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I meet a very nice well fit older black male in the Bar at a Hotel i stayed in on a weeken trip i had.

We got along real well, and had alot of fun and much great sex that weekend.

i asked him if he was married or if he had k**s... But he was singel and no k**s.

And on Sunday when we spilt up, we promised each other to do this again..

But it took almost Six months before i heard from him again.

Then he said that he had been out of the contry on work, and he wanted to hook up again.

And he invited me to his home were he lived, and he paid for a plane ticket for me the next weekend.

A the next weekend i left to meet him, he picked me up on the Airport, and we went to his Summer house.

Had a fantastic Friday and Saturday at his summer house.

The strange thing is what happend on Sunday som hours before i was traveling home, then he took me home to his house, we went inside, had a hot steamy shower, with much oralsex... out of the shower, got picked up and into his bed, then he asked me to start riding him with my face away from him, and i did what i got told. After a few minutes of riding him Two black females got very quiet into the room and sat down on a couch in the other side of the room, i was very shocked, and told him that it was somebody in the room and jumped off his cock. Then he took my arm, got me on my back and between my legs and slide inside me again.. starting a very rough fucking.. very hard and very fast.

i diden's understand what happend, but he hold me down and fucked me like hell... then he shoot a big load of cum inside me and then he kissed me with a big smile on his face, then the two females left the room as quiet as they came into the room...

And then he got up and closed the door to the room, picked me up from the bed and took me into the bathroom again, and into the shower, then i asked what the hell was gong on, then he smiled at me and said, that those two females was his wife and daughter...

Then i got all quiet and shocked and got out of the shower and got dressed and told him to drive me to the Airport....

And he did, i got out of his car, took my suitecase and got into the Terminal, went home totaly shocked.... a few weeks later, i got another shock, he had got me pregnant that weekend..

But i have never told him that he is father to one of my babies.. And i have never talked to him again

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