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Roll Playing At Our Hotel, And No Sex Before That

It Was So Hot She Had To Change Her Panties Before Going To The Bar ! ! !
SO I Had A couple Of Drinks, Before She Arrived To pick Up Her Order of Food

Your Sitting In A Bar Looking All Slutty Breast's Practicley Falling Out, all the Guys Keep Asking "Can I Buy You a Drink" ? " No" "Can I Buy You A drink" "no Thank You" ! Being Vey Sweet too "I Don't Drink Alcohol." i'm Sitting 2 Stools away "Not Even Paying You Any Attention" Bump You, When I return From The RestRoom, and You In Your "Bitchiest Voice" Say "EXCUSE ME" !!! ? Everybody Looks at Us "Excuse Me Sir"? That Was A Pretty Hard Bump, You Should Say Excuse Me. Oh "My Bad" "I'm So Sorry" Can I Make it up to you by taking you To My Room ? and Making Mad Passionate Love to You ? "WHAT" ? I Repeat Myself you Think For A Moment Then Respond Loudly "WTF" ? You Really Think Your That Good ? I Walk Over To You look Deep Into Your Eyes, Take Your Hand In Mine, Touch Your Pretty face With My Left Hand, Rub the Back of your Neck And Pull You Close. We Kiss Very Long And Very Passionate. When We Release All We Do is Stare Into Each Others Eyes for a Moment, and Still holding Your Hand I Help You Down from Your Stool. I Begin to walk Away But Wait my Crutch Shhhh I Got That I Pick You Up In my Arms, Put Your Crutches And Bag Of Food Between us, You put Your Arms Around My Neck kiss Me Again And Say Damn "That Kiss Made My Pussy Wet" !
I Reply "I Know" "I Know"
We Proceed To Our Room, Where We Head Straight to The Bed.
I slowly Remove Your Top, then Slowly Move to your Pants, Back to your Bra, and Remove it Very Slowly, Being Very Careful Not To Touch Anything Erogenous. With The Exception Of Kissing Your Neck Ears And Cheek. I'm Noticing Your Nipples Becoming Erect, I Smile You Begin To Speak, But I silence You With A Very Gentle Kiss To Your Soft Supple Lips. You Moan Slightly Almost Silent But I Feel Your Breath As You Exhale Now I Slowly Take Your Pretty Panties Off Slightly Brush Against Your "Whoo Whoo"
(we gotta do something about that) As I Do But Continue As If It Were An Accident. Your Completely Naked In Front Of Me Now.
I Slowly Move Back To Your Pretty Lips, Touching Them With My Finger, Outlining Them Very Gently Before Once Again Kissing You Long And Deep, Exploring Your Mouth As If If It Is The First Time Ever Kissing A Beautiful Woman. We Slowly Fall Back Onto The Bed. My Body Pressing against Yours Still Locked In Our Kiss Oblivious To Anything Else In The World. You Can Feel My Cock As It Strains For Freedom, Reaching Down And Rubbing It Through My Pants We Both Moan Silently. Your Beautiful Breast's Rising Up And Down I finally Hold Your left Brest In My Hand. And Gently Cup It Squeezing Firmly Again You Moan, This Time Slightly Louder. I Circle Your Beautiful Nipple, and Areola, Then Slowly Engulf Them as Much As Will Fit In My Mouth. Are You Going To Get UndresssdMuuuumm ? I kiss You Once Again. Then hold my Finger Up To Your Lips, But You Take My Hand And Insert My Finger Into Your Mouth, And Suck On It Looking Straight Into My Eyes, As You Do So. When You Finish You Point To The Bulge In My Pants Then Open Your Mouth, And Point Inside Licking Your Lips and Moaning. I On The Other Hand I Have Something More In Mind, And Move Off The Bed. Standing There At The Foot Of it, Just Staring At Your Beautiful Naked Body. I Motion As If I am Going to Take My Pants Off Unbuckling My Belt Then Spreading Your Beautiful Legs Apart, Slightly Exposing Your Lovely
Whoo Whoo, (we really gotta do something about that) I Dive Straight To it Almost making You Jump In The Process. i Spread Your Legs Even Wider, And Run My Tongue From The Bottom to To The Top. Then Licking Your Lips And Thighs I Spread Your Lips So As To Get Further Inside. As I Taste Your Wetness For The First Time I Let Out A Very Loud Moan As Do You !!! Oh My Gawwwd I Try To Say With My Mouth Full. I Insert A Finger Inside You And Once Again You "MOAN" Then Licking Your clitoris And Making It Very Wet, I Use Mt Left Thumb To Stimulate It, While I Go On Making Love To Your Succulent Sweet Spot, Until You Begin Thrusting your Hips Almost Violently At My Mouth. Just Then I Notice That You Are Holding Your Lips Open For Me, To Get At All Of You. You Moan More And More And Louder Until The Sweet Taste Of You Begins To Seep Slowly From Inside. Driving Me Almost Insane I Don't let Up Until You Reach A Mind Shuddering Climax And A Breathtaking Orgasm God You Tast Good !!!

Our Sexiting Conclusion In An Up Cumming Story Lisa's Going To Finish It !!!

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