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Deep Anal


“FUCK ME!” Stacy cries as another orgasm washes over her from Luke's tongue penetrating her tight ass. Luke pushed his tongue deeper into Stacy's ass as her hands gripped the mattress. Laying on her stomach with her ass in the air Stacy looked in the mirror by the bed and watched as Luke slides 2 fingers deep in her tight ass and fucked it hard. Her screams echoed off the walls as Luke flicked his tongue repeatedly over her Clit over and over again while fucking her ass with his fingers. His cock was rock solid as he stood up and grabbed Stacy by the hair with one hand as his 2 fingers continued to pound her ass. She opens her mouth as Luke shoved half of his cock down her throat nearly making her gag as she tried to focus on her ass getting violated and a hard cock down her throat. Luke pulls out and shoves it back in all the way to the back of her throat. Stacy gags as Luke fucks her face hard and fast. He pulls out and watches as her spit glistens all over his hard cock. He pulls his fingers out of her and places it on her round ass. He slams his cock back down her throat hearing her muffled groans as she deep throats him. Luke pulls out and slaps her face with his cock. “FUCK ME!” Stacy begs as Luke slides his cock back down her throat again laughing as he spanks her left ass cheek. In slow circular motions he massages her ass before spanking her hard. Luke slams his cock down Stacy's throat as his right hand reigns down blows on her tight ass. He holds her head down with his left hand as he continues his assault on her ass. He can hear her muffled screams and crams even more of his cock down her throat. By this time her ass is bright red and her juices are running down her legs. Luke massages her blistered ass and puts a finger between her legs. Stacy is gushing cum all over his finger and he pulls his cock out of her mouth and stands up. He uses her juices for lubricant as he stands over her. Stacy can feel his hot breath on her back as she glances over her shoulder to see Luke's very hard cock pushing into her tight ass.”OOOOOOOOOOOH!” Stacy moans as Luke's hard cock pushes deep into her bowels. She tries to put a hand between her legs but is stopped as Luke grabs them and puts them behind her. “Spread your ass cheeks apart.” She grabs her ass and pulls her cheeks apart as Luke's cock goes deeper and deeper into her ultra tight ass. The friction is almost too much for Stacy as she feels another orgasm building. Her pussy is demanding attention and so she uses the bed as a stimulant as Luke's hard cock slams into her over and over again. “I'M COMING!”OH FUCK ME!CUMMING!AHHHHHHHH! Stacy screams as her orgasm makes her flop around like a fish.”DON'T STOP!FUCK ME!AAAAAAAAH! Stacy screams as she cums hard. Her ass squeezing Luke's cock like a vise. Luke pulls Stacy up and has her grab her ankles as he continues to pound her tight ass hard and fast. Her screams bounce off the walls as he fucks her deep. With his hands on her hips,Luke plows into Stacy again and again. Luke pulls his hard cock out of her ass and whips Stacy around and on her knees before cramming his entire length down her throat. He fucks her mouth hard and fast before pulling out and getting on the bed. He lays down and has Stacy climb onto his hard cock. He slams his cock deep and hard up her ass again as he hears Stacy's cries of pleasure. Luke spreads her cheeks apart and fucks her ass hard and deep. Stacy cries out as she feels Luke's cock splitting her open. “FUCK!I'M GONNA CUM! Luke cries as Stacy rides his hard cock. With a final plunge Luke cums hard deep in Stacy's ass. “YES!I'M COMING!AAAAAAAAAAH!” Combined with Luke's cum and hard cock,Stacy has a final mind bending orgasm with him.”COMING AGAIN!OH GOD I LOVE YOUR COCK!”


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