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Caught by my wife

I was stuck, I couldn't move, literally in headlights... I dress up okay? you caught me, I guess your the master now... I used to control my wives life and for good reason I pleased her, and she pleased me the best she could... well now that's changed.. she came home from work early last Tuesday and came in the side door of the garage, I use the garage to film my escapades. And all this time I've never been caught, now I'm caught and can not go back... I am passable. I'm always dieting, I work out but I work out to slim and femme myself.. My wife has the most beautiful body ever, and thats why I controlled her I knew she could do better.... But I wanted to eat her pussy and keep it to myself. It's so perfect with a little pink piece of her left lip pokes out a little tiny bit. She always is so clean shaven and cleans herself twice a day, She loves sexy perfumes and finding new smells and tastes to prefect for me , all this is changed now... I shave, clean the house and douche everyday twice a day.. I work around the house all day... in a skimpy little outfit that daddy picked out for me... We spent a few weeks finding new men to bring into our life and when we found one that stuck out we brought him home with us, they would fuck us both, or I'd lick her asshole or worse his asshole.. I would catch his load so she wouldn't get pregnant or even have to touch the nasty stuff... I used to give her facials and cum in her mouth all the time. And so far no one else has done this in front of me.. I enjoy the taste and texture of different types of cum.. the creamy white built up load, or the end of the barrel... see through, liquidy, all the same to me.. delicious... I love salt.. lol I like the pungent taste and the look on their faces while they are spasming in my mouth or over my face I have had some cum inside of me recently. I cried my first time, it was a very thick cock and roughly 9 inches, he was a master wielding that thing too.. he fucked fast and hard mostly the entire time... I couldn't really contain myself after four minutes and I erupted in my panties.. I came all over myself the first time someone fucked me. And I instantly knew it was going to continue forever. I fell even further into love with my wife. And she knew why.. we would chuckle and cuddle and watch movies together until our friend for the night would show up and take over the situation... I used to love to be bossy but I do enjoy being dominated now. Especially now.. I still eat her pussy and she gives me the occasional blowjob but usually she has a pink dick stuffed in my asshole, all the same to me.. haha she is blonde skinny and thick on her hips and waste.. her butt pokes out as if she was Jennifer Lopez, she has a little Mexican in her, at least at the moment... she is 100 percent white but her titties are of a black women.. they are DD's and her nipples are equal to the size of a pepperoni.. she has very little pea shaped nipples that are the most perky little nipples you could find.. they poke out through even the thickest of bras... Anyway back to the action! So the second night of swinging cross-dresser life.. I got a surprise the young hunk (surprise) from her work came over and told me to give him some head, while this was happening a black guy from her work showed up also... and then Dave from my work showed up, and so did my boss, Sarah... So her and Sarah went into the bedroom while I prepared the boys one by one, well my mouth was one by one but the others got a hand in the mean time... I was down there in-between those three for maybe 20 minutes before the girls finally strolled back out.. they were dressed up in lingerie and doll style masks, I thought to myself well Sarah can hide her ugly face, and she won't feel left out. I never really liked her to be honest. I just kissed her ass. The very perfect ass it was, however next to my wives ass I could tell which one anyone would want more. How did they meet is a great question, but hey more pussy for my face and my friends to take their horniness out on... they began to surround the boys and grip their dicks I held onto the black cock and sucked it like it never been sucked before, I deepthroated most of him and he facefucked my tight little throat. I made him cum, hard.. he filled my throat and made me gag. It all came out and streamed down my chin but before it dripped my wife came and began slurping it up and told me to swallow the rest, and then she spit it back in my mouth, "Can't waste man seeds..." as she wiped her lip clean. She dropped down and began sucking a cock, while the black man grabbed my wrist and led me into a seperate room. He told me to spread wide and lube my hole. I was gonna have to relax for this one because he was 12 and shaped like a bottle. He was aggressive also so I was in for a pounding... He made me fix my make up and put on new panties and lingerie he laid on my bed and whipped his dick out and told me to come suck it, which I happily did. He got hard fast and made me get on top. It was rough for the first ten minutes and he felt my body up to help the sensations flounder, but nothing really helped. I was in pain and he felt the pain also.. "I need to loosen you up babygirl..." I caught a chill and felt euphoric when you called me that.. "I think I'll take this good dick and scream for you big daddy." I began to f***e it in deeper and take it faster it hurt for me but I could tell he loved it by the way he bit my lip and kissed at my baby soft lips.. "Strawberries baby mmm and you taste good.." I moaned extra girlie for him as he huffed and grunted as he began to cum in me. I felt every drop fill me up and when he was slowly sliding out I felt the rush of his seed want to leave my body so I squatted on his chest and slowly it all drained out.. I kissed him one more time and said daddy i want my treat. I kissed his pecks and his nipples as I trailed down his chest unto his abs which I slowly licked all of his seed from. I was in heaven and the girls in the livingroom were hopefully in the same bliss.

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