymore.” You gasp as my finger slips inside your tight ass and I hear you gasp as my tongue dances on your clit. “YES!YES!YES!YEEEEEES!” Your head is looking back at what I'm doing to you but as your orgasm overtakes you, You move your head down and scream into the couch. Your tight ass clenches my finger as your orgasm subsides and I slowly slide it out of you. My face is drenched with your juices as you turn around and you taste yourself on my tongue. My cock is bulging in my pants. You unzip my pants and take it into your mouth. This time I am the one to moan as I feel your hot breath and warm,wet lips engulf first the head of my cock and then my shaft. I can feel my cock hit the back of your throat and am almost engulfed in an orgasm. I grab your face and begin to fuck your mouth with my cock. Spit is dripping out of the corners of your mouth as I fuck your mouth hard. I pull out and slowly jerk off as you tongue my balls and run your tongue up and down the length of my shaft. I grab my cock and slap your face gently at first with it. OPEN WIDE!” I command as I ram my hard cock back down your throat. This time I really fuck your face hard and grab the back of your head so you can't come back up. My cock is deep inside your throat and you are gagging hard. I let up as you moan and release my very wet,very hard cock. Your spit is caked on my cock as I bend you over and have you grab your ankles. You pant hard as you feel my hardness sliding deep into your very wet pussy. “OH GOD YES! You say through ragged breath with my hands on your ass cheeks I slam your pussy hard and deep. I show no mercy as I hear your cries of pleasure every time my cock slams back deep inside you. “DON'T STOP!OH GOD!PLEASE DON'T STOP!” You cry as I bury my cock deeper inside of you. “AHHHHH!I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN!!!!!” You scream as I continue my assault on your tight pussy. “COME!COME!COME!I'M COOOOOOOOOMMMMIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!” You cry as your body convulses and your screams echo throughout the house! I hold your body close to mine. With Your convulsions fading away, You fall back onto me and I carry you into the bedroom. My cock juts out in front of me and I put you gently onto the bed. Your skin glistens with sweat as I lay down next to you and caress your nipples as you play with my still very hard cock. You lean down and taste your sweet pussy on my cock as you lick and suck on it. Standing on my knees I see your exquisite tight ass and turn you around again. With one hand on your ass and my cock in the other I slide all the way inside your pussy again and hear you moan. I place both hands on your hips and fuck you slowly. I take 1 finger and slowly start circling your tight asshole. You moan louder and look over your shoulder as I take my hard cock and place it against your ass. “Slowly. Please go slow.” You say as I guide my cock into your very tight ass. Your hands grip the sheets and you cry out a little as the head goes in slowly. Very gently I put a little more in as I listen to your whimpers n cries. You feel my entire length inside your tight ass and I slowly move in n out. “OH!YES!HARDER!” You cry out as you start to enjoy my cock in your ass. “DEEPER!OH GOD YES!DO IT DEEPER AND HARDER!” You cry as your hand covers your pussy and another orgasm starts to build inside you. My cock is a blur as it slides in and out of your tight ass. Your screams echo off the walls as an orgasm overtakes you and you cum hard! “FUCK ME! YES! POUND MY TIGHT LITTLE ASS HARD!OH GOD YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD!” “TAKE THIS BIG COCK!HOW DOES MY HARD COCK FEEL SLIDING IN N OUT OF YOUR TIGHT ASS?!” I ask you just before I feel my own orgasm approaching. “FUCK ME!OH!I'M COMING!I'M COMING!” You cry as I fill your tight ass with my hot cum as both of us enjoy sexual bliss. “Now that wasn't so bad was it?” I ask as I run my hands down both ass cheeks and massage them. “Next time we fuck I'm gonna REALLY pound this ass hard! Why don't we take a shower?”

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