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The Italian Job 23

The Italian Job 23
I had taken the job from a contact in Belgium, the agent Eduardo In Argentina had a reputation for cheating the contractors who went there, I was determined that I was not going to be on that list of cheated people, I had to try to compromise him somehow so that I could apply pressure to get him to pay me my money, I had already taken a risk by flying to Argentina in the first place but I wanted to lull him into a false sense of security to let him think I was a gullible easy touch and of course my ace was Maria, on the first day of our arrival we got there early in the morning, we had told him that it had been a bad flight and that we needed some rest before starting work,
I made an arrangement with him to meet him by the pool to discuss the project and what there was to do, I briefed Maria on what I wanted from her and she agreed, we were lying on the sunbeds by the pool, Maria was wearing a bikini, a skimpy bikini although she does not have big tits she is very pert about 34 B, she was laid on the bed beside me as Eduardo came to the pool area, I stood to greet him, Maria never moved,
I indicated for him to sit on the sunbed that was next to me, Maria was behind me on her bed, as I discussed the job with Eduardo, Maria said something to me in Italian, I answered “si, si” she took off her bikini top, I saw Eduardo take a sharp intake of breath as Maria’s tits came into his view, he licked his lips,
I was facing him but I knew what she was doing as it was all pre-arranged, we carried on talking, Maria said something else to me in Italian and I reached in her bag which was beside my bed and tossed her the sun cream, “this should do it” I thought, she put cream on her hands then rubbed it on her stomach, she was laying on her back as she then rubbed the cream on her breasts peering at her nipples to make sure they were covered, Eduardo was transfixed with the view he was seeing,
I even had to touch his leg to get him to pay attention to what I was saying, we struck the deal and he was to pay me 50% now and the rest on completion with a 10% retainer of any problems, I was very aware that a very beautiful woman was laying behind me rubbing cream on her tits and I was also very aware that my target had his eyes glued on her, the game was on, he left and we arranged to go for dinner with him and his wife in the evening although the restaurants open late there,
I had told Maria to wear the black dress she wore when we first went to Bolognia, it had the open V to the waist and two holes above each breast, all the edges were black lace trimmed, Maria had her instructions, no bra, lace topped self-supporting stockings and white silk panties, she looked fabulous, we met at the restaurant and his wife was very attractive, a real beauty, she kept looking at me as she chatted to Maria,
English being the common language although Maria was playing dumb and pretending not to understand half of what was said, the meal was most enjoyable with Eduardo paying a lot of attention to Maria especially when she turned as he could see into her dress from the side the outline of her breast and of course her nipple which she had darkened with makeup, I could see him trying to cover his face as he stared just to catch a glimpse of her tit, his wife was being nice to everyone and I noticed a couple of times she nudged him when she caught him staring at Maria,
I had told Maria to let him have what he wanted with a bit of resistance to start with. She had asked if that went as far as fucking him and I had told her that it might come to that and yes! Maria was sitting next to him and I saw that she was occasionally fingering the lace edge of her dress as she pulled it away from her body to display her fine attributes, the move was very subtle and if you did not know you would think it was not done intentionally, I saw her drop her hand and realised that he was trying to grope her legs, she was resisting as she looked at me then flicked her eyes down, she brought her hand up again then leaned on her arms as her tits almost shot out of the front of her dress pushed up by the pressure on her arms and the fact that her dress bunched out opening it, she went to the toilet and I knew it was to take off her knickers, she was going to go for it and possibly fuck him, she returned and winked at me, she sat down between him and me and settled into the conversation again, she put her hand down again but this time she was guiding him as I saw him swallow hard,
I felt her leg touch mine as she opened her legs, she jumped and I reckoned he had met up with her shaved pussy, she had a smirk on her face as she brought up her hand and staring into his eyes sucked her finger end, he blinked and swallowed again, she jumped then looked at me and smiled, a half lids look came on her face and I knew he was in her cunt, she opened her mouth slightly to me as I chatted to him as though nothing was happening out of the ordinary, I think his wife knew something was going on because she was drinking quite heavily and had adopted Maria’s trick of leaning on her arms but her tits were quite a bit bigger and were coming out of the top of her dress as they bulged being compressed in her bra with a hint of dark aureole edge just peeping out, this went on for a short time, Maria had one hand on my leg and I felt her grip it hard then I sensed the shiver, she was trying to cover an orgasm, his wife was asking the waiter for the bill, we all stood and left the restaurant, we invited them for coffee back to the hotel, his wife declined and dragged him off but we had agreed to visit their house at the weekend to collect my payment and have dinner together again, I got Maria back to the hotel and into bed, she was very horny and took a lot of pleasing to bring her back down, after I had fucked her a couple of times we lay in bed facing each other “are you ok with this?” I asked “because if you are not then I will try something else, I know the boss at the factory and I could try to get my cash from him” I added “I am ok with what we are doing as long as you see me right at the end, remember I used to do this for money, but I am concerned that you are ok with it because I am very conscious of the fact that we split because of me fucking other men and I don’t want to risk losing you again when it took so long and a very difficult time in my life to get you to even acknowledge my presence, when I saw you in the club that night I thought I was over you but I realised I was k**ding myself,
I am not over you and I never will be, we were good friends as well as lovers and I cannot even begin to say sorry for what I did to you so if you want me to fuck Eduardo I will but I am using Ellie’s system now that I will only fuck if you know about it and consent, hence the guy on the plane” she said “what about the second officer?” I joked, she laughed “I didn’t fuck him, he showed me the flight deck and I gave him a kiss for his tour but that is as far as it went, I swear” she said “I dare not risk it again, I have learned my lesson, oh!! by the way, who is Francesca?” she asked “why do you ask?” I said “because I spoke with my mother earlier and she said that Sonia had been round to your place to clean for you and there was a note on your door saying that Francesca had called to see you and it was signed by someone called Simone?” she said looking at me quizzically “Oh she is just an acquaintance of mine, you know what I am like” I lied,
the next morning I rang Ellie and told her about the note, she said that everything was alright as Simone had called her when she found that I was out and Ellie had explained where I was but I knew I must go and see my daughter as soon as possible when I got back.
The weekend arrived, the job had been going well and we went to Eduardo’s house, it was a fine solid stone built house that stood in its own grounds but he told me he was only renting it, 6 bedrooms all on suite, a reception hallway, massive lounge, dining room and a kitchen that Maria nearly passed out when she saw it, I knew she was not a good cook so she was just faking the enthusiasm but she was working well, padding about in her bare feet teasing Eduardo, he kept trying to get her on her own but she kept dodging his advances until she was ready for him, his wife seemingly had decided to fight fire with fire, she had a thin sweater on with no bra and her very dark nipples and Aureoles showed through, leaving nothing to the imagination, she was a typical south American beauty, swarthy complexion with dark almost black nipples, she was flirting with me, obviously trying to get up her husband’s nose who was by now being led by his lust by Maria around the place, he followed her everywhere, at one point she let him squeeze her tits but then stopped him and side stepped him in the laundry room as she washed out a pair of panties letting him have a good look at them before putting them in the dryer, the first night was incident free and he gave me the envelope with my payment in and I began to wonder if I had misjudged him, he told me that the boss of the plant was very happy the way things were going and that they should have called me earlier, what Eduardo did not know was that the owner of the factory Antonis had contacted the people in Belgium while I was in Croatia, so I had not been available at that time, Antonis did not speak English so he had to communicate through his s****r who spoke good English, she had been very ill with cancer so Antonis had taken the soft option and left the arrangements to Eduardo so if the need arose I had a direct route to Antonis.
The second night was our last, we gathered for dinner in the main dining room, Eduardo was sat on the end of the table, a macho tradition, his wife was sitting on his left and Maria was sitting on his right with me next to her, we were all chatting away as normal putting the world to rights, he offered us a drink,
I opted for white wine and Maria likewise, when the glass came back I noticed a slight effervescence in the glass, I did not have time to warn Maria as she took a good drink, there was a potted plant on the table near me and when I thought that Eduardo and his wife were distracted I poured some of my drink into it, holding the glass to my lips as though I had just taken a drink, the one good thing about Maria drinking, was that I was able to copy how she behaved, she took another drink and was acting very d***k, Eduardo put his hand on her arm and asked if she was ok, she said she felt light headed, he passed it off as a combination of the wine and the heat of the day as we had been sitting in the sun for quite a while,
I complained of the same feeling to follow Maria’s u*********s lead, her head went down onto the table, she was facing me and her eyes were open, her mouth lolled, I followed suit shortly after, Eduardo got up from the table, he picked up Marias’s head by her hair and dropped it on the table, it landed with a thud, he and his wife were talking very quickly, they got Maria out of her chair and carried her out of the room, there was a small lift to the bedrooms and I heard it start as they took her upstairs, then they came back for me, and did the same although they puffed and panted a bit because I was much heavier, they got me up stairs and dragged me on a rug on the polished floor into a bedroom,
I could not look around but I had my eyes open but could not see Maria, there was a video camera in the corner of the room on a tripod, there were several lights on stands around the place facing a double bed with four posters, I had never seen this room before, they dragged me to the bed and as they tried to hoist me on to it I saw the open door and across the passage was another room where Maria was lying face down on the bed, they got me onto the bed and his wife started to strip me, he started the video and then gave her a hand removing all of my clothes, she then got stripped, she was a magnificent sight naked, she crawled onto the bed and got hold of my cock, she started to wank it so I reckoned that she fully expected him to rise despite my state, so I stopped thinking about my old motor cycle that I had diverted my thoughts to when she stripped and let him rise to the occasion, she gave him a suck and he was up, she sat on my cock and posed for the camera as he stood behind it making sure the picture was good, she bounced on my cock and I am sure I felt her come as she trembled and threw her head back, he must have told her off because she seemed to be apologising with her hands up in front of her in the surrender position, they managed to get me into all kinds of fucking positions, they had obviously done this before, some inside her, some with my cock in her mouth and finally at the end of the film with her sitting on my cock facing the camera with her back to my head as he walked in the room supposedly discovering us fucking and a load of well-rehearsed dialogue followed with her begging forgiveness and blaming it all on me as I laid staring with my head on the pillow, she put on a pair of panties and her sweater and they both went out of the room and across to the room with Maria in, they stripped her between them, while they were busy
I got off the bed and uncoupled the camera from the tripod, then returned to the bed and stood on it partly concealed by the hanging curtain on one of the posts, from this position I had a slightly downward shot of what they were doing to Maria, Eduardo was running his hands all over her but so was his wife, he took off his clothes, they spread her legs and put a pillow under her bottom then he stuck his cock in her and fucked her, she moaned a bit but they ignored it and continued as his wife groped her tits, he was losing control as he ravished Maria slobbering over her, licking her tits, his wife was masturbating watching him, with her fingers in her cunt, they turned Maria over and pulled her to the corner of the bed, her lags dangled onto the floor on the corner so that her arse was facing almost uphill at a slight angle and her legs were open down each angle of the corner, he got his cock into her cunt again fucking her again, then he pulled out his cock and his wife put gel on it, he shoved his cock into Maria’s arse, she jumped but again it did not worry them, he banged away at her and I decided I had seen and filmed enough,
I got down from the bed with the camera still rolling I walked to the door and stood holding the inside knob of the door and waited still with the camera rolling as Eduardo, pounded Maria’s arse then he came into her as his knees started to tremble, his wife saw me and cried out to him pointing at me, he spun round as his now limp cock swung flinging spunk around, he came at me and I held my ground, just as he got level with the door frame of the room I was standing in I slammed the door at him with all my strength, the door slammed into his forehead as his head ricocheted off the door and bounced off the frame, he went down,
I tore off one of the curtain pulls from the bedroom and tied his hands behind him, he kicked a bit but was too dazed to do anything, his wife was still in the other room standing with her hand to her mouth by the bed, I advanced into the room lifting Maria fully onto it as I examined her, his wife tried to run past me as I caught her by the arm and flung her on to the bed, she crawled very quickly onto the pillows taking up a crouching defensive position, crying, I checked Maria as spunk oozed out of her arse I looked at the woman” I should do the same to you” I shouted at her “please, please” she said “it was him, he made me do it, he said he would kill me if I did not comply, if you want to fuck me I understand” she sobbed,
I went downstairs and got my wine glass that was still half full, I took it upstairs and into the room where Eduardo was still dazed and made him drink the remainder of the wine “there you bastard see how you like it, I checked Maria again, she seemed to be in a deep sl**p with her eyes open, I just hoped she would be alright, the woman was still on the bed wringing her hands, “are you really his wife?” I asked “yes she said” as she came off the pillows and relaxing with the dialogue “at first I had to seduce the men and he would film us fucking then he would blackmail them into giving him most of their money from the contract, then he got this idea and so they are just asl**p when I fuck them as I did you but you caught me out because I came with you inside me, it was very nice, you have a nice cock” she said trying to soften me up “ you are a beautiful woman” I said “I nearly came into you” I told her “if you want to do that I don’t mind” she said quietly “can’t you just fuck me and let me go,
I know you have to give him to the police but you can have me, have you called the police yet?” “where is the money” I asked ignoring her question, “it is in the safe, come I show you” she said as she padded barefoot out of the room, I snatched up my shorts as we went, she lead me down into the lounge and slid back a large oil painting, there was a safe behind, she rotated the dial a few times then opened it, the safe was stashed with money, “how long does the d**g last” I said to her “for your woman about 1 more hour, for him about 4 hours, yours was a stronger dose because of your size” she said, she came over to me and took my hand, “come” she said “ she lead me back upstairs and into the bedroom with the lights and her husband asl**p on the floor, he also had his eyes open, she took me to the bed “now please you fuck me, yes, like he fucked your woman,
I pulled back, she came close to me again, “don’t you want to take revenge on him by fucking me, by violating me and my arse, he did that to her” she whispered, she took off her knickers, “look I am wet from when I fucked you, you made me come, she pulled off her sweater and her magnificent pair came out and my friend gave me away….again as he came up, she dropped back onto the bed and opened her legs to show me her neatly trimmed black haired cunt, I stuck my cock in it and fucked her, she screamed and cried as I took my revenge time and time again, fucking every orifice Maria was showing signs of recovery, the girl had put her sweater back on but not her knickers, she had two loads of my spunk inside her and she was dripping,
I gave Maria some water, she could not remember anything, she came around fairly quickly and I explained what had happened, she looked at the woman, “what about her” she said “ I was going to give her some cash and let her go, I think she was and innocent victim of his greed, can’t we have some fun with her first” she said looking at me “errr, I already did” I admitted “you bastard she said, there is me being fucked senseless in my sl**p while you are busy fucking the criminals, have you no shame” she was laughing and the woman was laughing at Maria’s mock indignation, we went into the room with the camera and I recovered it rewinding the tape, we then went downstairs and put the tape into the machine by the television and played the tape, Maria scowled at me when it showed the woman fucking me for the camera, then it showed her getting fucked, it bounced a bit as I had got off the bed and then showed the demise of Eduardo as he hit the door, Maria and the woman cheered as Eduardo went down, the camera was still running on its side as it showed me putting Maria on the bed and checking her, “ I am surprised you didn’t fuck me as well while you had me naked” she quipped “I did consider it” I said as I dodged the swipe from Maria, “where are the other tapes” I asked the woman “in a box behind the TV” she said, Maria took her back up to the bedroom and climbed into bed with her,
I joined them as Maria was eaten by the woman I fucked her cunt again from behind, Maria was the first to come and then the woman close behind, we spent another hour in different positions and then we went down to the lounge, recovered the box of tapes, gave the woman 10,000 dollars and told her to fuck off, she went out of the house with a friendly wave, Maria bagged up the rest of the money and put it into the car, I then phoned Antonis, I spoke to his s****r and told her the story, they came over and were there within the hour during which time I fucked Maria as she was feeling left out, she arched her back and stuck out her tits as she came then realised the danger and covered them up with her hands, “you would have been too slow then if I had decided to lick you” I laughed “I know” she squealed “I suddenly realised, why didn’t you?” she asked “ there is plenty of fuck left in you at the moment so why should I waste it on a cheap trick” I said “aha!! so you admit it is a cheap trick” she laughed again, it was nice to see her so happy, she kissed me hard on the mouth “thanks for taking care of me,
I saw what you did on the film, you are not as uncaring as you try to make out” she said as she snuggled her face into my shoulder, she went in the shower and got cleaned up and dressed before Antonis arrived, I showed him several of the other films but not the one of Maria and I, sparing Maria’s blushes, through his s****r he told me to go back to my hotel and to speak with no one, he would deal with this problem in his own way, we got in the car and drove away, as we travelled back to the hotel I realised that all the money had come from Antonis, while Antonis was struggling to find technicians to fix his machines because of Eduardo’s tricks, Eduardo was never seen or heard of again and I sometimes wonder if he is buried out on the grassy plains of the pampas somewhere feeding mother nature’s infants.
To be continued……………….

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