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The Lucky Old Man & His Horny Neighbors

The Lucky Old Man and His Horny Neighbors

(Sequel to The Grateful Old Man and the Eager Young Girl)

By billy69boy

“That girl of mine has really become insatiable since I caught her watching my ex-boyfriend and I having sex through the keyhole in my bedroom door!” the neighbor exclaimed, as she put the Chinese takeout on the table. “Ex-boyfriend?” Mr. Brooks repeated. “Yes, we broke up a few months ago,” she answered. “Cherie saw that I was happy when we were together, but it broke her heart when we split up, and all I could do was cry. She took to comforting me, crawling into my bed, and holding me in her little arms, telling me not to worry.”

“One night, she began to rub my genitals, I guess hoping it would make me happy again. I pushed her away, but she persisted, and I found myself getting aroused by my innocent little girl’s attempt to comfort me and make me happy. I just relaxed, and let the feelings flow. Soon, my body was writhing and lurching, and I had the most amazing orgasm, literally, at the hands of my little girl,” the mother admitted. “We’ve been pleasuring each other ever since that night. But then she became fixated on penises. She begged me to ’get her one to try’, as she put it,” the mother explained. “I told her I had a hard enough time trying to find one for ME, much less for her!”

“Then she asked me about you, Mr. Brooks,” she whispered. “At first, I dismissed the idea with a wave of my hand, but Cherie pushed on. She knew you were rather short tempered, but she thought you to be kind at heart, just lonely. She felt that you would treat her gently, and that you wouldn’t hurt her.”

The old man was taken aback by his neighbor’s words. The thought that he was set up by these two wily young ladies was infuriating, yet titillating all at the same time. How could he feel humiliated and flattered all at once?

“I’m surprised she didn’t talk you into anal sex while she was at it,” the mother went on. “That girl is seriously curious beyond her age!” The old man pondered his situation while he ate his Chow Mein. “So, you are okay with Cherie and me…” his voice trailed off. “Doing it?” her mother asked, finishing his sentence. “Well, Mr. Brooks, we both feel safe with you, plus you’re rather hunky, in a mature kind of way. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind if I joined the two of you after dinner?”

The old man found himself blushing like a schoolboy at the mother’s bold but appealing suggestion. “My name is Alice, by the way. I suppose I should have mentioned that earlier,” she said, as Cherie bound into the kitchen and jumped onto her seat. “What are we talking about?” the little girl asked enthusiastically. “I’ve invited Mr. Brooks to spend the evening with us…would you like that, Cherie?” asked Alice. “Oh, that would be wonderful!” the young girl cooed, as she looked the old neighbor in the eye. “Mommy has really needed some hot loving lately, and I’d like you to teach me some more sexy stuff, if you wouldn’t mind.”

The man couldn’t believe his ears, and he squirmed uncomfortably in his chair. “I’ll do my best,” was all he could think to say. “Good, then it’s settled! Now let’s finish supper, and I’ll serve up my special dessert before we all relax together,” Alice announced.

As Cherie and Alice cleared the table, Cherie raved about the banana cream pudding that her mother dished out into three large bowls. “It has a secret ingredient that you’ll love, Mr. Brooks,” Alice explained. Could it be? The old man thought of the “secret ingredients” he had used in the c***d’s food, and wondered if they were seeking revenge. When he saw both of them dig into their bowls, he did the same. Fuck it, he decided. “It’s extra creamy, don’t you think?” Alice asked him. He nodded his head in approval, although he was still skeptical. He did have to admit the pudding tasted great, and he finished it all.

As the threesome retired into the living room, Cherie took Mr. Brooks’ hand and led him to the couch. “I really want to try taking your cock into my ass, sir, if you don’t mind,” she asked politely. “See? What did I tell you?” Alice interrupted, shaking her head and smiling at her precocious daughter. The little girl immediately put her small hand up the man’s shorts and wrapped her thin fingers around his already bulging shaft. She pulled it out into the open, and bent over to lick it like an ice cream cone. Her mother became aroused at the site of her little girl teasing the old man with her tongue. Her hand grabbed at her own crotch, and she moaned as she watched the little one work her slippery tongue around the man’s engorged cock head, finally taking a good deal of his length into her mouth.

Cherie knelt on the couch, with her sweet little ass facing her mother. Her short white skirt slid up over her hips, revealing her smooth, naked cheeks, and Alice reached out and began rubbing her daughter’s ass with her free hand. Watching her daughter delivering a first class blow job was more than she could bear, and she knelt behind the girl, spread her ass cheeks with both hands, and went to work on her daughter’s sweet brown hole with her erect tongue. Cherie moaned in gratitude, and moved her butt in time with her mother’s tongue thrusts.

Mr. Brooks couldn’t believe his own eyes, and he had to concentrate so he didn’t explode too soon. He moved out from under the p*****n girl, and stood behind her mother, who helped him remove her shorts and thong. Then, he entered her wet pussy with his fingers, as the mother continued to eat her daughter’s tight little ass. He frigged Alice harder and harder, showing no mercy. Alice responded by shoving her hips back into his intrusive hand, as her contractions increased to the boiling point, and her warm juices cascaded over his rigid fingers.

“Go, mommy, go!” shouted Cherie, as she felt her mother’s sexual tensions dissipate in a huge orgasm. The little girl jumped off the couch, and positioned herself on the floor, ass up in the air, and head down. “Okay, Mr. Brooks, now you can fuck me in my ass, if you please, sir,” she announced, as she wiggled her tiny ass in his direction. The old man was happy to oblige, being the kind neighbor that he was.

He took his position over the c***d, straddling her soft, smooth body, his hands holding onto her hips. “Let me help,” Alice offered, now fully recovered from her finger-fucking orgasm. She knelt behind the old man, and steered his thick cock toward her daughter’s well-lubricated forbidden entrance. “Ready Cherie?” she asked. “I’m ready, mom, I can’t wait any longer!” the young one called out.

Mr. Brooks bent his knees slightly as he felt his helmet disappear, rather easily, into Cherie’s eager ass hole. “OOOHHH! It’s so big, but it feels so good!” the girl exclaimed, “Give me more! YEEEESSSSS!” Alice kept feeding more of the old man’s steaming cock into her daughter’s ass, until his balls were hitting her mother’s hand, whose fingers were plunging into the girl’s shuddering pussy.

“OH YES! Fuck me harder…keep fucking me like that!” she implored, and the old man and her mother increased their pace, fucking the willing young girl determinedly. “Oh it feels sooooo good…uh oh, HERE I GO!!!!!!!!!” the girl announced, as her body shook out of control, and she thrashed about under Mr. Brook’s ass-slamming, and her mother’s stern cunt-frisking. Feeling the girl’s contractions strengthen sent them all over the top, and Alice surprised them all by pulling the old man off her daughter and spinning him around. She shoved his pulsating cock into her own mouth just in time to swallow his spurting cum, frigging her cunt vigorously until her second orgasm overtook her.

The three lovers lay in a heap on the floor, silently catching their breath. Finally, Cherie spoke: “That was so much fun, what should we try next? I know, let’s take a break first, and finish up that delicious pudding,” she suggested. “Condensed Milk,” Alice responded rather cryptically. “Condensed Milk?” Mr. Brooks repeated. “Yes, that’s the secret ingredient…it makes the pudding extra creamy, don’t you think?” Alice responded. “It does indeed,” the old man agreed, smiling.

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