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The Italian Job 24

The Italian Job 24
Maria and I went back to the hotel, we went to the room and she decided she would like to go to the pool for a nap in the sun,
I rang Ellie and told her what had happened with Eduardo, she was very sympathetic and asked if Maria was ok and how I was getting on with her, I told her everything was fine and not to fret,
I still loved her, I think she just needed to hear me say it, I changed into my swimmers and went down to the pool, a young guy was sitting on a sunbed next to Maria who was laid on a sunbed, she had her eyes closed, she had her bikini on but I was not sure for how much longer, a familiar figure walked across the pool area and sat next to the boy,
I walked over and it was the girl from the plane, she introduced me to the boy who was the b*****r of her friend who she was staying with, he was 16 years of age, Maria was laid on her bed as the two were stood talking to me with their backs to her,
I could see what she was doing, she turned on her side as one of her breasts nearly escaped, she was watching the young boys arse, his name was Carlos by the way and hers was Jennifer but we had to call her Jenny, Maria was biting her bottom lip as she leered at the young man, he was very Spanish looking, black hair and quite muscular, then Maria made a sign like she was licking a lolly at the boy then put her hand up and clenched it like I would to a breast but she was indicating the young boys buttock, they sat down on the bed next to Maria who said hello and laid back on the bed, I sat on Maria’s bed so I had my back to her, she was enjoying the rays, Carlos went and got another bed and put it next to the one they had been sat on, Carlos spoke good English, Jenny kept looking in my direction,
I looked at her breast within her shirt and saw her nipples distend inside it poking at the material, “don’t?” she said “it makes me tingle after what happened on the plane” I looked away and apologised, Jenny went off to get changed into a swim suit whilst Carlos went in the pool, “isn’t he gorgeous” Maria said when they were out of earshot, 16 eh! Can I have him, please, please, say maybe” she begged “he is not mine to give” I said “you will have to ask Jenny” I said,
Jenny came back in her swim suit, she looked nice with round full breasts, she was about Maria’s age but like I said before a bit plain to look at still she had been a good shag on the plane so I was not complaining” Jenny settled on the sun bed next to Maria, I was still sitting on Maria’s bed “are you two staying here” Jenny asked “yes” I replied “it looks beautiful, are the rooms nice?” she said “they are fabulous” Maria said “want to see?” off they went on the guided tour, Carlos was chatting to some guy and from the body language and the way they were flirting I came to the conclusion that Carlos was gay, Maria and Jenny came back, “why don’t you go and take a swim” I suggested “good idea” Maria said “ come on you two she said to Jenny and Carlos,
I watched with fascination! they all jumped in and swam about a bit then they threw a ball about as Carlos jumped very athletically for the high throws from Maria who looked at me and opened her eyes wide, I smiled and nodded, she reached behind her and I was not sure what she was doing but it soon became clear because as she went up for a fairly high ball her bikini top fell off, she grabbed at her chest as she fell back in the pool and her top floated on the water, her breasts with their smooth aureoles glistening in the sun, she grabbed the costume and put it back on as she noticed that Carlos had not taken any notice and was not as she had expected wanking himself to death under the water at the sight of her tits “she is so subtle” I thought to myself, a black haired girl with very striking looks came along the side of the pool, she waved at Jenny and Carlos,
I say striking because she was gorgeous in a fairly strong featured sort of a way to the point of being plain, Jenny got out of the pool as Maria made a bee line for Carlos, Jenny introduced me to her friend Ezme who was Carlos s****r, we shook hands, me gripping her fingers, she had a very nice figure, she looked a bit older than Jenny, they walked off for Ezme to get changed as they walked away Ezme’s skirt swayed and from my low down position I could see her dark blue thong, my cock jumped,
I settled back on the bed to watch the fun, Maria had cornered Carlos at the side of the pool, I could tell that she was working on him and waited, several moments later Maria made her way to the side of the pool, she got out and glared at me “you knew, didn’t you, you bastard, you knew” she fumed “knew what, love of my life?” I quipped “he’s fucking gay” she said “perhaps I should go and talk to him?” I said as the bottle of sun cream whizzed past my head, Maria attacked me splashing me with cold water “you should do something about that swim suit too, it’s not safe” I said, hardly able to contain my laughter, Jenny and Ezme came back and I was right in my assumptions, she had a gorgeous body her swimsuit was full but only just as the bra that could hardly contain the contents as they oozed around the sides was connected to the thong bottoms by a thin fabric strip back and front, Maria was still glaring, “would you nice people like to join us for dinner tonight” I offered “we would love to Jenny said as Ezme nodded “we will have to go and get changed but the house is only just along the road, 5 minute’s walk, “8.00 pm ok” I said, they agreed, Maria was back on the sunbed next to me,
I got hold of it and pulled it close, then leaned and kissed her, there was fire in her eyes as she returned the kiss with a little bit of tongue “I bet I can take him, with your permission of course” she said “I tell you what” I said “as you are so confident,
I will bet you your percentage of the payment that I promised you, if you take him I will pay you double and if you fail you will forfeit all of it,” I said “and what if he takes you” she said laughing “you are on!! Mister” she declared, we had taken 400,000 dollars from Eduardo and Maria’s share was an agreed 40,000, 10%, “you realise that I could afford to pay him 10,000 dollars to fuck me and I would still be very well off,
I could still buy an apartment next to you and see you every morning and night, wouldn’t that be fun!!” she said triumphantly “ now come on, you can fuck me before dinner, we have just got time, I looked at Jenny and Ezme splashing in the water as Ezme’s breasts bobbed in the waves, “maybe!!” I thought.
We went up to the room, Maria was in front of me so I did a quick divert and booked another room at reception, with all this cunt flying about I thought we might need it, I caught her up at the room door and told her what I had done, she thought it was a good idea, she shed her bikini and was walking towards the shower as I caught her around the waist with one arm,
I pulled her backwards into me as I put my hand on her breast, she had her back to me as she leaned back and kissed me over her shoulder putting her hand on the side of my face to pull me to her mouth as her tongue came between my lips I responded opening my mouth to her as her tongue invaded me, I squeezed her breasts,
I pushed down my shorts with my free hand and kicked them off my cock was up and looking for a nice wet soggy cunt to ejaculate into, she reached under and pulled him down between her legs, releasing him he twanged up under her resting under her slit as he stuck rudely out of the front of her and she started to hump holding him between her legs, she looked down “now I know what it would be like to have a cock, even if it is a bit short,
I bet I could fuck someone with it, can we try?” she said as she pushed his head back and bent over then with her finger ends slipping his head into her vagina as I eased forward and he went in, her head came up as I drove him all the way in holding her around the waist to increase the penetration when I got to my balls, squashing her arse against me to get extra depth, “fuck me” she said hoarsely as I increased the pace into her, she came quite easily riding the waves of pleasure as the climax surged through her, she was squeezing and pulling her own tits as she moaned at my assault on her cunt,
I pulled out of her and carried her to the bed, my steaming cock still erect, I laid back on the bed and lifted her on as she climbed on top of me and put my cock inside her again, her mouth opened slightly as he made his way through her body once more “I’m sure you’re getting bigger” she said, as she settled down to rock on my cock “how are those young ladies going to cope? I ask myself” she said, looking down at me and smiling as I groped her tits and she shuddered as she took a small one, “what young ladies?” I asked “Jennie and Ezme of course” she said “I know you intend to fuck them, I saw you looking and I know how your mind works you dirty little fucker, need any help?” she said smiling “ I want you to suck my tits as you cream my cunt but don’t give me a nipple lick because I have work for them tonight and I don’t want my mind fogged by a mega climax from your actions,
I take it you are ok for me to fuck Carlos?, he will probably fuck my arse but that’s as much as I could expect, given his leanings” she mused as I got hold of her buttocks and lifted her slightly then thrust up with my pelvis driving my cock back into her as she gasped and leaned forward then fed me her tits to suck, I didn’t lick her nipples although I was tempted but she cheated by licking my neck while my hands were on her buttocks and she took the full f***e of the blast as her eyes shot open and she came with me, feeling me cock squirt the seminal fluid up into her and the orgasm race through my legs, my groin, my stomach and exploding in my chest turning my brain to mush,
I laid back gasping, she sat there grinning, still rocking on my rapidly shrinking member, she leaned down placing her elbows at either side of my head and bringing her face very close to mine, she kissed me lightly on the lips as she maintained the cheeky grin on her face, smiling at me, I could feel the puddle of cum forming on my stomach as my cock slipped out of her and she dripped on me, I gathered her up and took her into the shower where we soaped each other down enjoying each other’s bodies, we got into bed and slept for a couple of hours to recharge our batteries, she slept with her head on my chest, one of her favourite positions to sl**p.
Evening came and we went down for dinner, the guests were already there with two additional, Carlos and Ezme’ s mum and dad had come along, they were late middle aged and I was hoping that they would miss their Horlicks before the fun began because it can be a bit inhibiting watching your k**s get fucked by strangers, I ordered wine and it flowed in copious amounts, Carlos went to the toilet and I followed him I talked to him and we made a deal, then went back to the table, Maria had already made sure that she was sitting next to him, she was wearing a blouse and skirt that was slit to her waist up the side, her blouse was a halter neck very deep that just skirted her nipples of her braless tits, she rarely wore a bra because of the pert strength of her tits, she had not had c***dren to pull them down and her tits were not big so gravity had taken little control, it was a while before I realised that the father of Carlos and Ezme was watching Maria’s breasts as they kept peeping around her top as she moved chatting, I could see him hold his breath as the edge of her swollen aureole came into view, Maria was u*********sly feeding his need because he was on the same side to her as Carlos who she was trying to tempt so the dad was getting a taste of what the son was being offered on a plate, Ezme was sitting next to her father with her mother on the end, Jennie was on the other side sat between Maria and myself on the half-moon shaped seating to the table, Ezme jumped,
I was puzzled because she was sitting between her mum and dad, I knew the dad was getting horny because of his infatuation with Maria’s tits and his rising bl**d pressure that was evident by his reddening face, Ezme apologised in Spanish as she seemingly had bitten into something that hit a delicate tooth, Jennie stood and excused herself as she passed me she tugged my finger, she went off towards the toilets,
I waited a few moments then followed her, she was waiting around the corner of the toilet block, “did you see that?” she said “I saw something but I am not sure what” I replied “I think Ezme’s father is fucking her” she said “I have been sl**ping in her room and she gets up in the night and stays out of the room for ages, she doesn’t know I know but something is not right with that f****y, when we were at Uni she used to talk with him on the phone for a long time but never as I am aware to her mother, Maria came around the corner and we explained the predicament to her, I saw the bl**d drain from Maria’s face as the reality hit her of what she was fully conversant with, we have to distract him” she said “only you can do that my darling unless Jennie can? “ I said “I’ll do it” Maria said “he’s been glued to my tits since we sat down” “I didn’t realised you had noticed” I quipped, she gave me a withering look as Jennie went back to the table, we staggered the return so as not to raise suspicions, the meal went on nicely as the wine continued to flow, Maria was working on Carlos and from the look on his face
I thought she had hold of his cock, he kept stopping in mid chew and looking at her with her hand under the table, she was eating with her fork in the American style, I looked at Ezme’s mother who had been very quiet although she could speak good English she had black hair with streaks of grey, she was fairly slim built with what I would say were 36D breasts, slightly thick legs but she had the same plain beauty that I had first seen in Ezme, with the same strong sharp features, she was her daughters mother, we took coffee outside where a group of musicians were playing tango music, “will you teach me to tango“ Maria suddenly said to Carlos dad, he jumped taken by surprise at the request “it takes weeks to learn” he replied “well I have to start somewhere” she said “ok we will give it a try” he agreed “you can always do it Ellie style” I said to Maria as she rose to go to the floor, she looked at me “you sure” she replied, I nodded, she went off to the dance floor followed by Ezme’s dad, I moved to the seat next to the mother, I asked her if she had enjoyed the meal, she said she had and thanked me for paying the bill which I had insisted on doing, we chatted about Argentina and the political situation since the war with England over the Falkland islands, the Argentinians had been fantastic people and the war had never been mentioned during my visit although riding to work along the “Avenue De Belgrano” kept me pretty quiet in the car as that was the name of the ship that was sunk by our sub with the loss of many lives, the ruling junta had been deposed following what was really a fiasco, she warmed to the conversation and was leaning my way on her arm which was resting on the chair arm, this was pushing her breast up in her green bra that was visible out of her dress, my cock twitched, she saw my glance but did not move to correct the revelation, I think the wine was taking effect, she looked at me with grey eyes as she applied more pressure to her arm and the edge of her dark aureole peeped up, she traced her finger along my hand which was trailed over my chair arm holding the glass, the move was not visible to the others, she was still watching me as she smiled,
I turned my head back to watch Maria, she was getting the hang of the Tango quite well, the music ended and the band took a break, we had been thwarted in our move, I moved back to my seat as Ezme’s dad came back to his seat, Maria shrugged her shoulders at me as she returned, she then rose again as she went off to find Carlos, she was gone for quite a long time, Jennie was sitting beside me, she was getting a bit tipsy as she leered at me, Ezme was sitting beside her and I knew she was watching her dad who was chatting to her mother, “oh what a dogs breakfast” I thought, Ezme’s mum rose to go to the toilet, she turned and looked at me then walked away, Ezme moved quickly to the seat beside her dad, this was not one sided.
I gave it a few moments and went to the toilet, she was standing around the corner, I gave her the key to the other room and turned for the bog, Maria was sauntering back with a big smile on her face, as Ezme’s mum walked off heading for the stairs, Maria came to me standing with her tongue between her teeth, smirking “wanna put your hand down my pants?” she invited, “wanna feel the sticky cum in me?” she said “you owe me” “ go see to his dad will you, I will be back soon” I said as I headed for the stairs,
I went to the room, she opened the door at the first knock, then walked back into the room, she had taken her shoes off otherwise she was clothed, I moved to her, she stood with her arms by her side as I undid the buttons of her blouse, her breathing quickened as I opened the blouse to see the full extent of her magnificent rack, all wrapped up in the green lacy bra, her distending nipples were starting to poke through the bra as it fought to hide the contents, she turned around and shrugged the blouse off her shoulders, I leaned down and kissed her naked shoulder as I slipped off the straps that were dug into them with the weight of the contents, then unfastening the strap behind it fell away submitting to the weight within as those delightful pair saw the light of day, I put my arms around her as she stroked my arms I wrapped my hands around her twin peaks squeezing and groping her as she pushed her head back at me, I could smell her perfume as my cock began its relentless climb within my trousers, she undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor stepping out of it, she undid her suspenders and her belt an dropped that, I went down on my knees as she turned to face me, her breathing now was really rapid as I pulled down her knickers and she lifted her leg to allow me to take them off, I knelt in front of her and did not move as I was faced with her glistening mound, covered in dark short hairs,
I put my hands behind her onto her buttocks as she placed her hands on my head and slid them down the back of my head, I could feel her pressure starting to build as she closed her eyes, she was pulling my face into her, as she pushed forward with her hips, I did not resist as my face was pulled between her legs with my mouth onto her mound where I slid out my tongue and slipped it into her slit, she bucked at the intimate contact then pulled harder with her hands pulling my mouth fully among the tiny hairs as my tongue sought her hood, I thought it was time she took at least one, I found the object of my search and she held her breath as I dabbed at her clit with my tongue she jumped but then pulled again with her hands, “again” she was saying as I again dabbed my tongue but this lime left it there to explore this most delicate part of the female anatomy, I nibbled the button as she folded, the spasm hit her like a thunder bolt as she gagged at the shock as it wrenched her, her tits swung onto the top of my head as she doubled up out of control, she got hold of my hair pulling it hard,
I carried on for a few seconds more then released my grip on her button with my teeth, I slid my tongue down the slit and into the inner lips, I could taste the hot juice running out of her as she opened her legs wide to pull my face under her to give me her cunt, I gripped her buttocks and pushed my own face in then plunged my tongue into her cunt, she squirmed and came again, she fell back onto the bed as she moaned, spreading her legs even wider, I continued my attack licking around and inside her cunt, then lifting her slightly by her buttocks slid her up the bed, her legs trailed onto the bed as they were over my arms, I knelt on the bed and kept sliding her further up, she lifted her head as the pillow came under it, she was now in position, she relaxed as I took off my shirt, dropped my trousers and my shorts, my cock sprang out and she stared at it “be gentle” she said “it has been a long time” “I have a cure for that problem” I said smiling at her as
I positioned myself between her legs, she raised her knees then I eased my cock into her, she was not tight but she was certainly hungry, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled making me shove my cock in faster, she took a very sharp intake of breath as he found his way into her cunt, scr****g the sides as he went, she had her head back as I kissed her throat,, she put her hands around my neck and kissed me hard, her tongue came out searching for and finding the space between my lips as it squirmed its way into my mouth, I could taste the cigarettes, I shafted into her as she kicked at me with her heels on my back, she wanted more and faster, I increased the pace as she came arching and throwing her full breasts at me as I took the nipples and sucked each one in turn then I took her tits in my hands and pushed them together in the centre and sucked both nipples together running my tongue around her aureoles she went frantic, kicking at my back and thrusting her hips at me as I fucked into her, she subsided from the orgasm and I rolled her onto her side, her legs were still around me so I was laid with her leg under me that was in the space above my hip bone, I fucked her gently knowing that for her the feeling was increased with the weight of her thighs compressing my cock between her legs, she kissed me some more as I played with her tits, kissing and nibbling the nipples, as they came out to welcome the attention , she came again but this time she cruised through it letting it wash over her and kissing me as she trembled, she relaxed staring at my mouth,
I laid like that for several minutes gently fucking her and taking her through several orgasms, her cunt was soaking wet, she f***ed me over so that she was on top, her full heavy breasts hanging above my chest as she started to rock “now you” she said her rocking increased, I got my hands under her buttocks and lifted slightly to give me room to move and thrust my hips up at her shoving my cock deep into her cunt then proceeded to fuck her from underneath as she fed me her tits and I came into her, she felt the surge, “yes my darling” she said “bravo” as my ejaculation flooded her, she rocked again on my cock as he subsided, she slid off me past my cock and gave him a kiss as she passed him she got off the bed and got dressed, I got off the bed and into the shower, when I came out she had gone and left the key on the bed, I dressed and went down, she was sitting beside her husband again like a dutiful wife, but with a secret.
Maria was dancing with the girls, to some modern music, they were jigging around as they do, I noticed Carlos across the pool talking to some guys, I had called at our room on the way down and collected the envelope, I walked over to Carlos and slipped him the envelope watching Maria at the same time to make sure that she did not see, Carlos nodded and I walked back as the orchestra went to a slow dance, Jennie waved at me and Ezme’s dad was out of his chair in a flash, he was heading for Ezme until Maria intercepted him, placing her hands over his shoulders and crossing them behind his head, her elbows were pushing her breasts in so I knew he could see her nipples, he carried on dancing with Maria,
Jennie was clinging to me partly for balance and partly because she was horny, Ezme was sitting with her mother when a couple of guys asked them both to dance which they did, her mother kept glancing in my direction, she still had a smile on her face, as she put her face into her partners shoulder and closed her eyes, Maria was doing much the same thing, but she was making sure that she had her hair against his face, she kissed his neck, he looked around to see if anyone was watching then slid his hands up to just under her raised arms and stroked the side of her breasts with his thumbs, she kissed his neck again, we danced around the back of her and she looked at me and raised her eyebrows then smiled, she dropped one hand and moved her skirt around so that the slit was at the front, they were still dancing but almost stationary in the middle of the floor, the hand she had dropped went to his flies, again he looked around, he was looking down at her tits that he was pushing out of her top by pushing in with his thumbs at the sides, she got hold of his cock and pulled it out of his trousers, he was quite well hung, she wanked him a bit and it came up as she looked down at It from her position with her head still on his shoulder, her other hand was holding the collar of his jacket so even if he wanted to escape he couldn’t without making a fuss, she moved his cock under her skirt to her panties as she moved closer to him with her hips, she then held his cock between her fingers and hooked her finger behind her knickers at the crutch pulling it open and shoving his cock inside, she moved into him again, he was sweating but he daren’t let go otherwise his cock would have come out into the open among the dancers, she let go of her knickers and his cock when she was sure it was in the right position,
I turned Jennie so that she could watch and I waited still moving to the dance, Maria lifted her leg and his cock disappeared inside her, he had to push, his reflex f***ed him to as he fucked into her, she kissed his neck again as I saw his knees buckle, he fell out of her, his cock still pumping spunk onto her skirt and the floor, Maria managed to hold on to him from completely going to the floor and she grabbed his cock and wanked it to make sure that there was nothing left in his balls and to stop him spraying on her skirt, his wife was now kissing her partner as he groped her buttocks, Jennie was leaning against my chest as she humped her legs on my hip, seeing Ezme’s dad fuck Maria had certainly made her horny, she was gagging for it as she kept looking up at me as I instinctively peered down her cleavage, “it’s a man thing, live with it” “bet you want to lick those again, don’t you?” she said “if I let you does a fuck come as part of the package” she said still looking up at me, Maria had danced her partner off the floor while he covered himself, he almost ran off to the toilet as Maria got the room key from the table where I had left it and went off, I knew she was going for a shower, she had left the other key on the table, Ezme’s mother was sitting down again, she had her legs crossed and I noticed she had no stockings on, I was curious to know if the knickers had been discarded as well, if I was not mistaken this woman was ready in case some more action came along, this was turning into an orgy, Jennie was fidgeting, “can we go and do it” she whimpered “if not I am going to wank myself right here and now and I promise you it will be noisy” she threatened I managed to get her off the dance floor and on the way to the room,
I realised Ezme was following us “whoa!! “ I said, stopping and turning round “she’ wants to come and watch” Jennie said “I told her she could, she does not believe that the nipple lick could have that effect, I do because I think it has left me mentally and physically scarred” she joked, I set off again for the room, on opening the door it was obvious that it had been occupied, “have you been here with someone else?” Jennie queried “Maria had someone earlier” I said, which was not a complete lie,
Jennie started to undress, Ezme took off her skirt and dropped her knickers, she had a very tidy partly shaved pussy, I looked at her, “it’s alright she likes to masturbate while she watches, she does it sometimes when I am using my vibrator although I may need a bigger one now” she said as she looked at my rising cock, she giggled at Ezme who put her hand over her mouth and smiled over it, she settled on the bed “how do you want this?” I asked “fuck me first then you can lick my tits but please suck my tits as you fuck me, I like that” she said in all seriousness as though ordering a fucking Pizza, Ezme sat on the side of the bed and spread her legs giving an even better look at her genitalia, she undid her blouse and pulled it aside as her dark blue bra covered tits came into view, she really did take after her mother in the tits department,
I turned Jennie over and told her to get on all fours, “but you can’t suck my tits in that position” she said “moan fucking moan” I said “just do it woman” I instructed, she complied, I got into her and gave her a nice fucking making her come twice, she collapsed on the bed after the second one, I turned her over and shoved my cock into her between her legs as I stuffed a pillow under her backside and fucked into her again, squeezing and sucking her tits as I groped her, Ezme was going at herself quite frantically with two fingers then three shoved up her cunt, thumbing her own clit, she was squeezing her breasts in her bra, she was looking at me through glazed eyes, she had her chin jutted out at the exertion to make herself come, I carried on fucking Jennie as she came again, Ezme was whimpering beside me and looking straight at me as she frigged herself very hard, her hand working in a blur, “please? “ she said to me hoarsely “please?” I reached across and pulled her fingers out of her then shoved my two fingers into her and finger fucked her, pushing her hood aside and pressing down on her button with my thumb, she exploded thrashing her hips at me as she screamed and came,
I felt her ejaculation hit the palm of my hand and spray through my fingers, she grabbed her bra and pulled it up as the bottom edge rolled up over the mounds and her tits popped into view, I was still fucking into Jennie who was watching Ezme who was still coming, she had her heavy tits in her hands pulling at her nipples which were so distended they looked like fingers sticking out, she was yelping as she came again, the climax roaring through her, Jennie came again as she sat up and bit me on the chest, it was getting too much for me and I wanted a crack at Ezme so I pulled my fingers out of Ezme and sucked them then bent down and gave Jennie a nipple lick, she went fucking crazy like before she tried to fend me off “No!!, No!! Oh fuck she shouted, Ezme had calmed down a bit, as she watched the reaction, her mouth open as Jennie’s face changed colour from tanned to red then to blue as her neck veins stood out and she was f***ed to turn sideways from her torso, she didn’t ejaculate at me this time but she poured out an awful lot of juice out of her as she started to calm, Ezme was still lying open mouthed on her side on the bed, she looked at me, she took my hand and separated the two fingers I had fucked her with, she kissed them “beautiful she said” running her tongue across the tips as she stared straight at me sliding the ends into her mouth and sucking them, I pulled out of Jennie as she lay whimpering, I pulled the bedding to one side and she went with it,
I got hold of Ezme’s leg and she didn’t resist, she shuffled her arse across the bed like a fucking production line, she raised her knees and I sank my cock into her slippery very wet pussy and fucked her as she came again, I squeezed and groped her tits which I had been keen to get my hands on with their long nipples, I sucked them into my mouth gripping them with my teeth, I did not nipple lick her I wanted more from her, she was to be the receptacle for the contents of my balls, she came again, arching back as I sucked harder on her tits running my tongue around the very dark aureoles and making her buck at me during her orgasm, I felt the hand on my back and her mother came down the side of the bed smiling at me as she witnessed her daughter being fucked, I suppose she was grateful it was not the girl’s father, Ezme started to subside as she saw her mother and jumped “mama!! mama!!” she shrieked “shhhhh, my baby, is ok, is ok” her mother said as she reached out her hand to restrain her daughter who was still on the end of my cock, Ezme calmed and lay still while I gently fucked her, looking at me then her mother, Jennie had got off the bed and was sitting in one of the arm chairs watching this spectacle, Ezme’s mother was talking to her in Spanish, she raised her skirt and wiped her hand under her vagina, it came out smeared with cum, then she smacked me at the back of my head, and pointed to her hand, “she is telling her that you fucked her earlier and that it is ok and that you will treat her good” Jennie said from the chair “she obviously does not know about your weapon of mass destruction does she?” Ezme got back into action as her mother stripped away her blouse and took off her bra, the fabulous twins were free of their bondage and were mine to take, Ezme was naked and so was her mother because while I was fucking Ezme she was stripping, she got naked and Ezme stared at her, her mother kissed me on the lips hard and stuck her tongue in, again I could taste fresh tobacco, her daughter came again, as she shoved out her tits,
I increased my pace into Ezme and blew my stack into her, she opened her eyes wide as she realised what had happened, she came again, moaning and growling at me as I groped her tits, I subsided and pulled out of Ezme as she lay there, her mother saw the cum oozing out of her daughter and took a finger full, licking it off her finger in a very sexual manner, I moved over and laid with my back to the head board, Ezme was beside me watching me, her naked body wet with the slight perspiration of the fuck, her mother was kneeling on the end of the bed below Ezme watching me with a strong desire in her eye, she was a hungry woman and I had a strong feeling that I was supper,
I went in the shower and when I came out there was just the mother left, she was reading a magazine but still naked on the bed, I stood at the end of the bed, she crawled down the bed to my cock where she knelt and looked at my flaccid member, she lifted it with her fingers and it jumped, then she squeezed the tip between her thumb and forefinger as the dome rolled back inside my foreskin, he was moving, she looked up at me, she lifted up the end and took her mouth down to it, she flicked her tongue across the end and it jumped again still stiffening, she wrapped her hand around the stem as she gently wanked it letting the end go into her mouth at every upward movement, she crawled closer and put it between her tits where she closed her tits around it and I started to fuck her tits, she had her tongue above her cleavage so that every time I pushed up, the tip slid across her tongue and into her mouth, this happened about 5 times then on the next upward movement she let go of her tits and brought her head down as my cock went entirely into her mouth and she followed it down on the back stroke,
I do not know where she put it all because she had her nose on my pubic hair, she gagged as he pulled her head off it, the saliva from her gagging ran out of her mouth as silver threads of it clung to my cock and were stretched like spiders webs, she turned around still on her knees and presented to me, I shoved my slippery cock into her equally slippery cunt and fucked her, pounding it into her as she came, letting go of the bedding that she had been white knuckle gripping and squeezing her hanging tits, she threw her head back as she came again, thrashing her arse at me as I wet my thumb on her cunt and pushed it into her rose, “yes!! , yes!!, si!!, si!!” she yelled as she came with a shuddering climax that rattled the windows, her arms gave way as she sank her head down to the pillow, I pulled my thumb out of her as well as my cock, she turned and got hold of my cock sticking it into her mouth, she licked and slurped at it running her tongue up and down it looking up at me as she worked, she was wanking at my prick at the same time as sucking on it, the conclusion was inevitable I got hold of her hair to try to pull her off but she just took a tighter hold of my cock as I exploded into her mouth, she took it all like a fucking vacuum cleaner, gulping it down as I continued to pour it into her, she squeezed my softening cock and ran her clenched hand to the top squeezing out every drop then scooping it up on her tongue and swallowing it, she smiled up at me as I bent and kissed her, she put her arms around my neck and kissed my shoulder, I went in the shower and when I came out she had gone but there was a pair of her panties on the bed laid out in the normal shape, I went back to the bar where Maria was sitting alone, they had all gone,
Maria smiled at me “good night eh!” she said “yep” I said “very good, “by the way before I forget, Carlos left this envelope for you, he said it was a pleasure” she said smugly “you went to a lot of trouble to make sure I won” she said smiling at me “take me to bed” she said.
To be continued……………….

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