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Mum in our room on hoilday.

It was our last night and was about to get off to bed as we had a early flight to catch the next day. Me and sam my friend were sharing a bedroom in this villa we was staying in. It was a large room with 2 double beds. For some reason the beds were already together like a kingsize bed, so we had just left these and slept like this. Mum and dad had the own room the other side of the villa.

Our door was slighty open when mum peeked her head round it,
'you ready to go home boys'
'no, could do with another few more days' i replied
'me to' sam said also.
'can i come in, im not tired and your father is sound asl**p' mum had said
'sure, were not tired also' we both replied.

So there it was me and sam lying in this king size bed and mum standing infront of us. We has just having a chat about the hoilday and the good points, stuff like that, when im sure sam was probably doing what i was doing under the cover.
I had my hands down my pants rubbing my cock, just the thought of her not knowing really.

Mum was standing infront of us still, she was wearing a white nightie which came just below her knees and was quite low cut on the top which was great as she has big boobs. You could see the straps of her black bra.

'i wish i had a better colour' mum said to use both
'you've gone well dark' sam replied
'much more than me' i said

Just then mum standing in front of us had said 'look' and peeled back her bra alittle, not releving her boobs but showing the white bits. She then said i catch it my legs more, and without us saying anything she turned to the side and hitch up her nighting and showed us a bum cheek. With seeing that you couldnt really make out if she was wearing any knickers, if it wasnt a thong then she was wearing nothing.

'you beds are massive, how comes you havent moved them' mum had said
'there huge, to be honest we couldnt be bother' sam said laughin
'you could get 2 more people in here i reckon' i repiled
'you could easily' mum said

Just then she sat on the bed. By now we was still having general chat about the hoilday, By now mum had also got under the covers, she was in bewtween us. I didnt think anything of this. So when we was all talking i was getting more and more tired. The light was off which didt help but we had this crappy curtians which let light in from the street lap outide.

'just popping off to the toilet' mum said

I could see sam rustling about under the covers,

'what r u doing' i said
'well now your mums gone im off to bed'
'whats with the noise'
'im taking my pants off, u no i sl**p naked' sam replied

Just then mum had came back in and got straight under the cover.

Sam's face was a picture he didnt no what to do. I found it rather horny that he was naked laying next to my mum when she didnt have a clue. I was beginning to wonder why mum hadnt gone back to her own bed. So i thought to myself that i was going to prented to be asl**p. Not that i thought anything will happen.

So no i was laying there with my eyes shut. Both had though i was asl**p but i could hear everything that was going on. It was actually pretty boring, they were whispering about work and past hoildays. I really did want to go to sl**p now. But just then it had be quite for the past 5 minutes. I opened my eyes faintly to see mum now facing sam. Looked like they were still talking.

I now rolled onto my side facing the back of mum, this had bought the cover up slightly which made me see the back of mums body, i couldnt believe it she wasnt wearing a nightie any more. Something was going on.

'ok, just a mintue' i heard mum whisper to sam

Sam then turned on his back whislt mum was still on her side. She turned to see if i was asl**p so i had quickly shut my eyes as if i was. What happening next was i could hear the noise of the cover moving up a down. I knew this noise as ive had plenty of wanks in a bed to no when someone is wanking. I couldnt believe it but mum was wanking sam inches away from me. I wasnt even touching my cock but i was throbbing.

This had been going on for bout 3 mintues when mum unexpectly turned round, whilst still wanking sam. She turned back round smiling, Shit i thought to my self she must have seen me. I no i definatly caught eyes with her. The strange thing was she carried on. I was so horny by now.

I was watching now when mum had lifted the cover off sam and wanked him in the open, wow i could see the whole lot now. He wasnt small either. Just then mum had moved her lips to sam's and started kissing him, Never expected this. Nor did i expect what happened next, when she shifted her body down so he face was next to sams cock. Oh my i was thinking, is she going to give him a blowjob.

'what if david wakes up' sam said
'he wont his a deep sl**p' mum whispered back
'were bad'

They both looked over and i had shut my eyes again. I was gutted as i didnt want to get caught but was dieing to no if she was sucking his dick. After about 20 seconds i slighty opened them. What i could see was sam was laying there with his eyes shut whilst mum had move to the other side sucking his dick. i was so horny i was gagging to get my hard throbbing cock out.
I carried on looking when mum opened her eyes and looked up at me, this time 100 per cent she had seen me.

oh god oh god i was thinking shes caught me, i didnt want to move so i left them opening hoping the reflection would look like there shut. But just then she took his cock out of her mouth and licked his bell end looking at me and smiling.

'oh sam i love you cock' mum had said to sam
He just smilied,
'do you want to play with me now' she said
'shhhh david will wake'
'i think he is already' she replied

oh fuck i thought. im in trouble, they both looked over at.

'david im so sorry' sam said covering his cock
'its ok, dont be' i replied
'you dont mind' he said back to me
'well youve started now' i said

mum had gone back to wanking davids cock whilst we was having this little debate. I didnt want sam to no how horny i was. But i think he could tell.

'why dont you join in' sam said to me
'excuse me' mum said looking at sam
'i couldnt do that' i replied
'does this not turn you on' mum said to me
'not really' i replied pretending it didnt
'show me you cock, i bet your hard' mum said smiling looking at sam aswell.

I didnt have to be asked twice i pulled down the cover and pulled my shorts down

'wow thats huge' mum said
'your not small are you david'
'i think sam's is bigger mum'
'let me compare' she said

So just then mum had got upon her knees she was still in her bra and thong whilst me and sam was laying on our backs both naked when she was studying are cocks.

'your right, sams is alittle bigger'
'have you ever seen a women masterbate infront of you' mum said
'no' we both replied

Just then mum layed inbetween us and put her hands down her thong. I couldnt believe this she was actually playing with herself. She then pulled her boobs out of her bra, they were big. Both of us looked and each other and then sam when straight in and started sucking them, whilst wanking.

'oooh thats nice' mum said
'dont leave the other one out' she looked at me saying

I then started sucking on her tit too. Sam stop and got out of the bed. He went round to the front of mum, she looked confussed, he pulled her thong down and moved he face close to her pussy. It was bald. He then poked his tounge out and started licking her pussy. She had he eyes shut moaning. I got on my knees and started wanking over her.

I was watching sam and he was licking her pussy for about 5 mintues when he stood up. he wanked his dick and moved it towards mums pussy. Just like that he slipped it in her wet bald fanny. We was fucking my mum.

'oh yes'
'oh yes' she was moaning

I carried on wanking. By now we was all naked and sam was on top of mum fucking her.

'fuck me from behind' she said

So they stopped and mum got on the bed on all 4s bent over with her arse in the air. For 51 she still had a great body. Sam grabbed her from behind and started fucking her. He started of slowly but then you could hear the noise of his body slapping against hers. She buried her head in the pillow, so she wasnt moaning to loud .

The was space infront of her so i moved round and wanked right in her face.
'oh yeah, faster' she had said to me
I was wanking fast but was controlling my speeds as i didnt want to cum until sam did.

'oh yeh yeh yeh' mum moaned, She was cumming.
Sam slowed down and mum dropped her head in the pillow.

'wow i havent cummed like that for ages' mum said
'im nearly there' sam said
'both cum on me if you like'

So then mum layed on the bed on her back but naked. We was standing up infront of her, she was rubbing her pussy and me and sam was wanking hard,

'im gonna cum' sam said

He moved inbetween mums legs and wanked even faster, just then he sprayed the biggest load ive seen, covering her face tits stomach and alittle dripped towards her pussy.

'quick now me' i said

I got onto the bed and just aimed for her tits.

'oh yes' yes yes' i moaned as i shoot a huge load also on her tits

'mmmmmmm' she moaned rubbing both our cum in her body.

'well thanks guys that was great' she said getting up and grabbing her clothes.

She then walked out towards the toilet.

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