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BUTT Fucking my Girlfriends Mothers ASSHOLE

Ok, I know all you guys have at one time or another fucked a cute girl in the ass but this story is a little different and involved my girlfriends mom and her mothers tight asshole!
My girlfriend "Carla" and I were both juniors in high school. I had been fucking Carla for a couple of years and would hang out at her house all the time. Her mom was divorced, had a really nice house, two other hot daughters and a full bar in their den.
Her mom was named "Martha" (a horrible name but that was it) and looked a lot like Carla's older s****r Lisa, who was a total babe that I had wanted to fuck for a long time but never got the chance.
One night, I came home from my football game which had been about 75 miles away and Carla and her mom were sitting on their front porch. Carla was sipping a Pepsi and her mom was slugging down a cold BUD. I noticed that her mom had her legs slightly apart and was wearing some kind of really short skirt. I could see her while panties between her legs and could make out the slight outline of her pussy lips and since the material was really thin, I could actually see (at least I thought I could) the outline of her pussy. Now, keep in mind that I was about 16 and I think and Carla was still 15. Her mom was around 38 to 40 years old and at that time of my life, she was an old woman! I kept eyeballing her moms crotch and when she would laugh, her legs would spread just a little and she would lean back, offering me an even better view of her camel toe under her panties. Carla had no damned idea I was ckeckin out her moms pussy and I think to this day, she thought I was looking at her!..LOL!
Anyway, we all were sitting there, her mom was drinking, Carla was talking to me and her mom was listening to us and making little comments every now and then about her daughter and how she hoped that one day, we might get married, etc., etc.
After about an hour of this bullshit, I walked over to the cooler her mom had on the porch and opened it up. It was chocked full of ice cold beer and I k**dingly lifted one out of the cooler and pretended to open it up. Old Martha then surprised me by telling me to go ahead and have one but not to tell anyone! I grabbed her can opener (back then, you had to use an opener..there were NO pop tops) and I busted open the can and started slugging down a nice cold one! It tasted GREAT and as I drank it, I watched her moms pussy, still in plain view (albeit covered by white cotten panties) and I could just imagine what her moms pussy would look, taste and fuck like and if it would be just like her daughters!!
Her mom let me swill down several more beers and thats when Carla's s****r Lisa got home. She wanted Carla to go with her to the mall to do some shopping and naturally, Carla asked me to go along. I didn't want to spend any time shopping at all so I told her that I would just see them later. I got up to leave and the girls got in the car and took off to the mall. I talked with Carla's mom a bit while standing there and her mom told me to stay a while and have a few more beers with her. I sat down on the lawn chair and had an even BETTER view of Martha's cotten panties! We talked a while more and thats when it started raining. We went into the house and sat down at her bar in the den. She then pulled out some Jack Daniels and started doing shots of it and let me have several. Not being really use to drinking Jack, I got really buzzed and I noticed she was now pretty d***k herself! She was right next to me and placed her hand on my knee. I didn't think much of it but she kept it there and started kinda rubbing and squeezing my thigh and I noticed that I was starting to get a hard on. I was wearing some jean shorts and no underwear so my cock was really noticable and almost to the point of sticking out under my shorts. I was afraid she would freak out or something if she saw it so I kinda put my hand over it to hide it the best I could.
She DID notice though and she pulled my hand away and commented about my hard cock sticking out. Actually, I was embarressed all to hell, there was my girlfriends mom starting at my cock! She told me not to worry that it was natural and she reached over and squeezed it through my pants! It really felt good and when she did that, I got REALLY hard and the head stuck out about an inch below my shorts! She started rubbing it through the denim and told me that she had always wondered what my cock looked like and she told me she knew I was fucking her daughter too! I could barely look her in the face at that point and I was staring down at the ground wondering what was next! She then took her hands and placed them on both sides of my face and kissed me on the lips, really gently. She told me that she hadn't been laid in months and she was a little jealous of her daughters, knowing that when they went out on dates, they were getting laid while she was at home alone.
She then started rubbing the end of my dick and I was about to shoot a load all over her fingers. I think she wanted to have mercy on me and thats when she asked if I would like to go upstairs for a bit! I quickly said yes and we headed to her bedroom. There were pics of my girlfriend all over the walls and it was weird, fixing to fuck my girlsfriends mom while her pics were staring down at me but I really didn't care at that point!
We both sat on the bed and she pulled her shirt off and since she wasn't wearing a bra, her tits popped out and were staring me in the face. I kissed her nipples a few times while she stroked my cock which was now totally exposed even though I was still wearing my shorts. I stood up and she pulled my pants off and she in turn dropped her skirt, then peeled off her panties. Her pussy looked just like her daughters and they even had the same hair line around the lips. She laid back on the bed and I went down on her, licking her pussy till she was really wet and ready! She had me lay on my back and she sucked my cock and every now and then would lift it back and lick my ball sack. I was about to blow my load so I pushed her onto her back and was about to stick my cock in her when she told me that she wouldn't fuck me!! WTF!! I was puzzled about this but she explained that she didn't want me to fuck her pussy because of her daughter but instead, would feel better about it if we just did the oral thing. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but went along with it, hoping for the best! She rolled over on her stomach and spread her legs apart. Her asshole was looking pretty good with her pussy all puffy now and wet with her juice! I got in between her legs and starting licking her pussy and I would run my tongue up and over her asshole. She seemed to like that so I stuck my tongue up her ass and she started cumming! She got really wild and I could barely hold on to her but I knew that having her ass licked reallly turned her on! She told me that I was "filthy" and that she thought I was a "whore", etc., etc. I knew from her talk that she was into verbal stuff so I started calling her a whore and telling her that she "needed a cock up her ass", and other things like that like that!! It was fun and something I had never done before, calling a woman filthy names, etc. As I ate her ass out, I eased up a little where my cock was just touching her asshole. I rubbed the head up and down, around and all over it and my precum made it all slippery. I started to push it in her hole just a little to see what she would do and thats when she told me to "FUCK my ASS like the slut I am!!" I couldn't believe she had just said that but I eased my cock in her and butt fucked her as hard as I could! I had about an 8 inch cock and I pushed it in all the way to the hilt! She screamed a little but I knew that she had been ass fucked alot to take this one and everytime I slammed it in, she would tell me what a whore she was and to fill her with my cream. She also said that she wanted to feel my cum shoot in her ass and that she would be my ass slave! I was loving her filthy talk so I kept up with my end by telling her that she needed to be my sex slave and that I was going to take her to a street corner and whore out her slutty ass for $5 a pop and that I had know all along that she was a filthy whoring ass slut and she need a butt fucking everyday!
She was really getting off on the dirty talk, and my cock up her ass and when I started to cum, I told her to get her slut ass ready for my sperm and that I was going to fill her up and make her eat what spills back out since she was my ass slut!
I pumped my load in her butt and when I pulled my cock out, she spun around and licked it totally clean for me. She then laid back and raised her legs up into the air and I watched as my jism spilled from her fucked asshole and ran down the crack of her ass and all over her bed sheets!
I got up and put my shorts and shirt back on while she got dressed too. We both went back into the bar and sat on the bar stools.
When Carla and Lisa got back a few minutes later, she was surprised to see me still there but had no idea I had just fucked her mom in the ass!..LOL
When I got up to leave, Carla followed me and I saw her mom get up and I noticed a big wet spot on the bar seat where her mom had been sitting. I hoped that her mom would notice it first and that Carla wouldn't figure out that it was my cum and her moms ass juice!!
I never fucked her mom again, but did once ask her about doing it and she told me that it was a big mistake and should have never happened in the first know..BLAH..BLAH...BLAH! BS.
I dated Carla a few more months and eventually got to fuck her s****r Lisa. Then, I joined the Marines and never saw that slut f****y again! ... Hal

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