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My new girl friend

I met a new friend the other day and invited her over for the weekend . Well she spent the weekend, we went swimming in the pool, she was a little taken back that I went in naked and after a bit she took off her suit, she had breasts just a bit bigger than mine, her nipples were light pink and not as big, she was shaved but had an assume landing strip. I asked her if she had ever had sex with a girl and she replied I have never had sex with a woman but have always wanted to. I moved over to her put my arms around her waist and kissed her long hard and deep, looked at her and said neither have I . I felt between her legs and the wet I felt was not the water. I stopped looked at her and asked if she wanted to get out of the pool and hit the bed room, with a sexy erotic look on her face she just nodded yes.

We ended up in the bedroom our cloths still by the pool, I laid down and she sat beside me, looking a bit afraid, I put my hand on her leg and ran it to her wet smooth pussy, playing with her lips she moaned, with my other hand I pulled her head down and started to kiss her my tongue was all the way in her mouth and hers in mine. It seemed like we did this forever. I laid her back on the bed and started to kiss her nipples and then started to suck them. I slowly licked my way down to her now very wet lower lips and started to lick, she tasted so good, she started to shake and tremble and then she started to orgasm, the juice started to flow and filled my mouth, I swallowed. Looking up, I could see her nipples standing up then they turned to puffy nips, when she finished having her orgasm I worked my way back up and kissed her, she looked at me and said thanks and that she wanted to try that on me.

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