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Karma, my Dominant Neighbor

When I came back from the Army, I was 23, and working on the beach in South Florida at a hotel, tan, lean, "ripped!" I had a full head of wild blond hair from the sun and sea. Sex was on the menu 24/7 (okay, maybe 16/5) and I was always horny.

I was staying at my mother's apartment until I could find a place of my own. She had a neighbor next door who's best friend would visit and always teased me. Karma. She was really HOT, 33 years old, a professional dancer (like ballet, jazz, tap, etc) and had a lightly suntanned body like a jungle cat. Her hair was red and short, and she was my height in bare feet. Her breasts were like small g****fruits, perfect, perky and just right. But it was the way she was constructed from the waist down that held my interest.

She wore the shortest skirts to show off her long, perfect athletic legs (like yours). Ten years my senior, she already that "older woman edge" over me. But she was always such a tease! She knew she could get any man (and woman). Upstairs was a young blond Dutch woman with whom they got together often for coffee and conversation.

One day the girls were standing around in the patio, and I just drove up. I said hello and joked a bit. After a few minutes, I turned to go inside and one of the group asked Karma if her red hair color was natural. But she didn't ask it straight out. She asked it like this, "Does the 'carpet' match the 'd****s?'" Is her bush red like her hair. She replied, slyly, "I don't have a carpet..." As I overheard this I turned so red, my face was burning. The other women were confused. She explained that because of the skimpy costumes she had to wear sometimes, she shaved her pussy. Well, NOBODY shaved their pussies back in the Early '70's. But I knew what she meant... and it was my dream to see one shaved without all of that Jungle surrounding and hiding it! (And getting in my teeth and mouth...ptooey!)

I was only a few feet away and I turned away to step into my apartment as I heard Karma giggling, "I think we made that boy blush!" NO k**DING! Then they went up the outside stairway to the second floor catwalk to the Dutch girls apartment and instinctively I spied out the window at those legs on the way up. And Karma was last in the line.

That's when I saw it. Heaven! Nirvana itself! Peeking out from beneath the hem of her multicolored, paisley patterned print sundress were pure white, slightly puffy folds of pussy lips and a crease that went up, behind and dividing two alabaster hemispheres of assflesh! And those glorious glutes swung back and forth from her hips like a pendulum set into motion by the finest Swiss Clock makers. I was definitely lightheaded and how I managed to remain conscious and upright is still a mystery to me. As I was mesmerized, I saw her glance back down at my window and... she winked! Did she see me? I was so busted! In a panic I lowered the shades and went to my bedroom. I was in a state, let me tell you! But that was merely a prelude to what was to come just a week later.

A week later, I was out in back at the apartment swimming pool. It was Olympic sized but only a handful of people ever used it. We were so close to the beach. The manager asked me to help change the filters and I was busy with my tools. The ladies were laying out on the chaise lounge chairs (Florida, it is almost always swimming weather...) and Karma was looking exceptionally delicious. She was wearing an dark orange one-piece women's racing Speedo and it fit her like a second skin. She had muscles, but they were like a jungle cat's. maybe because she was tall, gave her "length" and that made her like a fitness model rather tahn a bodybuilder. Olli, I never got raging hardons like most other guys, but my cock did grow fairly full in my brief boxer shorts swim trunks. What happened to me was that my cock was sending dizzy, weighted signals to my brain that made my groin HEAVY, like it was being pulled and compressed at the same time.

She was there with her 9 year old son who was having a great time in the sparkling water with his dive mask, snorkel and flippers. A radio was playing some rock and roll. The women were all sunning themselves and I saw some nice female flesh, lucky boy that I was. They all had nice bodies. My neighbor Mary was a brunette, about 5'3" tall and weighing about 120 lbs. In a blue one piece, but much more conservative. Has a little fat but after two k**s, was great. Nice legs, large breasted, very tan, a chain smoker and very talkative. A typical New Yorker. Her two boys, 8 and 9, were playing in the pool also. The upstairs Dutch blonde (I think her name was Anna) came down with her two year old baby girl in a sun shaded stroller. Anna had a "thicker" more muscular body, but still very feminine and and quite tan also. She wore a modest two-piece floral print, with an average busom but a big "bubble-butt."

I don't know why I mentioned all of that, but I guess its part of the background and I want you to know what I was surrounded by.

I joked around with them as usual and finished up my repairs. It was so hot and my penis was straining now to straighten. I needed to cool off in more ways than one. So I dove into the shaded deep end of the pool, swimming like a pro, and showing off a bit. I was very tan and my body rippled with lean muscle. My body hair, like my head, was blond from being out in the sun every day. After a few minutes, I made my way into the shallow end where the k**s were and started playing with them. Then Karma came over and sat down on the pool edge near us, her incredible legs dangling in the water. Her son, Bobby, pulled me over to his Mom and asked if I come come to their house some day and play in their pool. Karma, a twice divorcee, lived in an exclusive in a large home with a huge pool in the back and boat dockage on a secluded canal. She said, "I see your handy with tools. Would you like to make some extra money? My filters need to be changed too and my pool man isn't that reliable. You could have lunch and enjoy the pool yourself. Bobby likes you. Come on, it will be fun."

She looked at me with those jade green eyes and my heart was literally pounding! Her foot raised out of the water and her toes barely touched my chest. I was getting a little lightheaded but managed to pull my thoughts together and managed an almost whispered "Sure, sounds like fun."

Then Bobby was so excited that he started acting up, a little out of control. Karma was annoyed and called him over: "Bobby, behave yourself now! You don't want me to have to turn you over the bed and spank your bare butt, do you?" She whispered menacingly. Bobby sobered up real quickly and went back to his friends.

Karma leaned over to me and said, "Sometimes the only thing that will get a boy's attention is a good spanking. Right?" I was blushing again. "Didn't you get spanked when you were little, Michael?" "Er, not really. I meant one time my Dad got mad and hit me with a belt but it was only once. My mom never did but threatened to." Now her perfect, lightly freckled face was inches from mine. She smelled like watermelon. Her leg was pressing against my chest and ribs. "Michael... you are blushing. You'd better do a good job or you might have to suffer the consequences... I might have to finish what your Mommy didn't..." Then, giggling, she jumped into the water, pushing my head under! As she swam away I raced after her into the deep end, familiar with THIS type of play. But she was quicker than I thought and dove under while I looked around. the next thing I knew my bathing suit was yanked down to my thighs as she climbed out of the pool, grinning from ear to ear. I watched her strut those sexy legs and ass cheeks all the way back to the other end of the pool area, back to her friends. The rock and roll loudly playing and the k**s laughing. I was alone in the shaded deep end, pulling my trunks back up, my rigid cock barely fitting in under the waist band.

I excused myself politely and went back into my apartment. I went into my bedroom and found some baby oil. I laid back on the bed and lubed up my rock hard penis. I worked it very, very slowly. Up and down, altering the pressure of my grip. My mind was flooded with her scent, her touch, her proximity, her voice. My head was in a whirlpool, my pulse heavy. For some strange reason, I put my thumb in my mouth. I was thinking, "Mommy" but MY mother didn't appeal to me. I never had a sexual though about her. BUT this MOMMY was something else, now. She was like an older cousin or an aunt. But she WAS older and she WAS in authority. I rifled through all of my Playboy magazine collection and finally found a Playmate that looked like Karma. Then I laid back and enjoyed a huge orgasm, covering myself in sticky, milky fluid! The first time I sucked my thumb since infancy. It was definitely weird, but strangely sensual.

I fell asl**p and when I awakened, it was night. Then the phone rang. I turned over to answer it. "Hi, Michael. Its Karma..." I was surprised. "I got your number from your mother. It's alright that I called, isn't it? I mean, if I am disturbing you..." "No, no Karma, its okay."

"You aren't with somebody, because I can call back another time.." "No, I'm alone, its okay..." I was really trying hard to sound "normal."

She continued as i started to touch my penis, which had firmed up in a few seconds of her voice. "I hope I didn't embarrass you too much this afternoon. I just like to tease you, you are so cute. Especially when you blush. But I have to say that you have a really cute ass. But its too white, baby. You need to come over some time when Bobby is at school or with his dad and sunbathe in the nude with me..." My stroking took on a new urgency. "I mean, you don't have to, but it will feel wonderful. The sun on your bare tushy, warming it up..." I was really going at it now.

"I never did anything like that, Karma. I don't want to get it burned." I tried to keep my voice under control.

"Don't worry, honey, Momma will rub some special lotion on it... you know, I'd rub it in deep and all around so your skin will be just like a baby's, like mine. I rub that lotion all over me, honey, and its wonderful... it smells like watermelons..." Oh my fucking G-d! That was it! I shot a load so high at those words, I swear, it reached the ceiling! "Michael? Are you there, whats going on?"

"I'm sorry, Karma, I dropped the phone and had trouble getting it." I was really stammering, hoping she would let it go.

"I don't know... something funny going on... Michael were you being naughty? Because I won't tolerate that, young man! If you misbehave around me, Michael, I will not hesitate to put some color back there BEFORE it ever gets tan and I will tan it myself! I am stronger than you and hold a Black Belt in Judo, and if you test me, I will show you who's in control. Just so that is clear. "

"Perfectly clear, Karma." I promised.

"Okay, just so you know who is in charge. Now that that's settled, lets get together Saturday. I have some other things that need fixing at the house, so plan to spend the day. Bobby will be at Disney with his dad, so we will have no interruptions and can get a lot done. maybe you can build a few things for me. I assure you, you will be well rewarded. But if you fuck up, I will have to take measures... Besides, you'll get to be around me while I prance around in practically nothing... and I'm sure you will enjoy that, won't you?"

"I, er, yes... Great. I'll be there bright and early." We both hung up and just lay there, my mind awash with the thought of her hands on my ass, whether rubbing it or getting spanked... I was hard again.

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