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My Mom, my first experience (Heini's story pa

Written by aweiawa on Dec. 16th 2003, 20:12
translated by jack4fun on Nov. 24th 2011, 07:57

Heini's story part 1

Enjoying a comfortable glass of wine Heini told the following story:

Just on my 16th birthday he pissed off, my creator. All of a sudden he went
away, and I haven't seen him again since then. I even didn't want to see him again.
The story which I want to tell now started about 4 months later.
As an exception I hadn't school this day afternoon, because a teacher had become
ill. So I laid on my bed and viewed through my porn collection, chose a magazine
with hefty blow jobs, draw off my trousers and started to work out my willy.
Those days I wanked 2 to 3 times a day on average, because I had no
girl friend and also still no sexual experience with girls.
My room door was never locked, because my mother always knocked first, and
if I then said "Not now" or something similar, then she didn't come in.
But this day she didn't know at all that I was at home, and
she wanted to stack my clothes into my closet. So she simply walked into my
room, assuming that I was in school.
There I laid in my bed, had my stiffy in my hand and was busy with masturbation,
when my mother suddenly stood in front of me.
She coped faster with the situation than me and said: "Yeah, right, boy, don't mind me,
I know that anyway, that you do this, since all boys do that." Nevertheless I was
very ashamed and draw the blanket over me.
"Now come on, go ahead, don't be afraid of me, I'm yet no stranger but your mother,
so this really doesn't matter." she insisted while stacking my clothes into the
closet. So eventually I restarted to wank very easily and secretly under
the blanket.
The fact that my mother stood only two meters apart and glanced at me every now
and then confused me on one hand, but oddly, on the other hand it started to become
a major turn on. I began again to stroke more wildly and when mother was through
with the laundry, she came over to me and said: "Don't mind me, You can let me watch.
When your father and me were just married, he also let me watch often, that was
a special pleasure to him and also to me."
She uncovered the blanket saying this and watched very interested my efforts.
Her look at my stiff willy, that was too much. At once I squirted and spread
my sperm over chest and belly. One spurt even hit my throat.
When mother saw that, she began to laugh as high as a bell, unfolded a paper
handkerchief from her skirt pocket and wiped away the sperm puddle on my throat.
"Shall I wipe away the rest too?" she asked, and before I could think over this,
a "Sure, yes" escaped from my mouth. Only then I realized with delay that she had
to touch my willy for this of course. She worked down from my chest, put the
totally sticky wet handkerchief into the pocket, took out a new one
and started with the cleaning of the genital area.
She took my soft willy with her left hand, bent it into all directions and
wiped the area around it. Then she moved the foreskin back and
cleaned also the head. By this treatment my cock of course became bigger again
quite obviously and at the end of the procedure it stood again like a pole.
"There, look at this, that seems to please you, doesn't it? Do you do that often
a second time directly after the first time?" she wanted to know.
"Sometimes, when I'm extremely horny, and that's exactly what I am now." I dared
to say.
"But two times one after each other, that's supposedly quite hard, in the past
with your father I often took the second round. Shall I try that once with you
too?" she asked and began in a moment with the stroking movements
without waiting for an answer.
I didn't say anything but concentrated on those intense feelings which irradiated
from the center of my body.
That was the very first time that someone other than me fiddled with my cock,
and the fact that this would be my mother, I hadn't imagined in my wildest dreams.
But I have to admit that exactly this was extremely horny.

Very carefully and obviously with great experience she let slide my willy
through her hand, wetted her hand from time to time by moving it to her mouth
and licking it, squeezed my penis head with her thumb, spreaded the escaping clear
fluid across it, in short, she was doing me so well that it didn't last long
until I was just before again.
I still wanted to alarm her, but she noticed it by herself and said:
"Don't mind me, let it come, Heini, that's all ok. I see it with ultimate
pleasure, when the sperm gets thrown out, and I have missed this nice look for long.
You see, this way we both have our pleasure." Still before she ended speaking
I did her the favor and squirted in endless spurts. I believe this was
the first time that I produced more cum juice at my second orgasm than I did at
my first, but this milking hand and that view of my mother, busy with wanking me,
had done this.
"This time you can clean it yourself, but when you once have again the desire that
I watch you or that I help you, then call me any time, this was a great pleasure
to me too." she said and left my room.
That I still had to cope with. But that I wanted a repetition, that was clear at once.

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