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Clothing store encounter ( second cumming )

It had been a while since I had seen the young lady from the clothing store. I was quite surprised when I received a call from Jaden. She asked me if I knew who was calling. I said that I recognized her voice right off. Just hearing her on the phone was making me hard. She mentioned that I had said to call if she ever wanted to get together. She said she had thought of me often over the last month since the events at the store. She asked if I was able to meet her after work at her apartment. I told her yes of course. I too thought of her often since then and, would be glad to meet.

When the time came I wore the same slacks she picked out for me and headed off to her place, excited for what was to come. I drove as fast as I could my heart racing, half hard by the time I reached her place. Once I rounded the corner I could see her waiting at the front door. She was much prettier than I remembered from our first encounter. I adjusted my cock as I got out of the car, and she smiled as greeted me saying I had great taste in clothing. Once in the elevator she grabbed a hold of my cock saying how she could not wait. I placed my hands on her beautiful breasts and agreed with her whole heartitly

Once inside the door of her apartment she fished out my cock and started to jack me hard. I pulled her top off and started to suck on her tits. She pulled me by my cock towards her bedroom. she sat on the bed working on the knob of my cock driving me wild. I pushed her back as I was close to cumming and told her to get naked. She lay back on the bed. then I worked her wet pussy with my fingers. She gave a moan indicating how good that felt. Jaden told me to hurry up and put my big 8 inch cock inside her. I fumbled towards her willing pussy and slid my hard cock inside her. She let out a squeal as I penetrated her about a third of the way. she told me to go slow as she was not had one as large as mine before. I stroked her as she wish until she had gotten used to my thickness. then she began to buck up and down my shaft until she was taking it all. It was by far the best I had in a long long time. We had gotten into a great rythm it was fantastic. she was loving It and I was over the moon. I told her I was about to close and she said to cum on her tits. I pulled out and blew a huge load all over her stomach and tits. jaden rubbed it all over her as I fell to her side exhausted. I told her that was by far the best I ever had. She said that she was pleasantly surprised at how well a man of 70 performed.

We have had a few more experiences together since that first time. Coming close but never matching that first lustful experience. Jaden has moved on to a new Job and a new town. I still smile as I look back at how lucky I was to have such a beautiful young women. Thanks jaden where ever you may now be.

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