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My Encounter With Sinead O'Connor (a fantasy)

I host a local talk show and was thrilled at the idea of interviewing Sinead O'Connor. She was appearing at small club later that same evening. I had not seen her in some time and was taken somewhat aback that she a little greyer and a little chubbier than I recalled, but she still possessed those magnificent dark eyes and as soon as that deep Irish accent hit my ears I melted.
Upon our initial meeting I could help but recall remarks she had made not so long ago in praise of her vibrator and the fact that she enjoyed anal sex. As we spoke and these images continued popping forefront in my mind I suddenly felt mself beginning to get a slight erection. Fortunately it did not blossom into anything more a slight chubby and quickly faded away.
We talked a while about what she would like to chat about in her segment. Instead of the combative Irish militant she has often been portrayed as Sinead was quiet pleasent, charming, kind of shy. She didn't really care what we talked about and seemed unafraid to discuss anything---music, politics, how her c***dren thought she was embarrassing. She laughed and periodically reached out to touch my hand in a quick and absent minded way.
"Talk about my love life....or lack thereof," she said leaning slightly forward.
Then a moment later in a voice just barely a whisper she added:
"I haven't been fucked in months now."
I was staring right in those dark eyes now as she was now within inches of me and for a fleeting moment I thought that she was going to kiss me.
"I'm sorry to hear that," I responded once my swoon ceased and now I wanted to kiss her on those wide soft lips. She was so petite.
"Fancy a quick shag," she said a moment later.
I waited for a laugh to let me know that she was merely joking but her face remained cooly impassive and unreadable at that moment.
"Have you got a big cock. It's doesn't really matter. Big or average I like 'em all."
I just stared at her blankly and felt at any time I was going to wake up and this was all going to be a lovely dream I was having inspired by Sinead O'Connor appearing on my show.
"I thoughtthat you were a lesbian?" I asked after my period of stunned silence.
She shrugged her shoulders.
"Whatever is available to get me off. I like my pussy sucked. I always judge a lover by the way he sucks me. Some guys are too timid when it comes to sucking pussy. Girls are born naturals."
"You think all women are lesbians?"
"At some point in their lives I think all women have those thoughts even if they never act upon them. My last girlfriend was real butch. She came with a sack full of vibrators, dildos, everything. It made your head spin that that was all going into my pussy."
I was reeling inside at the thought that I was standing here talking to Sinead O'Connor about eating pussy. An impish smile peridically appeared and disappeared as she continued to speak about her sexual predilitions with me with all the ease of an old friend. I was struck by the appealing masculine quality in her femininity. She spoke like a horny teenaged boy.
We had set up a little dressing room for Sinead that was a little secluded and would afford us a degree of privacy. But I had to weigh the factor of how much trouble I might get in if we were caught. Would I been as a hero of sorts that I got to fuck this famous musical personality or be considered a whimp that I allowed a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly out the window.
"Let's go," I finally said after a brief suspenceful silence.
Sinead took my hand a we headed for her dressing room. The moment she locked the door she was on her knees opening my pants, liberating my cock and hungrily took it into her mouth.
I reached down and ran my fingers through her dark close cropped hair and silently wished her head was shaven as when she younger. It was a minor and quickly dismissed qubble. I watch her head bob frantically. She briefly removed it from her mouth with a loud wet pop and her face turned up to me.
"I hope my cock is big enough?" I asked.
"Not to big or big small.....just right....lovely," she responded somewhat breathlessly.
I lifted her up by her arm pits and lifted the big baggy sweater she wore and saw her breasts, pale and smallish, each with a dark arect nipple which I eagerly took into my mouth and suckled upon, one and then the other.
"Lovely...lovely..." she chanted softly. "Bite them just a bit, darling."
I obediently obeyed all her requests. I was also simultaneously attempting to get her jeans open and down her legs. Her belly poured softly overly the top. Even before I got off her panties I could already see that she had quite a volumious growth of pubic hair and it peaked out around the leg openings and swelled from front of the panties themself. I was savoring all these little discoveries.
She was growing weary of my slow progression.
"C'mon, baby, get off my panties and suck my pussy," she cried out in deep Irish voice.
I quickly slip the panties down her thickish and hairy legs, tugging them free of her feet, and tossed them casually across the little room. I was now on my knees staring at the stunningly hairy pussy of Sinead O'Connor. I had to employ one hand just to hold aside the thick black fur just so I could get to her pussy. Her hand took hold of my head and virtually shoved my face into her cunt. The scent was overwhelming and musky.
"Kiss the nun," she said and grinded her hips slowly at first.
Her pussy did resemble a nun in a red robe and her head was the clitoris timidly poking its head out from beneath her cowl---only momentarily timid and it became more prominent as I continued lapping her cunt for the next several minutes. I poked and thrusted like an expert swordsman.
While I did this I had also kneaded her ass (which was also covered by a fine amount of hair) and discreetly opened the cleth with one finger, descending until I had at last located her asshole. I decide not to be as shy about my actions and inserted my index finger gently through that tight cluster of muscle and advanced up the rectum as far my finger allowed.
Up to this time she sighing softly but once I began inserting more fingers up her ass Sinead bagan to make deep thought cries as I had never heard any woman I have ever been with before today. I had virtually my entire hand up there massaging the cavity with the dextirity that the narrow passgae allowed, but it was enough to provoke a chorus of similar cries and a****listic grunt from this petite woman.
It was my turn to take over and bent her over the make up table we had arranged for her and positioned myself behind her. I was painfully conscious of the rapidly dwindling amount of time we had before we were about to begim taping and she had to get down to the club for her concert.
looked at the open orfice of her asshole and plunged my cock in. Her tiny body tensed for a brief moment and then relaxed again. Her hips shifted slightly from side to side as I sank deeper into her and delighted at those rectal muscles contracting around my cock.
"Fuck me....fuck me....fuck...." she calling back to me in a loud voice that rose to a pitch that just above a whisper up to this point and could have been overheard by anyone passing by just then.
I really no longer cared about the consequneces and slammed my body harder into her's until I felt I was on the verge of doing damage. I waited for some plea to soften my attack but none came and our perspiring bodies continued slapping loudly against one another. Sinead clutched the edges of the table and grunted softly.
I finally let the contents of my balls flow up into the large intestines of my famous companion and did not withdraw until I was emptied. I was panting like a spent reace horse. I could see my come out before to dislodged myself. but it poured out like a river down her inner thighs. I quickly gabbed a wad of tissues and cleaned her up.
It was seveal minutes before she had recovered enough to straighten herself up and turned to face me. She was sweaty and pale, but that sweet smile illuminated lovely face. I took it into my hands and kissed her.
A knock came suddenly at the dressing room door which startled the both of us. It was one the assistants telling that we are abot to begin taping within the next few minutes and asks if I was inside with her.
"Yes," I called,"we'll be out in a minute."
I quickly headed to my own dressing room and cleaned myself up, combing my hair, and applying a generous amount of cologne and made myself presentable. I walked to the studio to find Sinead downing a bottle of water and looked over me quickly but tried not to be too obvious. It was hard for either us to not look like the cat that had eaten the canary.
As we chatted for the sequence she shifted periodically in her seat which drew curious glances from the crew, but once we finished Sinead rose and embraced me before finally leaving the studio and back for a rest before her show. I looked at that sweet ass as she took her leave and fought back the urge to cry out:

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