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Show Good - Chapter 5 LOVE HIM

It seemed as if every time I made love to Cody a more sensitive and romantic guy emerged and once I had sex with him I couldn’t get enough. It was like a craving for Cheese Doritos where you start out with a modest handful, then your fingers get all sticky minutes later the sac is empty you’re on the ground in a cheese induced c*** with a fuck me smile dripping off your face.

Yup! That about sums it up, every time I got a glimpse of Cody’s pecks, the curve in his back or his sweaty balls hanging out of his shorts, I would get an appetite for a Cherokee cock that wouldn’t quit, and “junk food” took on a whole new meaning. Whenever I felt a fuck me c*** coming on my Mr. Nice Guy “Are you taking Kathryn to the prom this year”, got tossed to the curb. Cody’s body is what I wanted, his physic in my eyes is nothing short of perfection - and this trip – well, it’s the prom I’ve always wanted.

I made love to Cody at random whenever and wherever the mood stuck me. The following morning when Cody put on a piece of clothing I playfully took it off and tossed it out of the tent, his clothes were strewn across the campsite like tired poker chips from an all night game. Cody’s futile attempt to hold onto his clothes started as a belly-laughing moment my stomach ached from all the laughing and it turned into the most exciting foreplay I have ever had. We wrestled like 10-year-old boys greased up like pigs half out of the tent and naked as the day we were born. Cody eventually submitted to me as I covered his body with kisses then sucked on his nipples until his feet touched the sky. His ass sat up like a dog looking for a treat and where I come from good behavior is always rewarded. Pushing the backs of his knees forward I licked his ass until he begged me to fuck him. My hips drove with the passion of carpe diem my tail wagged in ecstasy and my bone stirred up an appetite for the most important meal of the day.

Another intense experience we shared was on a slight rise overlooking the beach at Heart Lake. Even thought I was hiking through one of the most beautiful areas in the country my eyes seemed to ache for the beautiful ass on the trail right in front of me. I found myself fixated on Cody’s sexy walk. He has this spring in his step - kind of like a track star where the weight of his body seldom comes to rest on his heels. His ass marched on hypnotizing me over the rolling hills of nameless pink, blue, and yellow wild flowers. His long slender legs disappeared behind his green nylon shorts – oh what I would pay to be the fabric between his thighs. My eyes moved upwards to his muscular butt; with every step his ass taunted me, my tong longed for a taste of his salty skin.

Poor Cody had no idea how horny he was making me. My engorged cock hijacked my brain and before I knew it I had him flat on his back in a bed of Queen Anne’s Lace. Stripped naked our bodies rocked back and forth to the rhythm of the waves. The sensation of the tall weeds rubbing against my balls drove me crazy I thought for sure if I fucked Cody for much longer I would have started a grass fire. As we laid catching our breath the sunset turned the sky into a bouquet of orange and pink clouds reflected a stream of pastel colors onto Cody’s torso. An excerpt from a poem I wrote to Cody that night summed up the moment for me and to this very day it stills warms my heart when I read it out loud.

“Among the sand and birch we laid, kissing the last few drops of the day”

But by far the most amazing moment of our trip came for me when Cody made love to me for the first time. It was romantic yet surreal as I could imagine an out of body experience would be.

It was our last night in the backcountry we were both feeling pretty melancholy about leaving Heart Lake. Cody made a fire and I sat between his legs on a makeshift bench soaking up the warmth of his chest and the solitude of the pines. For some reason campfires have this magical power to bring out conversation in people, conversations you thought you would never have. We talked about our hopes our fears and our next year in college.


It felt comforting having Cody’s arms wrapped around me, his lips explored my ears his tong trampled my alpha male and his cock grew upward against my ass melting me in his lap. Reaching between my legs Cody grabbed my balls, rolling them between his fingers like a magician performing a coin trick. His soft touch charmed the pants right off me my cock twitched as he lightly ran his finger up my shaft tickling the underneath of my crown and for a second I though I was going to pop my wad into the fire, ooohhhh what a waste that would be. Our conversation quickly faded, like the last flames flickering across the hot bed of coals. Cody took my hand and led me back to our tent my heart skipped a beat when his fingers connected with mine, holding his hand was rich in so many ways.

On this cloudless night the light of the universe smiled upon me, Cody’s heavenly body cast a shadow against the wall of the tent giving me a performance I will never forget. Settling into our sl**ping bags Cody moved close to me, in the darkness his lips sought me out his hands slipped into my sl**ping bag and pulled off my underwear, the polite boy from Colorado stopped asking and started taking what he wanted. This night Cody seemed to be a different man, so far I had always been the aggressor but as he crawled on top of me with his throbbing boner barred into my stomach it was obvious my role was about to change.

His hands sought out my virgin ass and for the first time in my life I felt so in control of being out of control of my body it scared me. Cody’s fingers tickled my ass I loved what he was doing to me and how he made me feel. In the darkness I willingly spread my legs, my feet gripped his lower back and like a corkscrew I drew him closer to me, nervously waiting to tote his pleasure.

Without seeing the look on my face it was uncanny how Cody could sense my apprehension. I waited. Putting my mind at ease he moved slowly kissing me in places I have never been kissed before. I waited. His cock now rested on my moist hole. I waited. With my senses heightened my heart in my throat and my breathing almost at a halt I watched the silhouette of Cody’s manhood disappear into my open ass.

Words can’t describe how I felt as Cody’s cock stretched me open. For a moment I thought I was going to faint, I thought I was going to scream, and I did - just a little. Cody stopped and asked if I was ok. For a few seconds I said nothing I held his determined hips steady, trying to catch my breath, trying to be the best fuck I could be, trying to suck it up and take it like a man. Politely Cody asked if he should stop. “No give me a second” were the only words I could manage to slip past my lips as I bit back the sting in my ass. “Oh fuck,” I thought, this can’t be happening I’ve waited for this moment for 20 years; I wanted this to be so perfect. Gradually Cody pushed his cock into me. “Slowly” I begged, my ass struggled with his thickness. Cody held his cock deep inside me his hands held my face kissing me softly his legs firmly pushed up against my virgin ass splitting me like a dried piece of hickory.

It took a minute but once I knew I could handle every inch of Cody my death grip on his cock turned into a confident seduction, every inward stroke of his lovely dick yielded unabated moans deep within my throat. Laying back in complete surrender I watched the shadow of Cody’s back moving with the rhythm of an inchworm, arching and pumping his body deep into my obedient ass.

I imagined his cock finding it’s way into my cock, I know it’s physically impossible but my mind was running wild at this point -- welcome to my world. I struggled with reality the very thought of Cody’s cum shooting out of my cock made my balls tingle, closing my eyes I let go and became his nirvana.

Like the strength of an ocean surf Cody’s body pushed against me rocking me back and forth like a rubber raft. The tip of his cock hit something deep inside me it felt as if his cock was pinching an internal titty- I know that sounds crazy but it was driving me insane. I held onto Cod’s flexing ass as he picked up his rhythm my legs shot upwards in excitement whenever his cock went deep. In time I felt a fullness overtake my stomach as if I had just eaten a Thanksgiving dinner and the urge to pee welled up inside my cock, a new sensation for sure but I was empty! Leaning over to kiss me Cody’s stomach grazed my cock my body twitched my cock started to weep I lost control and at that very moment I completely handed myself over to him. Hot gobs of cum spewed upwards-hitting Cody’s chest then raining back down on me. My ass tightened around his cock I moaned a litter louder as Cody’s body slapped up against mine pounding the cum right out of me and leaving me to drowned in my own passion.

Cody did amazing and magical things to me in such quick order. I couldn’t believe what just happened, only a few minutes into hot sex and without touching myself I started to cum, I thought I had out grown premature ejaculations with my Spiderman underwear years ago. I was a bit disappointed in myself for cuming so quickly but it didn’t seem to bother Cody in the least. He was now pleasing me in a way I never knew was possible his thick boner fit me like a new pair of Speedos and again I started to drown, but this time it was in his passion. With every jab of Cody’s cock I begged for more I wanted his cum inside me and the thought of carrying a part of him around in me made my hips grind into the micro fibers of my NorthFace bag.

Grabbing the back of Cody’s neck I kissed his lips he almost pull the air out of my lungs when his cock started to throb. Arching his back he held himself deep in me and his ass shook like a Cajun Chef shaking a peppershaker on a well-seasoned meal. My hands ran the length of his sweaty body his cock spasm deep inside my ass. My moans echoed off his chest then slowly he lowed his body on me, an Indian blanket of warmth and flesh.

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