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Daddy's Baby

Jill was just s*******n and quite a beauty. She was the youngest of the fifteen c***dren with nice firm tits and a cute round ass. Three of her s****rs had added c***dren to the f****y and all fathered by their daddy. Daddy had now decided it was Jill's turn to carry his c***d. He would now be sl**ping in her bed till she was knocked up with his baby.

Her mom took her and bathed her and put her in the bed naked and uncovered. She layed by jill and let her huge tits hang over her face. Jill reached up and fondled the big tit. Her mom placed the tit next to her mouth and Jill began to suck as her mom played with her daughter's tits. As Jill sucked she could taste the milk coming from the large tit as mom was always full of milk after birthing so many babies and nursing them for years. Many nursed till their teen years keeping mom's tits overflowing with milk. Her mom then lowered her hand to Jill's shaved pussy and began to finger her. She told her "Lets get you nice and wet and make it easier for daddy's big cock to slip in that tight hole." She added two fingers to the young tight hole. As she fingered her daughter she also would rub the clit. "Yes, daddy is going to love your nice tight pussy. I want you to fuck him and make us another baby."

Daddy then walked in naked and asked the mom if she was ready. The mom replied "Yes, I have her pussy nice and wet for your cock. You are going to love fucking this sweet cunt." Her mom left and the dad got on the bed with her. He told her "I want you to stroke my cock and get it hard. Put your hand around the shaft and jerk daddy's cock." He put her hand down to his cock and she began to stroke him up and down. She felt the cock get hard and loved the way it grew as she stroked him. He then told her "Spread your legs and let me see that pussy." As she spread her legs he watched his finger go into her hole. "Yes, that is a nice tight cunt. I can't wait to get my cock in it." He then put a pillow under her hips and then began to lick her pussy. Jill began to pulse and it felt so good. Daddy sucked her clit and licked her fuck hole. Her hole was wet from cumming as he licked her.

He next put his cock to her hole and pushed into the tight opening. He told her, "Hold your breath while I push in you. You are tight and my cock is big for you. Soon as I am in you will love the fucking I shall give you and feel my warm cum." He pushed the cock into her tight hole and heard her moan at his big rod. He did not stop and kept pushing. She had to endure the pain to bear daddy's baby. When he was all the way in her he waited a minute before he began to pump in and out of her hole. He moaned to her "Baby, you feel so good against daddy's big cock. I am going to fuck you again and again tonight." He then began to fuck the young girl and filled her with his cum.

He pulled his cock out and told her to turn onto her stomach. He then rubbed her ass cheeks. He whispered to her "You have a great ass. I an going to fuck you next as I lay on the ass and it pushes in my stomach." He then spread her ass cheeks and rubbed her butt hole. Soon he had a finger up her ass. He finger fucked her ass as she gasped. He added another finger and watched his fingers stretch her hole. He kept fucking her ass and added the third finger. "That is a good girl. Let daddy finger fuck that ass. I love to see my fingers in that hole." As his fingers stayed in her hole he then pushed his cock to her cunt. It was easier this time to get in her and he fucked both her ass and pussy till he added more cum to her fuck hole.

He told his daughter "Get up on your hands and knees with that ass high in the air. Let your tits swing as I fuck you again." He got behind her and began to fuck her doggie style as his fingers invaded her sweet ass one more time. His three fingers were knuckle deep in her ass as his cock fucked her now wet pussy. He fucked her hard and deep in both holes. He loved young pussy and the tight ass.

That night he fucked her three more times in different positions till her pussy was getting sore. She would be his to fuck till he has knocked her up. Two of her s****rs were now carrying his baby in their big bellies. the b*****rs now ran the farm so dad could spend all his time breeding his girls. The mother no longer gave birth but she helped nurse babies and loved to fuck the dad as much as he had time for. Daddy went down for breakfast and then came back to the mating bed and fucked Jill two more times. The mom came in to see how they were doing and let Jill nurse her tits as she washed her pussy. Jill loved her mom's huge tits with the big stretched nipples. It seemed like one of her c***dren was always hooked to a tit sucking no matter how old they were. Some nights she had two c***dren at a time sucking her. She would sit on the couch and remove her top so they could nurse.

The oldest son slept in mom's bed and nursed and she had birthed at least two of his babies. Daddy liked to have babies on the way all the time on this big farm. Mom helped each daughter when they were in labor. Every baby was born right there at home. The daughters were bred again in about six months. Some day soon the b*****rs will breed the s****rs but so far daddy just knocked up the girls. Even tho there was some secret barn fucking between the siblings. Two b*****rs liked the older s****r with the DD tits. And she loved to fuck the twin boys in secret. They loved to suck milk from her big tits too. Jill had caught them in the barn both boys sucking her tits. They then pushed her down and grabbged her tits as the one fingered her pussy. They soon began to fuck her too.

For three weeks the dad fucked Jill several times each night till she was knocked up with his baby. He then sent her to the other bedroom and moved another daugher into the breeding bed. Little did he know that Jill was now meeting the twins in the barn each day.

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