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3 a day makes you tired

Well sometime ago I had business in Raliegh NC and I drove down there for a two day trip was Washington DC. I had a pretty packed week ahead of me, Mon-Tues in NC, Baltimore on Wednesday and then Charlotteville on Thursday. I was a road warrior and loved it.
I finished my business in Raliegh early on Tuesday and I headed to a bar to get a drink and go over what happened with the sales team. Afterwards I decided to catch something to eat a late lunch and hit the road so I went to hostess and asked her for a table and was seated next to a small petite lady that was dressed very nicely and seemingly engrossed in her book. I place my order which was a steak cesar salad and sipped my sweet tea (its the south you get sweet tea) and looked over some notes about Baltimore when I noticed that the nice lady next to me had thigh high stockings on and was showing off the tops with the elastic and some bare thigh. Studing her discretely I could get a read on her I thought, if I saw her in church she would the type to be an usher or some other support role. I looked at her book and it was a popular mystery like John Grisham and that she was almost done with it.

As my meal was served she looked over and commented that it looked delicious and that she now regretted what she had ate. I engaged her in some polite conversation and asked her if she was from the area. She wasn't she was here for two weeks until this coming Friday and was very bored. I asked her where she was from and she said Washington D.C., that she was down here for a class to keep her CPA license current. Between bites I also gathered that she had already had a few drinks, those were long island ices teas she was drinking. Some sort of Jack Daniels/tea concotion and she had enjoyed them immensely. Well I abandon my salad claiming that I wasn't all that hungry and ask her whats to do in the area if there is any entertainment she liked. She said there was a place in the strip that had good music and that if I was in town I should go there for some fun. I let that pass and then later on asked her if she wanted to go there and enjoy the music with me. She had enough to drink that she thought that was a splendid idea but she had to go to her hotel first she wanted to change and primp. I commented on her attire and told her she was be the belle of the ball dressed as she was and that her stockings were very becoming. I didnt use sexy as a wanted to gauge her reaction to a compliment. Well that was the beginning she smiled and said do you like them and stretched her legs out showing them off at the same time her dress rose higher to show off the inner thighs. I smiled and said yes they are stunning but not as beautiful as the legs they adorn. She laughed and says who uses "adorn" any more?
Well I lean over and told her quietly that I didn't want to be too forward but that when I sat down I was riveted by her legs and the stockings and that I could only wish that I was blessed enough to see more of them in the future. She smiled and gently reached up and tweaked my ears and rested her hand on my neck and raked the back of my neck with her nails. She confided in me that she loved that sort of talk and that we should go to the club she spoke about. When we got outside she told me she would get a taxi and I told her I had a car and I could drive. She loved is when I opened her door for her and paused at my side to thank me making sure she was close enough to feel her chest brush against mine I am sure she did it on purpose. She got in and let her legs part enough that her skirt rode up extra high and stealing a glance to make sure I was watching tugged it down to hide her legs.
I got in and asked her where are we going and she told me that she needed to go to her hotel room first. I was only too happy to oblige her on this matter. When we pulled up she asked if I wanted to come up promising she wouldn't be long. I said ok and after she got out I went and parked and came in she was standing by the elevators waiting on me. As we got on she caught her heel and I had to steady her a bit causing me to put an arm around her mid section. As I guided her into the elevator I didn't remove the proctective arm and she leaned into me and put her hand on my back. Now I am really into overdrive thinking I couldnt get this dammed lucky could I?
As the elevator stopped she parted from me and went out first to lead the way to her room which was at the end of her hall and was a small suite. Getting inside she put her purse down and told me that she had some juice in the little fridge and I could help myself. She disappeared for quite sometime, I was just wondering what was going on when she called out that shes sorry it was taking so long it would just be another minute. She popped out looking much the same but asked me did I like the look to which I said "oh yes" it was worth the wait. She came over and hugged me telling me I was such a gentleman to say nice things. I put my hands on her hips and told her that I am usually a gentleman but beautiful ladies like her could make that hard to do. She smiled and leaned in for a nice long kiss allowing me to wrap my arms around her waist and draw her into me. We stood there kissing for a bit and then she parted and sat down. She wanted to change her shoes to something else so she could dance. She put her feet on the ottoman and undid her shoes and put them aside and brought the new ones up to put on her feet. I knelt down and took them from her to help her and she smiled. She put her stocking foot on my chest and wiggled her toes asking me if I still thought her stockings were pretty. I just nodded and ran my hand down her calf and up her thigh stopping when I hit skin but not backing down. She slid her foot up over my shoulder and put her hands on top of mine and backed me off a little giggling, I just turned my head and proceeded to kiss her calf working my way to the knee when I felt her hands leave mine and I took the opening to push her skirt up to reveal she had removed her panites.
She was staring me in the eyes and I did not break of contact I just continued to kiss her leg past her knee heading for the promised land. As I kissed her higher and higher she stopped me with a palm to my forehead and started to say something when my fingers brushed her well trimmed bush and caused her to take a deep breath and bite her lower lip. I leaned forward keeping the contact with her pussy lips and kissed her softly and then more urgently until she brought her hand to the back of my head and pulled me into her hard. I slipped a finger into her and felt her heat and mositure. I was thinking might as well go for broke here.
I pulled back a bit and kissed her neck and behind her ear going back to her tiny mouth to really get my fill and all the while I was fingering her pussy deeper and deeper. She was parting her legs to give me better access and making small noises of encouragement. I had her skirt all the way up and out of the way and three fingers into her pussy although not real deep she was just too small to get them in. Now I felt her nails on the back of my head and neck pulling me in and I gladly went there until I dropped down to her small chest she wasnt flat but defintely A cup material. I dropped further until it became clear I was going to kiss her pussy and thats when she tried to stop me. Telling me to "oh please not that, oh please I am not sure thats such a good idea". I trapped her wrists in my hands and just went down and planted my lips on her pussy licking and sucking to my hearts content. She struggled for quite abit but soon stopped trying to close her legs and then stopped trying to free her hands and finally uttered "oh my god". When she came she just squirted one big burp of liquid right in my mouth and I never stopped. When she start pushed her hips into my face I dropped her hands and grabbed her ass and proceeded to just make a lunch out of this pussy until she squeaked again. I stayed a bit longer licking and kissing letting her catch her breath all the while opening her blouse until it was undone. I kissed my way up her stomach and ran my tongue over her bra taking the material into my teeth I pulled it up to uncover her tits. With such small tits the bra moved easily and then she became self concious and started to try to cover herself up. Telling me she was too sensitive there for me to play with them. i had to trap her wrists again and hold them above her head and while looking at her eyes I lowered my mouth to her nipples and sucked them into my mouth and kept sucking taking the entire tit and more. I played with her nipple using my tongue and kept staring into her eyes all the while. Soon I noticed I didn' need to hold her wrists any longer and let go to slide one hand to the middle of her back and the other to her butt. She grabbed my ears and threw her head back emitting a low growl that was really a turn on to me. I slide my hand down her butt and one finger into her pussy while pressing her back into my face.

when I backed off you could see marks where my teeth had been sucked against her chest and the right nipple was noticeably larger than it b*****r. So like the shampoo I lathered, rinsed and repeated on the left. She was really gone by now so I undid her skirt and had her naked except for those lovely stockings and I gently picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. When I laid her down she came out of what ever trance and started to fend me off again telling me shes married and that maybe this has gone too far causing me to wrap a leg over hers and once again trap her wrists to stop her ability to defend herself. I look into her eyes while she again tries to reason with me about why this isn't such a good idea and then I just reach down with my free hand and start to finger fuck her again until she quiets down and begins to push back on my fingers. I take my leg off of her and lean in and tell her to open her damm legs up NOW. She parts them and I lean closed and bite her ear lobe telling her I am not satisfied with that and she should open them up a lot wider.
She parts them as far as possible and I tell her shes a good girl and to hold them open for me. I am really pumping her pussy now and she is lost in the moment when I slide in real deep I let my free fingergo around and begin to push her asshole. She doesn't react at first and I get bolder and slide a finger inside both holes at the same time. I pull them out and put my thumb into her pussy and begin to finger fuck her tight little asshole with two fingers.
Her reaction was to just raise her left leg and bring her knee up almost to her side allowing me complete access. She lays there rocking back and forth making small sounds with her eyes shut tight until i lean forward and tell her to look at me.
I see the fright in her eyes and kiss her gently never stopping my assualt on her pussy and ass. I stop and stand up leaving her on the bed catching her breath and begin to undress when her eyes open and before she can voice any objects I shush her with a finger to her lips and tell her to get on her knees right NOW. The last command makes her jump and she quickly rolls over onto her knees and starts to back up a little. I grab her upper arm and guide her back towards me with one hand pulling my raging hardon out with the other. I waggle it in front of her face and then caress her cheeks with the tip and stroke her cheek with its length. I take my thumb and put it in her mouth so she can taste her wetness and I make her clean it while I rub my cock on her cheek. I put my thumb under her tongue and grab her jaw underneath and just f***e her mouth open and run my cock into her waiting mouth. I rock back and forth not caring that my grip on her chin and mouth is not gentle and i am sure it hurts. As I gain more and more of her mouth I let go and grab each side of her head and begin to really enjoy myself. I whisper for her to look at me and to keep eye contact with me which she does. I see little tears forming in her eyes and her carefully applied makeup is smudged and starting to run. I then let go and stand there with my back arched letting her continue on seeing her really get into it and actually reach up with her hand which I stop telling her just your mouth baby, just your mouth. I am not sure when but something switched on and she became a woman possesed and started slamming her face into my cock and I could hear her gag and choke all on her own. Her mouth would spin this way and that and then she pulled back with just the tip in her mouth pulling her lips back in a grin showing me her teeth she then raked my cock slowly with her teeth watching my reaction I could feel her mouth flutter so her teeth pressed in a little harder and then moved down the shaft. She reached the bottom and stopped, looking into my eyes she started to press down with her teeth harder and harder watching me and measuring my reaction. Suddenly as she started she opened up and lifted her head and just spun around presenting me her backsides. She grabs her own ass and just brutally pulls her cheeks apart I could have sworn I heard something tear. I dont hesitate a bit and just line up and pop it all the way into her soaked pussy to a muted bellow from her face buried into the bedding. I reach back and smack her ass hard leaving a bright red hand print on the cheek. One that you could count all the fingers and even read the palm.

I grab her hips and just lose myself in a fury pounding her pussy with my cock no gallantry here just a****l lust at is best. She is vibrating and losing control of her voice and making sounds I could only interpert as "dont fucking stop". She bucks and kicks her legs out straight and dumps another large burp of liquid all over my cock and balls coating the two of us in this huge explosion of cum. I pull back until I slide out and f***e her down flat and drag her back until her hips are on the edge of the bed and i line up again and plunge into her pussy and pull out on the next plunge I miss and spear her in the asshole with no lube or warning I see her back arch and her mouth opens in soundless animation. I start to pull out thinking I may have gone to far when she reachs back and pulls me in further. Pushing back against me she rolls forward and raises up so she can reach underneath and with one hand grabs her pussy and the other grabs a nipple. She is brutal on herself and has pulled her nipple out to outstanding distances and has three fingers buried in her soaked pussy. I grab her by the hips and just thrust until I am as deep and I go but keep pulling her back into me.

She shoots her legs out and is not impaled on my cock in her ass and just her forehead is touching the bed. We rock like that for a few moments until she shudders and collapses. I feel her asshole suddenly lose all grip and I back out fearing that I have done something permanate. She brings her legs together and curls into a ball not making any sense at all.
It takes sometime for her to become coherent but she looks at me and smiles and tells me that she has never ever had sex like that before. She didn't know what was wrong with her and why she "leaked" but that when it happened it felt so dammed good she doesn't want to get it fixed. I had to explain to her she was a "squirter" and what that meant, she had not known that happened to women. She then shares with me that I am the second guy she has ever had sex with other than her husband and that she has done things she didn't even know were possible.

She gets to her feet and moves to the bathroom with me in hot pursuit, she is alarmed by my following her in there and tried to shut the door which I dont allow. I grin and tell her she's not done by a long shot. The look on her face is priceless and her feeble protests are useless as I guide her into the shower to kneel before her and take the shoes and stockings off before turning on the water.

Rounds two and three are coming

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