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My Submissive Little s****r Ch.04

Alison Looked into my eyes for abit before she answered. "yes"

I slowly moved down to my s****rs panties and kissed at her pussy through her panties and she gave out a little gasp.

I slowly slid my hands up her legs just lightly touching her and her whole body shook with excitement, as my hands got to her panties I gripped the sides and pulled them all the way down and put them on the floor. I sat up and stared at my little s****rs sexy pussy.
I looked up into her eyes with a playfull smile and I moved my head downbetween her legs and started to explore her pussy.

I moved my fingers closer to her pussy and slowly started to play with her lips pulling them apart so I could see her pussy in it's full glory.
I looked into Alison's eyes and said "I am going to lick your pussy now s*s"

She looked into my eyes but said nothing, just smiled

So I slwoly moved in a gave her pussy one long slow lick from bottom to top and Alison lifted her hips.

She cried out "Oh, Brett. What are you doing to me?"

I could tell by this that she loved what I was doing and I loved doing it, My cock was throbbing and my pants now I thought it was going to rip through my pants.

She was breathing hard and her face was flushed, she closed her eyes, laid her head back and let out a moan, I felt her body go limp and her eyes popped open and she looked at me. I knew she was on the verge of another climax. This made me lick harder.
Her moaning changed into little sounds each time she took a breath, her cheeks got red and her body went totally rigid. Her lips started to quiver, Alison opened her mouth, gasping for air, she started to shake and shudder gripping the bed covers tight in her hands she gave out one last loud moan and collapsed on the bed breathing heavily.
I let her relax for a couple of minutes while I slowly licked at her pussy. Once she had settled and her breathing had slowed I started to eas one of my fingers inside her tight little pussy, it slid in with eas with all the wetness.
I slowly explored her pussy easing my finger in and out of my little s****rs pussy. Her eyes were closed and her head moved from side to side as she enjoyed the new feeling she was having. I decided to make it abit more fun for her and I let my fingers drag slowly over her anus adding more pressure and I let my finger slide into my little s****r's virgin ass. I only let it go in an inch and left it there to keep a constant pressure inside her while I fingered her pussy. I moved my face down to her wet pussy and started to tease it with my tongue. Her whole body started to shake as I fingered and licked her pussy.

Alison began to speak but was cut short as the pleasure overtook her and she let out a loud moan and her body limp. I pulled my fingers out of both her pussy and her ass and I moved up the bed until my head was level with hers and I moved closer to her until our lips joined in a passionate kiss which went on for 10 minutes or more, we completely lost track of time as we kissed and we did not care because we did not want it to end.
Once we had both recovered I told her it was time for her to please me and I ordered her to undress me. Alison sat up and slowly took my top off and she stopped and stared at me before moving in to kiss one of my nipples. she then quickly moved down to remove my pants and straight away my cock bounced into life and sprung out in front of her and Alisons eyes lit up and she just could not stop looking at it so to snap her out of it in a loud voice I ordered her to lick my cock and she shook her head to wake herself up and straight away started to lick the full lengh of my cock spending alot of time on the head and I looked down at her and said "Do you want to suck my big cock? Do you want to suck your big b*****rs cock? Well do you s*s?"

She looked up at me and smiled and said "Yes b*****r I want to suck your cock" and with out me having to say anything she took my cock into her mouth and started to suck my full lengh. It did not take long before I could feel myself starting to cum and I quickly grabbed hold of the back of her head and held my cock deep inside her mouth as I unloaded my cum and she swallowed every drop and kept sucking until I could not take it anymore and I eased my hold on her head and pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up so she was standing and I gave her a big kiss on her lips. I moved her over to the bed and layed her down and I layed down beside her and rapped my arm round her and held her tight to me and we both slowly fell asl**p.

To be continued

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