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The Walking Dead IV

Day 253

The past few months with Master Salem (as I have to call him) were a mixture of pain and pleasure for me. I had to enter into some master-slave contract with him and in return he will genetically clone and create a female body for me. He was some crazy scientist who determined that the survivors are genetically more advanced than those who were zombies and in a way related to this he managed to completely map the genetic structure of this "advanced" race of humans.

He also explained me this crazy way of transferring my consciousness to this new body once it's grown enough but I didn't understand the technicalities. All I wanted is just the time to pass as soon as possible so I can be free in my new female body. We have spent countless hours "designing" the body on his computer array in the basement of the hospital to the finest details. In the end I had something that was beautiful and he initiated the sequencing which will grow the body in one strange pool.

Meanwhile, he tortured me with bondage and sexual games which even if turned me on I never really liked. The way he looked at me and used me just uneasing. Most of the time I walked around in schoolgirl outfits, maid outfits, short skirts, stockings, and most of the time without panties. Many times he would just stick his hand under a skirt and start playing with my penis or anus while I closed my eyes and bit my lips.

Very rare were the circumstances where I really enjoyed any sexual activity with him that he called "tests". I did came many times, that's true, but it was all enf***ed and I was not really enjoying it. He knew this and often punished me for it by long kneeling in the corner with my hands tied above my head while being totally or partially naked and with his constant look on me. Or he would just simply spank or cane me when I refused or was late with a chore he gave me. So when I wasn't his sexual slave I was cleaning, cooking, and other things one would be lazy to do.

The day finally came and he revealed me the body of a beautiful girl who could be around 20 years of age looking like she's sl**ping on a hospital bed. She was connected to several life support machines and some wires were connected to her head. She had beautiful blond hair, perfect round tits, and a bald perfect camel-toe pussy. My future body. I had to lie down on a bed next to her's and he connected quite a few wires on me. He didn't speak much and he appeared to be as anxious as I was. He just wanted to hurry the process.

He finally asked me if I'm ready and when I nodded he pushed some buttons on his computer and everything went dark for me. What seems only a moment later I opened my eyes again to be in a completely new body. I expected something spectacular sensation and exploration of my new body but everything felt natural. As if nothing happened.

I was in a room, alone, and naked on a bed. I stood up and walked around to "test" my new body but turned out it's all fine and I have nothing to test. There was a mirror in the room and I stood in front of it to see a completely strange girl - the body we designed for me - standing in front of it. I was completely amazed with what technology can do. I touched myself around the body as if expecting something different but it was all the same with the exception between my legs where I was just missing something. There was a genuine vagina there instead of a penis.

But before I even thought about exploring my body sexually Master Salem appeared in the room. He gave me a short skirt and a sweater to wear. Remember how shy I was in front of him before? It was even worse this time. He was literary eating me with his eyes. r****g me with his looks. I just wanted to run away. I didn't want him to touch and spoil this body.

He said to me it's time for me to fulfill the second part of the contract. I didn't really read it so he explained to me in one simple sentence: sexual slavery for eternity. There was no point in struggling against him. He was just stronger. Insanely strong. He finally just blindfolded me, bound my arms behind my back, and walked somewhere over a huge number of stairs. I wasn't allowed to talk or ask any questions. When we finally stopped I heard him going away. I didn't dare to move because there could be stairs and I could tumble over them...

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