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The Adult Cinema

My name is Anna and I just turned fifty. This made me feel old and unattractive. My husband told me not to worry, I was still hot. I feel like I look like a grandma.
My husband has always been on me to have sex with another man while he watches. I dont know what the attraction is for him, but finally I gave in and told him I wanted to go to an adult cinema and watch some porn. I wore a long jacket to cover up the fact that I was a woman. We walked in and I counted eight men there. I sat next to a guy that had his pecker in his hand. I took my coat off, I was naked and reached over and started to jack him off. I had never done anything like this before but had always fantasied about it. Another guy came up behind me jacking his pecker. the guy I was jacking off blew his wad and I turned in my seat so that I could suck the guy behind me off. Other men had now noticed me and were starting to surround me. My husband was a few rows back watching everything. Someone came up behind me and slid his cock in me as the guy in my mouth started to cum. I swallowed it all, I had never done this before. The man fucking me was pounding me pretty hard when he just stopped and filled me with his cum. Another man stuck his cock in my mouth and unloaded a large load. Another cock entered my pussy and came almost immediatly. I was really enjoying all the attention I was getting. I never thought men would want to fuck me like this. Another cock was pushed into my pussy and started to fuck me again and after a minute it pumped me full. When it was pulled out of my pussy I felt cum drain from my cunt and run down my leg. I rolled over on my back and spread my legs wide putting my pussy on display.A fat old man took his place deep in my pussy, and seconds later drained his hot jizz in me, I came watching and feeling him cum. A sixth man placed his dick over my gooey pussy and came all over my bush. I could not believe how cum these guys were pumping out-they were all shooting large loads, alot bigger than what my husband pumps out! A couple of other men must have came into the cinema and took turns pumping their DNA into me. Several guys came back for seconds and even thirds. I felt so wonderful. We stayed there for two hours, the owner and two workers even pumped me full of their jizz. I lost count of how loads of cum were pumper into my pussy that night, I swallowed five and four were pumped onto my bush. I left there walking on a cloud. I should have done that along time ago!!

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