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I barebacked my nephew in the kitchen

'What's a Camel Toe'. Both our heads turned simultaneously, 'Where did you hear that', asked my s****r in reply. Her son, my nephew, sat with a quizzled look on his face, 'Kiki, a pet name for his older s****r, said she was wearing one', he replied innocently.
Both myself and my s****r laughed, 'These k**s now-a-days and sex', relied my s****r, shaking her head, 'Well what is it', he interjected again, his curiosity getting the better of him.
My s****r looked at me, 'Are you wearing knickers', I looked at her and shook my head, indicating I was 'commando', at which my s****r rose from her stool and undid her denims, 'Look here', she said to her son and she pulled her tiny white cotton knickers tight into her crotch, and produced a classic 'Camel Toe'.
'See mummies little bum', she said with a different tone in her voice, and as she said it she run her index finger along her crack.
'You bald', I asked her casually, noting her bikini line to be devoid of hair, mind you as girls we were never hairy as ours were true blond and whispy, if you guys reading this need proof, look at my photos, download a few and zoom right in, or email me and I shall send some younger ones if you like jacking off to girls that age, or send my yours.
'I was waxed the other day', she winked, an indication she was interfered with by the waxer, winking was our secret for pussy abuse as girls, by the time we were twelve and eleven respectively, our parents thought we both had an affliction, as we were always winking, and wanking.
She pulled her denims back on and zipped up her treasure, much to her sons disappointment, she looked at him, 'When you're older you can play with your girlfriends', she laughed and walked to where her handbag was, reached in and removed a business card and handed it to me, 'He's an old guy, well developed', and she winked again, 'Right up your street Mariel, you kind of fuck', I looked at her, 'Two s****rs on his books', I replied, suddenly interested at pleasing a man with a good option.
'Men who wax pussies for a living attract the right kind of girls', she retorted, a fact that is more evident today with the internet exposing women's secret liaisons, waxing being used for an opportunity for a bored housewife or divorcee, to recommend to each other, a good lay, over a drink or a coffee.
The phone rang and she went into the hallway, and no sooner had she disappeared, when my nephew asked me to show my 'Camel Toe' to him.
I gathered him in my arms and rocked him then whispered into his ear, 'Untie Mariel is not wearing any panties darling', and then I nibbled his ear lobe, tracing the outline with my tongue, before plunging it into the hole and wiggling it, all the time envisaging a similar act being enacted in my pussy.
I was horny and my nephews wiggling brought me back to my senses, he was squirming and as he laughingly broke free, he clearly enjoyed having his ear licked and tongued, the bulge sticking out in front of him indicating his erection. 'You better get rid of that before your mummy comes back', I teased him, listening to my s****rs voice in the hallway, as she was engrossed in a gossipy conversation.
Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, I decided to have a little fun at the expense of f****y decorum. 'Come here babes', I said to him, 'We need to be quick', he knew exactly what I was intending and as he stepped towards me a slid forward in my seat and pulled my dress up to my waist, and opened my legs apart as much as I could, gathering him against me and felt him go inside.
He felt really good at that moment, like someone scratching an itch, he was a big boy for his age, not that I cared at that moment, as I would gladly have let the dog take me, for relief.
This was my kind of fucking, and as I cupped his bum and pulled him in, I listed to my s****r talking on the phone, 'I love you baby' I moaned into his ear, feeling my impending orgasm approach, 'Oh God, Oh God', I moaned, suddenly finding the strength to lift him off his feet and hold him hard into me, kissing his neck and squeezing his flesh with my cunt until we both released our sexual energy.
As he slipped from me we never spoke or looked at each other, his sperm dripping from me as I sat open-legged on the stool, forming a puddle on the floor.
I suddenly realized my s****rs voice had gone silent, there was a pregnant pause when she knocked the door, 'Is it safe for me to come in', she asked, 'A moment', I replied, urging my nephew to zip up and regain composure, a stupid thing to do as she obviously knew we had been fucking.
As girls we had been pleasuring uncles in out close knit f****y, so illicit sex, in the eyes of the law, was never spoken about, just done for the sheer pleasure of doing it, so we saw nothing wrong in having a fuck whenever the mood or need struck us.
s*s rounded the counter and the first thing she saw, was her sons creampie at the foot of my stool, 'My little buck is quite a cummer', she said, reaching for the kitchen roll and tearing off a strip, and bent down and wiped the floor clean, under my stool.
She stood back up looking at him and raised the soiled paper to her nose, 'You smell strong', she said, 'I shall be a grandmother if you dont learn to wear condoms before fucking', she scolded, and turning to me she said, 'You should know better to bareback your fucking nephew Mariel', I smiled, 'Sorry s*s I was in the mood', what else could I say, she raised her glass and proposed a toast, 'To f****y', and I drank heartily, winking at my nephew who smiled back, and at that we discussed my proposed waxing, 'I think I will come down and watch you', I raised my glass in agreement, it had been a long time since we shared a man during sex.

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