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The interview

I couldn’t believe I had been offered an interview for the job but I am well qualified and a quick learner so will have to accentuate my positives and distract him with my great tits.

I dressed to impress, a little slutty but professional, a suit topped with heels and a red satin blouse, suitably unbuttoned to showcase my cleavage.

I gathered up my portfolio and the data stick with my presentation on it, checked myself in the mirror and went to the car. I tuned in to a dance station on the way to the interview, the idea being to be up beat and pumped to present myself.

The building was modern and the reception staff welcoming, asking me to take a seat and they would let Mr. Hughes know I had arrived. After five minutes a tall, dark man in a suit and tie (Armani, if I wasn’t mistaken) approached me. ‘Hi Gemma, I’m Rob, would you like to come with me?’

Cor not ‘arf I would I thought in my head, as I watched him walk away, I’d like to cum with him very much! He had a great ass and was tall and broad. We entered the lift and he pushed the button for the 6th floor. The lift bumped away and ground to a screeching halt.

Rob looked at me and I looked at him. ‘That didn’t sound healthy’ I said as he pushed all the buttons on the panel. ‘Don’t think that is going to help’ I added ‘what about the alarm button?’ He looked at me, was that with a look of distain or a look of admiration for my crisis management skills. He pushed the button and we stood and waited.

He apologised for what was going on and I laughed and said it was ok; these things happen and thought it had always been my fantasy to be trapped in a lift with a good-looking stranger. He smiled and he looked less than relaxed, ‘I hate confined spaces, so am getting a bit stressed.’ I told him to talk to me about himself and that would take his mind of it.

He talked total rubbish, began to look hot and flushed and so suggested he take off his jacket and loosen his collar. He seemed to calm down a little bit and said ‘this has always been my fantasy, to be trapped in a lift with a good looking woman!’ Like he read my mind in some strange Derren Brown way!

I looked up at him and he suddenly looked at me, obviously uncomfortable with what he had said. I held his gaze with a straight face, enjoying his discomfort. I smiled, ‘it’s ok, that could be good therapy to take your mind off being here. Tell me about that fantasy.’

He laughed and shuffled his feet, saying something about appropriateness. I said ‘well they say in stress you should retreat to your happy place, so make this lift your happy place and tell.’

‘Errr . . . .’ he looked at me.
‘Come on, what happens in the lift, stays in the lift!’

He laughed and began telling me about how he fantasised about being in a lift with a hot woman, as they enter the lift they look each other over, attraction being obvious. The lift emptied and he imagined standing behind her and reaching around to stop the lift. He slides his hands over her torso and slides her jacket off her shoulders.

She responds by rubbing her ass against his body, grinding her ass against his cock, which she could feel stiffening. She undid her buttons and he rubbed his hands over her breasts, making her gasp. She turns around and slides her skirt up to her waist showing him her stockings and crouches down sliding her hands over his crotch, undoing his belt and zip in one smooth motion.

His cock plops out into her face and is already covered in precum that she licks from the end of his cock and tastes, licking her lips as she does. She gives him the most amazing blowjob, taking his cum into her mouth and swallowing it, while looking at him. She stands up and straightens her clothes and buttons herself up. In his fantasy she pushes the button and the lift restarts, giving him just enough time to sort himself out. She leaves the lift and walks the opposite way from him along the corridor, not looking back.

I was now flushed from listening to his fantasy. My pussy felt wet and I wondered what he might think of me if I dropped to my knees and began devouring his cock. He had really turned me on and all I wanted to do was be naughty!

We looked at each other and I simply said ‘hot fantasy’

He smiled and said ‘well it will probably never happen, sadly but I know it would relax me in this situation.’

I stepped forward and kissed him, a hot, wet kiss, sharing our tongues. I stepped back waiting for the fallout but it didn’t come and before long I was lifting my skirt and dropping to my knees. I undid my blouse buttons and ran a finger over my cleavage, before undoing his flies and removing his cock.

I licked my hand and grasped his cock, only just closing my fingers around its girth. I slid my hand up and down, wanking him hard and then took his cock into my mouth. His cock was substantial and at first I gagged a little as I slid it deeper into my mouth. My jaw relaxed and before long I was sucking him as he fucked my mouth.

He held the back of my head and fucked my mouth a little deeper and gasped as I varied the pressure with which I tended to his cock. I murmured sending vibrations through his ever-stiffening cock and he braced himself against the walls of the lift.

A voice called out ‘it’s the Fire Brigade, We are working to get you out, shouldn’t be too long.’

I looked up at him and he smiled, we didn’t know much time we had before we were rescued. I lifted his cock up and licked his balls, while wanking him with my hand. His breathing became quicker and he started to gasp and groan as I took his cock back in my mouth and teased him with my lips, running my tongue around his glans until his cock twitched in my mouth.

‘I’m gonna cum!’ he said and with a groan and he filled my mouth with warm crème. I swallowed and licked my lips, making sure I had had every drop and enjoying the taste on my tongue.

‘We will have you out in a couple of minutes’ came another shout.

‘Good timing’ I said as I stood up and put my clothes to right, kissing him to share his taste. ‘Better get that interview done hadn’t we?’ ‘I guess we had’ I said smiling broadly at him.

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