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Accidently fucked my grandad

I am an 19 year old student and I wanted to tell you about the time I accidently fucked my own grandad. One christmas when I had come back home from college I had organised for my boyfriend to sneak into my room that night so we could have some fun because we had not seen each other for quite a while. Well all day I was looking forward to it and my panties were soaked and I had to go in to the bathroom and masturbate just to releave some of the tension, my pussy was so wet and every touch felt fantastic. Once I had finished I went back out to meet the f****y and my grandad had just turned up and we all chatted and had dinner with a few drinks and by the time we finnished it was getting late and grandad had already headed upstairs to go to bed and I said I was tired too and I knew that my boyfriend should have been in my room by now so I headed up to my room. Before I went it I took all my clothes off and slowly opened the door and I could see someone laying on my bed so I sneaked over to the bed and got under the covers to find he was asl**p but this was not going to stop me from having my fun so I moved down between his legs and opened his boxershorts to find a nice thick hard cock. It seemed bigger than I remembered but I was not complaining and I slowly started to grip my hand round his cock and move it up and down before rapping my lips round its big head as I started to suck this big juicy cock. I was never very good at taking my boyfriends cock or any other cock deep in my mouth but I always tried my best to take as much as I could and this time was no different and I must have had about 7inches inside me but there was still more to go in which seemed very strange, maybe he had grown since the last time. I kept sucking him until his cock was nice and wet and ready to go into my pussy so I moved up the bed and started kissing him as I slowly started to ease his cock into my waiting pussy and he let out some gentle moans of pleasure as I eased his full lengh inside me. I moved back and thorth letting nearly all his cock come out of me before taking it all back in and after a couple of minutes like this I sat up right and started riding him hard and fast and it was a struggle to keep quiet because his cock felt so good inside me and I could not get enough and as orgasm after orgasm shot through my body I just could not stop and I just kept riding him as hard as I could taking his big cock deep inside my teen pussy. After a good 30 minutes of hard fucking I felt his cock unload deep inside my pussy and I had the biggest orgasm of my life and I collapsed on top of him and it took ages for my body to settle down before I rapped his arm round me and I fell asl**p still with his cock inside me.
The next morning when I woke I got the biggest shock of my life as I opened my eyes to find myself laying on top of my granded and I looked down to see his hard cock still deep inside me and I just could not beleave what had happened and I quickly got up and rushed in to the shower and just layed under the hot water not knowing what to do or say. I cried abit but then I thought to myself that he was asl**p and would not know and I would just keep it quiet. Well at breakfast grandad had quite a smile on his face and kept looking at me all breakfast and when everyone had gone to watch telly and open their presents I stayed in the kitchen to wash up for mum and grandad stayed in there with me.
He got up and came over to the sink and pressed himself against my and I felt his cock between my legs and he thanks me for last night and I told him it was a mistake and I begged him not to tell anyone and he agreed and went to join the others.
Well a few months passed and I found out I was pregnant and my boyfriend left me and I could not tell my mum who the father was and she told me to leave so I went to the only place I could and that was with my grandad and I told him it was his and we are now living together and I am sl**ping with him every night all because of that one accidentle night.

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