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Am I Hooked On Huge Cocks

I was in an adult book store, in the town not far from my college, looking at some mags that had pictures of huge cocks. They were there in all sizes and shapes, I was getting turned on by looking at the gigantic black cocks that were there.

A guy came up behind me and rubbed my buttocks saying 'why look at pictures, I can show you the real thing.' I moved away and looked at who was talking to me. There was this black guy standing over me like a stone stature. I glanced down at his feet and quickly brought my gaze back to the bulge in his pants.

There was a huge long imprint of something that was twitching in his pants, I looked up in to his eyes and he said 'I'll meet you in the parking lot, I'm in the light brown Ford Van.' With that he walked past me and slowly looked around at other merchandise before he went to the cash register and paid for his purchase.

As I finished and paid for the mag, I exited the store and started to head for my car. I thought maybe I should look in the parking lot and see if there is a van. As I came around the corner, there was the light colored Ford van. He turned on his turn signal and I walked to the passenger side.

Getting into the van, I could not help but admire the interior. It was splendid, there was an upholstered interior, with a wrap around seat in the rear that could be extended to make a small bed. A built in television, refrigerator and an VCR with camera set up.

The huge black guy introduce him self as Torrence, but to call him Mr. "T". I told him 'my name is David,' he asked me if I was from the college and I admitted that I was. Mr. "T" said 'I wanted to go there but couldn't make the grade now I'm too old for college.' 'No you aren't,' I countered, 'you can always further your education.

Mr."T" suggested that we go for a ride ' you don't want to get caught here in the parking lot talking to me.' We drove off towards the other end of town, soon we pulled into the drive way of a very nice house. Mr."T" told me that the house was his and we should go inside.

Inside, the house was furnished immaculately. 'Let's go up to my studio, 'Mr."T" said. We went up the stairs to the studio, it was a large room with a bank of windows to one side and a partitioned off section on the other side. Mr."T" explained 'sometimes I make movies and require the different sections.
But you want to see what I promised don't you?'

I looked at his crotch again and could still see the huge imprint that was there. Mr."T said to me 'let me see how you look with out all those close on I won't hurt you, promise.' I looked at him sort of wearily but begin to undress, I slipped out of my clothes and turned to see Mr."T" standing there with just his pants on.

Mr."T" slowly removed his pants and turned his back to me as he removed his underwear. I had seated my self on the bed that was in the partitioned part when Mr."T" turned towards me. I was immediately attracted to the enormous piece of man meat that protruded from his body.

Mr."T had the largest cock that I had ever seen, I got worried as to what he wanted to do with such an enormously huge tool. His cock head was massive, the shaft of his cock was larger than my arm. He must have seen the worry on my face for he said 'stop worrying, I would not think of trying to fuck you with this. But I do want you to come over here and kiss on it for me.'

Hypnotically, I moved towards his massive cock, taking it in both my hands, I still could not touch my fingers. I looked up at him 'Mr."T" I can't possibly get my lips around something this big,' I said. Mr."T" replied 'I don't expect you to suck it I asked you to kiss it.'

Very slowly I begin to kiss his huge cock and lick on his shaft. Mr."T"'s huge cock jumped like it had a life of it's own as I worked on it. Mr."T" moved to the bed and laid on his back and said 'this way you can get at it better.'

He handed me a tube of lubricant and said 'pour some of this on it so that you can jack it with ease.' I did as asked and was taken by the way his huge cock reacted as I stroked it. Mr."T" had some wine by the bed and poured us some glasses. He said 'we might as well enjoy ourselves and have some refreshments.'

I would take a sip of wine and stroke his huge cock, take a sip of wine and kiss his huge cock. pretty soon I was horny as I ever had been and was really into stroking this huge trunk that was standing like a small tree.

I don't know what came over me but I found myself squatting over that gigantic cock head rubbing it across my small anal opening. His cock head was stretching my buttocks wide as possible and my anus was puckering out trying to capture it, there was no way that cock head could fit in my I thought.

As I was enjoying myself, rubbing my anus across Mr."T"'s huge cock head, I did not think that my butt hole was relaxing with each stroke I made across this massive head. Mr."T" laying on his back whispered 'you shouldn't play with fire you just might get burned.' Laughing I said 'don't worry, I was a boy scout, I know how to put out fires.'

The wine was getting to me and I wasn't thinking clearly at all. With a slight move Mr. "T" knocked one of my feet from under me and lifted up his waist, with searing pain Mr."T"'s gigantic cock head had slipped almost past my outer anal ring.

I was panicking, trying to lift myself from his massive penile head, Mr."T" reached up and took hold of my waist and pulled me down to his mid section. His massive cock head slipped past my stretched anal sphincter muscle and locked around that enormously huge cock head.

'It's in there now boy,' Mr."T" said as I squirmed around on his huge fuck tool. The more I squirmed the more of his cock was able to work up in my butt. I had seen pictures of people sticking huge dildos into their anus, but I never thought that I would have something twice as large in my butt.

I wasn't crying from the pain, it was so intense that it was almost pleasing, Mr."T" held on to my his and worked them back and forth so slowly that I wasn't aware of what he was doing. Soon I realized that I had half of the monstrous cock buried up in my butt.

Mr."T" slowly turned to his side saying 'let me turn over so I can pull out of you, but you got to stop moving.' Gasping from the pain and panting from not taking deep breath's, I did what he said. He slowly turned to his side, the pain eased some as I laid on my side but before I could extricate myself, Mr."T continued to turn till I was on my back and he was over me with that gigantic fuck tool lodged in my rectum.

Slowly Mr,"T" started to grind into my butt, I clawed at his arms as he continued. He said 'you might as well get used to it, I ain't been in tight pussy in years and now I'm going to enjoy this.

Mr."T" fucked me slowly at first taking his time but as he continued he became lustful and was sawing in and out of my stretched anal opening so fast that I was truly crying from the pain. I was tossing my head from side to side as the pain increased, but even as the pain increased so did my lust.

I was becoming more and more aware that I was being fucked by the largest dick that there ever was. I steadied my self and stole a look down between my up stretched legs and saw this massive piece of meat protruding from my butt. I managed to reached down and take hold of his huge cock shaft as he worked it in and out of my butt.

The outer skin of that mammoth cock was not even moving, but I could feel the body inside the skin working in and out of my stretched wide anus. I went lust crazy and tried to fuck back as he plowed my butt. Mr."T" was building up to climax as he worked my tight clenching anal muscle.

With a roar Mr."T shot his massive d up into my aching bowels it felt like a water hose was stuck up my rectum and was flushing my insides out. I looked down and saw the white froth and foam escaping from around that huge piece of meat that was lodged in my butt.

Scared of what would happen if Mr."T" collapsed on top of me I tried to hold his chest up as he pumped massive squirts of baby making juice into my anal cavity.

My fear came true, Mr."T" could not sustain his self while shooting such huge amounts of cum into me. He grunted and collapsed down on me forcing more of his massive tool into my butt. I howled as he plunged into my body than lust took over and I wrapped my legs around his body and tried to fuck back with all my might. I reached up and got hold of my feet and held them as wide as I could as he fucked in to me. Suddenly I was in the joy of sex and loving every moment of it.

When Mr."T" had finished shooting his massive load of baby making fluid in my butt it started to flow from in side of me and puddle under us. Mr."T continued to grind slowly in to my ruptured butt working very slowly as he continues to empty his spunk into my stretched rectum.

We drifted off to sl**p, with me holding on to his upper body as he continued to empty out into my bowels. I woke as he started to work again into my butt,I begged him to please let me up that I was to sore for him to continue. He just grunted as he grind deep in my anal cavity.

I felt his enormous cock get rigid and solid again, Mr."T" didn't say a word to me but raised his chest up and piston in an out of my tender ass hole. Tears streamed down my cheeks as he worked in my aching anal opening. I begged and pleaded for him to stop and let me up, but to no avail.

Mr."T" continued till he shot another massive load, larger than the first into my butt. This time when he had finished he slowly pulled his flaccidly huge cock from my anus, it felt like a hose was being pulled from my anal cavity.

I could barely move when he had got off of me my legs were wobbly, my anal opening was aching and sore, my thighs ached and hurt so bad that I could barely stand. He gave me a ride back to my car, I eased out of his van and slowly lowered myself into my drivers seat.

I was so glad that I was in the local motel, I went back there my pants and underwear was drenched with his baby making juice. My butt hole was standing open still when I bent over and looked into the mirror.

I got what I deserved, but I'm still not happy. I wish I could be fucked by him every weekend.

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