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S****rs pantys draw

ever since i started wanking i had a panty fetish. at first it started innocently with picture of bras and pantys but soon my curiosity got the better of me. one day when in the house all alone i found myself in my s****r bedroom pretending to myself that i was in there looking for something of mine however i knew what i was there for get closer and closer to her panties i could feel my cock twitching in my pants and growing hard in excitement before i had even i opened the draw. then there i went opening the draw to uncover her lushes silky pantys and thongs.

i almost came right there on my first touch rubbing them between my finger. i decided to lie on here bed to excite myself more i buried my face in her pillow and then her panties deep to where her clit would be. Pulling my pants down i wrapped a pair round my hard dick a started wanking my self uncontrollably, i then found my self completely naked with only her panties so i got another pair and put them on then felt so nice against my balls and round my young ass. all i could picture was her face while i did my deed and the dirty things she has done in these pantys. i came all over myself with the excitement it had ran all over my chest and some dribbled on to her pantys. i then returned to her pantys to her draw knowing that when places them on they have been next to my dick.

i now look forward to every chance i get the house to myself and im now not the only one

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