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Taking one for the team

I've fucked a few married women, but never quite as brazenly as the time I am about to describe. It happened when I was in the service and stationed in southern California.

One of the guys who lived at the barracks knew some folks in Arizona who owned a nightclub on the river. The nightclub owners were a bunch of cheapskates and did not want to pay for a real security team, so they had an agent (the guy we knew at the barracks) to recruit dumb service members with nothing to do (that was my friends and me) to work as bouncers and such for the weekend.

At first, we were quite excited at the prospect. Free food and non-alcoholic drinks until our shift started, all we could drink afterwards, and they were putting us up in a hotel! Well, the hotel fell through first. We had to rent tents before we left, because they could only get us a campground reservation. Whatever.

The drive took several hours, but everything in that part of the country is several hours away. (I could not even imagine trying to take a covered wagon across any of that deathtrap of a desert. Previous generations of Americans were some bad motherfuckers, nothing like the pussies we churn out today.) Anyway, we got there, got some okay food and checked out the place.

It was really cool, because it had a dock in back where you could pull up your boat and get out and walk around on a boardwalk the length of the club. They also had an open air bar back there facing the river. A little after we ate and explored a little, we started our boring ass shifts. The biggest dude among us worked the door, checking ids. I got put in the back on the boardwalk area. It was pretty uneventful, there kind of looked like there might be a fight on the dance floor at one point, but the dudes left without further incident.

After working a good eight hours or so, we got to drink our fill--from a skunked case of Busch. We didn't even know it was skunked till we got back to the campsite. We were pretty pissed about the ultra-shitty beer, because it was well into the 3 o'clock hour at that point. Nothing nearby in this strange place was open and we still had to put up our fucking tents. I do not think any of us finished his beer and we went to sl**p after getting our affairs settled.

The next day, we went to the club to eat our lunch. It was noon on Saturday. We still had two more shifts to work at that place, before returning to our base on Monday. We were on a four day liberty for Labor Day and had to report back for duty Tuesday morning.

After eating some awful food, we went back to the campground to wait for a few hours. On the ride back, we said "Fuck it" and all four of us decided to quit. The guy who suckered us into coming out did not know that we just quit, but we were pretty pissed at him so he could figure it out for himself. I think his friends the night club owners might have given him a room, because he wasn't sl**ping in a tent with us.

The campground was a nice place. Our sites were on the shore of the river. It was a nice view in the daytime. Anyway, we got to know our neighbors at the campground. They were a couple in their mid to late thirties. The guy had a mullet and some facial hair, skinny and pale in ill-fitting cutoff jeans with no shirt--looked straight out of the trailer. The wife was part or full native american and resembled a bowling ball. Her complexion was ruddy and nose was red from a life full of alcohol abuse, there was little doubt. They had a large RV. Despite my horrible description, they were extremely nice people, just not much to look at.

They were there for the weekend with their daughter and her friend. The girls were a little chunky, but quite attractive. The friend was 21 and the daughter was 13! We were floored. She had curves in all the right places and totally looked at least 18. We were thankful we found out early before the wrong thing happened. Anyway, we told these folks about the raw deal we got from our employers the night before and they shared their beer and hamburgers with us.

One of my buddies was joking around and said, "You know, one of us is gonna have to bang this chick to thank her for all this hospitality." We all had a pretty good laugh.

As the afternoon turned to evening, it was pretty apparent who wore the pants in that f****y, especially when the mom came out of the RV and shouted back to her f****y inside, "I'm gonna go out to the bar and have some drinks with these guys. Don't wait up for me." Oh boy...

The bar was actually a short walk from our campsite, and part of the campground complex. There, we had a few drinks, and this chick just started turning into a horn-dog. It was really sad how unattractive she was. She was short and squat, her legs were short, her chest, waist and hips seemed to be one entity. She was not super fat, but her complete lack of curves made her seem unfeminine. Her face was plain at best, and her alcoholic complexion on top of her reddish skin and coarse black hair knocked her appearance down to ugly. We humored her because she was incredibly nice and giving.

My friends all made up excuses about being married, engaged, or seeing someone. I was actually banging some chick from Riverside on the off weekend I made it down there, but I did not claim to be in a relationship. Deep down, I think we all knew from the minute we bit into those burgers that I alone would be nailing this broad before the night was over.

Before I knew it, ol' girl was licking my shoulder and rubbing up against me, as I was standing at the bar, waiting for a drink! I think she might have been in heat, or something. I spent most of my adolescence and adult life oblivious to women's subtle clues of whether or not they were interested in me. I wish everyone I ever met were as easy to read as this one! Before long, I led her away on a moonlight stroll along the beach.

We wandered past a string of campsites, most folks were winding down or already asl**p at this point in the evening. We eventually came upon a fairly private section near the edge of the campground. We waded in the river, our shorts left dry on the shore. I tried to enter her in the water, but it was just not happening. We retreated to the beach where I ate her pussy for a few minutes and climbed on top of her. I noticed a group of campers around a fire, one of them playing a guitar about two hundred feet from us. Whoops... not such a great spot after all!

Her breasts were almost non-existent while she was on her back. They shifted as far to their respective sides as possible. I alternated kissing her and her wayward nipples as I drove my cock deep into her round body. Her pussy felt great to my lonely manhood. When you live on a base with thousands of men and there are only dozens of women, you don't usually get laid very often. Despite this, I was not trying to savor this moment. I was just trying to get my nut as soon as possible before we got caught.

I settled into a pretty decent rhythm, working my hips in a slight circular motion as I rocked my cock in and out of her nether regions. I could feel my mushroom tip deflecting off her cervix when I bottomed out. From the moans, I gathered she hadn't gotten a deep, hard fucking like that in a long time, if ever. After being on edge for almost the entire encounter, I finally shot a hot load deep into her cunt. I never asked if she were on birth control, and frankly, did not really care. We dressed in silence.

As we walked back to the bar, she really wanted to turn our tryst into a regular thing. I felt bad, but I told her it could never happen again. We walked back to the bar, hand in hand. I was really looking forward to getting another drink!

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