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Lou ( the babysitter ) takes control !!!

Once more -- Missy ( Wendy ) tells us of her exploits with her Babysitter LOu !!! enjoy .............................

It was a typical Welsh summer’s day --pissing down and cold -- cold enough for the gas fire to be on.
I was feeling pretty shitty as I had one of those summer colds that just hanging on and can't seem to shake...
Charlie had taken our son to school so I could stay in bed and try to sl**p it out...
Charlie hadn’t long gone and I heard the front door open Hello!! I knew the voice and felt better already...

It was Lou the babysitter --- my devious mind was working overtime!!!
I always sl**p naked -- and rolled on my side and pull the sheet half off my warm sticky body --so that my ass is sticking out from the sheet -- one leg is straight and the other bent --- that should give Lou a wonderful view as she comes in the bedroom I think !!! Hee hee.
On the bedside table are tablets and all sorts so the next part of the plan will hopefully work – I pretend to be asl**p!! And see if she will do anything!!!

Since that wonderful first night when I had taken full advantage of a very d***k Lou -- (and told her a lie saying she had asked me to fuck her !! ) she had been around many times to c***d sit but also just come to have a coffee , chat and some foreplay with me !

She really did look up to me with the experiences with men and women also -- she wanted to learn so much and I said that we were going to teach her everything we could.........

I hear her footsteps on the stairs – my hearts is racing -- so excited --- and feel my pussy and lips are soaking wet!! How can this be that a 17 year old girl makes me feel so fuckin horny --- but yes she is so beautiful and what a body she has!!!

The bedroom door opens -- she whispers Hello!! I don't move.......
The floor creeks by the bed – and I know for sure she is staring right at my asshole and wet cunt lips ----- the thought is bringing on another little orgasm -- I feel a trickle of cum run down onto my inner thigh and around onto the bed --- fuck I am so fucking horny for her --shall I just roll over and tell her to fuck me??? No lets see what she will do ----
I feel Lou’s fingers gently stroke my ass cheeks so lightly it makes the hairs on my neck and arms stick up --- the sheet begins to move slowly and gently sliding it down to expose my round firm tits!!

Fuck I am trembling visibly -- she whispers "ah my sweet Wendy your shivering with the cold "---- no I'm not I'm fuckin shaking with passion and I want you to fuck my brains out!!
The floor creeks again this time at the bottom of the bed -- she is coming to make sure you are asl**p....
My eyes are closed tightly.... and feel Lou lean on the bed ----- and can feel her breath on my face --- her lips touch my head --such a sweet gentle kiss --- and my pussy gets wetter and wetter with every passing second..........
Lou’s finger tips roll around my hard nipple --- its so fuckin hard it may well pop!!!
What is this girl doing to me I think?? I know exactly what and want more and more wanting it all now!

Lou softly pinches my nipple --- it's as though my cunt has just been plugged into the mains --- such a buzz between my legs as yet another orgasm hits me – my whole body shudders this time!!

Lou moves again this time back around the bed -behind me ----- and my eyes are wide open watching her in the full length mirror ----- I watch her remove her top and jeans -- she stands there long silky legs G string and wonderful young firm tits -- no bra ---- she is a vision to my eyes ---- she glides her panties down the long legs and steps out of them --- she looks at the gusset of her black G string and I can see her white creamy cum from where I am!!! Fuck me cum again and she hasn't touched me YET!!!!

Lou kneels on the bed -- her face is inches away from my ass – and I feel her breath on my ass cheeks -- then her soft fingers glide over my smooth skin down in between my thighs ----- FUCK!! the tips of her fingers glide along the wetness from my asshole to clit -- my lips are closed tightly but as she drags her fingers back towards my asshole her middle fingers opens me slightly and slides along inside my moist lips --- the sensation is amazing ---- I try to push back to get her fingers inside me ....

Her finger slides out from between my lips ---- and I’m desperate for more --- then I feel her breath on the cheeks of my ass --- Lou’s fingers inside the ass cheeks then she opens my asshole --- I really want her fingers inside -- but no --- her tongue glides over it and then deep inside the gapping asshole ---- fuck I want to squirm and scream – and think have I really taught her all of this -- its fantastic --- orgasms are just flowing through me nonstop, Lou has her face buried in my asshole now and my fingers are working my soaking cunt --- I feel the hand pulled away --- Lou wants the cunt too --- and wants to rub and finger me --- today I’m Lou’s her sex play thing !!!!!

Lou is a strong girl she just rolls me on my back -- she doesn't say a word and I look into her eyes she is so intense , then she smile at me before once again she goes down on my wet love holes ---

I open my legs as wide as I can get them ---to allow Lou as much pussy as she can manage --- her tongue is wonderful flicking the enlarged clit then probing deep into me –

My breath is taken away as she licks at the clit but also she pushes her thumb into my pussy and 2 fingers deep into my asshole --- Lou’s fingers are steaming in and out of the holes and I orgasm so many times then start to squirt, she just doesn't stop --- the girl is like the perfect vibrator pleasing both holes and clit all at the same time --- and too add to the total pleasure I am pinching and rolling my erect hard nipples ----- fuck I am feeling so much better already !!!!! Hee hee.

After a good hour of this finger fucked and licking treatment -- Lou kneels up and says OK Wendy now it’s your turn --- yes I think I’m going to eat her cunt and asshole --- WRONG!!!! Get on your knees she says!! “what “I say --- on your fuckin knees Lou says --- she really is being dominant – I don’t argue and just get on all fours --- Lou pulls the sheet over my head so I can't see a thing ---- then as she pulls the sheet of me I see that Lou has my double cock strap-on around her waist ---- She is going to fuck my holes -- both at the same time!!!!!! ---- the cum is dribbling down the inside of my thighs as I’m so fuckin wet --hot and horny I just push my cunt and asshole back for Lou to do whatever she wants !!!

To my surprise I feel Lou's tongue rimming my gapping holes “fuck the pleasure is so intense I squirt again all over her magnificent tits ---- “I'll make you pay for that you cunt !! “ Lou says --- she is being really dominant and guesses what --- I’m fuckin loving it!!!

Lou slaps my ass so hard I scream out --- stop being a baby she says and slaps it once more!! Then no teasing no gently, gently both holes are opened and penetrated at the same time my knees buckle and I fall over -- but she just rides my ass – Lou is fucking me like I have never been fucked before harder -faster -deeper -- this is how it should be done !!! Just like this!!
Lou is also cumming regularly now as the internal dildo is banging her G spot we cumming together and riding through more and more orgasms until finally Lou collapses on top of me hot wet body -- sweat dripping from her long blond hair -- its as though we have both been in the shower ---
I still have the dildo's in both hole's – Lou is very gently eases them out of my cunt and asshole which stay gapping wide open ---- she looks at my streaming cunt and -- gently very oh so gently licks and kisses my cunt and clit -- more shivers are sent through me --but I’m totally and utterly satisfied ---

When Lou finally stops licking you --- she snuggles into my body and tells me how much she loves the sex and how much she has learned from me – I think some of the things Lou has just done to me – I hadn’t taught her they just came naturally – and Lou will be a real slut later on in life and she can practice all she wants on me --- Lou leans across and kisses me ------ I feel so better already............................

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