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My First Time With a Transexual

This is a true story it happened back in 1986 I already knew I was bye and I liked having sex with girls and guys but I had never had a transexual. I went out clubing where all the gays and lesbian hang out just to hang out and have a good time there was always someone who would accept a straight looking guy like me so I went into this one club that had a transvestitied show or shemales show it was a great show they had some singers, dancers a couple of comedians the show was very good so I had to stand at the bar in between to girls who were dressed in business suits very sharp nice asses and great looking tits they were about my height, had all the curves in the right places so I invited them drinks they accepted, so we started talking about the show they told me they were regulars there, I said they looked great and very sexy. One said her name was Mary, thanks that it took a lot of work to look that good. I comented that she must go to the spa or something she said that she did I told her she was really getting her monies worth. Our converstation got around to if she wanted to go out with me, she asked me if I knew what she was I said no she said that she wasn't what I was looking at that she was special I said she sure was and than she reached for my cock through my pants and in a very sexy voice said she had one of those and if I was OK with that than she'd take me home and let me get better acquianted. Let happen what was to happen. I said to her I'm very open minded and would love to get to know her better. So we left the club and went out to my car, we drove a few blocks to her condo. She let us in, turned to give me a very hot kiss with tongue and all I could feel her tits push against me and the rest of her was so smooth I reached down to grab her ass she moaned in my hear saying you know what I like. We gradually moved over to her couch, I openned her blouse, so I could suck on her tits they we soft, very beautiful brown nipples, which I sucked very softly at first, she moaned again said to me to suck them harder. I took off her blouse and bra, while she work to remove my pants and shorts I openned her pants and slipped my hand into her panties I found her cock tucked between her legs she was very smooth this got me so hot that my cock was as hard as a rock she kissed my chest and sucked on my nipples she continued down to my cock she licked it than took it into her mouth which was so hot I almost came we moved down to the carpet switched ends so we could 69 I took her cock into my mouth and I work it for all I was worth. She just groaned on my cock, began to move her hips back and forth fucking my mouth with her cock so I did the same to her after about 10 minutes she groaned that she was going to cum in my mouth I let her know that I was going to do the same so we keeped at it, we came almost together I keeped sucking her cock very softly until she pulled out. We both kind of laided there panting, she said that she really needed that. If I was up to more I said of course. She rolled over got to her feet she went to the kitchen for a couple of beers, we sat on the carpet drinking beer for a while, she asked me if I had ever been with a shemale before I said no you are the first but not the last. She lead me into the bedroom so we could more confortable, I started to kiss her cheeks and lips I moved down to her tits I caressed each one than I suck her nipples one at a time until she stared to moan softly I continued on down to her belly button than finally to her cock which I licked all around the tip than the length I continued licking and caressing her between her legs on down to her knees calfs and ankles finally to her feet, kiss each and sucked each of her toes, than I turned her over and started back up her legs to the back of her knees to her ass which I ate with gusto now she was moaning and groaning she put her ass in the aire so I could really get to her little hole to stick my tongue in her ass hole which tasted just fine after a bit I worked my way back up her back licking and caressing her spine until she said that she was going to cum again. I said not like that your not I turned her over so I could grab her cock and put into my mouth to suck her off again. She came very hard with maybe 5 or 6 squirts of great tasting cum which I drank down again. This made me so horny that before she could say anything I turned her over again pulled her ass into the aire, so I could shove my already rock hard cock into her ass she moaned and pushed her ass back into me, I was so hot that I could only fuck her ass for a short time maybe 9 or 10 minutes before I came in her ass. I was spent but I didn't pull out until she said that she had to go to the bathroom, she said if I wanted to take a showwer with her I jumped at the offer, and thats another story. This was really a true story of my first time with a shemale but not the last. let me know what you think.

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