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The window

My neighbor likes to look into my house all the time. Our houses are just a few feet apart so he can see in real good. I started to give him a show by walking naked past the window he can see from his house. First I would just walk by but then I began to stand naked in front of it. I could see him watching me over at his house which was next door.

I got a big charge putting on a show for him so I planned things to do to entertain him. I started with a dance shaking my tits and my ass. I could see him with a hand down the front of his jeans and he was really jacking that cock off. Next I put one leg up on a chair showing my pussy for him to see. Then I would bend over and spread my ass apart for him to see my ass hole and my pussy hole.

One day when I looked at him I found he was totally naked watching me. His cock was hard and standing straight out. It looked like a nice big cock too. I moved to the window and pressed my naked tits against the glass. It flattened my nipples and I rubbed my tits all over the glass. Then I turned and did the same with my ass. By now he was stroking his hard cock. I stood up and spread my legs and began to finger my pussy. I spread my pussy lips and let him see my clit. I stroked and pulled on my clit so he could get a good look at me. I then put a finger into my hole and then sucked wet the finger. Just as I looked over at him I saw him spurt cum. This really made me horny.

I got a chair and pulled it to the window and spread my legs as I put them over the arms on each side of the chair. Now I am really spread open for him to watch me. I once again spread the pussy lips and rubbed my clit then down to my fuck hole. I finger fucked myself as he watched me. Next I got out the vibrator and vibed my pussy. It felt so good over my clit and I suppose it was real good with him watching me too. It made it so erotic as he stared. I then pushed the vibrator into my fuck hole. It did not take me long to cum as the show I was putting on for him had me hot and horny. After I came I pulled the vibrator out and put the wet end in my mouth and licked the cum from it. He was jacking his cock one more time.

I needed to think of more erotic things to turn my neighbor on so I then brought out a bottle of wine. I spread my legs and pushed the wine cork end first into my fuck hole. It was cold and smooth and I then began to fuck my pussy deep and hard with the bottle. As I rammed the bottle in my fuck hole I looked over at him and he was wagging his big cock at me. I could not help but see how big that cock was and it really turned me on. Next I took out my anal beads and one by one pushed them in my ass. He just stood there with his cock in his hand and watched me. I got all eight inside my ass then rubbed my pussy as I began to pull them out just as I was about to cum. This made me cum so hard I sceamed and my neighbor's cock was also shooting cum one more time.

Next I took four anal balls and shoved them in my ass as I pushed four balls in my cunt. My neighbor had a perfect view. I played with my clit to turn me on then began to pull the balls from my cunt and ass doing first an ass then a cunt. I did this till they were all out. My neighbor stayed hard the whole time I put on the show for him. I was impressed he could stay hard so long. He was endowed with a big hard cock that had great staying power as I had watched him cum twice. I imagined what that cock would feel like and I knew I just had to have it a few times.

I looked at him and told him to come over fast. I wanted to fuck him. He went out his back door and into my back door stark naked. His cock looked good close up. I stood him in front of the window and began to suck his cock. Even tho there was so one there to see us it felt good to be infront of the glass. He shoved every inch of that cock into my mouth and I sucked him till he came down my throat. Then he sat me in the chair and spread my legs over the arms and pushed his cock roughly into my cunt. He was big and it filled me and felt amazing. He fucked me like a bitch in heat. He was an excellent fucker. After filling my cunt with cum he then began to suck my tits. As he sucked one, he played with the other rolling the nipple between two fingers and making me want him again. He then made little bite marks over my tits between biting and sucking and my pussy was hot and needing that big cock.

Then the stud leaned me over the chair and spread my ass apart and two fingered my hole. He finger fucked my ass for several minutes making me hotter and hotter. He knew he was turning me on but he still held his cock back. Then without warning he shoved that big cock right into my ass. He gave me every inch down to the balls. Then he fucked my ass hard and rough and reached around and grabbed my already sore tits. That cock stretched my ass as he fucked me for ninety minutes. After my ass was full of his cum he pulled me off the chair and sat down and turned me over his knee and spanked my ass hard with no mercy. He did not stop till my ass was on fire. He then reached between my legs and got his cum from me and rubbed it on my on fire ass.

He then pulled me straddling his lap and sunk his cock deep into my cunt. How he could fuck and cum and get hard and fuck more I had no idea but now he was fucking me hard as he sucked on my tits. I loved the feel of that big cock fucking my cunt harder and harder as he sucked my nipples till they were raw. Just as we both were ready to cum he then sunk his teeth in a nipple and I came so hard I almost passed out. He caught his breath then d**g me to the shower and washed both of us before he returned us to the window for more of his erotic sex. It was five days before he returned to his house and he fucked me the whole time. My ass and cunt was sore not to say how raw my tits were. He sucked and chewed my tits and spanked my ass non-stop. He slept for 24 hours then came back and we went at it again. I have the sexiest neighbor with the stamina of a bull. We fuck day and night. I love that cock!!!!

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