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I Love Oral Fuckn My Girls Friend

I'm Mike and im always trying to fuck my girls friends. I was always checkin out her friend Dee. She had a sweet ass ,and I had the opportunity to fuck her the night before.Here is what happened the next day.
I got up that morning to put a pot of coffee on. When I walked into the living room,Dee was laying on the pull out. I walked over to the couch and just sat there, watching the morning news. She woke up and asked where is your girl. Mike. I told her thatshe was in the bed.She set up and said, Mike I am tempted to have you fuck my pussy with your mouth, before ole girl gets up. I told her that it was tempting, but she is in the next room and I certainly didn't want to wake her up and she sees me eating her out.She promised me that she would be very quiet. I told her well I do have a morning hard, and seeing her bare ass when I walked in, made it that much harder. She told me to come over to her so she could see just how hard my cock was. I walked over and she reached up and felt through my shorts and smiled at me. I told her that it was throbing so fuck'en hard. She took my cock out and licked the tip of it. I told her that I enjoyed eating her pussy the night before, and that I was wanting her to feed it to me again.She said she would, but right now she was having her breakfast.

Dee took my rod all the way down. It felt like it was hitting the back of her skull. She was gagging and spitting at times. I was forcing her head down and up my rock hard shaft.I was fucking her mouth just as I fucked her pussy the night before.The gagging was becoming louder and I was begining to wonder if ,my girl could hear it. I told her that I was wanting her to feed me her pussy so bad. She spun around and opened her thighs, and fingered her cunt.I stood there in awe watching her ,and jacking my hard cock. I could hear how soaked her pussy was becoming and seeing all her juices running out.I continued to stroke my cock,as she fingered her pussy.The scene of her taking her fingers in and out of her cunt was turning me on.She licked her fingers and my cock felt like it was about to burst.
Then she reached out for me with her hands. I bent down to her, she gave me a long kiss and said,"I need you to eat my cunt." I placed my lips to hers (pussy) and begain kissing it and teasing her clit.I was sucking on her clit making it stiffer. Her juices were really flowing good. As I continued sucking and teasing her clit,she began moaning lightly.She was moving her hips back and forth,against my long tongue.She placed her hands on the back of my head, grinding my face into her pussy.As she grind my face, I started jacking my cock again. Long strokes,and rubbing it oh so fast.She looked over and watched me stroking and said" I could stroke it better inside my mouth." So I layed down beside her,with my cock dangling in her face. She took it and began sucking it as I continued to dine on her sweet pussy.Her pussy was soaked.It was sweet and juicy like fresh strawberries. I couldnt stop eating her delicious cunt. The longer I ate it, the much better the juices were.Her cunt became sweeter and sweeter with every lap of my tongue. She stopped sucking my cock and began moaning.Now the moaning grew louder from passion. I stopped for a minute.Hoping she would stop moaning so loud. She told me not to stop.I told her that I didnt want to wake my girl. She said she understood, but wanted to bust the biggest nut ever in my mouth.That turned me on so much,I dug my tongue deeper into her hot lil pussy.Dee took my face and kissed me long and hard."Eat my fuckin pussy baby."she whispered.I told her ok. We picked up right where I left off.It wasn't long before the moans started again. They became loud as hell,but I didn't care anymore. I was consumed in her sweet pussy. I wanted more and my cock was loving the attention it was getting from her hot lil mouth.She sucked my cock and tried to swallow it whole.God it felt like heaven inside her mouth."That's it baby!Suck my fucking cock!" I cried.The things she could do inside of that hot fucking mouth,to my rod.Soon she started humping and shaking, forcing her hips up and down.Dee took my head and slammed it down hard into her muff and began to grind it into my face. Her fucking cunt,juicy and smelling so fucking sweet.Her moans increased with every stroke and thrust she would make. I was just about to blow my load inside that wonderful mouth,and I hear "WHAT THE FUCK!" It was my girl."You two couldn't wait for me.Well dont let me stop you. I've been listening and have gotten off from hearing it ,3 times,so dont stop you." I was a little shocked. "I want to watch." she said.Without skipping a beat, Dee took my cock back into her waiting mouth. "Eat that pussy and suck her clean baby. I said,she loves it."I sat there with a smile on my face fingering my black and beautiful twat and saying "Hun dont worry I'm not mad I was hoping U would do this" I began feeling my load ready to blow. She started shaking and I could feel her clit swell underneath my tongue. Juice spewed out and I began thrusing my cock deep inside of her mouth. We both came to a mutual climax,that left us lying there shaking and shiviring from our explosive orgasms.I said that I wanted her to take my load from her mouth. She and Dee began kissing swaping my cum.Then I wanted her to taste just how damn sweet Dee's pussy was. She sucked her nut up.Taking in her yummy cum out of my mouth, and down her throat. We ended with a nice long shower,and trying to think of what kinky thing to do next.

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