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Naughty Wife

So last Wednesday we had no k**s and decided it was time for some naughty fun. We placed an add on Craigslist for a couple or select single male to fuck that night. We had lots to choose from and a guy caught my wife's eye. She ended up chatting with him all day and when she got home she said he was going to be there in an hour and I better get ready.

I was thinking of a hot threesome and some good dp was about to happen. An hour later he arrived we all sat down and chatted with some wine. He promised her a massage and off to the bedroom they went door closed behind them. She likes to get to know the other guy then invites me in. Well 15 minutes goes by and I hear her starting to moan, sounds like the massage is over and he is eating her out. I hear her cum and I begin to think the door will open anytime soon. I sit and wait with excitement because I love watching her fuck. I know hear some louder moaning and it is from her sucking his cock as I hear her gag on it. I can hear her suck his balls and spit on his cock as he tells her more please. I know by now the door is about to open up. To my surprise I hear the sounds of fucking happening on my bed as he is pounding her and she is cumming again. I hear the sound of pleasure she makes when a hard cock enters her tight hot ass. He is now fucking her ass as she is moaning and wanting more. I hear him unload his load with some loud grunts. An hour goes bye and when the door opens they are dressed and he has to leave. Naughty little slut just fucked him good and made me listen. She was so worried I would be upset but I know she knew deep down inside that it really turned me on. Boy did she take a good hard fucking form me later and her ass was pounded good and I made sure her face was covered by my huge load that was built up listening to her fuck.

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