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Fuck my friend in the Bathroom,Mike

Fillmeup2's Fantasy (I want my man to fuck my friend inside a gas station restroom)

She gets inside of the car."Thanks for the ride guys." she says. We are all headed for a weekend at the beach. She is one of my closest friends. Mike is at the wheel as we laugh and get our buzz on going down the highway.I start to doze off,from the long ride.Finally I can no longer hear the radio and I have drifted off into tranquility.
My friend has been drinking a little too much. The conversation between she and Mike become very sexual. My friend starts to get turned on from the conversation. She cracks the window to let the summer wind blow inside. The wind feels like a soft caress against her body. She begins to lift her dress up around her thighs.While Mike talked about the things that turns him on in bed. How he would love to have a threesum on day. If I would ever go for that. Now my friends fingers find their way to her scantily covered pussy. She can feel the heat coming from the slit and she slides her fingers deep inside. The more Mike talkded the more she began moaning and playing with her pussy. Her clit swelling from her touch,and her imagination wondering from his words.
Mike looks through his rearview mirror. He can see my friend with her head leaning back,and the sensual expression on her face. He tilts the mirror downward and gets a glance of her pleasuring her cunt. He tried to keep his eyes on the road,but he couldn't help but stare at their friend. His cock dances around in his pants.It is beging to be free. He slowly unzips his pants so I wouldn't be the wiser. He begins to stroke his cock with one hand,while the other one is on the wheel. His cock starts to grow and throb as he hears her moan louder and louder. Finally she looks up and she can see him glaring into the mirror,watching her masturbate. She smiles so she can see that she is aware of him getting his rocks off.

Mike continues to stroke his cock as they drive down the road. He is wanting to fuck the sexy friend in the backseat. She mouths the words,"I want to fuck you." and he nods his head in agreement. He can see her pussy glistening from her juices. He knows she is more than ready for him to fuck her hot lil cunt.

Mike finally decides to pull into a gas station. It was finally night and this little town had a outside bathroom. Mike asked the cashier for the key,and he and his horny friend walk around the corner into the bathroom.The door slams behind them and they can barely keep their hands off each other. Kissing and tongue fucking and hands roving all over each others bodies. She kneels down and pulls Mike's throbbing cock out.Devouring it like a hungry nympho. Mike's head bounces back and his eyes roll back in his head. She was stroking his balls and kissing the tip.She is doing his cock well and slobbering all over his rod. Mike pulls her up and pushes her against the sink. He lifts up her dress and fingers her cunt. "Damn you're wet." He licked his fingers. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her pussy lips. He was teasing her and she was moaning and whispering how good it felt to her. He finally plunged his cock in and she let out a small yelp. She grabs a hold of the sink for balance. The whole sink was shaking from his thrust.He was kissing her neck and burying his cock balls deep inside of her pussy. "That's it Mike! I knew u wanted to fuck this pussy!" she screams. Almost forgetting where the hell they were at. He was about to bust his nut into her hot lil cunt. He pulls her head back and whispers"I'm gonna unload in your hot fuckin cunt." He gives three good pumps and cum rolls down her thighs. She quickly turns around and sucks his cock dry.She gets a paper towel and cleans up her dripping pussy. They slowly walk inside and Mike returns the key.They finally return to the car. I finally start to wake up from my slumber."Hey did we just pull in." I ask. They both answer me yes.

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