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Finally I get to share my wife..

We were always very open with each other about sex but with a young f****y the opportunities to act out our fantasies were few and far between. We had met couples before and my wife had met several single girls on her own to fulfill her bisexual side but we had certainly been going through a drought for several months with no new experiences to report.

For some inexplicable reason, I had become fascinated by the idea of sharing my wife with another man. We had talked about it and she was wary but after a wine or two she would often let slip that the idea appealed to her as well. I knew from the day we met that Marie was bisexual and the possibility of a FFM threesome was not really an issue for her, maybe that’s why the MMF threesome appealed to me, because it was out of both our comfort zones.

We had trolled the dating sites looking for couples and girls and the novelty had worn off for Marie, so the task of finding others to join us was left to me. Over time I began to lose interest too but continued to check on a less regular basis just in case somebody ideal came along. I did find a young guy who seemed polite and respectful of the scenarios I suggested we might like to try but I couldn’t foresee an opportunity to act on this so we kind of lost contact. Marie had seen his pictures and had agreed that he would be a good selection if the situation ever presented itself.

A month or two later, Marie was invited out with some of her girlfriends to a bar/club and my Mother offered to babysit so we could both have a night out. As it was only a girls’ night, I wasn’t allowed to join but I suggested that we book a hotel suite near where the girls were going and Marie could meet me at the hotel instead of heading home when she was finished. We agreed this might be fun so I booked the room about a week before the night out and then my mind began to tick.

I started making hints and comments about what we could get up to. Marie gets extremely horny after a few wines and I saw this night as a big opportunity. As the night approached, I started telling her how I would be on line trying to find somebody to join us in the hotel for when she came in. I don’t think she believed me initially and just agreed to keep me quiet, but as the time grew near, she could tell I was deadly serious. We agreed that we would keep in touch throughout the night and if I found the right people or person and she was in the mood, then she would give it a try.

If she wasn’t convinced I was serious before, she soon realized I was when we checked in to the hotel at 3pm and I started unpacking the video camera and loaded our selection of our home made porn onto my laptop which I connected to the large plasma screen in the room.

We had a swim in the pool and fooled around but Marie wouldn’t let me fuck her, she thought it would be funny to tease me and jokingly told me I would have to wait until she returned after her night out. We returned to the room and Marie soaked in a hot bath drinking wine for over an hour. When she finally jumped out, she walked into the lounge naked and showed me her handy work. ‘Do you think our guests will like my cunt shaved smooth like this?’ she smirked and pulled away as I tried to stroke her, and I was more determined than ever to make something happen.

I always got turned on by sending my gorgeous wife out dressed sexily so she would attract attention and she always did. Her tits are indescribably gorgeous and she enjoys showing off as much cleavage as she possibly can. I picked her outfit for the night, short denim skirt, black knee- high boots and a ridiculously skimpy black halter neck top. I knew her tits would be bouncing around in this without the support of a bra and I also suggested that she wore nothing under her skirt too but this made her a bit uncomfortable so we compromised on a sheer black g-string which, in all honesty, did little to hide anything anyway.

She looked stunning as she prepared to leave me for her night out and as we hugged at the door, I told her how serious I was about attempting to find company for us later. I could see in her eyes that she finally realized that I probably was actually going to do what I said.
“ok’ she said, ‘no single girls but maybe a couple or a single guy’ (I knew she liked to pick her own girls) and with that, she turned and headed for the lifts, leaving me with a throbbing cock and a determination to deliver on my promise.

She left around 7pm and I knew I had until around 1 or 2am before she returned. What I hadn’t told her was that I had been quite active all week rekindling relationships with old msn contacts and local people on adult web sites.
Marie’s texts got more and filthy as the night went on and the cocktails flowed. I made her remove her g-string and send me a picture of her freshly shaved slit as proof. She was clearly feeling horny so, after a few swapped cock and tit pics to each other, I asked her if she was really ok with me inviting some company to meet her with me. She texted me and my heart jumped. “If you really want to, let’s do it’. I will never forget that moment. Despite my planning and scheming I think now was the first time I really thought that she would go through with it if I could arrange it.

With a raging hard-on, I jumped back on line and got to work. It was gone 11pm already and time was of the essence now. Yes! Andy was on line as we had arranged. I had sent him a steady stream of pics and videos of my wife in the last few days and we had chatted in depth about what I wanted to happen. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that he found my wife irresistible.
Again I texted Marie ‘are you sure? I have a live one’….and within a minute her response came back. “So horny I will fuck you both’ . I realized that she had known all along that my mention of a ‘couple’ was a smoke screen and she knew what I had been up to all week.

I had Andy’s cell number so I called him and invited him over. One of the reasons I picked him was that he lived nearby so I knew he could be with me in ten minutes or so.

When he arrived, my stomach churned. Was I really ok with this? He sat on the couch and I grabbed him a beer and once again texted Marie telling her our company had arrived, still trying to keep the charade up about if it was a guy or a couple. She texted back almost immediately, accusing me of being full of shit. I took a pic of Andy sat on our couch in the room and sent it to her and the following minutes of text silence were torture.

Finally she responded. ‘Ok. Back in 30’. I thought my cock was going to explode.
Both Andy and I were nervous but neither of us wanted to admit it. Bravado took over me as a way of getting through this and I hit ‘play’ on my laptop and my wife’s naked pictures appeared on the 42 inch plasma, showing every fold of her shaved pussy and every detail of her perfect tits in High Definition detail.
We sat almost in silence as we watched the slide show and the videos until finally there was a scratching at the door as my d***ken wife fumbled with the entry card. I clicked the remote for the video camera and saw the green light come on. I remember wondering what footage we would be watching this time tomorrow…

Andy and I both stood and moved to the hall as Marie swung the door open. She was clearly a little tipsy but she always hid it well and she hugged me and kissed my mouth and squeezed my cock before moving on to Andy.
Andy had his hand extended to shake her hand which in hindsight seemed odd considering he had just watched a video of her fucking herself to orgasm with a glass dildo, but Marie just ignored his hand and hugged him and planted a big kiss on his lips too.

Strawberry daiquiris have the most erotic effect on my wife so I handed her one of the three I had ordered from room service and she sauntered into the living area. I was unsure about what her reaction would be when she saw what was on the screen, but in her inhibition free state she was very matter of fact about it all. In fact, she seemed to enjoy quizzing Andy about which was his favourite picture and I did enjoy watching her take control.

We all three sat on the couch, Marie between Andy and me. Marie grabbed the TV remote and selected a porno from the adult movie menu and then turned to me. “So’ she said “what do you want me to do?’.

I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply and slipped my hand into her loosely tied halter neck top. Her hand groped at my erection and when we broke from our kiss I said ‘Do that to Andy’.

Without hesitation, she shifted on the couch and pulled Andy in for a deep passionate kiss. When she noticed that his hands hadn’t moved, she grasped his hand and placed it on her tit. Then her hand went for his crotch and began to stroke his obvious erection through his jeans.

I watched as Andy’s fingers kneaded my wife’s breast from outside her top. The tie of Marie’s halter neck was on clear view as her head was turned to Andy, so I tugged at the material and released her superb tits into full view. Now I could see his fingers on her flesh and it made my cock throb with excitement.
When their kiss had ended, Marie settled back on the couch between us, unashamed that her tits were on full view to me and our guest, and her hands continued to stroke both mine and Andy’s erections. We both stroked and fondled and kissed my wife’s topless body and we both moved our hands down to Marie’s legs and there was no resistance as we gently prized her thighs open.

I grabbed one side of her skirt and Andy grabbed the other and my slutty wife lifted her arse to allow us to pull it up to expose her cunt. I had forgotten that she had removed her g-string and was stunned for a second to see her bald pussy on full display.

Topless and legs spread, Andy and I worshipped my wife’s body. I looked down when I felt her body tense to see his glistening fingers sliding in and out of her and her hand was behind his head, pulling him into her tit as she and I kissed.

I told my wife that I had been telling Andy about her mind blowing hand-jobs and that maybe she would like to give us both one. The thought of seeing her with a cock in each hand was exquisite for me and I knew from her wetness that she was so turned on that anything I wanted could happen now.
Marie told us both to strip and then sit back down next to her. She poured oil over us both and her expert hands glided up and down both our shafts. I watched her work her magic in the reflection of the sliding glass doors and struggled to control my orgasm.

I think she enjoyed the power this gave her and all of a sudden, my slut wife had her own ideas. I guess she knew that Andy and I were both close to orgasm so she said ‘whoever cums first has to watch while the other guy fucks me’.
I don’t know if that was meant to be a tease or not but this just caused my cock to explode almost immediately and her I showered her hand and arm with my juice. Nothing more was said. She gently mopped up my cum with a hand towel before standing and taking Andy by the hand to lead him to the bedroom.
As she walked, she removed her skirt and top but left her boots on for me which she knows I love. I notice Andy’s erect cock bobbing up and down as he follows her and to this day I cannot describe the feelings I had. ‘Come in in 5 minutes’ she said as they disappeared into the bedroom.

She was doing all this for me. She knew I couldn’t wait and she also knew I wanted it on video so I was relieved when I saw the bedroom lights were on as I placed the camera quietly at the door.

I stood in silence as I heard her tell Andy to fuck her from behind. She knelt and presented her perfect ass to him, reaching back with her hands to pull herself open for him. Andy’s hands dug into her ass flesh as he inched himself into my wife and instantly they were both moaning in pleasure.

I knew it was safe to join them now, nothing was going to stop them. I lay next to Marie and watched as her huge tits bounced with every thrust of Andy’s cock. I kissed her and noticed my cock was already hard again. I knelt in front of her face and fucked her mouth while Andy fucked her cunt.

Andy was close to cumming as was I a second time. I told Marie to lie on her back and Andy and I knelt either side of her face. She cupped our balls in her hands as we wanked ourselves to orgasm, covering her face and tits with jet after jet of hot cum.She took each of us in her mouth to suck the last drops of cum from us and disappeared into the bathroom to clean herself up.

Andy and I returned to the living room and toasted the night as we heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. We both figured the fun had ended and Andy dressed and sat on the couch to finish his beer before leaving, saying he just wanted to thank Marie before he headed home. I knew he was hoping for another invite and I told him I was sure we would both love to meet up again.

Marie finally appeared in a loosely tied hotel robe and looked shocked to see Andy dressed and ready to leave. She told him there was no way he could drive after so much alcohol and he was welcome to stay if he wanted to. She turned and dropped her robe to the floor as she returned naked to the bedroom, turning the lights off as she did so.

Once again my erection stirred and I felt a great sense of achievement that my plan had worked out so well.

“You go ahead Andy” I said, ‘I’ll join you guys shortly’ and I sipped my wine as I heard the action start with a huge smile on my face……there wouldn’t be much sl**ping going on tonight…

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